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Describes the activities of the Franklin Junior Foundation in bringing water to the world!

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									The Franklin Junior Foundation announces its “Water to the World” initiative
The Franklin Junior Foundation was the creation of Mr. Franklin Oleh as a result of the miraculous survival of his son Franklin Oleh junior who was born seventeen weeks prematurely and was a tiny 1lb 5oz in weight. The new Franklin Junior Foundation’s Water Project, “Bringing Water to the World” is an heroic undertaking to provide education and resources to the millions whose lives are impacted by the lack of water or the true understanding of its life giving properties. Daily access to an ample quantity of safe drinking water is a problem of a pandemic nature facing millions of people in the developing world. On the other hand, educating people on the key role of adequate hydration in the nutrition of the Western Nations is the Foundation’s task in the developed world where lack of such education has resulted in a virtual epidemic of chronic diseases. The Foundation seeks to achieve its self appointed Water Education tasks by various means. Among them are: Community Health Fairs Screening of community residents for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma that can be dramatically improved by proper hydration and nutrition. Public Health Seminars Health care professionals presenting information life saving information about water and its relationship to good health. Water Resource Bulletins Information on products and services that improve water supply and safety. Learn more about Franklin Foundation and its activities on www.franklinjuniorfoundation.org Please contact Franklin Oleh, President of the Franklin Junior Foundation to schedule a Free Community Health Fair with your organization.

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