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									               Table of Contents

Transportation…………………………….…………………………….         2-3
Money………………….………………………………………................   3
Communication…………………………………………………………            4-5
Smoking………………………………………………………………….              5
Places to eat……………………………………………………………..         6
Grocery Stores………………………………………………………….          7
Shopping………………………………………………………………....           7-8
Local Services…………………………………………………………..         8-9
Recreation……………………………………………………………….            9
Campus Tour……………………………………………………………             10-12

                                          REVISED ON 6/8/12 BY DP
Visit: http://campus.edcc.edu/_transportation.php for information about:
 $15 bus pass (Community Transit) + $10 one-time fee for the card
 Parking
 Carpool
 Transportation Coordinator
 Bike Lockers

Bus Service
The local bus service is called Community Transit. It is easy to use and $15 for you as a student.
To get a bus pass:
 Enroll for class item number ORCC when you register for your classes;
 Pay the $10 one-time fee for an ORCA-enhanced EdPass card, and $15 quarterly bus pass fee when
    you pay your tuition;
Bus routes and schedules are available at EdPass Office in Brier Hall 1st floor.

You can plan your trip online using the Online Trip Planner: http://www.commtrans.org/
Call Community Transit: (425) 353-RIDE; 1800-562-1375 if you have questions.
When you have paid for classes, you can get a bus sticker to put on your EdPass card.

Going to the Airport
If you want to get to the airport, you can take the local buses, but it will take a long time and you must
change buses. Especially if you have luggage, it is easy to get there by using the Shuttle Express bus that
picks you up at your home/residence hall. You should make a reservation ahead of time by visiting
online at www.shuttleexpress.com or by calling Shuttle Express at (425) 981-7000 or Toll Free: (800)
487-7433 Fax: (425) 981-7071, E-mail: sales@shuttleexpress.net

Local taxi service: Northend Taxi: (425) 775-9999
There are no designated taxi pick up places, and you cannot wave for a taxi on the street. You must call!

Taxis are very expensive, so use them only for emergencies. If you live off campus, we do not
recommend you use a taxi for transportation to and from campus. Taking a taxi to get to school is
expensive and unreliable – you will pay too much money and you will not likely be able to get to school
on time. Riding the bus is a safe, free and reliable way to get to campus.

Buying a Car
   You must get a Washington State Driver’s License and car insurance if you buy a car. You will need
    to visit the Department of Licensing and you will need to pass a written and driving examination.
    Before you go the Department of Licensing, please come to the ISS office as you will need
    special documents to apply for a driver’s license.
   Parking is limited on campus and alternatives, such as riding the bus or carpooling, are strongly
    encouraged. For information about alternatives, see: www.edcc.edu/parking
   If you own a car and drive to school, it is your responsibility to arrive early enough to find a parking
    spot. It is also your responsibility to follow all parking rules enforced by the college.

In the United States it is not common to carry large amounts of cash. For example, many people
carry less than $10 in their purse or wallet at any time, and use their ATM/debit card to make
most purchases.

It is not safe to carry a lot of cash with you; it may be lost or stolen and then you cannot get it
back. If you have cash with you, do not leave it in your back unattended, even on campus. You
should take it directly to the place where you will make your payment or deposit it in a bank

If you need a large amount of money (for example, $50 or more) to make a payment, we
recommend using a check, money order, credit or ATM/debit card.

Debit/ATM cards:
To get an ATM card, you must open a bank account.
The closest banks to the college are:
               Bank of America – 196th St. on Highway 99
               U.S. Bank – James Village across from Albertson’s
               Wells Fargo –64th Ave. and 196th St.
               Key Bank – 200th St. and 44th Ave.
               Chase – inside Fred Meyer (ATM in Brier Hall)

Debit cards work like a credit card, except that when you make a transaction the money comes
directly out of your checking account. Make sure you have enough money in your account to
cover your charges or else you will pay overdraft fees, which can be very expensive and you will
owe the money to the bank. Also ATM’s usually charge a fee per transaction and your bank
might charge an additional fee if you use a non-branch ATM. Watch for these fees and keep
track of money in your account.
     To find out how to deposit cash at ATM, you need to check with the bank you have an
        account with.
Never tell anyone your PIN # (Personal Identification Number). That person can use your
account with this information.

Smoking is not allowed in public places by law. On the Edmonds CC campus, smoking is only
allowed in the covered smoking areas that are found at different locations. Also, smoking indoors
is not common in the United States. If you live with a host family or visit American friends, you
should ask before smoking.

    Pre-paid cellular / mobile phones are available through many cell phone companies.
    Pre-paid phone cards are cheap, safe and easy to use. You can buy them from any
      convenience store.
         o If you are in a home stay, please use pre-paid phone cards and ask your family
             about the phone rules. When can you use the phone? What times of day can your
             friends and family calls you? How long can you talk on the phone?
    Cell phone contracts are also available to international students through many carriers,
      such as T-Mobile.

      The post office is within walking distance from EdCC, on the corner of 68th and 208th

   Keeping a current, active e-mail account and checking it regularly is part of your
      responsibility as a student.
   ISS and other departments on campus, including instructors, often use e-mail to
      communicate with you.
   You will receive email messages from ISS containing important messages. Some of the
      issues ISS may contact you about include:

          o   Your immigration status.
          o   Your academic progress.
          o   Your classes.
          o   Important messages from home (for example from your parents or agency).
          o   Announcements about events, activities, meetings and important dates (such as
              the date to register for classes).

      If you receive an email asking you to contact ISS, it is your responsibility to reply to the
       email, call ISS or come to the North Duplex.
      If you change your e-mail address, you must give your new e-mail address to ISS.

ISS News Blog:
ISS News is a blog created by International Student Services at Edmonds Community College.
This blog provides current information about events and activities, important reminders and
news from the Edmonds Community College International Student Services (ISS) office.

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There are many places to find food within walking distance or close driving distance of the

Trader Joes, Safeway, Albertson’s, QFC, Fred Meyer
Large grocery stores on 196th Street. They have fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, deli, bakery,
etc. Many grocery stores have a pharmacy and a bank.

Ranch 99
A large Asian market that has Chinese, Japanese, and other ethnic food, fresh seafood, and
groceries. It also carries household items. There is also food court in there.

A large Korean grocery store that also has household goods and food courts.

Star Market
A small inexpensive Asian grocery store between 200 St and 164, few minutes walk from the
college and the dormitory.

Small convenience stores where you can get drinks, snacks and sundries. (There is one very
closes to the college at 196th and 68th Ave.).
These stores will not sell cigarettes to anyone under 18 years old. They will not sell alcohol to
anyone under 21 years old.

There are many large shopping stores in Lynnwood.

James Village:
A strip mall within walking distance from the college consisting of US Bank, Albertsons, Trader
Joes, G I Joes, Radio Shack, Shari’s, Papa Jones, Hallmark Cards, Half-Price Books, etc.

Fred Meyer and Target:
Large store with groceries, clothing, household, gifts at moderate prices.

Alderwood Mall:
Is one of the largest malls in the area. There are many different stores in the mall and in the
plazas around the mall. Store prices range from inexpensive to very expensive. There are two
movie theatres nearby, the Alderwood Cinema and the Loews Cinema.

Thrift Shops:
Value Village: Highway 99 - A large thrift store that sells used clothing, household items, and
everything else, except food. Has very inexpensive items.

St. Vincent de Paul: Highway 99 – Inexpensive large thrift store that sells clothing, household
items, and everything else, except food.
Goodwill: Very inexpensive and good quality goods on 40th and 196th.

Large store in the Alderwood mall that sell outdoor recreation gear for camping, hiking, biking,
climbing, etc.

They usually carry more than just pharmacy products. The closest drugstores to the college are
Rite Aid, Walgreen’s, and Bartell’s.

Guitar Center:
It is a large store that sells music equipment – across from the Alderwood Mall.

Bed Bath and Beyond:
These stores sell household items for decorating the home or apartment at moderate prices.

Edmonds Downtown:
Downtown Edmonds has many eating places and little specialty shops that have more unique
items. There is also a movie theater.

Laundry:              Darcies Laundry – 4615 196th St.
                      Splash-n-Dash – Hwy 99, Next to the Department of Licensing
                      Edmonds Maytag Laundry – Across from the Ferry Toll Booth
                      Maytag Laundry – 196th and 68th

Dry Cleaning:         Bella Cleaners – 17425 Hwy 99
                      City Dry Cleaners – 8410 Main, Edmonds
                      Highline Cleaners – 44th, Across from Fred Meyer
                      Grace Dry Cleaning – 20005 Hwy 99
                      Slater’s Cleaners – 196th and 68th

Hair Salons:          Great Clips – by QFC on 196th
                      Cutting Edge Hair Design – Fred Meyer
                      JC Penney Styling Salon – Alderwood Mall
                      Gene Juarez – Alderwood Mall
                      New Dimension Salon – Near Safeway

Faxing/Copying:       Office Depot – 196th next to Safeway
                      Kinko’s –196th by Interstate 5, open 24 Hours

Shoe Repair:          Fred Meyers on 196th

Drugstores:           Walgreens - between Hwy 99 and 208th. (Opens 24 hours)
                      Bartells - Hwy 99 and 176

Movie Rentals:        Hollywood Video – Hwy 99 between 200 and 196, close to Safeway.
Libraries:            Lynnwood Library – 19200 44th Ave. – Tel: 425-778-2148
                      Edmonds Library – 650 Main street- Tel: 425-771-1933
                      Hours of Operation:
                      Mon – Thurs: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
                      Fri: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
                      Sat: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
                      Sun: 1:00 pm -5:00 pm
                      Closed on official holidays

                      Seattle Central Library -1000 Fourth Ave. (About 14 miles from
                      Hours of Operation:
                      Mon – Wed: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
                      Thurs – Sat: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
                      Sun: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
                      Closed on official holidays.

On Campus:
Check with the Office of Student Life in the Triton Union Building about Intramural Activities.
Intramurals are open to all students and are non-competitive. Check with the Athletic Office in
Seaview Gymnasium about the weight room and gym schedule.

Off Campus:
All off campus gyms will cost money. You either pay each time you go in or for a long term
Beware of signing contracts – you will be required to pay if you sign. The city gyms are less
expensive and
usually do not require a contract compared to private gyms.
Lynnwood Recreation Center: Behind Fred Meyer on 44th Ave W
It has a swimming pool, weight room, racquetball courts, and sauna
Mountlake Terrace Recreation Pavilion: 5303 228th SW / 425.776.9173
It has a swimming pool, weight room, racquetball courts, and a hot tub
Lynnwood Ice Center: 68th Avenue West few minutes walk from the college.

24 Hour Fitness: Across from Alderwood Mall / 425.697.5007
Bally Total Fitness: Behind Safeway/ 425.774.5338
Pure Fitness: Corner of Highway 99 & 212th Street / 21301 Hwy.99. Tel: 425-712-8600

Mieko’s Fitness- Five Corners Edmonds/425-774-5338

                               CAMPUS TOURS
Stop A: Woodway Hall (WWY)

      Woodway 202
         o The room we are in is the college’s biggest meeting space.

Stop B: Lynnwood Hall (LYN)

Physically go inside Lynnwood Hall……

      1st Floor:
             Student Registration
             Cashiers office
             Counseling center and Advisor Appointments
      2 Floor: Classrooms
      3rd Floor:
             The library & computer lab
             The Gallery (Where exhibitions are held)
      4th Floor: The library

Stop C: Mukilteo Hall (MUK)

      1st Floor:
       o Learning Support Center.
                Free tutoring – Math, English, many kinds of subjects
       o Black box theater
      2nd Floor: Classrooms
      3rd Floor: IESL Department
      4th Floor: Classrooms

Stop D: Meadowdale Hall (MDL)

      MDL 124 – Modern Lecture Hall
      Visual Arts Department
      Engineering Classrooms

Stop E: Mill Creek Hall (MIC)

      The Music Department
      Digital Music Labs
      Recording Studio

Stop F: Mountlake Terrace Hall (MLT)

      Houses:
       o “Coffee House” – Triton Espresso I
       o Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)
       o Print and Mail Center
       o Testing Center
       o Counseling Center
       o Career Action Center
       o Classrooms with multimedia equipment

Stop G: Snohomish Hall (SNH)

      1st Floor: Computer labs and Class rooms
      2nd Floor: Class rooms
      3rd Floor: Conference room, Foundation office,
      Try to explain to them the difference between SQL and SNH as it might be
       confusing until you get used to it.

Stop H: Snoqualmie Hall (SQL)

The building in the college which houses the 4 year college program with “Central
Washington University” (CWU). You can do your entire college career on this campus!

      1st   Floor:
       o     CWU office, lobby area, computer labs and classrooms
      2nd   Floor:
       o     Part time lecturer office and class rooms
      3rd   Floor:
       o     Class rooms

Stop I: Brier Hall (BRI)

      1st Floor:
       o Game Room : Play pool and Free popcorn
       o Cafeteria
       o “Culinary Connections” – Sit down restaurant
       o Bookstore :
        o Able to buy books and accessories
        o Place where we obtain the “Ed Pass”

      2nd Floor:
       o Conference rooms

       o   Group study rooms
       o   Office of Student Life (OSL)
               Programming fun and educational activities
               Associated Students of Edmonds Community College
               Clubs
               Events and Activities organizers
       o   Diversity Student Center
               Get involved with student organizations that revolve around diversity.
               Scholarship resources

Stop J: International Student Services
         (North and South Duplex)

This is where you will meet your advisors. If you have problems, please come to ISS

EDCC is located on an old military training ground, where people tested heavy equipment
such as tanks. The ground is so impacted, that it is hard to cultivate anything on it. So we
had to truck out dirt. If you look on the side of the Alderwood Building you’ll see a plaque
commemorating our history. The oldest buildings in the campus – the North and South
Duplex were the actual communication center of this training facility.

Stop K: Bus Loop
   Explain the different routes the buses take.

Stop L: Seaview Hall – Gymnasium (SEA)

Our campus is famous in the state for a couple of things:
 The state Champion Women’s Softball and Men’s Baseball Teams

Stop M: Housing Office and Residence Hall

Explain to new students about the housing (home stay) facility and show them the
dormitory which houses our international students.



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