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									                      Conference Program

Monday – 24th September 2007

                     Conference Registration
10:00   Main
                     Opening Session
10:45   Auditorium
                     Coffee Break
11:00   Main         Keynote: “State of the industry”
11:45   Auditorium   Terry Wohlers - Wohlers Associates, USA
11:45   Main         Keynote: “Rapid manufacturing”
12:30   Auditorium   Hans Langer – EOS GmbH, Germany
                     Lunch Break
14:00   Main         Keynote: “Metal and ceramic powders densification in
14:45   Auditorium   selective laser sintering”
                     Joseph Beaman – The University of Texas at Austin, USA
14:45 Main           Keynote: “The impact of rapid prototyping on industrial
15:30 Auditorium     design & product development”
                     Deon J. de Beer – Central University of Technology, South Africa
15:30   Main
                     Industrial and Academic Career Awards
16:00   Auditorium
                     Coffee Break
16:15   Main         Biomanufacturing 1
18:00   Auditorium   Chair: C. K. Chua – Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
                     CAD assembly process for bone replacement scaffolds
                     Michael Liebschner – Rice University, USA
                     Mechanical Behaviour and Vascularisation Analysis of Tissue
                     Engineering Scaffolds
                     H. A. Almeida, P. J. Bártolo & J. C. Ferreira
                     Evolutionary optimization for soft tissue engineering
                     Mylene Rezende, Rodrigo Rezende, Ausenda Mendes, Paulo
                     Bártolo, Aline Costa & Rubens Maciel Filho
                     Porogen-based Solid Freeform Fabrication of Polycaprolactone-
                     Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
                     L. Lu, J. Zhou, M. Mondrinos, P. Lelkes & D. Wotton

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                      Conference Program

16:15 Auditorium 1   CAD and 3D data acquisition 1
18:00                Chair: Anath Fischer – Technion, Israel Institute of Technology,
                     Automatic Usability Data Acquisition and Interface Simulation
                     Using Stereolithography Mock-Up and Internal Video Analysis
                     T. Murakami
                     Heterogeneous Soft Material Modeling and Virtual Prototyping with
                     5-DOF Haptic Force Feedback for Product Development
                     Shiyong Lin, Yuan-Shin Lee & Roger Narayan
                     Reverse Engineering from 3D optical acquisition: application to
                     Crime Scene Investigation
                     G. Cavagnini, M. Scalvenzi, M. Trebeschi & G. Sansoni
                     A Novel High-resolution Algorithm for Detecting Laser Stripe
                     Zhongwei Li, Congjun Wang, Yusheng Shi & Gang Zhou
16:15 Auditorium 2   Advanced rapid prototyping technologies 1
18:00                Chair: Jorge Ramos-Grez – Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile,
                     Feedback control of Selective Laser Melting
                     J.-P. Kruth, P. Mercelis, J. Van Vaerenbergh & T. Craeghs
                     Selective Laser Melting of Lattice Structures in Solid Shells
                     O. Rehme & C. Emmelmann & D. Schwarze
                     Complex structure micro-parts formed with selective laser melting
                     Zhang Wenxian, Shi Yusheng, Liu Jinhui, Lu Zhongliang & Huang
                     Investigation on polyamide powder properties deterioration and
                     efficient powder recycling in Laser Sintering
                     K. D. Dotchev, D. T. Pham, W. A. Y. & Yusoff S. Soe

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                      Conference Program

16:15 Auditorium 3   Materials 1
18:00                Chair: Serge Corbel – Nancy Université, France
                     Electrowetting Based Multi-microfluidics Array Printing of High
                     Resolution Tissue Construct with Embedded Cells and Growth
                     J. Zhou, L. Lu, K. Byrapogu, D. Wootton, P. Lelkes & R. Fair
                     Fabrication of Functionally Graded Bio Materials by Nano
                     Composite Deposition System
                     H.-J. Kim, W.-S. Chu, S.-H. Ahn & C.S. Lee
                     Biodegradable stereolithography resins with defined mechanical
                     J. Stampfl, M. Schuster, S. Baudis, H. Lichtenegger, R. Liska, C.
                     Turecek & F. Varga
                     The influence of bond-coating on plasma sprayed alumina-titania,
                     doped with biologically derived hydroxyapatite, on stainless steal
                     S. Salman, B. Cal, O. Gunduz, S. Agathopoulos & F. N. Oktar
18:00   CC
                     GARPA Meeting
19:30   Auditorium
18:00   Main         Technical Seminar: “Effective 3D collaboration and
19:30   Auditorium   interoperability”
                     David Prawell – Longview Advisors, USA

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                      Conference Program

Tuesday – 25th September 2007

9:00   Main          Keynote: “Scaffold-based bone engineering by using rapid
9:45   Auditorium    prototyping technologies”
                     Dietmar Hutmacher – Queensland University of Technology,
9:45  Main           Keynote: “A novel poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid)-collagen
10:30 Auditorium     hybrid scaffold fabricated via multi-nozzle low-temperature
                     Yongnian Yan – Tsinghua University, China
                     Coffee Break
10:45 Main           Micro/nano manufacturing
12:30 Auditorium     Chair: Tamotsu Murakami – The University of Tokyo, Japan
                     Laser micro sintering – a new method to generate metal and
                     ceramic parts of high resolution with sub-micrometer powder
                     H. Exner, M. Horn, A. Streek, P. Regenfuss, F. Ullmann & R. Ebert
                     Process accuracy during laser based stereo lithography and
                     production of Ormocer® micro systems with related mechanical
                     A. Neumeister, C. Materlik, T. Temme, & A. Ostendorf & R.
                     Freeform Fabrication of Metals by 3D Micro Welding
                     T. Horii, Y. Yamamoto, S. Kirihara, Y. Miyamoto & N. Yamanaka
                     Deep Proton Writing: A tool for rapid prototyping of polymer
                     micro-opto-mechanical modules
                     C. Debaes, J. Van Erps, M. Vervaeke, L Desmet, H. Ottevaere, V.
                     Gomez, S. Van Overmeire, P. Vynck, A. Hermanne & H. Thienpont
10:45 Auditorium 1   Advanced rapid prototyping technologies 2
12:30                Chair: Seyfolah Saedodin – Iran University of Science and
                     Technology, Iran
                     Type HRPM-II machine for selective laser melting process
                     Zhang Wenxian, Shi Yusheng, Liu Jinhui, Lu Zhongliang, Chen
                     Guoqing & Huang Shuhuai
                     Influence of the process parameters on the liquid bridges between
                     particles in SLS.
                     Jamasp Jhabvala, Eric Boillat and Rémy Glardon & Mélanie Dafflon
                     Incremental Sheet Forming (ISF) as Small Batch Production
                     J. Tuomi & L. Vihtonen
                     Novel Rapid Prototyping Processes - Building Movable Parts
                     Frank Ansorge, Kathrin Badstübner & Herbert Reichl

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                      Conference Program
10:45 Auditorium 2   Biomanufacturing 2
12:30                Chair: Kenneth Dalgarno – University of Newcastle, United
                     Evaluation of Degradation of Bioabsorbable Polycaprolactone Used
                     in Rapid Prototyping for Medical Application
                     C. L. Salgado; E. M. S. Sanchez; C. A. C. Zavaglia, M. F. Oliveira &
                     J. V. L. Silva
                     Laser powder micro deposition of Ti6Al4V for the rapid
                     manufacture of dental implants
                     C. Meacock, A. Crespo & R. Vilar
                     Functionally graded scaffolds: the challenges in design and
                     fabrication processes
                     C. K. Chua, N. Sudarmadji & K. F. Leong
                     Characterisation of HA/polymer bio-composite structure fabricated
                     by selective laser sintering
                     M. Hao, M. Savalani, Y. Zhang, K. E. Tanner & R. A. Harris
                     The virtual biomodel as a complementary resource for the
                     diagnosis of mandibular ankylosis
                     C. H. S. Villela, P. Y. Noritomi, A. M. Silva, J. V. L. Silva, M. G. P.
                     Cavalcanti, A. C. Passini & C. A. C. Zavaglia
10:45 Auditorium 3   Materials 2
12:30                Chair: Dimitris Karalekas – University of Piraeus, Greece
                     Acrylic based hydrogel phantom for in-vitro ultrasound contrast
                     agent characterization
                     C. Demitri, F. Montagna, A. Sannino & A. Maffezzoli
                     Foamings of alginate for rapid prototyping systems
                     P. Bartolo; A. Mendes; R. Rezende & R. Filho
                     A study of the degradation of Duraform PA due to cyclic processing
                     N. T. Sewell, M. Felstead, M. R. Sloan & M. A. Jenkins
                     The manufacturing of PMMA/PS blends by selective laser sintering
                     G. V. Salmoria, J. L. Leite, C. N. Lopes, R. A. F. Machado & A. Lago
                     Lunch Break

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                      Conference Program

14:00 Main           Keynote: “Data fusion and shape retrieval methods for 3D
14:45 Auditorium     geometric structures”
                     Anath Fischer – Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
14:45   Main         Keynote: “Haptic modelling”
15:30   Auditorium   Yuan Shin-Lee – North Carolina State University, USA
15:30   Main         Technical Lecture: “Laser micro-nanofabrication”
16:00   Auditorium   Hong-Bo Sun – Jilin University, China
                     Coffee Break
16:15   Main         CAD and 3D data acquisition 2
18:00   Auditorium   Chair: Bopaya Bidanda – University of Pittsburgh, USA
                     Fast Digitizing of 3D Shapes by Automatic Alignment of Multiple
                     Range Maps
                     S. Barone, A. Paoli & A. V. Razionale
                     Coded Targets Photogrammetry for 3d Digitization of Human Faces
                     L. M. Galantucci, G. Percoco & U. Dal Maso
                     3D Photo-realistic talking head for human-robot interaction
                     Carlos Simplício, Diego R. Faria & Jorge Dias
                     A Neural Network Technique for Re-Meshing of Bone Micro-
                     Y. Holdstein, L. Podshivalov, A. Fischer & P. Z. Bar-Yoseph
                     A New 2D Inner/Outer Contour Identification Method for Layer
                     N. Volpato, J. S. O. Baba & T. Manczak
16:15 Auditorium 1   Rapid tooling and manufacturing 1
18:00                Chair: Horst Exner – University of Applied Sciences Mittweida,
                     Digitally adjustable tooling technology for dieless forming and
                     jigless assembly of panels
                     D. T. Pham, S. Z. Su, M. Z. Li, C. G. Liu & F. Massabé
                     Rapid Tooling and the LOMOLD process
                     D. Dimitrov, E. F. Joubert & N. de Beer
                     Fabrication of stainless steel and ceramic parts with the Optoform
                     Anne-Marie Clarinval, R. Carrus and T. Dormal & Q. Soyeur
                     Trends in rapid manufacturing
                     Olivier Jay – Danish Technological Institute, Denmark

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                      Conference Program

16:15 Auditorium 2   Virtual environments
18:00                Chair: Ian Gibson – National University of Singapore, Singapore;
                     Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Design, Portugal
                     Human Machine Interaction based on Bayesian Analysis of Human
                     Jörg Rett & Jorge Dias
                     Generation of an Automobile Driving Training Interactive
                     J. S. Liang
                     The feasibility of consumer evaluation of products using virtual
                     prototyping technologies.
                     R. A. Barge, R. I. Campbell & K. S. Badni
                     Effect of Wind Loading on Low Rise Buildings using Finite Element
                     Modelling and Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Commercially
                     Focused Approach
                     S. M. Taylor, A. E. W. Rennie & W. McDonald
                     Augmented Prototyping as a Design Means for Industrial Design -
                     a Multiple Case Analysis
                     Jouke Verlinden & Imre Horváth
16:15 Auditorium 3   Materials 3
18:00                Chair: Liang Hao – Exeter University, United Kingdom
                     Manufacture by selective laser sintering of functionally graded
                     PA6/PA12 components with applications in antifriction materials
                     G. V. Salmoria, J. L. Leite, C. H. Ahrens, R. A. Paggi & A. Lago
                     Investigation of shrinkage strains in a photo-curable resin for 3D
                     micro-fabrication using a FBG sensor
                     C. Schizas & D. Karalekas
                     Composition and cure temperature: The influence on properties of
                     final flexible PU cold cure foam parts
                     A. Cerva, C. Capela, A. Mateus, P. J. Bártolo & G. Mitchell
                     Manufacturing cellular materials via three-dimensional printing of
                     spraydried metal oxide ceramic powder
                     C. B. Williams & D. W. Rosen
18:00 Main           Technical Seminar: “Advanced materials for
19:00 Auditorium     stereolithographic applications”
                     Huntsman International LLC
18:00 Auditorium 1   Technical Seminar: “Whither one of a kind? Rapid and the
19:00                artistic process”
                     Phil Carrizzi – Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State
                     University, USA
                     Rebecca Strzelec – Penn State University, Altoona College, USA
19:00 CC
                     Virtual and Physical Prototyping Board Meeting
20:00 Auditorium
20:00                Welcome Dinner at Leiria Castle

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                      Conference Program

Wednesday – 26th September 2007

9:00   Main          Keynote: “Rapid manufacturing of metallic objects: a
9:45   Auditorium    challenge for research and industry”
                     Alain Bernard – École Centrale de Nantes, France
9:45  Main           Keynote: “The use of multiple materials for rapid
10:30 Auditorium     prototyping”
                     Ian Gibson – National University of Singapore, Singapore; Centre
                     for Rapid and Sustainable Product Design, Portugal
                     Coffee Break
10:45 Main           Advanced rapid prototyping technologies 3
12:30 Auditorium     Chair: Joseph Beaman – The University of Texas at Austin, USA
                     A novel combination of materials for rapid manufacturing of 3-
                     dimensional objects by ink-jet printing
                     T. Wang, B. Derby, R. C. Patel & L. Messe
                     Super-saturation drowning-out coating of metal particles for usage
                     in layered manufacturing processes; Process development, design
                     and manufacturing of coating machine
                     Saedodin S., Mirahmadi A. & Shanjani Y.
                     Ultrasonic Consolidation with Aluminum and Copper
                     G. D. Janaki Ram, D. H. Johnson and B. E. Stucker
                     Part strength analysis of Shell Assisted Layer Manufacturing
                     A. K. Egodawatta, D. K. Harrison, A. K. M. de Silva, G. Haritos & P.
10:45 Auditorium 1   Materials 4
12:30                Chair: Jürgen Stampfl – T. U. Wien, Austria
                     Material Characterization for Fused Deposition of Ceramics
                     F. M. Barreiros, D. Santos & P. J. Bártolo
                     Localized irradiations for covalent graftings on glass substrates
                     F. Evenou, S. Corbel, F. Baros & M.C. Carré
                     Rapid    Prototyping     of   Amorphous      Silica   through   Laser
                     M. Fersini, F. Montagna, A. Licciulli & A. Maffezzoli
                     Development of a model to optimize the sand shape and post
                     process parameters for parts produced by Direct Croning process
                     A. Gatto, L. Iuliano & F. Cannella

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                      Conference Program

10:45 Auditorium 2   CAD and 3D data acquisition 3
12:30                Chair: Yuan Shin-Lee – North Carolina State University, USA
                     Preliminary budget methodology for reverse engineering
                     applications using laser scanning
                     T. Albarran, L. Lopes, J. Cabeça, R. F. Martins & A. J. F. Mourão
                     Knowledge representation for subassembly designing using СBR
                     G. I. Nekrassov & L. A. Portjanski
                     Theses analysis on CAD/RP technology
                     Regiane Trevisan Pupo
                     Agile-CAD for Reverse Engineering
                     R. Ferreira, I. Leal, N. M. Alves & P. J. Bártolo
                     3D scan and RP for the as-built data collection and related design
                     studies in a city
                     N. J. Shih
10:45 Auditorium 3   Biomanufacturing 3
12:30                Chair: Jack Zhou – Drexel University, USA
                     Classification of Image Artifacts due to Amalgam Restoration in
                     Computed Tomography for the improvement of Rapid Prototyping
                     T. A. C. P. Martins
                     InVesalius: Three-Dimensional Medical Reconstruction Software
                     T. A. C. P. Martins; A. Santa Bárbara; G. B. Silva; T. V. Faria; B.
                     Cassaro & J. V. L. Silva
                     An integrated physical and virtual prototyping approach for
                     medical applications
                     Sekou Singare, Wei Ping Wang, Jue Wang, Yaxiong Liu, Dichen Li
                     & Bingheng Lu
                     Customized       Implant    Development       for Maxillo-Mandibular
                     C. Pereira, F. Ventura, M. C. Gaspar, R. Fontes & A. Mateus
                     Lunch Break

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                      Conference Program

14:00 Main           Keynote: “Scan and solve: acquiring the physics of artifacts”
14:45 Auditorium     Vadim Shapiro – University of Wisconsin, USA
                     Keynote: “The future of reverse engineering in medical
14:45 Main
15:30 Auditorium
                     Bopaya Bidanda – University of Pittsburgh, USA
                     Technical Lecture: “Computer-aided tissue engineering: a
15:30 Main
                     step closer to functional tissue engineering”
16:00 Auditorium
                     Michael Liebschner – Rice University, USA
                     Coffee Break
16:15 Main           Collaborative design, engineering and simulation 1
18:00 Auditorium     Chair: Terrence Fernando – University of Salford, United Kingdom
                     Collaborative workspace for aircraft maintenance
                     G. Gautier, T. Fernando, C. Piddington, E. Hinrichs, H. Buchholz,
                     P.-H. Cros, S. Milhac & D. Vincent
                     Challenges and needs on creating collaborative workspaces for
                     AEC-FM industry
                     Pedro Maló
                     Challenges and needs on creating collaborative workspaces for
                     automotive industry
                     Zoltan Kabacs, Tünde Kallai & Györg Falk
                     Functional Requirements for User-Interface Architectures for
                     Virtual Enterprise Dynamic Reconfiguration
                     P. Gonçalves, M. Cunha & G. D. Putnik
                     Dental restoration,      medical implants and medical aids
                     manufactured by laser sintering: fast, flexible and cost-effective
                     J. Greses, M. Glasser, M. Bullemer
16:15 Auditorium 1   Rapid tooling and manufacturing 2
18:00                Chair: Olivier Jay – Danish Technological Institute, Denmark
                     Manufacturing criteria in hybrid modular tools: how to combine
                     additive and subtractive processes
                     O. Kerbrat, P. Mognol & J. Y. Hascoet
                     The effect of the mould material selection and production
                     methodology on the thermal behaviour and tribology of injection
                     L. Cardon, R. Houtekier, K. Ragaert & M. Moerman
                     CAD/CAE techniques to prevent premature failure in direct AIM
                     moulding inserts
                     D. A. Guimarães & A. J. Pontes
                     Dental restoration,      medical implants and medical aids
                     manufactured by laser sintering: fast, flexible and cost-effective
                     J. Greses, M. Glasser, M. Bullemer

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                      Conference Program

16:15 Auditorium 2   Advanced rapid prototyping technologies 4
18:00                Chair: Brent Stucker – Utah University, USA
                     SEDS – a new rapid prototyping method based on metal powder
                     Saedodin S., Mirahmadi A. & Shanjani Y.
                     Laminated Object Manufacturing with Aluminium Bonded Sheets
                     A. M. Pereira, P. J. Bártolo, J. M. Ferreira & F. Antunes
                     Some Experimental Studies of Mechanical Behavior of FDM Rapid
                     Prototyped Parts
                     A. E. Lam, A. V. Borille & J. O. Gomes
                     Intelligent Optimization of Process Parameters in Selective Laser
                     Y. S. Shi, Z. L. Lu, J. H. Liu, C. Y. Pan & S. H. Huang
16:15 Auditorium 3   Applications 1
18:00                Chair: Olaf Diegel – Auckland University of Technology, New
                     Application of rapid manufacturing to build artifacts for using in
                     microgravity environment. An International Space Station case.
                     I. A. Maia, M. F. Oliveira, P. Y. Noritomi, & J. V. L. Silva
                     Saving A Project Through Rapid Manufacture In South Africa
                     L. J. Barnard & D. J. de Beer
                     Mass Customisation of Foot Orthoses for Rheumatoid Arthritis
                     J. Pallari, K. W. Dalgarno & J. Woodburn
                     Tactile scale models: three-dimensional info-graphics for space
                     orientation of the blind and visually impaired
                     Gabriela Celani & Luís Fernando Milan
                     Study and characterization of a material with carbon fibres for the
                     production of an ergonomic easy chair
                     A. Cerva, C. Gomes & C. Capela
18:00 Main           Technical Seminar: “Fundamentals on collaborative working”
19:00 Auditorium     João Sarraipa – New University of Lisbon, Portugal

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                      Conference Program

Thursday – 27th September 2007

9:00   Main          Keynote: “From rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing
9:45   Auditorium    and limitations”
                     Gideon Levy – University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
9:45  Main           Keynote: “Federal research directions for advancing
10:30 Auditorium     manufacturing through prototyping”
                     Kevin Lyons – National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
                     Coffee Break
10:45 Main           Rapid tooling and manufacturing 3
12:30 Auditorium     Chair: Gideon Levy – University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
                     Effect of Constraint on Residual Stresses and Deformations in Weld
                     Based Rapid Prototyping
                     H. Fawad, M. P. Mughal & R. A. Mufti
                     Multiple material moulds – Directives for blow moulding design
                     R. Houtekier, M. Moerman, S. Verstraeten, L. Cardon, A. Voet, B.
                     Van Pee & J. Migneau
                     Investigations of the Energy Input of Different Metal Processing,
                     Additive Layer Manufacturing Methods
                     M. F. Zäh, S. Lutzmann & G. Branner
                     Rapid tooling route selection and evaluation for sand and
                     investment casting
                     D. K. Pal, T. K. Raychaudhuri, B. Ravi & K. Subburaj
10:45 Auditorium 1   Materials 5
12:30                Chair: Tahar Laoui – Wolverhampton University, United Kingdom
                     Additive manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V based components with high
                     power fiber lasers
                     G. Lopes, S. Williams, R. M. Miranda, L. Quintino & J. P. Rodrigues
                     Copper powder densification by means of DMLF process: the effect
                     of energy density input and oxidation
                     Jorge Sanz-Guerrero & Jorge Ramos-Grez
                     The effect of thermal conductivity of RIM moulds in kinetics cure
                     A. Mateus, P. J. Bártolo, G. Mitchell, M. Silva, A. S. Pouzada, A. J.
                     Development of Nanocomposite Material for Rapid Manufacturing:
                     Application in Microreactor Technology
                     A. L. Jardini, M. C. B. Costa, R. A. Rezende, S. R. Andrade, M. A.
                     Scarparo & R. Maciel Filho

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                      Conference Program

10:45 Auditorium 2   Biomanufacturing 4
12:30                Chair: Marco Scarparo – University of Campinas, Brazil
                     Selective laser sintering for dental implants
                     T. Laoui – Wolverhampton University, United Kingdom
                     Development of novel Rapid-Freeze Prototyping for Tissue
                     Tze Chiun Lim, Cong Bang Pham, Kerm Sin Chian & Kah Fai Leong
                     Two-dimensional X-ray simulation based on computed tomography
                     F. F. Souza; T. A. C. P. Martins; T. R. D. Velho; B. C. Dalava & J.
                     V. L. Silva
                     Rapid Prototyping applied to surgical planning for correcting
                     craniofacial malformations in wild animals. A case study of a
                     brazilian fox.
                     E. P. Freitas, C. R. Teixeira, S. C. Rahal, C. H. S. Villela, J. V. L.
                     Silva, P. Y. Noritomi & S. Yamashita
                     BioExtrusion for Tissue Engineering Applications
                     A. J. Mateus, H. A. Almeida, N. M. Ferreira, N. M. Alves, P. J.
                     Bártolo, C. Mota & J. P. Sousa
10:45 Auditorium 3   Applications 2
12:30                Chair: Uwe Klaeger – Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation
                     and Automation, Germany
                     Digital fabrication in the arts: just another technical reproduction
                     advance leap or a new artistic revolution?
                     Gabriela Celani
                     The impact of the rapid prototyping in the product design
                     J. R. L. Santos
                     Whither One of A Kind?
                     Phillip Carrizzi & Rebecca Strzelec
                     Study of a composite material with metallic particles for application
                     in an automobile component
                     J. Bolrão, C. Capela, F. Antunes & P. Camaño
                     Putting it all Together: Rapid Prototype as Design
                     O. Diegel, T. Neitzert, D. Singh, S. Singamneni, J. Potgieter, W.L.
                     Xu & G. Bright
                     Lunch Break

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                      Conference Program

14:00 Main           Keynote: “3D microfabrication by two photon polymerization
14:45 Auditorium     technique”
                     Boris Chichkov – Laser Zentrum Hannover, Germany
14:45   Main         Keynote: “Tangible virtual reality for product design”
15:30   Auditorium   Imre Horváth – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
15:30   Main         Technical Lecture: “An approach to develop a rapid
16:00   Auditorium   manufacturing knowledge-based environment”
                     Tahar Laoui – University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
                     Coffee Break
16:30 Main           Rapid tooling and manufacturing 4
18:00 Auditorium     Chair: Luisa Quintino – Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
                     Direct manufacturing of pneumatic grippers by stereolithography
                     Uwe Berger
                     Rapid metal casting – A review of present status
                     J. C. Ferreira, P. J. Bártolo, N. F. Alves & A. S. Mateus
                     Pursuing successful Rapid Manufacturing in a Standards-less
                     industry: a best practice approach
                     J. Munguía
                     Modeling of heat transfer and phase transformations in the rapid
                     manufacturing of dental prosthesis by laser powder micro-
                     A. Crespo, A. M. Deus & R. Vilar
16:30 Auditorium 1   Applications 3
18:00                Chair: António Pouzada – University of Minho, Portugal
                     Rapid product development by reverse engineering
                     M. Jurković, M. Mahmić & M. Brezočnik
                     Using Intelligent Prototypes to Improve the Aerodynamic Design of
                     Race Car Aerofoil Profiles
                     U. Klaeger & A. Hoffmann
                     Development of a type of sandwich panels for the aeronautical
                     C. Gomes, C. Capela & P. Camaño
                     Custom Design, more than custom to fit!
                     Steinar Killi
                     Lean thinking and rapid prototyping: towards a shorter distance
                     between the drawing board and the construction site
                     Gabriela Celani, Ariovaldo Denis Granja & Érica Pinheiro

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                      Conference Program

16:30 Auditorium 2   Collaborative design, engineering and simulation 2
18:00                Chair: Pedro Maló – New University of Lisbon, Portugal
                     A new conceptual framework based on the ECSI model to support
                     Axiomatic Design
                     Irene Ferreira, J. Sarsfield Cabral & Pedro Saraiva
                     Method for Increasing Innovation Capacity in development of
                     Casing Type Details
                     B. Matsi, M. Sarkans, T. Otto & L. Roosimölder
                     Efficiency analysis of prototype evolution methodology on
                     collaborative design
                     X.B. Chen & S.S. Huang
                     Multi-objective optimal positioning and packing for layered
                     João A. Leitão, Richard Everson, Neil Sewell & Martin Jenkins
                     Surface roughness parameters determination model in machining
                     with the use of design and visualization technologies
                     N. Bilalis, M. Petousis & A. Antoniadis
16:30 Auditorium 3   Advanced rapid prototyping technologies 5
18:00                Chair: Mohammed Mughal – Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of
                     Engineering Sciences and Technology, Pakistan
                     Rapid tooling aided by virtual prototyping for blow-molds
                     J. C. Ferreira & G. S. Franco
                     Rapid prototyping applied to a new development in moulds for
                     rotational moulding
                     M. Monzón , M. D. Marrero, A. N. Benítez, P. M. Hernández & M.
                     Expanding Applications and Opportunities with Polyjet™ Rapid
                     Prototyping Technology
                     Omer Sagi & Amos Libermann
                     Functionally gradient material laser rapid prototyping system
                     Shang Xiaofeng, Wang Zhijian & Wang Wei
18:00 Main           Technical Lecture: “IT in construction”
18:40 Auditorium     Pedro Maló – New University of Lisbon, Portugal
                     Gala Dinner

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                      Conference Program

Friday – 28th September 2007

9:00   Main          Keynote: “Interoperability – facing its challenges in
9:45   Auditorium    industrial environments”
                     Ricardo Gonçalves – New University of Lisbon, Portugal
9:45  Main           Keynote: “Collaboration and interoperability: accelerating
10:30 Auditorium     change in a disruptive world”
                     David Prawell – Longview Advisors, USA
10:30 Main           Keynote: “On virtual prototyping for rapid innovation: an
11:15 Auditorium     overview of interactive design and manufacturing methods”
                     Xavier Fischer – ESTIA, France
                     Coffee Break
11:30 Main           Workshop I: Rapid manufacturing
12:30 Auditorium     “Introduction to the workshop”
                     Markus Glasser & José Greses – EOS GmbH, Germany
                     “Challenges for the mouldmaking industry: the importance of rapid
                     Victor Oliveira – Vangest Group, Portugal
                     “Rapid manufacturing for injection moulding”
                     Pascal Antoine – Pakto, Spain
11:30 Auditorium 1   Workshop II: CoSpaces: Human factors, user requirements
12:30                and collaboration models
11:30 Auditorium 2   Workshop III: Reactive Processes for Manufacturing
12:30                “Introduction to PerRIM project”
                     António Pontes – University of Minho, Portugal
                     “Rapid tools for RIM process”
                     Artur Mateus – Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Design,
                     “Modelling for RIM process”
                     Paulo Bártolo – Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Design,
                     “PU for medical applications”
                     Geoffrey Mitchell – University of Reading, United Kingdom; Centre
                     for Rapid and Sustainable Product Design, Portugal
                     Fred Davis – University of Reading, United Kingdom

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                      Conference Program

11:30 Auditorium 3   Workshop IV: Micromanufacturing
12:30                “Introduction to the workshop”
                     António Pouzada – University of Minho, Portugal
                     Rui Tocha – Centimfe, Portugal
                     “Rapid prototyping of polymer systems via excimer laser ablation
                     of polymeric moulds”
                     Leif Christensen – Danish Technological Institute, Denmark
                     “Laser milling”
                     S. S. Dimov – Manufacturing Engineering Centre, United Kingdom
                     Lunch Break
                     Workshop I: Rapid manufacturing
                     “Rapid manufacturing consortium – a Spanish example”
                     Magi Galindo – Fundación Eduardo Soler, Spain
                     “Rapid manufacturing: when to use it. Examples for direct parts in
14:00 Main
                     polyamide and casting from polystyrene patterns”
16:00 Auditorium
                     Ibon Mitxellena – Moldkar Tecnolayer, Spain
                     “Rapid manufacturing to produce mould inserts”
                     Carlos Garcia Pando – Fundación Prodintec, Spain
                     Case Studies
14:00                Workshop II: CoSpaces: Human factors, user requirements
      Auditorium 1
16:00                and collaboration models
                     Workshop III: Reactive Processes for Manufacturing
                     “Advanced materials for RIM”
14:00                Pedro Albuquerque – Plasfil, Lda., Portugal
      Auditorium 2
16:00                “Injection systems for RIM”
                     Henrique Gonçalves – Imexti, Portugal
                     Case Studies
                     Workshop IV: Micromanufacturing
                     Ian Gibson – National University of Singapore, Singapore; Centre
14:00                for Rapid and Sustainable Product Design, Portugal
      Auditorium 3
16:00                “Microinjection”
                     Marko Maetzig – Arburg GmbH, Germany
                     “Trends in micromanufacturing”
                     Loh Ngiap Hiang - National University of Singapore, Singapore
16:00 Main
                     Best Papers and Communications Awards
16:30 Auditorium
                     Closing Session and Oporto wine farewell

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                        Conference Program

Saturday – 29th September 2007

9:00   Leiria Tour

       A tour around the historical landscape of Leiria surroundings will take place. It will
       include visits to the monasteries of Batalha (built on the XIV century) and
       Alcobaça (built on the XII century) and the historical village of Óbidos. All these
       monuments and locations are classified as UNESCO’s World Heritage due to their
       unique characteristics.

       A limited number of places for these visits will be available.
       Please, contact the Organising Committee if you wish to attend this tour.

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Conference Program

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