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					Mark your calendar: Opening Day Ceremonies, May 23;
Opening Weekend Buffet and Reunion, May 24

“For the encouragement and promotion of yachting
 and the creation of a spirit of good fellowship…”                                                                                                       May 2009
                                      (RYC Constitution, Article II)

   Racine Yacht Club                                                                                                                   Racine, Wisconsin

Commodore’s Report                                                                    Launch Day 2009

The Lease Extension Negotiating Committee comprised of
Vice Commodore Quin Rench, Rear Commodore Charlie
Manning, Past Commodore Jim Rooney, Past Commodore
Bill Erdmann, Club Attorney Scott Lewis and chairman (me)
are extremely pleased to announce a 36-year extension in
our lease with the Racine Water Department. Our lease is
now extended to 2046. With our 100th anniversary coming
up in five years, this will allow us to look forward to our
future – as well as back to our past – and all we have
accomplished. Additionally, the long term of the lease allows
the Board to efficiently and responsibly plan budgets to
maintain and improve the Club facilities. Items such as
                                                                                      May 2nd turned out to be a beautiful day to launch boats and step masts
parking lot repair and major renovation of the west pier can                          at RYC.                                                           Photo by Joe Fox
now be considered. I would like to sincerely thank the
members of the Negotiating Committee and the officials of                              Significant work was accomplished on the retaining wall
the Racine Water Department for the high level of effort that                         south of the small boat hoist. We dug out the collapsed wall
went into completing this process.                                                    and deck, formed it up and poured 13 yards of concrete to
                                                                                      complete the repair. Many thanks to Charlie, Blaise, Greg
With the our renewed lease I would like to remind all Club
                                                                                      and all others who helped. The repairs were necessary to
members of the need to treat any city employees on our
                                                                                      support boat launch and continued use of the small boat
property with the utmost respect. Whether they be Fire,
                                                                                      hoist. Also in the repair department, Charlies (Manning and
Police, Water, or Public Works Department they have a right
                                                                                      Gagnon), Jim Sittig, Steve Robertson, Dick Salsbury and
to be on the property to perform their necessary functions.
                                                                                      John Ayers completed the lowering of the heaved piling on
This includes allowing proper access for vehicles in the
                                                                                      the west pier. Decking, water and electric repair will be
parking lot and the dry sail area. Remember, we are on city
                                                                                      completed shortly. Please be patient, most of us still have
land. Our lease is a privilege not a right.
                                                                                      day jobs. Due to the unavailability of a contractor to rebuild
The Club’s new no-smoking policy will go into effect on                               the “bend,” interim repairs were called for. Nice job on
Opening Day. There will be no smoking in the Club on                                  completing this task in the lovely 30-35 mph prevailing
Fridays from 5 pm to 9 pm and Sunday mornings until                                   northeast breeze. It was a balmy 43° for most of the project.
12 noon.
                                                                                      Once again, congratulations to the Yacht Club on the lease
I would like to remind members that smoking was                                       extension. This was a big step towards ensuring that the
discussed in my previous letters and at several General                               Club remains viable. As our constitution states: “The object
Membership meetings prior to the rule change. There was                               of this organization is the encouragement and promotion of
no discussion from the floor. Please understand that this                              yachting, and the creation of a spirit of good fellowship
policy is a compromise and I fully expect all members to                              among its members and fellow yachters.”
abide by the new rule. It is more than the smokers want but
                                                                                      If you want something done, ask. If you want it done your
far less that the non-smokers have requested. The Club
                                                                                      way, join the leadership team.
serves all members. Please be considerate of other members
and of the RYC Board decisions.                                                       Peace! Out!
                                                                                      – Mark Rode, Commodore

                                    Racine Yacht Club • One Barker Street • Racine, WI 53402 • 42° 44.24’ N - 87° 46.69’ W
 Phones – General: (262) 634-8585    Office, 7:00am–Noon: (262) 634-8587    FAX (262) 634-8971    Web site: e-mail:
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                              RYC News in Brief                                                           Meetings/Club Hours

From the April 9 Board meeting minutes:           New Active: Joe & Ellen Albrecht, in county       See this month’s calendar on page 4
Treasurer Frank Randall presented the             Active to Inactive: David & Barbara Houser        for additional coming events.
March financials which shows a loss again
this month. Comparison to budget is still
                                                  Social to Inactive: Merle & Ken Tokarz            May
favorable since work on the piers has not yet     Non-resident      to    Resigned:   Elizabeth       7    7:00pm       New Member Meeting
begun. Sales are down compared to last            Vondracek                                          14    7:00pm       Board Meeting
year and budget which Randall attributed                                                             21    7:30pm       General Membership
                                                  Senior to Resigned: James & Toni Naleid
to the February shutdown and the hiring of                                                                              Meeting
the new caterer.                                  Inactive to Resigned: Greg & Margaret             June
Randall led a discussion on the safety of         Kurtock
                                                                                                      4    7:00pm       New Member Meeting
club funds at the Bank of Elmwood. Office          All status changes were approved.                  11    7:00pm       Board Meeting
Manager Shortess distributed a letter from                                                           18    7:30pm       General Membership
the Bank indicating all savings account               Manning requested Guthrie be certain to
                                                  get three mailings, a month apart, to the                             Meeting
funds are covered, even though they are in
excess of the federal limits. Randall             boat show leads so that they are all received
                                                  prior to the June open house.
                                                                                                    SPRING CLUB HOURS
indicated the Commodore favors splitting                                                            Launch day until Memorial Day
the funds into at least two accounts to better        Guthrie requested Board approval of a         Mon Closed*
protect the Club assets.                          $50 dues incentive, paid to current members       Tues/Thurs 4:00 to Close*
                                                  for new members. The Board indicated that         Weds/Fri/11:00 to Close*
Office Manager Kim Shortess read a                 she may determine appropriate incentives          Sat/Sun 8:00 to Close*
request from member Bob Jobson asking a           without Board approval.                           *Closing times are determined at the
change to Yard, Dry Sailor’s Rules #20                Guthrie presented information she has         bartender’s discretion.
regarding pets on a leash. Discussion             gathered from other clubs who are also
followed. The Board requested Shortess to         struggling with the issue of non-resident         GALLEY HOURS
ask our insurance agent what affect a                                                               WED & FRI Lunch ..................11:00-1:30
                                                  use of club facilities. Discussion will           FRIDAY Dinner ........................5:00-9:00
change in this rule might have.                   continue at the next Board meeting.               SATURDAY Lunch .................11:00-2:00
    Shortess requested a Board opinion on                                                           SUNDAY Breakfast.................8:00-12:00
By Law Membership Classifications for Life         House Director Joe McGauran reported the
                                                                                                    SUNDAY Lunch ......................12:00-2:00
Member, section 6, in the case where the          ice machine has been fixed and cleaned. He
Life Member has passed away and a                 is working with the galley staff on clean-up      OFFICE HOURS 8 AM until 2 PM
surviving spouse wants to maintain the            of the galley and yard around the galley
membership. After discussion, the Board           doors, including boxes.
agreed the current By Law prohibition on              Manning indicated the energy rebate to      At Board meeting time, 100 reservations
transfer of membership does not apply to          the Club for purchasing during the              had been received.
the spouse, since the membership is a family      renovation should be $1,000.                        The murder mystery dinner, “Curse of
membership. However, the discussion did           Pier Director John Ayres reported that he       the Katmandu” featured a pig roast for $25
raise questions on the application process        had begun demolition work on the pier           per person. The RYC Reunion is being
for Life Membership, now that the                 project. He needed work crews to assist in      planned for Opening Day weekend.
membership is a family membership, and            building parts and completing the                   Connet had the press release from
needs the By Law Committee to review and          demolition. Discussion followed.                Interlux regarding the environment award,
address this classification.                                                                       and was distributing the release to the
    Shortess reported that Pat Healy extends      Yard Director Greg Schneberger thanked          appropriate news publications.
his thanks to the Club for allowing him to        the group of members who repaired the
present the Racing Seminar on April 5th.          seawall at the crane station.
                                                      Schneberger reported the first goose                        Off Watch
Rear Commodore Charlie Manning                    treatment would be the middle of April.
reminded Board members that Youth                 Discussion followed.                            Bonnie Knop continues to recuperate
Sailing school start will be delayed because          Schneberger reported an increase in the     from her recent illness; Mike Teefy is
of the extended school year. Registration         cost of garbage disposal. Discussion
and other forms are on the RYC website.                                                           recovering from his hospitalization; Joanne
                                                  followed regarding recycling, with the
    Manning indicated he was in the                                                               Anania is undergoing treatment for a seri-
                                                  result that he will purchase some bins to
process of hiring this season’s dockmaster,       hold specific recyclable items in the yard.      ous illness; Joe McGauran is ready to dance
who should begin working sometime in                                                              again after his recent knee surgery.
May.                                              Entertainment Director Marsha Connet                RYC extends sincere wishes for expedient
                                                  reminded the Board of the Breakfast Buffet      and successful recovery for all of its members
Membership Secretary Jan Guthrie                  with the Easter Bunny on April 12th.            and families with health issues, and we
presented requests for status changes:                                                            apologize for any omissions or inaccuracies in
                                                                                                  this report. Please contact Kim with any
            Visit RYC’s Website at                                        updates, additions or corrections.
                  for the most up-to-date information, events and race results.

   Entertainment Update                          The HOOK is Coming!                              Clothing Corner

Don’t miss the activities on Opening          I know that everyone in the Club knows       This is the place for MORE…
weekend, May 23-24.                           that the HOOK Race is coming. Boats          style…color and…function.
The highlight of the weekend will be a        will go off on the 18th of July this year.
                                                                                           • More styles. Soft shell jackets and
fabulous dinner buffet and dance on           Please join our efforts to support the
                                                                                             vests, _ zip pullovers, hooded
Sunday, May 24 (the next day is Memorial      race. Start looking for the sign-up sheets
Day, so you can sleep in.) Bring an                                                          pullover, warm-up set, windshirts,
                                              that will be posted in June. It will be an
inactive or former member and you’ll                                                         print camp shirts, fleece jackets, and
                                              interesting year with regards to the race.
both receive a complimentary “Drink of                                                       vests and great tees and polos.
                                              There are concerns that because of the
the Evening!” Cost is just $14 per person.    difficulties that our Nation is facing,       • More colors. Atlantic blue, chili red,
Call to make your reservations with Kim       there could be a reduction in                  dark smoke grey, fossil, athletic gold,
because seating is limited.
                                              participation this year. We hope not, but      aquarius, pearl, cactus, powder pink,
Let’s renew old friendships, enjoy some       in that vein, we as a committee have           sweet lilac and sweet grass.
great food and celebrate the start of         been looking into ways to trim some of
another sailing season!                       our expenses and still present a quality     • More function. Eco-friendly, recycled
Also plan to attend the June 6 New            event.                                         polyester fleece, stretch, moisture
Members Day. This is the time to bring                                                       wicking, antimicrobial, thermal
your friends to see what a bargain            Please join us in getting ready for the        regulation and easy care.
membership in RYC really is!                  race.
                                                                                           New arrivals will debut opening
                                              – Ron Weiss, HOOK Chairman                   weekend on Friday May 22. Get ready
         Cruzin’ Corner                                                                    for MORE…

Our first cruise of the year, the Memorial
                                                                 Finally – Opening Day Weekend!
Day Weekend shake down cruise to
South Shore Yacht Club is coming up
quick. This year the Racine Power                  Opening Day Weekend/RYC Reunion Saturday May 23rd • 10 am
Squadron has asked if they could join us
for this 2 day event. We will be happy to
have them join us as many, if not most of
                                                                   Opening Day Ceremonies On the Patio:
them, are members of RYC also.                                               Blessing of the Fleet
                                                                             VFW Firing Squad
Our cruise will leave on Saturday May                                      Sea Scout Color Guard
23rd just after the RYC opening day                                            Flag Ceremony
ceremony. We will have a short Skipper’s
                                                                            Sheriff’s Safety Patrol
meeting in the RYC bar area at 9:45 am
prior to the start of the opening day                                    Saturday Afternoon Races
ceremony. We all plan to bring a dish for
the party at SSYC which will start around                          Opening Day Buffet / RYC Reunion
4:00 pm. If the weather permits we will                      Sunday May 24th • 5:30 Cocktails/Buffet at 6PM
eat outside, but in the case of cool or wet
weather we will move inside.                              Sunday Evening Festivities include a scrumptious buffet and
For those of you whose boat is not ready,                      dancing the night away with “The Fun Factory”
we always have someone willing to take
new friends on their boats. For those who                      Enjoy a fun filled night with members & friends…
want to drive we will be happy to have                            Rekindle friendships with past members…
them join us.                                                      form new bonds with current members…
We plan to return in plenty of time for the                        and forge plans for new adventures as the
Reunion Party Sunday night at RYC.                                    ’09 Boating Season gets underway!!!
If you are boating or driving please sign
up at the Racine Yacht Club on the sign                              All for only $14.00 per person
up sheet posted on the cruising bulletin            Bring a former member and receive a Complimentary Cocktail for you
board or email us at either of the                   and them! LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE FOR BUFFET DINNER
addresses below. – John & John
                                                     Call Kim in the Office @ 262-634-8585 to make your reservation now!

    If you are aware of any dates or events that should be included in upcoming calendars, please contact the RYC office or e-mail information to the Reef Point editor. Note: Dinner features are subject to change.

                                                        RYC Calendar of Events — May
           Sunday                        Monday                        Tuesday                    Wednesday                        Thursday                       Friday                      Saturday
      Breakfast Served
                           3        CLUB CLOSED          4        Club Opens          5        Lunch Served
                                                                                                                    6        Club Opens
                                                                                                                             @ 4:00
                                                                                                                                                  7        Lunch Served
                                                                                                                                                                                8        Club Opens
                                                                                                                                                                                         @ 8:00
                                                                  @ 4:00
      Lunch Served                                                ADULT SAILING –                                            New Member Meeting            Dinner Served                 Lunch Served
      12:00-1:30                                                                                                             7:00 pm                       5:00-9:00                     11:00-1:30
                                                                  Classroom Session

                         10         CLUB CLOSED       11          Club Opens
                                                                  @ 4:00
                                                                                    12         Lunch Served
                                                                                                                  13         Club Opens
                                                                                                                             @ 4:00
                                                                                                                                                14        Lunch Served
                                                                                                                                                                             15          Club Opens
                                                                                                                                                                                         @ 8:00
                                                                  ADULT SAILING –                                            Board Meeting                Dinner Served                  Lunch Served
                                                                  Classroom Session                                                                       5:00-9:00                      11:00-1:30
                                                                                                                             7:00 pm

                         17         CLUB CLOSED       18          Club Opens
                                                                  @ 4:00
                                                                                    19         Lunch Served
                                                                                                                  20         Club Opens
                                                                                                                             @ 4:00
                                                                                                                                                21         Lunch Served
                                                                                                                                                                             22          OPENING DAY
      8:00-12:00                                                  ADULT SAILING –              WEDS NIGHT RACING             General Membership            Dinner Served                 10:00; OPENING DAY
      Lunch Served                                                Classroom Session            Practice Starts               Meeting 7:30 pm                                             RACE FOLLOWS
      12:00-2:00                                                  6:30                                                                                                                   Club Opens @ 8:00
                                                                                                                                                                                         Lunch Served

      Served 8:00-12:00
                         24         MEMORIAL
                                                      25          Club Opens
                                                                  @ 11:00
                                                                                    26         Lunch Served
                                                                                                                  27         Club Opens
                                                                                                                             @ 11:00
                                                                                                                                                28         Lunch Served
                                                                                                                                                                             29          Club Opens
                                                                                                                                                                                         @ 8:00
      Lunch Served                  Club Opens                    ADULT SAILING –              WEDS NIGHT RACING                                           Dinner Served                 Lunch Served
      12:00-1:30                    @ 11:00                       Classroom Session            Spring Series #1                                                                          11:00-1:30
      OPENING DAY BUFFET                                          6:30

     Breakfast Served
                         31         Club Opens
                                    @ 11:00
                                                         1        Club Opens
                                                                  @ 11:00
                                                                                       2       Lunch Served
                                                                                                                    3        Club Opens           4         Lunch Served    5            Club Opens
                                                                                                                                                                                         @ 8:00
                                                                                                                             @ 11:00                        11:00-1:30
     Lunch Served                                                 ADULT SAILING –              WEDS NIGHT RACING                                            Dinner Served                Lunch Served
     12:00-1:30                                                   On the Water                 Spring Series #2                                             5:00-9:00                    11:00-1:30
                                                                  5:30                                                                                                                   NEW MEMBER OPEN

            Mark Your Calendar

Upcoming Entertainment/Event Schedule                                                            CALL TODAY!                                          SAVE NOW!
National Safe Boating Week .........May 16–22
Opening Day & Blessing
of the Fleet .....................................May 23                                               Reduced pricing for 2009 on…
Opening Day Weekend Buffet Dinner                                                           • Slip Rentals
(Sunday evening) .........................May 24                                            • Winter Storage – Inside Cold or Outside
New Member Open House..........June 6
                                                                                            • Come to us for Major Repairs & Overhauls
                                                                                            • Service Performed On/Off Site
                                                                                            • Ship’s Store
                                                                                            • Fuel Polishing Service Available
                                                                                            • Courteous, Skilled Staff

                                                                                     811 Ontario Street
                                                                                     Racine, WI 53402
                                                                                     Phone: 262-632-2724
                                                                                     Fax: 262-633-4681

                                                     BVI Cruise, March 2009

By Joe McGauran                                      spite of it being windy. I think it is really     the east at 17-22 knots. Before leaving we
                                                     interesting so see this 310' ship laying on the   stopped at the pier for a fresh water fill up
On the spur of the moment, Sandi Fox put
                                                     bottom in relatively shallow water. Sandi         which, along with a bag of ice, was included
together a sailing trip to the British Virgin
                                                     thinks it‚s just a lot of junk on the bottom.     with our mooring. We motored out of the
Islands. The crew included Herb Wake from
                                                     Okay, whatever.                                   Sound and set sail for the Dogs. The Dogs are
Menominee, MI who is the owner of Twister,
                                                                                                       three small islands that the cruising guide had
the sailboat that Joe Fox and I race the Chicago     We pointed Rum Runner northeast to
                                                                                                       reported had great snorkeling. When we got
to Mackinac race on each year.                       Manchioneel Bay on Cooper Island. We
                                                                                                       there it was too rough to snorkel and there
                                                     picked up a mooring ball and I jumped in the
At 5 A.M. we headed for O’Hare, and after the                                                          were no decent mooring balls open.
                                                     dinghy to explore Cistern Point for snorkeling.
long flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico, we
                                                     There were no calm places to tie up the           We continued on to Marina Cay at the east end
boarded a turbo-prop and bound for Tortola.
                                                     dinghy, so I went back to the boat for a nap.     of Tortola. Because of our early arrival we
Just as we sat in our seats the pilot told us we
                                                     That evening we had a dinner of homemade          were able to pick up a mooring ball right in
would have to change planes. So we boarded
                                                     tacos aboard. After dinner we went ashore for     front of the dock. We did note that there were
another plane and off we went.
                                                     drinks on the beach. While there, some young      always mooring balls available as chartering
During this fiasco we met a pretty girl from          Canadians came over and introduced                was down due to the US economy. Joe was
Chicago who had a brother that sailed on the         themselves. The men were pilots for Air           unable to get Wi-Fi so he took me ashore to
racing boat Denali, and we talked a lot about        Canada and some of the women were dive            register the boat and make reservations for
sailing. We flew over some of the most                instructors. We talked with them for some         dinner. Herb, Sandi and I went to a reef that
beautiful water and islands in this hemisphere       time. This was their first charter and they        extends out from Marina Cay for some
to get to Beef Island, where the airport for         wanted to know where to dive. They thought        snorkeling. The bottom was rocky and we had
Tortola is located. Our bags arrived and we          that Herb was Newt Gingrich as they do look       a hard time getting our fins on. The snorkeling
got through customs without incident. While          somewhat alike.                                   was bad but I did find a small conch shell. But
waiting for our cab, I bought five beers for the                                                        when I got it ashore, a lady told me I was
                                                     The next morning we dropped the mooring
ride to Tortola (I don’t know why I bought five                                                         forbidden to take shells so I threw it back. Joe,
                                                     and headed for the Baths on Virgin Gorda. It
as there was only four of us).                                                                         Sandi and I dinghied across the channel to
                                                     was way too rough to stop. They now have a
                                                                                                       snorkel. Much better snorkeling with a large
We got to our boat named Rum Runner, a 39'           series of signal flags letting people know how
                                                                                                       variety of fish and coral. We went back to Rum
Beneteau, with three cabins and two heads. As        rough it is (as if you couldn’t tell). We
                                                                                                       Runner for a nap and a shower before cocktail
soon as we got to the boat the food and booze        continued onto the North Sound of Virgin
were delivered. We changed into shorts and           Gorda and picked up a mooring ball at
went to a nearby restaurant for dinner.              Leverick Bay. Leverick Bay is a resort with a     The next morning we got up early and the
                                                     dock, fuel, water, shops, a fresh water           wind was still blowing hard. Maybe it will
The next morning we went through the boat
                                                     swimming pool, restaurants and a hotel. We        calm down tomorrow. We dropped the
with an Englishman by the name of Stuart
                                                     went ashore in the dinghy to register the boat    mooring ball and headed to Monkey Point on
from Sunsail. We had chartered before so we
                                                     (moorings cost $25.00 all over the B.V.I.), and   Guana Island. We found a mooring ball and
had already made coffee and Stuart was
                                                     take care of some housekeeping. While ashore      Sandi and I were soon in the water. What a
grateful for a cup.
                                                     we noted that they were having a beach            disappointment! The water was cloudy from
We then motored out of the slip and into the         barbecue with music and Jumbie dancers. We        all the turbulence. We were soon out of the
Drake Channel to the Indians, a group of rocks       also enjoyed a swim in the freshwater pool.       water and off to Cane Garden Bay. Beautiful
renowned for snorkeling. Soon we were tied to        After lunch WEwent for a dinghy ride on the       day, winds behind us and the water the color
a mooring ball and in the water. The first thing      Sound. Docked at the Bitter End Yacht Club        of turquoise. We soon were at the entrance and
you notice is how salty the water is and then        was a 100' Swan boat named Red Sky that Herb      just as last year, as soon as we got between the
how clear and warm it is. The fish were               had seen in a previous delivery. We went back     buoys leading into the bay, it started to rain. It
abundant and the coral a rainbow of colors.          to the boat for a nap and to get cleaned up for   was a light rain and it didn’t last long.
                                                     dinner. Our table was right on the beach and
Afterwards, we headed for the Bight on                                                                 We had lunch ashore and picked up a few
                                                     was waiting for us when we got ashore.
Norman Island. After tying to another                                                                  groceries. As soon as you get away from the
                                                     Beautiful! Dinner was excellent with chicken,
mooring ball, Sandi and I took the dinghy to                                                           water it gets hot. The grocery store was air
                                                     fish, ribs, pork and salads. The band after
the caves for some more snorkeling.                                                                    conditioned and it felt strange. Upon getting
                                                     dinner played Reggae music and they were
                                                                                                       back to the boat we took a refreshing swim
That evening we went ashore to a beach bar           very good. Then out came the Jumbie Dancers.
                                                                                                       and had a nap. That evening we had our first
called Pirates Bight for dinner. After dinner we     Jumbie Dancers are dancers with 6' 2x4s
                                                                                                       spectacular sunset. Sandi fixed a delicious
jumped in the dinghy and headed to the               strapped to their legs like stilts. How they
                                                                                                       spaghetti dinner. Herb was stuck doing the
William Thorton. The Willie T is a notorious         stayed upright, I do not know. They put on
                                                                                                       dishes again. Afterward, Joe feel asleep on the
night spot on an old lumber schooner. Young          quite a show and at the end of their show they
                                                                                                       settee and the rest of us played poker with lots
ladies used to dive topless off the stern for free   jumped in the pool stilts and all. Then we went
                                                                                                       of high fictitious betting, and went to bed. In
T-shirts. This practice was stopped when             out to the catamaran the Canadians from the
                                                                                                       the middle of the night we had a downpour.
someone got hurt. We had drinks and                  night before had chartered; four cabins and
                                                                                                       What a fire drill it was getting the hatches
watched the people dance.                            four heads with lots of room. There were nine
The next morning we motored to Salt Island           of them aboard and they were celebrating the
                                                     captain’s thirtieth birthday (oh, to be young     The next morning I made coffee and realized
and the wreck of the Rhone. The Rhone is a mail
                                                     again!).                                          we would run out of coffee before our trip was
ship that sunk in a hurricane in 1867. When we
                                                                                                       over. So Joe and I jumped in the dinghy and
got there, many boats were already there in          We got up the next morning with winds from
                                                                                                       went ashore to buy more. We stopped at the

                                          BVI Cruise, March 2009,                          continued

grocery store where Joe priced the rum and I      we went ashore to make reservations at the         lunch Herb and I went back ashore for some
got coffee. Then we walked up the road to the     world famous Foxy’s restaurant. When we got        Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. What a treat. We then
Callwood Rum Distillery. There are pictures of    there, Foxy himself was greeting people so I       went back to the boat for our traditional
the distillery on the web under Callwood          got to shake his hand. Dinner that evening was     afternoon nap. We showered and then cocktail
Distillery. This place was in as bad a shape as   wonderful. Several crews from racing boats         hour began. We were all melancholy as it was
always except they had a new sign.                were at the restaurant so Joe ands I spoke with    our last night aboard. We dinghied over to the
                                                  them about the upcoming regatta in the B.V.I.      Jolly Roger’s for dinner. The fish was
Joe and I went back to the boat and dropped
                                                  One crew was from the Netherlands and had          wonderful but too much to eat; after which we
our mooring and headed for White Bay on Jost
                                                  chartered a 51 footer for the regatta. The other   went back to the boat for a night cap of Bailey’s
Van Dyke. Soon after leaving Cane Garden
                                                  boat was from Curaçao and had just come            and off to bed.
Bay, a porpoise surfaced on the bow and
                                                  from the Rolex regatta in St. Martin.
swam with us for several minutes. What a                                                             The next morning Joe and I were up early.
sight! We named him Jesse after our bow man       We ordered two desserts and passed them            After making coffee, we dropped the mooring
on Twister.                                       around. We dinghied back to our boat under a       and headed east for Road Town. After
                                                  star filled sky.                                    motoring along the coast of Tortola for two
On the way to Jost Van Dyke we stopped and
                                                                                                     hours we reached Road Town and the Sunsail
ate French toast. We then motored through the     The next morning we awoke to showers and
                                                                                                     and Moorings facilities. We called on the VHF
reef into White Bay. Absolutely gorgeous! We      an overcast sky. We stayed on anchor while
                                                                                                     for docking instructions and they told us
then dropped an anchor as there were no           we enjoyed our breakfast of scrambled eggs,
                                                                                                     where to back the boat onto the dock. It was a
mooring balls. This was the first time we had      ham and toast. We weighed anchor and
                                                                                                     calm morning so backing the boat in turned
to anchor.                                        headed for Sandy Cay but when we got there
                                                                                                     out to be no problem. We went through the
                                                  it was still blowing and raining. We waited
Sandi and I went snorkeling in clear,                                                                checkout procedure with Sunsail, and as it
                                                  around as the weather in the Caribbean often
aquamarine warm water with lots of fish. Joe                                                          turned out, we had very few problems with
                                                  changes quickly, but the weather did not clear.
snorkeled out to the reef but was disappointed                                                       the boat. After we were through, we went
                                                  So we turned west and headed for Soper’s
as there wasn’t much to see.                                                                         aboard some catamarans to size them up for a
                                                  Hole on the West end of Tortola. We got into
                                                                                                     charter for next year, but before we knew it,
We all got in the dinghy and went to the beach    Soper’s Hole under clear skies and picked up
                                                                                                     the driver was there to take us to the airport
as there was no dinghy dock. We went to a         a mooring ball. What a great crew I had. We
                                                                                                     for our flight to San Juan and then back to
place called the Soggy Dollar for Pain Killers.   never missed a buoy. Herb would use the boat
Pain Killers are a rum drink made with fruit      hook to grab the pennant and Joe would tie it
juice and they are delicious. After               on. Great job! We went ashore for some             All in all, it was a wonderful trip and will
refreshments, we went back to Rum Runner,         shopping. We bought some deli sandwiches           remain in my memory for years to come.
weighed anchor and motored to Great Harbor.       and took them back to the boat for our lunch.
When we arrived we again had to anchor and        Joe had leftover spaghetti, his favorite. After

   RYC Membership Summary

Classification   In/County   Out/County Total
Active 30+       122           67      189
Active 30-         1            1        2
Senior            42            6       48
Life              19            3       22
Associate          5            4        9
Non-resident       0           22       22
Social             5            7       12
Star               3            0        3
Total            197          110      307

                 Racine Riverside Marine
           950 Erie St., Racine, WI 53402 262-636-8020 fax 262-636-8022
               Representing Hunter Marine and Mainship Trawlers
                            Hunter: 31, 33, 36, 38, 41, 41DS, 44, 44DS, 45CC, 46
                               Mainship: 34, 39, 40, 43, Pilot 30 and Pilot 34
Riverside Marine Sales Listings                       visit our website for our complete listing            May 10, 2009
                               49'  Hunter 49                    2008   $   345,900    S   N   S   D   FG    Racine, WI
                               46'  Hunter 466                   2004   $   233,990    S   U   S   D   FG    Racine, WI
                               44'  Hunter 44 Deck Salon ...     2006   $   234,995    S   U   S   D   FG    Racine, WI
                               42'  Hunter 420                   1999   $   177,900    S   U   S   D   FG    New Bufflao, MI
      CODES                    41'  Hunter 41 Deck Salon         2009   $   279,000    S   N   S   D   FG    Racine, WI
                                    C&C 38 Sloop
                                    Hunter 38
                                                                                                             Racine, WI
                                                                                                             Racine, WI         COMMUNICATIONS
                               37'  Hunter Hunter 376            1998   $   98,900     S   U   S   D   FG    Racine, WI
                                    Hunter 36 Aft cockpit
                                    Hunter 35 Legend
                                                                                                             Racine, WI
                                                                                                             Racine, WI
      S=Single                 35'  Hunter 35.5 Legend           1990   $   54,900     S   U   S   D   FG    Racine, WI
      T=Twin                   34'  Hunter 34                    1984   $   29,900     S   U   S   D   FG    Milwaukee, WI
      D=Diesel                                                                                                                    Marsha Connet                Gregg Henning
                               34'  Hunter 34                    1984   $   27,500     S   U   S   D   FG    Racine, WI
      G=Gas/Petrol             34'  Hunter 340                   1999   $   75,490     S   U   S   D   FG    Chicago, IL           Reef Point Editor            RYC Webmaster
      W=Wood                   33'  Hunter 33                    2009   $   132,875    S   N   S   D   FG    Flordia, WI
      ST=Steel                 33'  Hunter 33.5                  1990   $   35,900     S   U   S   D   FG    IL, USA                 Judy Cook                   Jan Guthrie
      AL=Aluminum              30'  Hunter 30 - 2FR              1988   $   33,400     S   U   S   D   FG    Milwaukee, WI
      FG=Fiberglass                                                                                                               Contributing Writer       E-mail Communications
                               30'  Kirby 30 Kirby               1981   $   12,000     S   U   S   D   FG    Racine, WI
      CP=Composite             27'  Hunter 27                    1980   $   10,995     S   U   S   D   FG    Kenosha, WI
      FC=FerroCement                                                                                                                Paul Tobias
                               16'  Precision 165                2005   $   10,900     S   U   S   G   FG    Racine, WI                             
      O=AOther/None            POWER                                                                                              Layout/Production
                               37'  Maxum 3700 SCR               1999   $   109,900    P   U   T   G   FG    Racine, WI
                               36'  Cruisers Yachts 3675         1992   $   64,700     P   U   T   G   FG    Racine, WI
                               34'  Mainship Pilot Express       2006   $   169,900    P   U   S   D   FG    Racine, WI
     Yacht Brokerage           32'  Regal 3260 Commodore         2003   $   110,900    P   U   T   G   FG    Racine, WI
                               31'  Sea Ray 310 Sundancer        1991   $   29,995     P   U   T   G   FG    Racine, WI
 AB & Achilles Inflatables      31'  Wellcraft 310                1981   $   14,800     P   U   T   G   FG    Racine, WI
        Boat Slips             31'
                                    Wellcraft 3100 Expres
                                    Mainship Pilot
                                                                                                             Racine, WI
                                                                                                             Racine, WI         Deadline for articles is
       Ship’s Store            30'
                                    Regal 3060
                                    Cruisers Sea-Devil
                                                                                                             Racine, WI
                                                                                                             Racine, WI         the 15th of the month
      Winter Storage
  Full Service Yacht Yard
                                    Albin 28 Tournmant Exp...
                                    Boston Whaler 23 cuddy...
                                                                                                             Chicago, WI
                                                                                                             Racine, WI          PRIOR to publication.
                               21'  Pursuit 2150 Walkaround      1996   $   18,500     P   U   S   G   FG    Racine, WI
 Nissan Outboard Motors        17'  Stratos 176 XT               2007   $   10,000     P   U   S   G   FG    Racine, WI        We like to include photos of members’ activities, so
                               14'  AB Inflatables 14 VST         2008   $   19,995     P   U   S   D   FG    Racine, WI
                                                                                                                               take your camera along next time you go to the Club,
Fiberglass & Gelcoat Work      13'  Walker Bay Generation        2009   $   26,955     P   N   S   G   FG    Racine, WI
                               12'  Seadoo SPX                   1996   $   2,490      P   U   S   G   FG    Racine, WI        while you’re racing or cruising – or even vacationing!
                                                                                                                               Make sure you put your name on the backs of your
                                                                                                                               photos so we can give you a photo credit, and then
                                                                                                                               return them safely to you. Otherwise, digital photos
                                                                                                                               work well, too – just e-mail them. You can get your
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                                                                                                                               in RYC’s office, or you can mail, fax or e-mail to:
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