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Name: The Deal, a Harry Potter fanfic
Author: LeoZodiac
Chapter 1 to 13

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Chapter: 1

I don’t own Harry Potter or any of the characters.

Voldemort never existed, Draco never went to Hogwarts he actually went to Durmstrang,
Harry’s parents are still alive, and he is the youngest of their three children, Potters and Malfoys
don’t get along but are not as bad as Weasleys and Malfoys, Potters and Weasleys are best


Harry sat staring at his boyfriend in disbelief, he had just told Ron he was pregnant, and Ron told
him to abort it, cause he wouldn’t be helping to support the baby. The two had been dating in
secret for the past year because Ron wasn’t ready to come out about their relationship. Harry had
always wondered if there was more to the story than that, but never was sure.

“Look Harry, you knew this thing we had wasn’t going to last, I asked Mione to marry me, and
she has accepted. As far as I’m concerned we're over. I think it’s best you just got rid of the baby
too, as you and I both know you can’t support it, and I don’t want to think about what you
parents are going to do when they find out.” Ron said, thinking this would convince Harry to get
rid of the evidence the two had ever been together.

“How can you even say that?” Harry said in disbelief. He would never kill his own child; he
would die before that would happen. He knew how his parents would react; they would be most
likely to disown him, before they would help him take care of the child. He also knew he
wouldn’t be able to support him and the baby by himself, he was only twenty for crying out loud.
He had thought Ron would do the honorable thing, the redhead did say Mione was just a cover
for their relationship, and that someday he and Ron would marry. In fact that was what he told
Harry when Harry had said he wasn’t sure the two of them should sleep together. That had only
been a month ago, what had changed?

Harry never would find out as Hermione had chose that moment to walk into the pub where the
two were sitting, and Ron instantly went to her, leaving Harry on the verge of tears.


“How could you be so stupid?” Harry heard his mum yell after he had told his parents about the
baby. He knew his brother and sister were listening outside the door, but he couldn’t find it in
himself to care. They loved to hear him get in trouble, he was their dad’s favorite, but that was
all about to change, he knew it.

“I want you out of this house by tonight, and don’t you ever think of coming back here again.”
Lily screamed as a tear made its way down Harry’s cheek.

James himself looked surprised when Lily had said this, he didn’t want Harry gone, Harry would
need help when the baby came. His heart broke when Harry stood from the chair, nodded briefly,
and left the room.

“Was that really necessary, you know he will need help?” James said as he looked pleadingly at
his wife of 27 unhappy years. “You should remember what it’s like to be in his position.” James
said, remembering that after one night with Lily, one drunken night, he had managed to knock
her up, and married her as he felt was his duty. His lover at the time had never forgiven him for
that one.

“I will not have my son repeating my mistakes.” Oh it hadn’t been a mistake. She had drugged
James and only made it look like the two had slept together. She had actually slept with a muggle
and gotten pregnant. She was just lucky enough to find a potion that would change the baby’s
paternity. So she did what she had to so to secure her and her baby’s future with one of the
richest families in the wizarding world. Harry was actually the only child she had with James,
and didn’t have to change the paternity for. Jamie was the result of relations with a muggle, and
Rose was from a squib she had met while visiting her sister.

“We can’t have him bringing down this family’s name.” Lily said as she stuck her nose in the air.
She knew she would win; she always won with James, probably because he was just sick of
fighting her. Sure enough, James just stood, and left the room.


That had been a month ago, and now Harry lived in a rundown apartment in Knockturn alley, as
it was the cheapest he could find, but also in a very dangerous area. His dad had gone to his room
to help him pack, and had held him right before he left while the two of them cried. Then his dad
slipped him as much money as he could with out Lily noticing it was missing, she had always
kept a close eye on the money that came and went from their house and vault. Harry now worked
at a restaurant, and was on his feet almost 50 hours a week, and he still didn’t seem to make
enough to support just him. This was why if you looked at his “kitchen table” you would see
adoption brochures. He wanted to keep the baby, but also wanted what was best for his child, so
did what he had to for the baby’s sake.
Currently he was working at the little restaurant, waiting tables, not knowing someone was on
their way, which would save him.


Draco smiled as he entered the restaurant and saw his two best friends waiting for him. Blaise
and Pansy had just married recently, and this had set Draco’s parents into motion of planning his
wedding to some witch. They knew he was gay, but as it was rare for a man to get pregnant he
had to marry a witch to keep the line going.

“How’s the wife hunt going?” Blaise asked as his friend sat down next to him.

“They think they have found the perfect one, but she is a muggle born.” Draco’s parents had
searched for a pureblood, but due to inbreeding, most of the females were married, or too ugly to
marry into their family. He was about to say more, when he looked up at the person who had just
walked out of the back to wait on a table.

Draco didn’t think he had seen anyone so beautiful in his entire life. The boy had short messy
black hair, and vibrant green eyes. He looked a bit too skinny, and also like he was dead on his
feet. He probably stood 5ft 6in, but that was probably what attracted Draco to the smaller male.
Draco himself was 6ft, and a lot broader than this other boy.

“Draco, Hello Draco, are you in there?” Blaise asked as he tried to snap his friend out of his

“Blaise, do you know who he is?” Draco asked his friend, hoping he could get an answer.

“Who him?” Pansy said as she motioned to Harry. When Draco nodded she told him what she
knew. “That’s Harrison Potter, but he prefers Harry. He was in our year at Hogwarts, and was an
average student. He was a Gryffindor, but was probably the only person to be nice to the
Slytherins, who wasn’t a Slytherin them selves. Then again, his dad was always pretty nice to us
when he was around, but his mother is a real bitch. He also has a brother, Jamie, and a sister
Rose, and both look their mother, while Harry is the spitting image of his father. They also act
like their mother, while Harry is extremely shy.” Most Slytherins didn’t have a problem with
Harry, and actually liked him. “Rumor has it, his best friend knocked him up, and then refused to
do the honorable thing and marry him. His parents kicked him out, and that is why he is working
here.” Pansy said as she leaned in to whisper this part.

“You know Dray, this could be your chance. Harry was always pretty powerful, it would make
sense that he would be able to get pregnant. You seem to like him, and I think the two of you
could pull off a successful marriage.” Blaise said, and smiled when Draco nodded, lost in

This was a lot to take in, but he should have known better than to ask Pansy, she knew all the
gossip, and 9 times out of 10 was right about it. Maybe this was the answer to his prays of having
a male spouse, now he just had to convince his parents.

Convincing Lucius and Narcissa had been easier than he thought. The second they heard Pansy
say the boy was a Potter, and possibly already pregnant, they were shockingly all for the
marriage. They had also told Draco about a potion that could change the paternity of the baby,
but agreed not to force it on Harry but that it would be the other boy’s choice. In the end, it was
agreed that if Harry was pregnant then they would allow the marriage, if not then they would go
through with the marriage to the muggleborn.


It was late by the time Harry got to leave the restaurant, and he hated having to walk home at
night, but had to as he could apparate with the baby. No sooner had he turned down the alley
leading to his apartment than he was grabbed from behind, and pulled into a building near by. It
was then he noticed the building was one of the many Whore Houses in the ally, and he was
being dragged to a near by bed. He knew what was going to happen, so fought desperately with
the person who had him, trying to get away. Unfortunately for him the man was much bigger,
and threw him around like he was a little rag doll.

He was then thrown onto the Mattress, and scrambled to get away, but was grabbed by his
ankles, and forced back on to the bed where the man proceeded to climb on top of him. He felt
the man ripping at his shirt, while grinding into him, and prayed for it to end. Suddenly the man
collapsed on top of him, and he looked up to see someone his age, with white blond hair and
their wand pointed toward the bed. The person then levitated the man off of him, and he was able
to scramble away before the man was dumped on the ground. He was surprised when the blond
walked over to him, and took off his (The Blonde’s) cloak, and wrapped him in it, this was the
warmest he had felt in a long time.

“Are you alright?” Draco asked as he looked down at Harry, who refused to meet his eyes.
“Come, I’ll walk you home.” He said as he held his arm out for the other man. Draco was going
to wait, and drop in on Harry at work the next day, but for some reason he felt he should do it
tonight instead. Never one to ignore those feelings, he went to the restaurant just as Harry was
leaving it, and saw the man appear from the ally and drag Harry off. The smaller man put up
quite an impressive fight, but was still over powered so he did what he had to.

He let Harry lead him to the apartment where he lived, and walked him up to his door. He was
about to leave when Harry finally spoke, “Thank you for what you did back there.” Harry said as
his voice hitched a bit as he tried to hold back the tears.

“Any time.” Draco said.

“Would you like to come in?” Harry figured the man lived around here, and that’s why he was
there that night.

“I would love to.” Draco said as he followed Harry into the apartment, appalled at what he
found. Harry seemed to be a very neat person, but the apartment was so rundown he didn’t know
how it was still standing. He looked around the kitchen, if you could call it that, and his eyes
landed on the brochures on the table. “Is your girlfriend pregnant?” Draco asked, hoping he
could get some information.

“Um… no” Harry said uncomfortably as he studied his shoes.

He then felt the other man slip a finger under his chin, and force him to look up into the silver
eyes. “Are you?” The blond asked, and all he could do was nod as the tears welled up in his eyes
again. He was even more shocked when he felt strong arms wrap around him, and leaned into the
warmth they had to offer.

“The other father told me to abort it, but I can’t do that to the baby.” Harry said as he cried into
the blonde’s chest. “My only option is adoption, I can’t support it.” Harry said, as he sobbed
even harder.

“What if I told you there was a way to keep your baby, would you take it?” Draco asked going
out on a limb, and hoping Harry really wanted this child. He breathed a sigh of relief then the
dark head bobbed up and down and continued. “My Parents want me to marry soon, and
unfortunately it has to be to someone who can provide a child. I saw you at work today, and
decided you were the one I want. If you marry me, I will help you support your baby, and you
won’t have to give him or her up.” Draco said as he looked into the green eyes. He could see fear
in them and knew this was a lot for Harry to take in. “You have to be sure this is what you want,
as when my family bonds with someone there is no going back, it is all or nothing, divorce is not
an option.” He didn’t want Harry to think he was tricked into this later in life should he say yes.
“I will give you some time to think on this. I will come to you, but if you find yourself in trouble
again, I want you to grab this and say Dragon.” He said as he slipped the Dragon pendant from
around his neck, and placed it around Harry’s. “It’s a portkey, and will bring you to me if you’re
ever in any danger. Now think about my offer, and I will return to you in a weeks time.” Draco
said as he left the stunned wizard in the apartment.

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Chapter: 2

For those of you who didn’t understand the paternity aspect in the last chapter, I will clarify it
for you, and apologize as I could have worded it better. Rose and Jamie, Harry’s older siblings,
had two different dads. Rose’s was a squib, and Jamie’s was a muggle. Lily took the potion to
change their paternity to James, thus trapping him in a marriage with her. Harry is his only true
son, this is why he feels much closer with Harry than the other two. Harry is also the only one
who looks as much like James as he does, the other two have some of his features, but not very
many. James may have another child out there, it did say he was in a relationship when Lily
tricked him.


It had been a week, and Harry knew the deadline was coming to an end, but he still didn’t know
what he wanted to do. Sure he knew he wanted to keep the baby, but did he want to enough to
bind himself to someone forever? Was this solution best for the child, or would he or she be
better off if he put them up for adoption? This was so very confusing, and he had no idea what he
should do, the stranger hadn’t even told him their name. Would this person be able to support
him and a child, or were they getting in over their head without even realizing it, or worse, doing
this to get a portion of his nonexistent fortune. What if this person was the type to be abusive, but
if they were would they have really saved him, and then given him the pendant to protect
himself? His head was spinning with questions, and he really didn’t know what to do, and it
wasn’t like he could go to his family or friends about it, he didn’t have any of them left.

This thought led him to remember the time he ran into Hermione a month ago, and how she had
called him a whore and told him to stay away from her fiancé. Those words had hurt more than
he expressed, and only increased his feelings of loneliness. It was true now, he had no one, and
he couldn’t go to his dad for help because his mum would react badly.

Then he glanced at the brochures on the table. Could he really part with the baby? He wondered
as he rubbed his stomach trying to calm his morning sickness. The answer didn’t take long to
come to him, and he stood from his seat, made his way over to the trash bin, and tossed them in.
He had made his decision.


Draco stood outside the restaurant, waiting to see if Harry was working. He had given the man
an extra day to make his decision, and was now going to get his answer, he just hoped he didn’t
have to go into Knockturn Ally to get it. Sure enough as he watched from the outside, he saw
Harry emerge from the back. He was elated that the other man was there, and couldn’t wait any
longer for his answer. That decided he pushed the door open, and walked in, showing just how
much of a Malfoy he actually was.


Harry looked up when the bells above the door signaled the entrance of a customer, and froze in
place when he saw just who it was. He watched as the blond took a seat, and another waitress
served him, while flirting with him a little bit. He had thought the blond had changed his mind,
as he was a day late, but he must have been wrong. The blond didn’t look poor, but he didn’t
look rich either, dressed in everyday robes, with a nice muggle outfit that matched underneath.
He watched as the other waitress, Susie, a squib, motioned for him to come over, and told him
she would take his tables, so he could talk with the blond.

“Have you come to a decision?” Draco asked when Harry had sat in front of him. He could see
apprehension in the green eyes, (Harry doesn’t have glasses, as him mother made him get his
eyes fixed) and worried Harry may say no.

“How do I know I can trust you in this, and you won’t do something to me or my baby?” Harry
asked, wanting to see what the blond would say.

“You’ll just have to trust me, and know that I don’t want an unhappy marriage, and would never
raise a hand to you or you child.” Draco said, showing how sincere he was about this.

“I’ll do it then.” Harry said so quietly Draco wondered if he heard properly. “What is it you want
out of me in return?” Harry asked, knowing there had to be something Draco wanted.

“There are a few things, one is for this to be a marriage in every aspect. Meaning, eventually we
will share a bed, and do things married people do. This will wait until you are ready for it, but
will happen eventually.” Draco said, holding back a smile when Harry blushed. Was it possible
his future husband had only been with one other person, the baby’s father? He sure hoped so.

“I only have one other thing to ask right now, and that is you allow me to be seen as your child’s
father. My parents have had someone brew a potion that will switch the paternity of the baby to
me, but whether or not you take the potion, is up to you. I will not force you, but if the baby
remains that of the other father, I would like to sign the adoption papers, making them legally my
heir.” Draco said, watching as Harry took this all in.

“You want my baby?” Harry asked in shock.

Draco nodded, “I want it to see me as one ofits parents.” He said to clarify that he wasn’t there to
take the baby from Harry. “Do you still accept on these terms?”

Harry managed to nod mutely, as he was still in shock about what had just happened. It was then
Draco slid a contract in front of him. “This basically states that you enter willingly into this
marriage, and that you are willing to take my last name, and that any children we produce will
have my name as well. They can also have yours though too. It also says that once bonded there
will be no divorcing, and any problems we have we will find a way to work out.” Draco said,
before signing his name to it, and sliding it over to Harry.

Harry almost gagged when he saw Draco’s last name. “I think you are going to want to rethink
this.” Harry said as he looked up at Draco.

“Nonsense, I know you are a Potter, and I also know that they have done you wrong. Your last
name doesn’t matter to me, as soon it will be the same as mine.” Draco said as he smiled at

“What about if the baby I carry is a Weasley?” Harry asked.

“Did the other father want it?” Draco asked, and was surprised when he saw Harry fighting back
“He told me to abort it, and that he wasn’t going to give me a penny.” Harry said, as he furiously
tried to wipe the tears away.

“Then that child will be the first to take the Malfoy name, or would you prefer it Potter-Malfoy?”
Draco said, and smiled when Harry graced him with a watery smile of his own.

“Malfoy is fine, I am technically not a Potter anymore.” Harry said as he wiped another tear
away, and reached for the pen before signing the contract. No sooner had he finished than the
contract sealed itself, and disappeared.

“It is now locked away safely at the ministry, and a copy is safely tucked away in our records
vault at Gringotts.” Draco said as he smiled at his fiancé. He then pulled a small box out of his
pocket, and opened it, allowing Harry to see the Sapphire engagement ring he had chosen for

Harry gasped when he saw the ring. He knew the Malfoy family stone was a sapphire, like the
Potter stone was a ruby, all purebloods knew the different family stones. He didn’t think his
future husband would go through the trouble of getting him a ring. Now he saw the blond had
gotten him a ring with a round sapphire, and two diamonds on either side of it. “It’s beautiful.”
Was all he managed as the blond took the ring from its box, and slid it on a small finger.

“It suites you then.” Draco said as he smiled at the blush that crossed Harry’s cheeks. It was true,
Harry was incredibly beautiful. “Now, we need to tell your boss that you quit, and retrieve your
things so they can be moved to the manor, but all this has to be done quickly as mother is
waiting, rather impatiently I might add, to meet you.”


Harry’s boss had been reluctant to let him go, but after Draco had stepped in, and told the man he
didn’t have a choice, he caved and let Harry go without giving two weeks notice. They then
returned to his apartment, where Draco helped him pack his meager belongings, and then
preceded to pay off the landlord to get Harry out of his lease, before returning to the Diagon Ally
to do some, as Draco put it, much needed shopping.

Apparently his wardrobe wasn’t good enough, and Draco said it was time to get him completely
new things. This was alright with him as he had been wearing hand me downs of his brother’s
and sisters since before he could remember. It also didn’t help that the two were bigger than him
in both length and width.

He was pleasantly surprised to find that Draco had good taste in fashion, and knew what would
look best on him. The two had shopped for a couple of hours before the blond finally announced
they had enough, and it would be ok for them to return home.

Draco had been appalled to see how skinny Harry actually was, and knew it had nothing to do
with the morning sickness he was suffering, though why Harry called it morning sickness he
didn’t know, he was still getting sick in the afternoon.
The two stopped for dinner in the leaky cauldron before Draco pulled out his replica of the
dragon pendant that still hung around Harry’s neck. Harry had tried to give it back to him, but he
explained that it was Harry’s to keep as when the password was said, it would connect with
Draco’s, no matter where he was, and would take Harry to him. He also told him it had some
protection charms on it, and to never take it off.

When he had hold of the pendant he wrapped an arm around Harry’s small waist, and fought
down a bout of anger when he realized he could feel the man’s ribs, before saying “Home.” With
that the two disappeared, never once seeing the redhead who was watching the.


Fred was shocked to see Harry with Draco Malfoy of all people. Last he knew Harry was seeing
Ron, but then again Ron was engaged to Hermione now. He had also seen the ring Harry wore,
and knew the little brunette was engaged to Malfoy, but couldn’t bring himself to be mad. His
lover, Lee Jordan, had told him that there was a rumor going around that Ron had knocked Harry
up and dumped him. He had heard from George’s girlfriend Angelina that the Potters had kicked
him out, this was confirmed by Rose Potter, who couldn’t help but gloat at her little brother’s
misfortune. Well from what Fred had seen, the Malfoy seemed to be protective of Harry, and to
genuinely care about him. Hell the Malfoy, he thought his name was Draco, would probably
make a better husband for Harry, and a better father for his (Fred’s) niece or nephew, if Harry
was actually pregnant.

With that thought he decided he would keep what he saw a secret until it was announced the two
were bound, and the paperwork was done making the baby, if there was one, Malfoy’s. Then he
would talk to Harry and ask for permission to tell his family the ‘good’ news. He couldn’t wait to
see Ron’s reaction.

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Chapter: 3

Harry would have fallen flat on his face, if Draco hadn’t been there to catch him when the
portkey landed. He had never liked traveling by portkey, but it seemed his baby liked them even
less as his stomach was beginning to act up. Draco must have realized what was going on as he
led Harry to a bathroom, and actually stayed by his side as he lost his lunch. Harry could feel
Draco rubbing his back, and was surprised to note that it was somewhat comforting. He was even
more surprised when he felt a cool washcloth pressed to his forehead, and he was lifted off the
ground, and into strong arms. He registered that he was being carried somewhere, but found he
didn’t care as his eyelids began to droop and eventually close all the way. Right before he fell
asleep his mind registered himself being gently lowered onto one of the softest mattresses he had
ever felt before falling asleep.


Draco stood by the bed as he watched his future husband sleep. He knew this day had been
trying for Harry, and to add being pregnant on top of all that; it would be no surprise if he slept
for the next couple of days. He wanted to stay and watch over Harry incase he needed
something, but knew his parents, friends, and probably some obscure family members were
waiting for him to return with his future husband. Well they would just have to content
themselves with him for now.


Sure enough Draco found a whole group of people waiting for him when he entered the sitting
room. They hadn’t seen him yet, but he was glad to see all of them there. His mother was sitting
on the sofa talking to her cousin Sirius about something, while their husbands were by the fire
place drinking brandy, Sirius and his husband Severus were Draco’s godparents, and he was
extremely close to the two of them since they couldn’t have children of their own. Blaise and
Pansy were in the corner talking with his best friend from Durstrang, Victor Krum. The two of
them had become friends in Draco’s first year, even though there was a big age difference. He
then cleared his throat, causing everyone to look up at him.

Draco was more than a little startled when he saw his mother look around him, before looking
very disappointed. It was then his father spoke, “I take it he turned you down then.” It wasn’t
really a question, and Draco realized why his mother was disappointed. She had been so excited
to find out Harry was pregnant, and that she might get her first grandbaby early, but now she lost
her hope of only having to wait months instead of years.

“I told you he wouldn't go for it, he's probably just like his father.” Sirius said, as Severus agreed
with him. Draco knew something had happened in the past, something between Harry’s dad and
his friends, but no one would tell him what.

“For your information he did say yes, but the events of the day, added to his pregnancy, have
worn him out completely and he is asleep in our rooms. I ask you to leave him alone until he
wakes, and for some of you to leave him alone completely.” He said as he glared at his
godparents. He then turned to his mother, “I was wondering if you could go and check him over,
I want to make sure he had the baby are both healthy.” Draco said, and smiled when she stood.

“Why don’t you come with me, and you can fill me in on how the two of you spent your day.”
She said with a twinkle in her eye, before walking over to her husband and pecking him on the
cheek. She then laughed as her son held his arm out for her and led her from the room.

“I know there is something your not telling me Draco.” Narcissa said when they were out of
hearing distance.

“Hm…Sorry, I was lost in thought. To be honest with you, I am a little worried about him,
Harry. He is extremely thin, and I don’t think it has to do with the pregnancy.” Draco said, as he
turned his concerned eyes to his mother.

“Do you think he is Anorexic?” Narcissa asked as she walked along side her son.

Draco shook his head, “I think it is something more than that. We went for lunch after shopping,
and he did eat without complaint. However the amount he ate was that of a small child, and when
I asked about it, he said he was full, like it was a normal occuranceforhim to eat that amount.
This was the reason I wanted you to scan him.”

Narcissa nodded, and waited for Draco to open the door for her to enter his rooms. She was a
little surprised when he led her to the guest room, but followed. She was in no way prepared for
what she saw.

She had gone to school with Lily and James Potter, and even seen their children. All male
members of the family were tall and well built, while the female members were daintier, but still
tall. Harry on the other hand was small, and didn’t seem to have much muscle to him. She almost
cried when she watched her son pull the covers back and then lifted the young man’s shirt just
enough for her to scan him properly. From what she could tell he didn’t have any meat on his
body, and his stomach was sunken which made his Ribs seem like they stuck out too far. She
pulled out her wand and began to run scans and a few tears did escape when she read the results.
The man was 5ft 5in, weighed 83 lbs, and was extremely malnourished, while being anemic on
top of all that. The baby was fine, considering the state its mummy was in, and it seemed Harry’s
magic had wrapped around the baby to protect it, as his body wasn’t strong enough to.

Draco was startled to see his mother crying, and took the piece of parchment from her before
reading it. What he read made his blood boil. He gently covered Harry back up again, before
pulling his mother out of the room, and into the sitting room that was just outside the bedroom.
“How is this possible?” He asked as the two took a seat. “It’s a parents’ job to make sure their
child is safe, happy, and healthy. HOW does one get in that condition without their parent
knowing?” He asked wanting answers.

“I had heard rumors, rumors mind you, that Lily Potter hated her youngest son, and did what she
could to make him miserable. In fact one of our house elves worked for the Potters, before Lily
set it free for some reason.” Narcissa said as she wiped the tear from her eye.

“What is his name, I would like to talk to him.” Draco said.

“DOBBY!” Narcissa yelled, and in no time a little elf stood in front of them.

“What can Dobby do for mistress?” Dobby said as be bowed to Draco’s mother.

“How many times do I have to tell you Dobby, you don’t have to bow to anyone in this family.
Now, I was wondering if you could tell me about your old master Harry?” She asked, not
noticing someone else had entered the room.
“Master Harry was such a good and kind master. He was playing with the elves, and would help
us cook. I was always sneaking him food cause evil mistress only let him eat when Master James
was home. Master James was good master, and would take little master Harry out for ice cream,
and then Mistress Lily would yell at him, but he would make faces at master Harry behind her
back, making master Harry laugh. But she never caught master Harry laughing because Master
James always put silencing charms on him to keep him out of trouble. Then Mistress Lily caught
Dobby sneaking Master Harry food, and I is punished and gived cloths. Now no one to give
Master Harry food when Master James away.” Dobby said as he began to cry.

“Where is he, I want to see this for my self.” Sirius said, fuming from the doorway. James had
written to him, telling him that he had named Sirius and who ever Sirius married Harry’s
godfather, but Sirius never wrote back as he was still mad at his friend for what he had done to
their other friend.

“I am not going to let you in there if you are going to act like this.” Narcissa said as she moved
to intercept her cousin.

“I won’t do anything, I just want to see how bad it is.” Sirius said, remembering what Severus
told him about children who were abused. Sev and himself had come from abusive families, but
they were verbally abusive with a smack every now and then. They had never had to worry about
when they would be able to eat next.

“I’ll let you see him, but you are not to upset him in anyway, or to wake him.” Draco said as he
stood. “First let me see if he is awake.” The then turned to his mother and whispered something
in her ear, smiling when she nodded. He then bent down eye level with Dobby and said, “How
would you like to be my fiancé’s personal house elf.” He had to laugh as the little elf began
bouncing up and down shaking his head yes. This was like a promotion for house elves. His own
elf’s name was Tally, and she had served him since he was a baby.

“If he is awake I will come and get you, if not I will call for you later.” Draco said as he stood
and walked into the guest room.

He couldn’t hold back the smile when he saw the green eyes open, before they began looking
around and finally falling to rest on him. “It wasn’t a dream then.” He heard Harry say.

“No, it wasn’t. You are in Malfoy Manor, in one of the guest rooms in my rooms. I had my
mother come in and scan you to make sure everything was ok with you and the baby; I hope you
don’t mind. She is very skilled at healing spells.” He said as he looked at the younger man.

“I don’t mind, is every thing ok with the baby?” Harry asked, suddenly worried. He hadn’t been
able to make enough money to see a healer, and was constantly worried about his child’s health.

“Everything is fin with the baby, it is you we are worried about. She says you are severely under
weight, and would like you to gain it, but it will also be hard as you also need to gain weight for
the baby as well.” Draco said, as Harry listened and nodded every once in a while. “This also
means you are going to have to learn to eat more.” Draco said as Harry became very interested in
the comforter.

“I suppose you figured it out then.” He said. Draco talked as though he knew, but he didn’t know
how he could've figure it out. He had been so careful to hide her treatment of him, even telling
his father he had an eating disorder, his mother’s idea.

“We found an old friend of yours who told us everything, I can go get him if you want.” Draco
said, as he stood from where he was seated at the edge of the bed. He went to the door and poked
his head into the sitting room to see everyone still there waiting for him, and motioned for them
to enter.

“Master Harry.” Dobby squealed when he saw who was on the bed before throwing himself onto
his old and new master.

“Dobby?” Harry asked in surprise before laughing at the elf’s antics.

“I asked him to be your elf now that you are to be a Malfoy. He will be the one you call if you
have need of anything.” Draco then turned to his mother, “This is my mother, Narcissa Malfoy.”

“You can call me Cissa, mother, mum, what ever you like.”

“This is my crazy godfather, Sirius.” Draco said, before looking at his uncle. He was surprised to
find the man had tears in his eyes, and wondered just what it was that people weren’t telling him.

Sirius couldn’t believe this fragile looking young man was his godson, James son. He looked just
like James and Jeremy, the son James didn’t know about. When James left their friend for Lily,
said friend had been three months pregnant, and Lily only two. Their friend had disappeared and
was raising his son alone in France where he had sent Jeremy to a private wizarding school
where he also workedas the DADA professor.

Sirius had been so mad at James for what he had done to their friend, that he had neglected his
duties as a godfather to this young man, and didn’t even tell Sev they had another godchild. He
was having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they had all failed so badly.

“Sirius Black?” Harry asked as he looked at the man standing with his future husband. When the
man nodded he continued, “My father told me all about you and your friends.” He said with a
smile before remembering something his dad had told him. “You still haven’t forgiven him for
what happened have you.” James had told him about the mistake he made the night his mother
had kicked him out. He wasn’t surprised when Sirius shook his head. “If it’s any consolation, I
know he still misses him, and loves him. I know it isn’t much, and he says he hoped Remus
moved on, but he still loves him.” Harry said as he looked down again. He couldn’t help but
wonder if he was like his mother had been, expecting Ron to marry him for their child. If he had
been trying to trap Ron in a marriage with him.

“I’m sure that will make Remus feel better.” Sirius said as he looked at the young man on the
bed, he would defiantly be calling his friend tonight. Maybe it was time the marauders made

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 4

Remus Lupin sat in his little cottage in France reading the paper, waiting for his son and
daughter-in-law to arrive. The two were going to bring his grandson over so he could watch the
little boy while his parents went out for the evening. Jeremy Lupin-Potter had married a nice
muggleborn witch three years ago at the age of 22, and 6 months ago Michael Remus
Lupin-Potter was born happy and healthy. He smiled when the fire sprung to life, but was
surprised when it wasn’t his son, but his best friend.

“Sirius, what are you doing here?” He asked as his friend sat down next to him. “Sorry, would
you like something to drink?” He asked as he stood to go to the kitchen.

“Got anything strong?” Sirius asked, wanting to get the sight of his half starved godson out of his

Remus knew that what ever had sent his friend here had to be bad. Sirius didn’t drink anymore,
not since he had almost killed himself apparating while drunk. “What’s going on?” He asked as
he handed his friend a cup of tea, knowing Sirius didn’t actually want alcohol; the man had been
sober for almost 20 years.

“I failed him.” Was all Sirius said as he buried his head in his hands.

“Who?” Remus asked, wondering what his friend was going on about.

“James’ youngest son, I was named his godfather, but I was so mad at James for what he did to
you I neglected Harry.” He said, and almost smacked himself when he saw the hurt look on his
friend’s face. “Harry suffered for my mistake. She…” he said as though talking about something
foul, which he was, and Remus knew he meant Lily, “She starved him, Harry is so small.” Sirius
said almost to himself.

“Sirius, I’m not following you here.” Remus said, hoping his friend would make some sense.
How did Sirius even meet one of James’ children? That would have to wait as at that moment his
son and his family decided to show up.

“Dad, we’re here, Uncle Sirius, what are you doing here?” Jeremy asked the man who seemed to
be everyone’s godfather, including his and his son’s. He saw the grief stricken look on the man’s
face, and turned to his wife Amy to see if she saw it. He could see she was worried about the
other man, and took his son from her, and handed Michael to his dad. “Uncle Sirius, what is
going on?” He asked as he placed a comforting hand on the man’s shoulder, shocked when a tear
escaped the man’s eye as he looked at him.

“He looks just like you, did you know that? Only his eyes are green, and saddened.” Sirius said

“Whom are you talking about?” Jeremy asked.

“Your youngest brother, Harry. James’ boy.” Sirius said as though this explained everything.

Jeremy knew about his younger brothers and sister, but had a hard time caring when his father
had abandoned his dad for their mother. “What about him?” He asked a little harshly, affectively
snapping Sirius out of his trance.

“I am his godfather and I failed him.” He said as he looked at Remus who was holding a chubby
baby with golden brown curls, like his grandpa’s. “Harry grew up in a house he never should
have.” The then turned to Jeremy and said, “He looks just like you, but a lot smaller. He is about
half an inch shorter, and weighs 83 lbs.” he said, and continued when no one was going to
interrupt him, and looked to Remus, “She starved him Remy, she would only feed him when
James was home, and even then it wasn’t a lot, as his stomach never adjusted to having a large
amount of food. “This whole time she hid it from James, according to Harry.”

“How did James not find out?” Remus asked as he gave the baby to Amy, who was sitting on the
couch looking like she was about to get sick. She weighed 30 lbs more than the man they were
talking about, and was right around his height.

“Harry says he was gone all the time as an Auror, that he didn’t want to be around Lily that
much. Then when he did get suspicious Lily told him some sob story about Harry being
anorexic, and he trying to help him with it.” Sirius said as he slammed his cup on the table
effectively breaking it (the cup not the table), and scaring Michael causing him to cry. “And
James the idiot believed it.” Sirius said as he shook his head.

“How did you find out?” Remus asked.

“It was all Draco’s doing actually. Harry had fallen on some hard times, his best friend had
gotten him pregnant, and then refused to help with the baby.” Sirius said giving Remus a
knowing look.

“There is a difference there old friend, James didn’t know about the baby, Harry told the other
father about theirs.” Remus said.

“True, well when Harry told Lily and James, Lily kicked him out. He had been living in
Knockturn alley, in one of the more dangerous parts, and working in a restaurant to support
himself, while going over adoption brochures looking for the best place for the baby, knowing he
couldn’t keep it, or at least Draco says he had adoption brochures on his kitchen table.”
“Well, you know how I told you Draco was gay, but would have to marry someone who could
give him an heir?” Sirius asked, to which they all nodded, Sirius was always talking about his
different godchildren, he was proud of them. “Well his friend Pansy told him she had heard that
Harry was pregnant, and he convinced his parents to allow him to marry Harry, if Harry agreed.
He then went to Harry, and told him he would help him take care of the baby, allowing Harry to
keep it, if Harry would agree to marry him. he gave him a week to decide, and got his answer
today. Harry signed the contract, and agreed to make the baby a Malfoy.” Sirius said, filling his
friends in on what was happening.

“Draco was worried about Harry and the baby when they returned to the manor, so had Cissa
scan them, and that was when we found out about the abuse. One of the Malfoy’s house elves
worked for Lily, and was able to tell us how she had been starving Harry. But it also told us that
James doted on the little boy, favoring him above his brother and sister.”

“Can I see him?” Jeremy asked his godfather, he now wanted to meet his little brother, and kill
the boy’s mother.

“I’ll ask him, but I will also have to explain about you, James didn’t know you existed, and
neither does Harry.” Sirius said.

No one spoke after that, thinking about all they had just heard. It sure was a lot to take in.


Harry had been at the manor for a couple of days already, and had been using some of the time to
get to know his fiancé. Draco had been kind to him, and was always bringing him stuff to eat,
telling him it was for the baby. He still was uncomfortable with the whole situation, but Draco
was being so patient, he couldn’t help feeling grateful with him.

Draco had given Harry his own room in the set of rooms they shared, and had only ever entered
it when he thought Harry was asleep, or he would knock first. Harry had been startled when he
had heard the door to his room open the first night he was there, and was started when Draco
walked in, and just watched him ‘sleep.’ He actually found it kind of sweet.

He looked up when he heard someone walking across the lawn to the tree he was sitting under,
trying to read a book, and smiled up at his godfather. He hadn’t seen Sirius since the night he got
there, and wondered where the man had been. He had been socked almost to the point of having
a heart attack when he heard that Professor Snape was his other godfather, and even more
surprised when the man brought him a nutrients potion the next day and stayed to talk with him.

“Mind if I talk with you a bit?” Sirius asked as he plopped down next to his godson, and handed
him the bowl of grapes he was carrying. He had found out from Narcissa that they were all trying
to get Harry to eat more, and had settled for small portions of food many times a day.

“I don’t mind.” Harry said as he popped a grape in his mouth, knowing someone was probably
watching from a window in the manor and would be mad at him if he didn’t eat. That was the
last the he wanted, to make the people who were showing him such kindness angry.

“So, what’s this I hear you are moving the wedding up to this weekend?” Sirius asked the man
sitting next to him.

“Yeah, Mr. Malfoy thought it best to get it done before anyone found out I was hear. Could you
imagine what my parents would do if they found out I agreed to marry a Malfoy. Not to mention
what Ron would do if he found out his child was going to be raised by one.”

“I don’t think it would be pretty would it?” Sirius asked.

“No, I can tell you it wouldn’t be pretty.” Harry said, chuckling when he thought about what his
family and Ron would do if they found out. “I have to speak with Ron eventually though.” He
said, though he didn’t mean to.

“Why?” Sirius asked, hoping Harry wasn’t going to try and get back together with the other boy.
He kind of liked the thought of Harry having Draco to take care of him.

“No reason really.” Harry said, wanting to keep this to himself for a while.

“I talked with Remus after I left, I told him about you and your mother, I hope you don’t mind.”
Sirius said, knowing he wouldn’t get anymore out of Harry about why the young man was seeing
Ron. “He wants to meet you. He and his son both want to meet you.”

Harry was a bit disappointed to hear Remus had moved on, he had hoped the man still loved his
dad, and that maybe his dad would get his head out of his ass, and realize that the children were
grown and he could divorce his mother. He had hoped that his dad would be able to follow his
heart this time and be with Remus, but that wouldn’t happen now.

“His Son, Jeremy is actually the reason I’m here.” Sirius said as he motioned to the bowl, as sign
that told Harry to start eating again. “Jeremy is your brother, Remus never told your dad about
him.” Sirius said as Harry’s head snapped up.

“What?” Harry asked, grapes forgotten.

“Yeah, he was three months along when your dad told him about Lily. He had been so hurt, and
felt so betrayed. After graduation he went to his parents, and they helped him get back on his
feet.” Sirius said, squeezing Harry’s hand when the boy looked upset. “He was lucky they were
there for him.”

“Yeah.” Was all Harry said as a tear started down his cheek. Why couldn’t his parents have
helped him?

“Hey now, don’t cry. The last thing I need is your fiancé after my hide for making you cry. Let’s
not even think about what your future mother-in-law would do to me.” Sirius said, smiling when
Harry let out a little laugh. “Better, now eat your grapes or I’m going to tell Cissa on you.” He
said, and smiled when Harry popped another one into his mouth.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 5

Harry was finally allowed out of the manor long enough to go shopping for the wedding, but had
to promise to be back before dark, and that if he needed longer Lucius or Narcissa would come
and stay with him, just incase. He hated that they sometimes felt the need to treat him like a
small child, but he knew they were just worried about him.

The wedding was tomorrow, and his main reason for being in Diagon Ally was to find some
robes for it, which he was supposed to send the bill for to the manor where Lucius would take
care of it.

The ceremony was going to be small, but he couldn’t help but be excited about it as Sirius had
told him Remus and Jeremy would both be there, and he would get to meet his brother,
sister-in-law, Remus, and his nephew. He just hoped they liked him that way he had a family
member other than his dad who liked him.

He walked into the Leaky Caldron, and for once in his life was glad Ron was a creature of habit
as he found his once best friend sitting at a table by himself eating lunch. He walked over to the
table with a fake sort of confidence and sat down across from the man, making him choke on his

“Harry, what are you doing here?” Ron asked, unable to keep from sounding surprises.

“I just had something I needed to clear up with you.” Harry said as he slipped his engagement
ring into his pocket without Ron seeing him do it. He really wanted Ron to do this one thing for
him, and knew the redhead wouldn’t if he knew ofwhom he was engaged to.

“Oh?” Ron asked when a stupid look on his face, “Well, what is it? Mione is supposed to be here
in a couple of minutes.”

Harry couldn’t help it as his heart clenched at that statement, but tried to hide the hurt. “I want
you to sign the adoption papers for the baby.” Harry said as he placed a hand on his stomach.

“OH, are you putting it up for adoption?” Ron asked as he reached for the papers Harry was
handing him, and pulled a pen from his pocket.

“Something like that.” Harry said as he watched Ron sign away his rights to their child.
“Well, good luck with that.” Ron said as he handed the papers and pen back to Harry after
signing every single one.

“WHAT are YOU doing here?” Came an angry voice from behind him, and Harry turned to see
Hermione standing there.

“Nothing.” Harry said as he held up his hands in mock surrender. “I was just having your fiancé
sign the adoption papers.” He said showing Hermione the papers he and Lucius has drawn up as
a surprise for Draco.

“So you’re giving the little bastard up for adoption?” Hermione spat, and had to duck the spell
Harry sent at her.

“What I do with MY baby is none of your concern anymore, you and Ron have no claim on him
or her now.” Harry said as he picked up the bag, which had his wedding robes in it.

“Well, WE want nothing to do with that thing you carry inside you.” Hermione said, this time
she didn’t miss the spell Harry sent at her. Harry had to control the urge to laugh when he saw
her teeth start to grow, making her look like a beaver as he turned and left the pub.


Harry flooed back to the Manor after he left the pub and was surprised when he found a group of
people sitting in the sitting room, and was a little embarrassed as he had fallen out of the
fireplace onto his butt. He heard someone chuckle and looked to see Draco walking up to him.
“I’ll have to remember to be standing by the fire place so someone can catch you.” He said as he
held out a hand for Harry to take, which he did, and pulled the smaller man to his feet.

Harry blushed when he was finally back on his feet, and noticed that Draco didn’t let go of his
hands right away. He then looked around the room, and was startled when he saw someone who
looked just like him, except had glasses and amber eyes. “That’s your brother Jeremy.” Draco
whispered in his ear.

Harry could only nod as he stared, and saw another man who he didn’t know sitting next to
Jeremy holding a baby with black messy hair, looks like his nephew couldn’t escape the Potter
curse either. “That is Remus Lupin, Jeremy Lupin-Potter, Amy Lupin-Potter, and that little guy
is Michael Lupin-Potter.” Draco said as he pointed to each person and steered Harry to a couch
so the other man could sit down.

“It’s nice to meet you Harry.” Remus said as the boy looked at his family. He was surprised
when he saw tears filling the boy’s eyes, and moved to gather him into his arms, and let him cry
on his shoulder. He could feel the wolf in him bonding the young man to him. That confirmed
what he had thought all those years ago, James really was is mate.

Harry sat in his room the next morning getting ready for the wedding. He couldn’t believe he
was going through with this, but then looked at the wrapped package on his bed, and knew he
was doing the right thing. He was going to get to keep his baby, and maybe he would even come
to love Draco in time. He looked up when someone knocked on the door and called for them to
come in, smiling when Amy walked in with Michael in her arms.

“I thought you might like some help with your hair. Jeremy has so much trouble getting it to lie
still, so usually has me do it.” She said, smiling when he nodded to her. “Would you mind
holding Michael then?” She asked, and handed the baby over when Harry nodded. She marveled
at how the young man took to the baby, and knew he would have no troubles with his own child.

“Are you nervous?” She asked as she began to brush his hair.

“A little, there is no going back after this.” Harry said.

“You’re right, but you will do just fine. Do you not want to go through with it?” she asked him.

“I want to keep the baby, but is it fair to Draco to marry him just for that reason. I don’t really
know him, I have only known him a week, and now I am getting married to him. What if I’m not
what he really wants?” Harry asked. He had always wondered why Draco would choose him of
all people.

“Harry, are you worried that he will go back on this?” Amy asked as she looked into the mirror
at the young man seated in front of her.

Harry just nodded as the tears ran from his eyes. “What if he changes his mind? I don’t think I
could go through the process of looking into adoption again, and I can’t support the baby on my
own.” Harry said as he whipped a tear away.

“Your not alone anymore, Remus, Jeremy, and I will help you if something happens. Now stop
worrying, this is a happy day.” She said as she began to use some of Jeremy’s gel for his hair.


Draco stood at the front of the room with Blaise and Jeremy at his side waiting for Harry to enter
with Pansy and Amy who had agreed to be his witnesses. Harry had asked Sirius to walk him
down the isle, and Sirius had been ecstatic, but then came to Draco with an idea.


Harry let Sirius walk him down the hall to where the ceremony would take place and was
somewhat surprised to see Jeremy standing outside with his back to them. The Jeremy turned
around, and Harry saw it wasn’t Jeremy at all.

“Dad?” Harry asked with tears welling in his eyes. When James nodded and opened his arms
Harry ran to him, and clung tight as he cried into his shoulder. James looked over his son’s
shoulder to his once friend and mouthed a simple ‘thank you’ to the man as Sirius opened the
door to the room. “How did this happen?” Harry asked as he looked up at his dad.

“My boss owed Lucius Malfoy a couple of favors, and he cashed one in. So now I am ‘away on a
mission’ for a couple of days.” James said as he smiled down at his son. Sirius had told him
about what Lily had done to Harry, and he had been furious. So furious he went to the ministry,
and filled out the divorce papers.

Harry heard the music start and looked at his father, laughing when the man made a face, and
held out his arm for him. “Time to go end the age old Potter-Malfoy feud.” James said with a
grimace, relishing in the laugh it pulled from Harry.


The ceremony had been beautiful, and the small group of people were now in the small room,
sipping champagne, or apple juice in Harry’s case, celebrating the union of the two young men.
All except one man who was currently out on the balcony thinking about all he had missed.

James Potter sat looking at the stars wondering what it would have been like if he hadn’t been so
stupid, and slept with Lily. He and Remus would have stayed together, that he knew. He would
have been there for Jeremy’s birth, wedding, and the birth of his grandson. He wouldn’t have
missed out on everything in Jeremy’s life.

But then again he wouldn’t have Harry, Rose, or Jamie either. While he may not be close with
Rose and Jamie, they were still his children and he did love them. With that thought he looked in
at Harry who was sitting next to Draco. He could tell his son wasn’t in love with the blond, but
there was something there. Love could bloom between the two given time.

“They look good together don’t they.” He heard someone say, and looked at the

“Yeah, I just wish he hadn’t been forced to make a decision like this.” James said, once again
remembering how he had failed his little boy. “I failed him. I failed you too. I failed Jeremy. I
pretty much failed all the people I have ever cared about.” He said as he looked down at the rail
of the balcony so he wouldn’t have to look into Remus’ eyes.

“Not everyone. You’re here for Harry now aren’t you?” Remus asked as he forced James to look
at him.

“I’m divorcing Lily. I can’t understand why she did that to Harry. He was just a child!” He said
as he pounded his fist on the rain of the balcony. “I should have known.” Was all he said as the
tears began streaming down. He was startled when he felt arms wrap around his waist from
behind, and turned in the embrace to wrap his own arms around Remus. The two stayed in this
position for quite a while, James taking comfort from the smaller man in his arms.

Harry and Draco said goodbye to their guests, and headed off to their rooms. When they entered
Harry headed for Draco’s room, but Draco stopped Harry and made him look at him. “You don’t
have to sleep with me if you don’t feel you are ready.” The blond said.

“It’s just going to be sleeping right?” Harry asked, looking uncertainly at his new husband.

“Just sleeping, I promise.” Draco said, hoping Harry would choose to sleep with him tonight. He
was more than a little startled when Harry turned and went to the guest bedroom. Feeling a little
deflated he turned and entered his room, where he saw a small package wrapped on the night
stand by Harry’s side of the bed. Slowly he pulled on some black silk pajama pants and crawled
into his big bed. He knew what was in the package. It was a potion Severus developed for Harry.

He was just about to lay down and try to sleep when the door opened again and he watched in
shock as his husband walked in with only a t-shirt and apair of green pajama pants on. He
watched as Harry slowly walked into the room, and pulled the comforter back for the little
brunette to slide into the bed. He was a little surprised when Harry handed him a wrapped box,
“What’s this?” He asked

“Open it and see.” Harry said with a slight smile. “It’s your wedding gift from me.” Harry

Slowly Draco undid the bow and opened the lid and gasped in shock when he saw what was

“All they need is your signature.” He heard his husband say. Slowly he reached into the box and
pulled out the pen and the forms.

“Your sure you want this?” he asked his little husband.

“Yeah, I want this.” Harry said, and with that Draco signed the forms. They then sealed
themselves and went back to the Malfoy vault, and one copy went to the ministry. “It’s officially
yours now.” Harry said as he took Draco’s hand and guided it to his stomach where Draco’s
adopted baby resided. (If you can’t figure it out Harry just gave Draco the adoption papers, and
he signed them so the baby is now legally Draco’s.)

This was the first time Draco had touched Harry’s stomach, and couldn’t believe his husband had
just allowed him to sign the adoption papers, and had gotten Ron Weasley to sign them. He
watched as Harry turned and picked up the small package on the nightstand and opened it.

“What is it?” Harry asked as he looked at the vial of potion.

“It will change the paternity of the baby, so that I will be its biological father, should you decide
to. But it is up to you, I will not force that on you. You have already given me so much.” Draco
said as he rubbed Harry’s stomach, and Harry put the potion in the nightstand drawer. Harry had
already allowed him to adopt the baby, he wouldn’t force him to change the paternity of the
baby. With that thought he lie down next to his husband and fell asleep with his hand still on
Harry’s stomach.


No Harry didn’t take the potion to change the baby’s paternity, but Draco did adopt it. you will
find out later whether or not Harry takes the potion.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 6

Harry was more than a little surprised when he woke the next morning to find someone holding
him. He knew he hadn’t felt this safe since…well ever. Ron had never stayed with him long
enough after the two had had sex to hold him, and certainly never stayed through the night with
him. He had thought Ron loved him, but if that were the case why had he never been there for
him when he found out he was pregnant, why didn’t he ever hold him.

It was then he turned to look at the person holding him. Draco’s face was relaxed in sleep,
something Harry never would have expected. Draco always seemed so severe, almost scary at
times. Harry was almost positive that his new husband would be exactly like Lucius. His new
father-in-law never seemed truly happy, but if you were able to look close enough at the man
when his son or wife entered the room you could see his demeanor shift, you could see the love
he held for those two people. It was then Harry realized that Draco’s eyes seemed to soften when
the blond looked at him; they had also done this when he had touched Harry’s stomach last night.

This whole situation was so confusing to Harry. He had thought he was in love with Ron, but
then when Draco signed the papers his heart began to flutter. When Draco had touched his
stomach he felt his pulse quicken. When Draco held him he felt safe and secure. What did all this

It was then the silver-gray eyes opened and Harry knew he had been caught staring. “How long
have you been awake?” Draco asked as he began to rub small circles on Harry’s stomach, where
his hand had been resting protectively.

“Not long, just a couple of minutes.” Harry whispered back, wondering why his heart started
beating faster again when the blond began to rub his stomach.

“She’s not giving you any problems this morning?” Draco asked. He had heard Harry in the
bathroom almost every morning because of the morning sickness.

“No, I wasn’t feeling too good, but for some reason it feels better…wait a minute, She?” Harry
asked when his brain caught up to what Draco said.

“Yes she, I want a girl, and a Malfoy always gets what they want.” Draco said playfully.

“Well what if it’s a he?” Harry asked almost challengingly.

“Then he will be loved and treated like the little prince he should be.” Draco said with
conviction, showing Harry he would still be happy if the baby was a boy. “We will just have to
keep trying for a girl if we have a boy.”

“Oh really?” Harry asked with a raised eyebrow. Draco had never said anything about the baby
in the week he had been here, and was now telling him the gender he was hoping for. It felt
surprisingly good to have someone to talk to about the baby.

“That reminds me, I meant to show this to you sooner, but forgot.” Draco said as he sat up in the
bed and pulled Harry up too. He then wrapped a robe around the smaller man so he wouldn’t get
chilled and pulled him from the room and to a closed door right next to it. He then pulled Harry
in front of him and covered his eyes with his hands before opening the door and slowly leading
Harry into the room.

“Are you ready to see what my mother and I have been working on all week?” Draco asked,
knowing Harry knew what he was talking about.

Draco and Narcissa had been disappearing for hours at a time during the week, and Harry knew
Lucius knew what they were up to, but no one would tell him what was going on. Harry nodded
his head, and gasped when the hands were taken off his eyes.

They were now standing in a finished nursery, the walls painted a pale yellow with a crib in the
corner and a rocking chair close to it. There were teddy bears all around, and a unicorn mobile
over the crib. There was a little table with four chairs around it for the baby to play at when it
was older, and a rocking horse in another corner. Harry walked around the room taking
everything in, and walked over to the window where he could see out into the gardens. The room
was breathtaking, something he would never have been able to provide for the baby.

“Do you like it?” Draco asked the smaller man as he walked up behind him and wrapped his
arms around the small waist. He was surprised to see a tear streak down his husband’s cheek, and
wondered if he might have overstepped his bounds.

“I love it, I don’t know how I can thank you enough. It’s beautiful, more than I would have been
able to do for her.” Harry said as he turned and wrapped his arms around the blonde’s neck. He
found the idea of having a little girl growing on him, though he was shocked when a vision of a
little blond girl with bright green eyes crept into his head.

Draco had to contain a shout of joy when he felt Harry wrap his arms around him, and instead
just held him tighter. He had spent the last week with Harry, or talking to Blaise and Pansy about
the younger man, and what he had seen or heard about the young man had caused him to fall
hard for the little brunette. Harry was quiet, but Pansy said he also had a playful side to him and
a wicked sense of humor. He just hoped he got a chance to see Harry when he was in a playful

“We should probably head down for breakfast, don’t want to keep the others waiting.” Draco
said, though he was reluctant to let his husband go. He knew his mother would be furious with
him if Harry skipped even one meal; his husband was doing well putting on weight, and had
gained a pound this week. He knew it would take time for Harry to put on the amount of weight
he needed, but he would be there to help him with that task.


The two were the last ones to show up for breakfast, but the others had waited for them. Remus
and James were seated next to each other talking quietly while Amy and Jeremy listened in, and
baby Michael was seated in Grandpa James’ lap. Severus was talking with Lucius about
something or other, while Narcissa and Sirius were wrapped up in a conversation of some sort.
Because of all this no one noticed when the two of them entered the room and took a seat next to
each other, they did notice when James’ cell phone went off.

“Hello?” James answered the phone Lily had charmed to work anywhere that was magic. No one
could hear the voice of the person he was talking to, but found out who it was quickly enough.

“Lily, you didn’t tell me your parents were coming…How am I supposed to find Harry when I
am away on a mission…” He said winking at Harry. “Well if you hadn’t thrown our son out we
wouldn’t have to worry about finding him…I don’t care if your parents want to see him, I don’t
know where he is…Just tell them the truth, that YOU threw their youngest grandson out because
he landed in a tight situation.” James said, and the others could hear the fury in his voice. They
were all surprised when they heard him sigh, and knew he was about to cave, though were
wondering at the smirk on his face. “I’ll see if my boss can find someone to replace me long
enough to find OUR son, and see your parents. I will try to be there tonight when they arrive,
tomorrow at the latest.” James said as he hung up the phone.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Remus asked with barely contained fury. “You know what
she did to Harry, and yet you are taking him back there.” He said, while everyone at the table

It was then Harry remembered something, “Dad, when is she supposed to get the divorce
papers?” Harry asked.

“This weekend while your grandparents are there.” James said with a knowing smirk. “So
Prongslet, you feeling up for the show?” James asked using Harry’s childhood nickname. “Cause
if you would rather not I can always say I couldn’t find you, and just let you view the memory in
my pensive.”

“Well, if he goes can we all view the memory?” Draco asked before his husband could answer.
“You could come too Draco, you are a member of the Potter family as well now. Just because
my son’s last name is Malfoy now doesn’t mean he isn’t still a Potter.” James said with a smile
to Harry and Draco.

“Do you think it would be wise for her to find out about the marriage before your divorce is
finalized?” Harry asked, to which only Lucius agreed that this was a valid point. Seeing no one
else agreed with him on this he continued. “I just don’t want her to manipulate our relationship
into something she could use for her own twisted sense of pleasure or revenge.”

“Your right Harry, it probably wouldn’t be best for her to find out right now, but she will have to
some day.” Draco said when he thought about what Harry was saying. He knew his husband
would go, and he wanted to be there to protect him.


Draco had been right, and Harry had agreed to go back with his father. He had taken off his
wedding and engagement ring, saying he was afraid someone would find it and figure out what
was going on. He had told Draco to hold onto it for him, and that when he got back from his
weekend at Potter Manor he would put the two rings back on. The two then set about the task of
looking for cloths that would make Harry look like he wasn’t suddenly rich, but found that task
to be almost impossible to do with Harry’s new wardrobe, Draco had only bought the best for his
husband. Instead the two picked out some of Draco’s older pieces of clothing, and had Harry
pack those instead.

“Well I guess that’s everything. I will try to floo call you tonight and let you know how things
are going.” Harry said as he tried to stall. He suddenly found himself wanting to stay here
wrapped in the blonde’s arms, where he felt safe.

“If you need anything I want you to come directly here. I don’t want you putting yourself or the
baby in harms way.” The blond said as he went over and pulled his husband into a warm

“It’ll feel weird not being able to talk to you. I guess I got used to having you around this week.”
Harry said with a shy smile as he looked up at his husband. It was true, he hadn’t gone one day
without spending time with Draco, but he would only be gone two days, three at the most.

“I’ll see you when you get back then.” Draco said as he squeezed his husband a little tighter to

“Yeah.” Harry said as he buried his face in the blonde’s chest. He really wasn’t looking forward
to this.


“Oh Good, you were able to find him.” Lily said as Harry and James stumbled out of the floo.
“My mother and father, as well as Petunia, Vernon, and Dudley should be here any minute. Now
as I have told Jamie and Rose, you are all to be on your best behavior.”

“Is it too late to turn and run back to the manor?” Harry whispered in his Dad’s ear when his
mother turned and left.

“Not if you’re going to take me with you.” James said, trying to shake his sense of foreboding.
Lily didn’t say the Dursleys were going to be there.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 7

Harry waited nervously for his grandparents to show up, wondering how things would go this
time. His grandparents were usually ok towards him, but he could also sense they liked his
brother and sister better. Right now his entire family was sitting in their sitting room waiting for
their guest to arrive. He almost jumped out of his seat when he heard his mother start talking
about something she was reading in the Daily Prophet.

“It seems Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy’s son has gotten married, but they don’t say to who.” Lily
said as she shook her head in a disapproving manner. “It’s a pity none of our children are
inclined to get married.”

“I don’t know about that, I have two who are married.” James whispered so only Harry could

“I bet Narcissa is just loving this, she always liked being the first to do things, and I am sure her
son had the decency to wait until he was married before even thinking of getting someone
pregnant.” Lily said as she glared at Harry, who was having trouble keeping from fidgeting. It
was well known that Lily and Narcissa had hated each other, but no one knew the real reason

“Madam’s parents and the Dursleys have arrived.” Squeaked a house elf as it popped into the
room, and was followed by the Evans and Dursleys.

“Mum, Dad it is so good to see you both again.” Lily said as she rushed forward to hug her
parents. Harry had to contain a laugh when he saw his cousin Dudley roll his eyes.

Harry’s family embraced their guests, but when Harry got a whiff of his aunt’s perfume the baby
decided to tell him she didn’t like the scent and he had to run to the nearest bathroom. He was
more than a little surprised when a cold washcloth was thrust in front of his nose.

“Thanks.” He said, taking the washcloth and smiling up at his cousin.
“Mum told me and dad about the baby. Thought it was funny that one of Aunt Lily’s perfect
children could land themselves in this position.” Dudley said as he leaned back against the sink.
“So, how are you doing?”

“Just dandy. Mum kicked me out of the house the second she found out.” Harry said as he gently
stood and moved to wash his hands. He and Dudley had always been friends, and for that he was

“So are you living with the baby’s other father?” Dudley asked as the two walked down the hall,
back to the sitting room.

Harry stopped and looked at his cousin. “Let’s go talk about this outside ok, I don’t want anyone
to hear this.” Harry said as he and Dudley turned and walked out into the gardens.

“So, where are you living?” Dudley asked when they were out of hearing range.

“Ron, you remember him?” Harry asked, and continued when Dudley nodded his head. “He is
the baby’s other father. When I told him I was pregnant he told me to abort it.” Harry said as
tears welled up in his eyes. “He is marrying our best friend and told me he wanted nothing to do
with our child.”

“I’ll kill the bastard.” Dudley seethed. “Where are you living?” He asked suddenly worried his
cousin might be homeless.

“In a manor bigger than this one, with the baby’s new adopted father.” Harry asked, unable to
contain a smile when he thought of Draco.

“So you put the baby up for adoption?” Dudley asked, saddened that his cousin had to give up
the baby. He could see the love Harry had for his child in his green eyes.

“Not exactly. I was living in a small apartment looking into adoption and working as a waiter,
barely getting by when this man walked into the restaurant with some of my friends from school.
His parents were pressuring him into marrying someone so he could produce an heir. The only
problem was that he was gay and not many men in our world have the ability to get pregnant, so
he was going to have to marry a woman. Well, good old Pansy told him I was pregnant, and he
followed me home that night and told me he would help raise the baby, and I could keep it if I
married him. He gave me a week to think about it…” Harry said but didn’t get to finish his story
when his cousin cut in.

“You’re taking him up on it right?” Dudley asked when he didn’t see a wedding band on his
cousin’s finger. “Please tell me you are going to say yes. I know you want your baby and this
way you can keep it.”

“I said yes, and we were married yesterday. We just only want family to know right now. In fact,
other than my father, who attended the wedding, you are the only one here who knows.” Harry

The two jumped when they heard a popping noise and Harry smiled at Dobby who was standing
next to him with a bowl of fresh fruit. “Mistress Narcissa says Dobby is to make sure Master
Harry eats so the baby grows strong and healthy.” Dobby said as he handed Harry the bowl. It
was then he saw Dudley. “Master Dudley, yous here! Dobby thinked he would never sees you
again.” Dobby said jumping up and down.

“Narcissa is the baby’s new grandmother. She says I am too skinny and have to put on weight for
the baby. She also found out about how my mother used to abuse me.” Harry said as he looked
away in shame. Dudley had been the only person to ever know about the abuse, and when
Dudley had tried to tell his mum she told him it wasn’t nice to spread such awful lies about his

“Well, she’s right. Now eat.” Dudley said trying to look stern, but breaking down laughing when
Harry popped a piece of strawberry into his mouth.


The two cousins had decided to go to Diagon Alley the next day, Dudley saying he wanted to get
something for the baby.

“Dud, I am only 2 months along, you have plenty of time to get something for the baby.” Harry
said as his cousin pulled him through the toy store.

“Yes, but by then the baby’s rich father might have already gotten it for her.” Dudley said. Harry
had told him how Draco wanted a girl, so he had taken to talking about the baby as if it were a

“This poorbaby is so screwed if it comes out male.” Harry said laughing as he placed his hands
over this stomach. He hadn’t been in this good of a mood for a while. His smile got even bigger
when he saw a familiar face. “Amy!” He screamed across the room to his sister in law.

“What are you doing here?” Amy asked as she handed Michael over to his uncle.

“This is my cousin Dudley, he wanted to buy something for the baby, and wanted me here so I
could tell him if you know who had bought it already.” Harry said as he focused his attention on
his nephew. “Dudley, this is my sister in law Amy, and this little man is my nephew Michael.”
Harry said, glad he had remembered to fill his cousin in on the fact that his father had another

“He will make such a good father.” Amy whispered to Dudley as she watched Harry walk off
with her baby. “I can’t wait for him to have his baby, then I might get to spend some time with
my own.” She said, and both laughed.

“You know, I don’t think I have ever seen him this happy. I wish I could meet this Dra…You
know who, and thank him.” Dudley said as he watched Harry playing with the baby.

“He wouldn’t think anything of it, he loves Harry. He hasn’t known him long, but he fell hard for
your little cousin.” Amy said with a smile.

“Good, Harry deserves love. I can think of only two people who have ever truly loved him until
now, and your talking to one of them.” He said, and Amy could see just how protective Dudley
was of his cousin.

“Amy, I just found the cutest thing for the nursery.” Said an elegant blond woman as she came
bustling over to the two of them. In her hand was a little stuffed unicorn that would prance
around. “Oh, sorry didn’t know you were talking with someone.” She said as she saw Dudley.

“No need Narcissa, this is Harry’s cousin Dudley. And if you look over there you will see the
person who stole my baby from me.” She said with a laugh, and Harry looked back at them and
saw the newcomer.

“Hello Narcissa.” He said as he walked back over to them. “What do you have there?” He asked
as he looked at the little plush toy.

“Just something for my grandchild. You are feeding her properly right?” She asked the young
man in front of her.

“Of course, Dudley even sat over me making sure I ate all the fruit you set with Dobby
yesterday.” Harry said as he smiled at her. He couldn’t get over how happy he was, the only
thing that would make him happier was if his husband were here.

“You will be back at the manor tomorrow night right?” Narcissa asked.

“Yeah, I gotta be there to say goodbye to Jeremy, Amy, Remus, and Michael.” Harry said, his
good mood dampened a bit. The group stayed together a little longer, and finally said their
goodbyes when Harry and Dudley had to return home.


The first thing Harry noticed when he stepped out of the floo was that there was a lot of yelling
coming from the sitting room.

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” He heard his mother scream, and he and Dudley
walked over to the room to see what was going on.

“It was surprisingly easy to do when I found out how you treated our youngest son.” James said,
his eyes blazing angrily.

“What ever he told you was a lie.” Lily seethed, trying to get her husband to see reason, even as
she picked up a small glass figurine and threw it at his head.
“I married you because I got you pregnant, now our children are grown, and I want out of this
farce of a marriage. I didn’t love you when we were married, and I don’t love you now, if
anything I loathe you.” James said. He was startled when his wife rounded on his son.

“This is all your fault. You go and get yourself knocked up, then turn your father against me,
well I won’t have any of that.” She said as she pulled her wand and sent a powerful cutting curse
at her son.

Harry may have been an average student, but he excelled in DADA, and knew just what that
curse was, and that he wouldn’t be able to block it. Instinctively he wrapped an arm around his
stomach, and grabbed his pendant with his free hand and shouted “DRAGON!” and disappeared
with a pop as the portkey activated.

“Lily, what were you thinking?” James seethed as he turned to his soon to be ex-wife.

“He protected the baby.” Lily said stunned.

“Of course he did. He loves that child, what did you expect him to do. You had better hope that
curse didn’t hit him, or I will gladly take you in for the attempted murder of my grandchild.”
James seethed.

“I thought he wouldn’t think to protect it, I though he would let it get cursed. How did he get out
of here?” Lily asked as she had to sit down.

“Emergency portkey, he keeps it on him at all times just incase.” James said as he refused to look
at Lily. “I want you out of here by the end of the day. Now I have to go find my son and make
sure he is ok. If you so much as look at him again I will see to it you are put in Azkaban.” Was
all he said as he apparated away.


The first thing he noticed when he landed was that he seemed to be in an office of some sort, and
figured he was in Draco’s office at the company his husband’s father ran. It was then he saw his
husband sitting at his desk bent over some papers, oblivious to his arrival. He looked down at his
stomach, and started crying in relief when he saw he didn’t have a scratch on him.

Draco was alerted to his presence by the crying, and looked up from his work. “Harry?” He
asked, worried something had happened. He was startled when the man ran to him, and buried
himself in his lap, crying into his chest.

“She sent a cutting curse at my stomach.” Harry said as he cried and felt Draco stiffen.

“She didn’t hurt you did she?” He asked as he began checking Harry over, looking for any sign
of blood.
“No, I used the portkey you gave me before she could hit me, but she tried to abort our baby. My
own mother tried to kill our baby.” Harry said as he cried.

“Shhhh, it’s ok Love, you and the baby are both fine now, I got you. Your safe now, I won’t let
anyone hurt you or our baby.” Draco said trying to calm the man, knowing it wasn’t healthy for
Harry or the baby for him to be in hysterics. He sighed when he heard his husband’s breathing
even out, and knew he had fallen asleep. He stood carefully and walked over to the couch and
gently laid his husband down on it, removing his own robes and using them to cover Harry.

He looked up when someone cleared their throat. “Cancel the rest of my meetings today.” He
told his secretary, Tricia.

“If you don’t mind my asking why?” She asked as she looked at the man asleep on the couch.

“You probably read in the paper that I got married recently.” He said, and continued when she
nodded her head. “This is my husband, and someone just tried to kill the child he is carrying. I
want to make sure he is ok. You may forward my calls to me, but I won’t be meeting with
anyone today.” Draco said as he pushed the hair out of Harry’s eyes.

Tricia just smiled and nodded, she could see her boss was in love with the man on his couch, and
she was happy for him. He had after all set her up with her husband.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 8

Harry felt himself slowly returning to consciousness, and was surprised to feel someone holding
him. He couldn’t hold back the content smile when he realized it was his husband who had him,
and turned in the arms, only to be met with a sleeping face. He couldn’t believe this handsome
creature had wanted to marry him, and had agreed to take care of his baby. He wanted so bad to
take the potion and make the baby Draco’s, but he couldn’t help but wonder if that would just
trap Draco in their marriage. His heart broke when he thought of the blond leaving him, but he
also knew Draco would tire of him eventually. Everyone did.

But he still found himself hoping this relationship would last. Sure he didn’t love his husband,
but he cared very deeply for him, and had only known him a little over a week. If his feelings
could grow this quickly, he could very easily find himself falling in love with the man. But if he
allowed that to happen wouldn’t he only be asking for trouble later when Draco decided he
didn’t want him anymore. If he let himself get attached to him it would only hurt when he had to
leave him. He knew he couldn’t let that happen, he couldn’t let himself fall for the blond.

Draco could feel the eyes studying him. He had remembered lying down on the couch with
Harry, but didn’t remember falling asleep. Not that it really bothered him though. He was happy
he was able to wake up with his husband in his arms. As if to show this to Harry he tightened his
hold on the man and opened his eyes to look into the beautiful green eyes of his love.

“What time is it?” He asked voice still thick with sleep.

“Almost 7.” Harry answered after finding the clock on the wall.

Draco just nodded, “Would you like to go get dinner somewhere tonight?” He asked his small
husband, hoping the man would say yes, but knowing he wouldn’t. He could tell Harry wasn’t
ready for people to find out about them yet.

“Can we just maybe eat at the manor, but in private, just the two of us?” Harry looked pleadingly
at him.

Draco knew then and there that anytime Harry looked at him like that he would automatically
cave. “I see no problem with that. I can have some of the elves bring the food to our rooms when
we get home. Are you sure your ok, you don’t need a doctor do you?”

Harry just shook his head no, he wasn’t hurt, just disbelieving that his mother could do
something like that.


The two had flooed back to the manor that night, and Draco had only left his husband’s side long
enough to inform their family that Harry was ok, and back with him. Apparently James had
apparated to the manor, thinking that is where Harry would have portkeyed, and had informed
everyone of what had happened.

Once they were all satisfied that Harry was in fact ok, they allowed him to return to his husband,
with strict orders to see to it that the other ate a good deal. He followed these orders. He then
ushered Harry to bed, were the two talked until they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


A couple days later, Harry could be found sitting in an examination room at St. Mungos. Draco
and He were supposed to be meeting with a healer who was going to over see the pregnancy, but
the blond had gotten held up at the office, and was running late.

Healer Webcol was said to be the best in the field, and came highly recommended by many
people who had had trouble having children. Draco had said he wanted the best for their child,
and Harry knew better than to fight him on this.

He looked up when the door to the examination room opened, and smiled at the sight of his
husband, who looked extremely worried.
“I didn’t miss anything did I?” Draco asked as he came to sit next to Harry.

“No, the healer hasn’t even been in yet.” He said with a slight smile. The two then talked quietly
until the door opened again to admit an older man with graying hair. Harry instantly found
himself not trusting the man, and wondered if his husband would mind searching for another

“Good afternoon Misters Malfoy.” Healer Webcol said as he looked at them. “If you are both
ready, I would like to get started.”

The two just nodded, Harry wanting nothing more than to get out of there. He started getting
really nervous when the healer started frowning and furrowing his brow. “Mr. Malfoy, may I
speak to you outside?” The healer asked Draco.

The blond nodded, and followed the man out the door, neither knowing that Harry had hopped
off the exam table, and followed them, listening through a crack in the door.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, but your husband isn’t pregnant at all.” The healer told Draco,
and Harry wanted to curse the man. He knew he was pregnant, he could already feel the baby’s
magical signature.

“What are you talking about?” Draco asked, confused, Harry wouldn’t have lied to him about
something like that.

“I mean there is no baby. There are some tests I can run on him to check and make sure that he
will be able to conceive, and can do so today, but he will have to stay here over night, and be put
out for them.” Now Harry knew something was up. His DADA teacher had taught him to spot
when someone was lying to him, and he could see the little clues the healer was giving off.

“As long as he won’t be harmed in anyway, and is ok with it, I’ll consent.” Draco said, sounding
hurt at what was being implied. He couldn’t actually believe his husband would lie about
something like this.

“Well, shall we go talk to him then?” The healer asked, looking almost too happy about this.

“If it is ok with you, I would like to go for a walk and clear my head; tell Harry I will be back.”
Draco said, and Harry hurried back to where he was supposed to be.

“I have just spoken with your husband, and I am sorry to inform you that you are not pregnant.
There are some tests we can run to see if you will ever be able to get pregnant, and I can do so
today if you like.” The doctor asked.

“Ok? What do I need to do?” Harry asked, wondering if there was a way for him to get out of

“Just wait here, I will send one of my nurses to help prepare you.” With that he got up and left
the room.

Harry knew he had to act quickly, so stood, and conjured a golem of himself, before leaving and
walking in the direction he thought would lead him out of there. He just hoped the doctor would
run his test on the golem, and it would give him enough time to get away. He stopped dead in his
tracks though when he head the healer’s voice.

“Now, I know you can’t have children, but there is a spell that can remove the child from the
womb of one parent, and replace in yours. They child with then grow happy and healthy inside
of you, until it is ready to be born. You are just in luck too as we have someone who doesn’t
want their child, and was going to abort it. If you are ready, we can perform the spell on you
today.” Harry was horrified by this. Was it his baby the man was going to take and give to this
unknown woman?

He missed the rest of the conversation as he heard the healer get up and start walking for the
door. He then ducked into the nearest room, and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw it had an
open floo in it. Not knowing where else to go, he called out the one place he knew he could get


Draco was furious. He had taken a walk, and flooed home to his mother to ask if the scan had
shown a child the first time she had scanned Harry when he had been brought to the manor. Just
as he suspected his mother confirmed the existence of the baby, and now Draco wanted to know
why the Healer had lied to them. He had gone to confront the man, and found they had already
put Harry out, and were running these so called tests. What surprised him more was that there
was another woman in the room with them, and she was laying on another hospital bed.

He watched in horror as the doctor said a spell over his husband’s abdomen, and watched as a
pink ball of light shot out, only to disappear into thin air. “What happened Healer?” One of the
assistants asked.

What Draco heard next scared the hell out of him. “That has never happened before. The fetus
should have survived long enough for us to transplant it into Ms. Granger.”

They were going to take their child and give it to another, he was ready to kill when he
remembered that the ball of light was probably their baby. Suddenly he couldn’t help but worry
about what had happened to the child.

“Well, is he still pregnant?” One assistant asked, and the healer began scanning.

“No, all that’s left do to with him, is make sure he is sterile. Dark families should not be allowed
to have children anyways.” With that he said the spell, leaving Draco no time to save his
husband. But then they were all surprised when the spell hit Harry, he faded from existence.

“Shit, it was a golem. The little brat must have figured something out. He can't have gone far, we
have to find him before someone else does.” So Harry had gotten away, and was safe
somewhere. Well he would be grateful for that. Now Draco just had to find him before anyone
else did. He wouldn’t let these people take their child. He would also have to stop by the Aurors,
and order a full search of Webcol’s practice. Just how many families had this man ruined
because he thought they were dark.

Sure he knew the Malfoy’s were thought to be dark, but that was all because his great
grandfather had been caught with some dark items. The rest of the Malfoy’s since then didn’t
touch the stuff, but Draco knew they would always be seen as dark because of what one man had
done. He would just have to try that much harder to protect his husband from the accusations of


Harry breathed a sigh of relief when he fell out of the fire place into the ever familiar hospital
wing. His smile widened when he saw the matron sitting, talking to her husband, who also taught

“Harry, what are you doing here?” His old Professor, Professor Riddle asked. Professor Riddle
had been his favorite teacher. The man had once confessed to being almost turned on by the Dark
Arts, but the headmaster had stepped in and saved him by offering him a job as DADA
professor. This was meant at first so the headmaster could keep an eye on him, but later turned
out to be for the best as the man found he liked thinking about how to fight the Dark Arts. Plus it
helped that he met his wife in this school as well, when they had both been students.

The two of them were almost parents to Harry, always being there for him when he needed them
in school, and he found he couldn’t contain the tears as he broke down and told them everything
that had happened. The three decided together that they would find a way to keep his
whereabouts a secret, and then sent him to their summer cottage, until they could come up with
enough evidence to convict Webcol. Harry just wished there was some way to let his husband
know what was going on.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 9

It had been four months since Harry had disappeared, but Draco never stopped searching for
him. His greatest fear was that someone had taken Harry when he was trying to escape the
doctor, and now he and the baby were in more trouble, or even dead somewhere. He had taken to
helping the search team look for Harry while his father had hired another team to look into
Healer Webcol's records.
He sighed as he looked up from some of the information one of his men had given him. Harry
would be six months pregnant now, and it would be too late for him to take the potion, the baby
would never be his by blood, but he would love it all the same.

Sighing he turned back to the papers, and began to look over them again, looking for something
he might have missed.


Harry sighed as he gently rubbed his extended stomach. Poppy had been monitoring his
pregnancy, and when she found he wasn't gaining enough weight had ordered him to bed-rest for
the remainder of the pregnancy, though his stress levels may have played a part as well.

He was still hiding in Poppy and Professor Riddle's cottage. He had wanted the two of them to
tell his husband where to find him, but they always told him it was best for him to remain hidden
until it was safe for him to be moved. When that time came they would send for Draco and he
would be allowed to come for him. But it was still hard when his only companywere Professor
Riddle, Poppy, and Dobby, who were still seeing to it that he had everything he wanted.

Poppy had once asked him if he wanted to know the gender of his baby, but he had surprised her
by saying he wanted to be surprised. They then talked about the wedding, and how he felt about
his husband, and through this Harry had come to realize something. But he wasn't going to tell
anyone until he had the chance to tell his husband first.


"Well little one, do you think your daddy will finally be able to come get us?" Harry asked the
little baby in his stomach, receiving a kick in the ribs as a reply. Poppy was coming to check him
over, and had been hinting that he might be well enough to go back to the manor as long as he
remained on bed rest and ate plenty. Like he would be able to avoid it, if she told his husband or
mother in law this he wouldn't be allowed to take even two steps without being scolded.

"How are you doing this morning Mr. Malfoy?" Poppy asked with a smile as she looked at her
favorite patient. He had filled out some, and now had the healthy glow that came with
pregnancy. She had feared he would miscarry when he first entered back into her care, but had
taken everything she said very seriously, and was now back to full health. She didn’t worry
anymore about him being able to carry to term, if he ate healthy, kept stress levels low, and
remained on bed rest the baby would enter the world on time, and not a moment sooner.

"I am feeling wonderful." Harry replied with a bright smile. He couldn't help but feel a bit jittery
about the possibility of seeing his husband again.

"Well, let me run some tests, and we will see how this little one is doing." Poppy said as she
pulled out her wand. She then began scanning him, smiling at the results. "Well young man, you
have put on enough weight to carry the baby without your magic having to do all the work of
supporting it."
"So does this mean I get to go home?" Harry asked excited about the prospect of returning to his

"Yes you get to go home. I will floo back to Hogwarts and send for your husband. You just stay
here and rest. You are still to be on bed rest while home, as well as continuing to eat as you have
been. You loose one ounce and I will ship you back off to the hospital wing where I can keep a
close watch over you." She said with a glare before lightening up again and smiling at the boy.
"You are also not to do anything stressful. If you follow these few orders, I don't foresee any
problems for your little one."

"Thank you Poppy, for everything. And thank the Professor for me as well." Harry said

"Any time dear, any time." Was all the witch said as she turned to leave.


Draco looked up when he heard the floo to his study activate. He wasn't expecting anyone, but
found his hopes rising at the thought of someone having information on his Harry. He was
surprised when an older woman stepped out of the fire and smiled at him.

"Are you Mr. Malfoy?" She asked with a kind smile.

"Yes, and you are?" Draco asked as he looked apprehensively at her.

"Pardon me, I am Poppy Pomfrey-Riddle, Harry's mediwitch." She said, and had to contain her
laughter when his eyes about bugged out of his head.

"Then you know where he is? Is he ok? What about the baby? Can I see him?" He asked in rapid
succession, causing the reign on her laughter to dissipate, and her to burst into fits of laughter.

"Let's see if I got all those questions shall we? Yes I know where he is. Yes he is ok. The baby is
just fine, and I came here to take you too him. Now there are some things you need to know.
First of all, Harry wanted to come straight back to you, but my husband and I thought it wasn't
safe. He has informed us of everything that has happened, and judging by the fact you asked
about the baby, I assume you know he didn't lie to you?" Going into stern Healer mode.

"I know he didn't lie, my mother had scanned him when he first arrived. She had seen the
readings on the baby then." Draco said as he glared at the woman for even thinking he hadn't
believed his husband.

"Good, because the last thing he needs now is more stress. Now for the remainder of the
pregnancy he will have to remain on strict bed-rest, and will have to continue to eat as he has
been, as well as staying away from anything that might be considered stressful." She continued
to tell him.
"Consider it done, now can I see him?" He asked eagerly.

"Of course, just follow me through the floo." She told him as she turned to leave.

He didn't need telling twice.


"Now he is in the room at the top of the stairs. I will give the two of you some time alone. The
floo will be connected to Malfoy manor, and you will be able to return directly." That was all she
said before she turned and disappeared again.

Draco didn't waste a second as he turned and headed up the stairs, quietly walking up them and
into the room she had directed him to. He couldn't hold back the smile when he saw his husband
asleep on the bed. Slowly he walked over and just studied the man.

His Harry had changed so much since he had disappeared. He had gained weight, and filled out a
bit. Draco thought Harry was beautiful before this, but now he thought his husband was breath
taking. He was sure he had never seen anything more gorgeous than his Harry. His skin was still
pale, but now seemed to glow with health. His hair was full, wavy, and had a shine to it. His face
hadn't changed, other than to fill out a bit, but that was a very nice improvement.

His eyes then came to rest on the small mound of his husband's stomach, and reached out to
gently place his hand on it. He about jumped out of his skin when a small white hand came to
rest on top of his.

"Here, you can feel it kick." He heard his Harry whisper as he gently guided his hand to another
place on his stomach. It seemed that was all the baby needed and he felt a little foot press against
his hand.

"That's the baby." He said in awe.

"That's the baby." Harry answered.

"Harry," Draco said, causing Harry to look him in the eye. "I love you." He said in a rush,
nervous as he had never said that and meant it to someone before.

"What?" Harry asked stunned.

"I love you, have since the day I asked you to enter into the marriage. I love everything about
you, your laugh, your smile, both of which I would love to see more of. I love this baby with my
whole heart and soul, because it is a part of you. These last four months have been torture, not
knowing where you were, if you were safe. Not being able to hold you, to wipe your tears
away…" as he said this he cupped his husband's cheek and wiped away the tears that were
slowly leaking from the bright green eyes. "I know you don't love me now, but I promise you, I
will do everything in my power to make you fall in love with me." He said sincerely.

"Gods Draco, how could I not love you?" Harry asked as he looked back into the eyes of his
lover. "You have done so much for me. I think I started falling for you the first morning I woke
up in your arms. You had held me through the night, something no one had ever done before,
and it confused me as to my feelings for you. Then when we were separated I realized that those
feelings were love. I couldn't keep my mind off you. I wanted to run home to you, and never
leave your arms again…" He never got to finish as he felt his lips attacked by another pair.

The kiss was by no means gentle, but nor was it brutal. His husband wasted no time inserting his
tongue into his mouth, before exploring. He then tried to encourage Harry's tongue into his
mouth, moaning when he felt the first tentative brush of his mates tongue. He allowed Harry time
to explore, before taking over the kiss for a few more seconds, then breaking it.

Both he and Harry were breathing heavily as they broke the kiss, and Harry swore he was seeing
stars. "Wow" was the only thing his mind would process.

"I must say I agree with you on that one my love." Draco said as he smiled down at the man in
his arms. "And I can promise you that you will never be leaving me again." He continued as he
held the man tighter, mindful of his stomach.

"That is good, because I never want to leave." Harry said as he smiled up at the blond. He then
felt Draco dig around in his pockets, before pulling out two rings.

"We forgot to put these back on you in all the excitement. Shall I do it now?" The blond asked as
he held up the sapphire engagement ring and the gold wedding band.

Harry nodded and held out his hand for Draco to slip the rings back on, unable hold back a shiver
as the blonde's fingers slid over his.

"There Mr. Malfoy they are back where they belong, and they will not be leaving that finger ever
again." Draco said as he lifted his nose into the air, trying to act like the stuck up snob he could
sometimes be. "And if people see them, they will know you are spoken for and out of their

Harry couldn't contain his giggle at his husband's antics, and found he liked the idea of people
knowing Draco Malfoy had claimed him as his own.

"Now my love, it is time to return you to the manor so my parents, your father, godfathers, future
step-father, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew can stop their worrying about you." He said as he
scooped his spouse up into his arms, smiling when he realized Harry was just about as heavy as
he should be.

"Take me home my Dragon." Harry replied as he nestled into the strong arms of his husband.
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 10

Harry woke with a sudden pain in his stomach early in December, and wondered if it could
possibly be time for the baby to be born. His due date had passed a couple of days ago, which
pleased Poppy greatly, but he was ready for the baby to come. Draco had been furious at Poppy
and Professor Riddle for keeping Harry away from him, but Harry had informed him that he felt
it was for the best with the Healer still free to take their child. While Draco didn't agree he could
see that Harry was scared that Healer Webcol would still come for their child, and that was why
he had stayed away. As it was they still hadn't told anyone other than family that Harry was
back, and weren't planning to until they introduced him and the newest member of the Malfoy
family to the press.

Harry didn't have time to think of anything else as he felt his stomach cramp up again, and turned
quickly to his husband. "Draco, Draco, wake up." He said as he shook the sleeping blond.

"What is it Harry?" Draco asked as he cracked open one eye.

"It's time." Harry said as he grabbed his stomach trying to breath through another contraction.

"Time for what?" Draco asked looking tired and confused.

"Your child has decided it is time to enter the world." Harry growled through the pain.

"What?" Draco was still confused.

"I'm in labor, go get Poppy!" Harry all but yelled at his husband.

Draco didn't need telling twice as he jumped from the bed to fire-call their mediwitch.


Draco stood in the sitting room outside his bedroom pacing, waiting to hear news on his husband
and child. Poppy had told him he wouldn't be allowed in the room for the birth, and that only his
mother would be as she had a background in healing, and the birthing procedure for a wizard was
very complicated, and if not done exactly right could result in the death of the wizard or baby.

So here he was outside the room, not knowing what was going on. His father was there with his,
as well as Professor Riddle, James and Remus, Severus and Sirius, Jeremy, and Blaise and
Pansy. Amy had wanted to come, but they didn't want Michael out at this time.

It had now been 4 hour since he had been shooed from the room, and was now 5:45 in the
morning. He was starting to fear the worst when his mother came out of the room with a small
bundle wrapped in a white blanket.

"Draco, I would like to introduce you to the daughter you wanted so much." She said as she held
the bundle out to him.

"How's Harry?" He asked as he took the baby from his mother, not having a chance to look at her
yet as he was studying Narcissa's face to make sure she didn't lie to him.

"Poor dear was so tired after the ordeal that he was briefly able to look at her before he passed
out from exhaustion. He will be just fine, but will be weak the next couple of days. Now say
hello to YOUR daughter." She said with a knowing smirk.

It was then he looked down at the little girl in his arms and studied her. She was wrapped tightly
in the blanket so that he could only see her face, but she was beautiful. She had Harry's mouth
and nose, she had somehow gotten high cheek bones, and…

He could only stare in shock as the lock of hair that was peaking out from under the blanket. She
had blond hair, but not just blond hair, Malfoy blond hair. But how was this possible.

"He told us that he had Dobby sneak the potion out of the Manor when you were gone, and sneak
the empty vial back in before you returned. He wanted to surprised you when she was born."
Narcissa said, and smiled when everyone in the room jumped up and crowded around her son to
look at his new daughter.

Draco could only stare at the baby girl in awe as everyone told him how beautiful she was. They
started asking if they hold her that he realized he didn't want to be there anymore, and explained
that he thought it would be best for him to return to his spouse. No one seemed to argue, but they
did look disappointed. He didn't care though, he just wanted to check on Harry and make sure he
was ok.

He walked into the bedroom, closed the door behind him, and turned to watch as Poppy
straightened Harry's blanket.

She looked up and smiled at him, "He will be asleep for a while, but it is ok for you to rest on the
bed with him, he is fine now." She said with a kind smile.

He just nodded to her, and watched as she moved to leave the room. He suddenly felt he owed
her something, "Madam Pomfrey, Thank you." He said, "For everything."

It wasn't much, but it was as close to a 'you're forgiven' as she would get. So she just nodded and
quietly exited the room, leaving him with his little family.

Draco then walked over to the bed, and gently crawled in next to his husband, resting the baby
between them, careful not to crush her. He then looked at the face of his sleeping husband and
brushed some of the damp hair out of his face. That was all it took for Harry to stir, and he pulled
his hand back quickly, hoping he hadn't woke him. It was all for nothing as the green eyes

"Hi." Harry sighed tiredly.

"Hi yourself." He said with a small smile as he leaned in to place a tender kiss on the lips of his
husband. "She's beautiful." He said after the kiss, indicating the little bundle between them.

"You aren't mad then?" Harry asked, looking seriously at him.

"Why on earth would I be mad?" Draco asked, appalled at the thought.

"Well, you are now trapped in our marriage, we share a child. I didn't tell you I took the potion."
Harry said as he looked at his husband.

"I am not trapped in this marriage, I want to be in it. I am thrilled she is mine, as no one can take
her from us now, and I kind of liked the surprise…just don't do it again." He finished with a

"I wouldn't be able to, the next one will be yours from the start." Harry said as he stroked his
daughter's soft hair.

"Now that that's settled, it is time for all three of us to get some much needed rest." Draco said as
he got up from the bed and walked over to the bassinette they had placed in the room. He gently
put his little girl down, with a kiss to her forehead, and then returned to the bed that held his
spouse. He climbed back into bed, and felt his heart warm when Harry curled into him. He
wrapped his arms around his tiny spouse, and the two were asleep in no time.


Draco looked up from the daily prophet after reading the article about his daughter's birth, and
his and Harry's secret marriage. They decided to come clean about everything, how they had
married first as a way to allow Harry to keep the baby, how their daughter other father didn't
want her, and how they two had eventually fallen in love. The article was short and simple,
nothing major. In fact the wedding announcement for Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger took
up more space than their little article.

"I think I will take this to Harry." Draco said as he stood from the table and said goodbye to their
guests. He walked to their rooms, and frowned when he saw his spouse sitting up in bed holding
their daughter. "You know you shouldn't be out of bed yet."

"I wasn't, Dobby brought her to me." Harry said with a placating smile. "We really do need to
pick a name for her."

"We will pick something after you read the article in the paper." He said as he took the baby and
handed Harry the paper.
"Ron and Hermione are getting married on New Years." Harry said, assuming that was the
article. He found it funny that this news didn't affect him, but figured he would think on that

"Not that one Love, the one below it." Draco said as he rolled his eyes. He then watched as Harry
read it.

"They did an ok job with it I guess." He said as he set it aside, and held his arms out for the baby
again. "Now, about the name."

"Right, I was thinking Skyler, what do you think?" Draco asked as he sat on the bed next to his

"Skyler, I like it,Skyler Narcissa Malfoy." Harry asked as he looked up with big green eyes, eyes
their daughter was sure to inherit once they changed from the blue she now had.

"If that is what you want, that is what you shall have." Draco said as he wrapped his arms around
his spouse, and held his family close. "Now, have you both eaten this morning?"

"Of course." Harry said with a nod.

"Good, is there anything else you require?" Draco asked. "I have taken the rest of the week off so
I can take care of you." He said as he leaned in to kiss his husband.

"In that case, I would like a bath." Harry said, feeling gross from the birth of his daughter. He
laughed when Draco called Dobby and handed him the little girl, telling the elf to guard her with
his life. Then Draco turned and scooped him off the bed and carried him to the bathroom were
they took a bath together for the first time.


Harry was clean and back into the bed, which the sheets were changed when they were in the
bath. He and Draco were talking quietly, careful not to wake the baby when an owl flew through
the window with a thick bundle of parchment in its beak.

Draco took in and read the contents before staring at it in disbelief and rereading it.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"After everything the Weasel has done to you, he has the audacity to invite you to his wedding,
and here's the best part." He said as he wove a separate piece of parchment in the air. "He says
here you may bring a guest if you can find one on such short notice. He says that he would really
like you to be there, and you could possibly talk about the possibility of having joint custody of
the baby. That he has changed his mind and would like to try and raise it together." Draco said
his eyes blazing with anger.
"Well, it would be rude to not attend the wedding when we have nothing else going on. As for
raising the baby together, she has her parents, she doesn't need him or his new wife in her life,
and we will just have to make that clear to them. I do so hope they will understand that they have
no right to her anymore." Harry said with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, and suddenly Draco
was looking forward to going to this wedding. Besides, be would have the best-looking date

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 11

It took a while for Poppy to allow Harry to leave his bed, and then he was only allowed to walk
short distances, and nothing outside the manor. He was beginning to worry he wouldn't be
allowed outside the manor in time to get Christmas presents, but Poppy gave him permission to
go, as long as he had someone accompany him at all times, and returned to the manor if he felt
even the least bit tired.

So here he was, walking through Diagon Alley with Narcissa, having left his daughter at home
with her grandfather Lucius. He had been agonizing the entire time he had been away, but also
knew that it was too cold to have his infant daughter out with him, and he wanted to be the one to
pick out his families' presents.

He already had some of the gifts, but was extremely behind because of having the baby. He
knew what he wanted to get for almost everyone, and some of them he knew he would have to
shoo Narcissa away for. He looked up, and laughed when he realized his mother-in-law had been
telling him what she planned on getting his daughter.

"Narcissa, Skyler is only a few weeks old, she won't care what color sleeper you buy for her." He
said with a chuckle.

"Oh, but she might in years to come." The woman said with a stern glare at him.

"I doubt it, but if you must have me choose a color, then get her the purple one." He said
answering the question he remembered hearing her ask.

"Right, that is perfect." Narcissa said as she grabbed the sleeper off the rack, making sure she got
the right size.

"Good, now do you mind if I go off on my own for a bit, I have some gifts I need to buy, and you
can't be seeing." He said as he worried his bottom lip. Maybe it would have been best to leave
Narcissa home and take Lucius with him, at least the man would have let him out of his sight.
"I don't know, you know what Poppy said." Narcissa said, looking to be thinking it over.

"I promise I won't leave the store, I think I can find what I need here." Harry said, hoping it
would lead her to let him out of her sight.

"I suppose, but you had best not leave this store." The woman said, still looking worried.

"I promise." Harry said as he turned and walked away. It wouldn't take him too long to find the
things he needed.


Harry had finally found what he had been looking for, and turned to look over all the things he
had picked out. He was pleased with the items, but hoped his husband would be just as pleased
with the gift he would be receiving for Christmas.

"HARRY?" He turned when he heard someone call his name, and groaned when he came face to
face with Ron. "How have you been?" The red head asked with a strained smile.

"Fine." Harry said as he turned to gather the things he had picked out.

"Well, you're looking good." Ron said trying to make conversation, and not seem to be prying
into his personal life.

"Thank you." Was all Harry said as he tried to push past Ron to pay for his items before Narcissa
caught him with them.

"You had the baby then?" Ron asked, not moving out of Harry's way.

"As you can see, I'm not pregnant anymore." Harry said with a glare. "Now if you will excuse
me, I have things I need to do."

"Are you coming to the wedding?" Ron asked, ignoring Harry's last comment.

"Yes, I will be in attendance, along with a date. I don't know how long we will be staying as I
have an infant who will be waiting for me at home, but we will be there for a little while." Harry
said as he tried to move past Ron again.

"You won't be bringing the baby then?" Ron asked sounding disappointed.

"The baby will be less than a month old, it wouldn't be safe to bring it out in the cold January
weather. No it will be staying at home with its grandparents." Harry said, deliberately leaving
Skyler's gender out of it. "Now Please Ron, I really have to be going." Harry said as he saw
Narcissa walking over to him.
"Ok Harry, I will see you at the wedding then." Ron said sounding disappointed, Harry didn't
know why though. Instead of trying to find out he just nodded and walked around the redhead,
and over to the counter to pay for his purchases.


Before Harry knew it Christmas Eve had arrived, and he found himself eating a huge dinner with
his family. Everything was perfect, but he was a little nervous about what he was going to be
doing later that night.

After dinner everyone retired to the sitting room where they proceeded to decorate the huge tree,
and Harry sat on the couch holding his daughter. His husband would turn around and smile at
him often while he was helping the other's trim the tree, and Harry felt his heart ease a little bit at

"How about we all open one present tonight?" Sirius said as they finished trimming the tree.

"I like that idea, so should the youngest open hers first?" Narcissa asked.

"Yes, but I get to choose which one." Draco said from his spot on the couch next to Harry. He
got up and grabbed one, before returning to his seat and handing it to his husband.

"TO: Skyler FROM: Mummy and Daddy." Harry read the tag, laughing at what his husband
wrote. He knew it was coming, and had resigned himself to being his daughter's mummy.

He opened the package, and felt his eyes starting to well with tears. It was a tiny photo album
with 'Skyler's First Christmas' embroidered on the front, and a picture of Harry asleep with her in
his arms, while Draco slept next to them with his arm wrapped protectively around the two.

"It's beautiful." Was all he said as he leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on his husband's lips.

Michael opened his next, followed by Harry, then Draco, then Amy, then Jeremy, and at that
point Harry excused himself saying he was tired and would put the baby down to bed. The others
seemed to buy his excuse as he had been going to bed early since Skyler had been born.

He did put her down to bed in her nursery, and called the house elf assigned to her to watch over
her. Then he went into his bedroom, and began to prepare the surprise he had planned out for his


Draco smiled softly as he kissed his daughter's forehead and asked her elf if she would be ok for
the night before heading off to his room himself. He was surprised when he saw the soft light
coming from under the door of his bedroom, and opened the door slowly. He almost forgot to
breath upon the sight that greeted him.
Harry had lit hundreds of candles around the room, which was where the soft glow was coming
from. His bed had blood red rose petals sprinkled on and around it, and his Harry was lying on
top of it in only a short white silk robe watching him.

"Harry?" Was all he could think of to say.

"Come here Draco." Harry said to him, looking into his eyes. He could do nothing but listen to
the command and settled himself on the bed facing Harry who was now sitting up leaning back
against the pillows. "You have been wonderful to me since I came here, never pushing me into
doing anything I didn't want to, even when it would have been your right. You waited for me to
fall in love with you, then took things slowly, and for that I will be eternally grateful. But now I
am ready, and I want to consummate our marriage like we should have done almost 8 months
ago." Harry said before he leaned forward and gently kissed his husband.

"Are you sure my love?" Draco asked as he cupped Harry's cheek, and smiled at him, trying not
to show how much he wanted this.

"Positive." Was all Harry said before kissing him again, guiding their bodies to lay back on the
bed with Draco half on top of Harry. Draco continued to kiss his husband as he felt Harry begin
to undo the buttons of the shirt he was wearing, before pushing to off his shoulders and throwing
it on the ground. He pulled back then, and stood to remove his pants, and pulled his husband up
as well. When he had removed all his cloths he reached down and untied Harry's robe, and
slipped it off, marveling at how beautiful his husband was as he stood gloriously naked in front
of him.

Reaching down he picked his husband up bridal style, and laid him down in the center of the bed
before climbing back in on top of him, settling between Harry's spread legs. He couldn’t help but
marvel at how well Harry fit against him.

"If you want to stop or slow down at any point please say so. I don't want to hurt you." Draco
said as he pushed the hair out of his loves face.

"I promise." Harry said, and moaned when his husband began grinding into him, and kissing his
neck. He felt Draco kiss his way down his chest, only stopping to play with his hardened nipples,
before moving down. It was then Harry felt a warm mouth close around his arousal, and a finger
slip into him. He was moaning incoherently the entire time his love prepared him, and screamed
out in pleasure when Draco finally slid into him. He felt him stop long enough for him to adjust
to his spouse, and couldn't help it as he thought about how this was so different from all his times
with Ron. Draco was gentle, and treated him as though he were the most precious thing in the
world. He even took more time preparing him, which was a good thing because he was a lot
bigger than Ron was.

He felt his eyes well with tears again at how gentle Draco was with him, and looked into his
lover's eyes. "I love you." He whispered before Draco picked up the pace, and he lost all
coherent thought. Before long he felt his end near, and screamed his husband's name as he came,
Draco not far behind.
"I love you too, Harry, with all my heart." Was all Draco had the energy to say before he fell
asleep, his husband nestled securely in his arms.


Harry woke first, and blushed when he realized the state he hand his husband were in. The two
were both naked, and Draco was laying half on top of him on his stomach, with his arm wrapped
possessively around his waist. He tried to shift out from under his husband without waking the
man, but stopped when the door to their room burst open.

"Wake up you two, it's Christ… Oh, I see Christmas came early for some of the members in the
house." Sirius said with a knowing smirk, laughing out loud when Harry pulled the sheet up to
cover them completely, and Draco laughed.

"Merlin, after everything last night my husband still blushes." The blond said looking fondly at
his husband.

"Well, our godfather did just burst into our room, and catch us with nothing on." Harry said
looking indignantly at his husband.

"Yes, and I should be the one affronted because he got the opportunity to see you in a state that is
only meant for me." Draco said as he leaned down and kissed his spouse. He then turned to
Sirius, "We will be down after we have cleaned, and Skyler is awake."

"No worries about the little princess, her grandpa James already has her cleaned, dressed, and
down stairs waiting to open presents." Sirius said with a smile.

"Give us 20 minutes Sirius, and we will be down." Harry said with a groan.

The man nodded, and left the room closing the door after himself.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 12

He looked down into the bright green eyes of the person he loved, and then allowed his eyes to
travel to the sleeping bundle in his lover's arms. Their baby was perfect, what with his hair, and
his lover's eyes. It was the most beautiful thing in the world, and he prayed he would be able to
remember how his Harry smiled at him, and held their baby out for him to take. They were a
family, and nothing could come between them ever again.
He couldn't believe he had almost made the mistake of giving Harry and their child up, all
because he wanted to be with someone smarter, and more likely able to support him. He had
never been so relieved than he was the day he stopped his own wedding, and turned to the man
who owned his heart, and pledged his love to him, stealing him away from the no name date his
love had brought with him.

He smiled when Harry opened his mouth, but was surprised when his love said, "Ron it's time to
stop dreaming, and wake up so you can get married."


Ron groaned as he was torn from his beautiful dream, and back into reality, a reality where he
was to marry Hermione, not Harry. The same reality where he had destroyed the love given him
by the person he truly loved, so he could be with someone more capable of supporting him. A
reality where Harry wasn't his, and seemed to be over him.

"Ronnikins, time to wake up, what would Hermione say if you were late for your own wedding?"
Fred said as he came bursting into the room.

"OH Yes dear brother, what would our soon to be sister say if he were to show up late and in his
pajamas?" George asked as he followed their brother into the room.

"I'm up, so we won't find out." Ron said as he glared at his brothers. Well one good thing would
come from today. He would get to see Harry again, and who knows maybe he would even be
able to patch things up with the man he loved. If that were to happen, then he wouldn't have to
marry Hermione at all.


Harry decided it was too early to get up, so tried to snuggle closer to the body he was using as a
pillow. He knew Draco wouldn't mind, as he could feel the affect he was having on his pillow,
and suddenly decided to help Draco with his problem.

Draco couldn't hold back the moan as he felt Harry's small hand close around him and begin to
stroke. He was glad to see his husband was in a playful mood this morning, as it would make
their day that much easier. He wasn't looking forward to going to the wedding, but also knew he
wouldn't be letting Harry go alone.

He felt his completion nearing, and screamed his husband's name as he released into the man's

"Good morning to you too." Draco said as he looked into the smiling green eyes.

"Last night was better." Harry purred as he moved in to kiss his husband's mouth.

Draco instantly changed positions when he felt the lips on his, and pushed his spouse back onto
the bed. "We can have a repeat performance if you like." He said, grinding their hips together. It
seemed his daughter didn't like that idea though as she chose that moment to cry for attention.

"Looks like we will have to postpone love." Harry said sitting up. "But there is always tonight."

"I'll hold you to it. Now you go get the little imp, and I will get cleaned up." Draco said,
watching as Harry nodded and left the room, before he himself left to take a shower.

20 minutes and one shower later Draco was exiting their attached bathroom, and smiled when he
saw his husband sitting on the couch with their daughter. Harry had bathed Skyler and dressed
her, leaving him free to play with her while Harry took his shower.

"My turn." He said as he held his hands out for the almost 1-month-old baby, and summoned a
house elf with a bottle so he could feed her. "What time is the wedding today?" He asked,
noticing it was almost 9 o'clock.

"2, so we should be there by at least 1:40." Harry called back from the bathroom at he turned on
the water.

"You know little one. Your mummy is in there right now with nothing covering him. You don't
think he would mind us peaking do you?" Draco asked the baby sucking intently on her bottle. "I
thought not." He said, and rose from the couch and moved quietly into the bathroom to watch his
husband clean himself.

Harry didn't even know he had an audience, until he heard the tiny burp that came from his
daughter, and spun around to see Draco watching him with lust in his eyes. "What do you think
you are doing?"

"I didn't want to pass up this opportunity. I should be allowed to watch my husband shower, and
marvel at his beautiful body, just as I get to worship it at night." Draco said with a shrug.

"Well, warn me next time, you scared me half to death." Harry said as he wrapped the towel
around his waist.

"I don’t know, you might not let me if you knew I was there." Draco said as he moved to follow
his lover out of the bathroom, so Harry could dress, and then the two could spend time with their
daughter before they had to leave for the wedding.


Harry and Draco apparated together to the church after Harry made Lucius and Narcissa promise
that nothing would happen to their daughter while they were gone. Draco was just glad his
parents took it so well, and waited till Harry was gone to start laughing at them. He looked up
when he heard someone ask if they were sitting on the bride's side or the grooms, and wanted to
laugh when he saw his husband start looking around for something.
"The Groom's." Harry said suddenly, having found what it was he was looking for. Draco figured
it out too when he saw where the usher was taking them. "Hi Dad, Remus." Harry said as he sat
down next to the two men.

"I was wondering if you two were going to make it." James said as he leaned across Remus to
talk to his son.

"We can just switch places if you like." Remus said as he rolled his eyes.

"That is quite alright, I like almost ending up in your lap." James said as he grinned at his lover
while Harry and Draco made faces. "So, why were you two so late?" James asked turning his
attention back to his son.

"Harry didn't think making my parents promise to take good care of Skyler once was enough, he
had to make them promise again and again." Draco said as he playfully nudged his spouse.

"At least he left her, I remember there wasn't anything you could get me to do to leave Jeremy
when he was born." Remus said. "My parents had to finally throw me out of the house, saying I
wouldn't be allowed back to him until I spent at least three hours away from him." He continued
with a chuckle when he remembered that time.

"Well, we can hope it won't be long, I don't think they will like the floo call every five minutes."
Draco said with a laugh. "He already made me call when we got here."

Nothing else could be said on this subject as at that moment the music started, and the groom and
grooms men all started taking their positions.


The wedding went off without a hitch, but Harry found it odd that Ron had stared at him during
the part where the minister asked if there were any objections. He knew Draco noticed it too as
the blond wrapped his arm around him, and held him tightly, as if afraid someone was trying to
take him away. He had tried to sooth his husband by taking his hand and squeezing it gently, but
when that hadn't worked he had forced Draco to look at him, and placed a small kiss on the
man's lips. This was effective as it got Draco to loosen his grip on him, but not release him

Now they had just arrived to where the reception was being held, and Draco was off calling the
manor to check on Skyler. Harry was shocked when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder,
and was shocked to find his brother, mother, and sister looking at him.

"Just what do you think you are doing? Wasn't it bad enough you tried to steal someone's fiancé,
but now you are going after someone's husband." Lily seethed. "I raised you better than that."

"Mum says the baby is fine love, you can relax for the next five minutes until you tell me it is
time to call again." Draco said jokingly, ignoring his husband's family as he walked up behind
his husband and wrapped his arms around the slender waist, and kissed his temple.

He had to smile when he saw Harry smirk. "Draco, I would like you to meet my mother, Lily
Potter…well I guess it's Evan's again now." Harry said as he pointed at the tall redhead.

"Well, it's good to see you didn’t get too many of her looks, and passed even less of them off to
our daughter." Draco said as he sneered at the woman, wanting to laugh when he saw her
shocked expression.

"What do you mean OUR daughter?" Lily asked.

"Just that, Harry married me back when he was 2 months pregnant, and then took a potion to
make his child mine. I'm sure you have heard of it." Draco said as he glared at the woman. He
had looked into her past, and found something very interesting.

"Harry love, would you mind if I talked with your mother lone for a moment. Perhaps you could
use this time to get caught up with you siblings." Draco said as he looked down into the confused
eyes of his husband. "You will be just fine, I will remain within your range of vision at all
times." Dracowhispered so onlyHarry could hear himas he gave his husband a gentle squeeze to
reassure him.

"Shall we?" He then asked as he held his arm out for Lily and escorted her away from his
husband. He waited until they were out of hearing distance before he began speaking. "A friend
of yours from school told me something very interesting. She told me you tricked James into
thinking he slept with you, then used a potion to make Jamie his son." He saw she was about to
deny it, so quickly pressed on, "I know she was telling me the truth, as you can't lie under the
truth serum, and it is also noticeable because of Jamie's red hair. All Potters have black hair, and
had James willingly given some of his DNA to you for the potion Jamie would probably look a
lot like Harry. I gave my DNA willingly, and this is why your granddaughter is almost the
spitting image of me. But aside from that, I will give you 2 weeks to tell James, before I tell
him." Draco said as he turned to leave.

Then as an after thought he turned back, "And if you ever come near my husband again I will
have you thrown in jail for breaking the restraining order I took out for him. After today you are
not to be within 500ft of my husband, Harry James Malfoy, or our daughter, Skyler Narcissa
Malfoy." That said he turned and walked back to Harry.

He never saw the woman shaking in fear, or the two twin redheads who had been listening in. He
never knew that he had just made two more allies.

##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Chapter: 13
It came time for the wedding dinner, and Harry allowed his husband to lead him to the table they
would be sitting at. He smiled when he saw his dad and Remus were sitting there, but frowned
when Jamie, Rose, and Lily joined them as well. He saw one place was left, and smiled at
Neville when he sat with them.

"Neville, how have you been?" He asked his old dorm mate, noticing that the man seemed to be
a little uncomfortable sitting at a table that appeared to be people from the same family.

"Fine Harry, you?" Neville asked as he looked at the only person who had ever been nice to him.
In school Neville was a chubby, clumsy boy who no one wanted anything to do with, but Harry
always volunteered to partner with him when no one else would. He had always wondered what
he would have done if Harry hadn't been there for him.

"Yes Harry, how have you been?" Rose asked in a sickeningly sweet voice, trying to embarrass
her little brother.

Harry just smiled, "I've been…Happy." He said finally, looking at Draco, giving the blonde's
hand a squeeze under the table.

"Oh, I read about your marriage and the baby in the paper, congratulations, you must be excited."
Neville said, and Draco wondered at the note of longing in the other man's voice.

"You should come over some time and see her. I'm sure Harry would love the company, as he
doesn't get to leave the manor much. He says he doesn't want to leave the baby more often than
he has too, and it is too cold to take her out." Draco told the other boy, and knew he had done the
right thing when his love smiled at him.

"I would love to be able to come by and see the baby." Neville said. He was going to say more,
but never got the chance as the wedding party began being announced as they entered the hall.


"What is this?" Harry asked as he poked the food on his plate with a fork. When asked if he
wanted chicken or beef he had said chicken, but wasn't sure that was what he got.

Draco grimaced as he looked at the food on his husband's plate, and wondered just what the
couple was feeding the people who ordered chicken. That thing on the plate was something he
hadn't seen before. He looked around the table, and saw three others had ordered the same, and
all were a little leery of it. Slowly he cut a piece off and bit into it, but quickly spat it back out

"That has to be the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted." He said as he took a long drink
from his glass of water and pushed Harry's plate away from him. Suddenly his beef didn't even
appear that appetizing. Pushing his plate away as well he leaned over to Harry, "Don't eat it, we
will pick something up on the way home." He then turned and asked Neville, Remus, and James
if they wanted to return to the manor later, and get food that was edible, which all three agreed to
seeing as Remus and Neville had asked for chicken as well.


Harry had decided it was getting too warm in the hall, so told his husband that he was going to
step outside for a minute to cool down, and asked Draco to call and check up on the baby for the
fifth time that night. Draco had agreed, and left after wrapping a cloak around his husband,
telling him not to be outside too long as it wouldn’t do for him to get sick.

Harry couldn’t help but think about how his life had changed so much in a little less than a year.
Had someone told him a while ago that he would have a baby and husband who he loved more
than anything in the world, and that the husband wasn't Ron he would have told them they were
crazy. But here he was, head over heals in love with Draco, and had a beautiful daughter waiting
for them at home.

Draco was so different from Ron. When Draco looked at him he could see nothing but love and
adoration, whereas Ron always seemed to have other things on his mind. Draco was constantly
touching him, holding him, and just in general trying to be close to him. Ron had always done
only what he thought was needed to get him to allow the redhead into his bed, then would leave

"Harry?" He about jumped out of his skin when he head the voice from behind him, and turned
to the redhead who had just joined him on the balcony.


Ron watched as Harry left the hall, and told his new wife that he was going to get some fresh air.
He would make his move, and make his love see that they had made mistakes in marrying other
people. He quietly followed the brunette from the hall, and when he was outside turned and
placed the strongest locking charm he could think of on the door. He had to get Harry to stay
long enough if he wanted the other to hear him out.

"Harry?" He asked, and smiled when the other turned to look at him.

"Congratulations Ron." Harry said with a tense smile.

"It should have been different you know." The redhead said as he moved to stand next to Harry
on the balcony. "It should have been her on that alter with me." He said sadly, hoping Harry
believed him.

"Things were as they should have been Ron." Harry said with a note of finality in his voice.

"NO, you should have been the one I married today, but I was stupid and pushed you away.
Please Harry, I want to start over. I'll annul my marriage, as can you. We'll take our baby and go
start a life of our own. We can forget these mistakes. We can be together." Ron pleaded, and
thought he was getting somewhere when he saw the tear slip down Harry's cheek. He then saw a
shock of white blond hair, and knew Harry's husband was watching.

"You think we can just forget about what happened?" Harry asked. "Ron, you told me to abort
the baby. Said you wanted nothing to do with either of us. You left me alone to try and support
something you saw as a mistake. My parents kicked me out of the house. I lived in Knockturn
Alley, and worked 50 hours a week waiting tables, just to pay the bills, and still couldn't stay on
top of them. You did that to me." Harry seethed.

"I did, and I'm sorry, but it won't be that way anymore. I love you, and I will take care of you."
Ron said getting desperate.

"I don't love you." Harry replied, knowing in his heart it was the truth. He no longer felt anything
for Ron.

But it seemed Ron wasn't going to give up, and grabbed Harry by his shoulders, and crashed
their lips together, ignoring the fact that he felt the other trying to push him off. He knew Harry
still loved him; he just needed to be reminded of that love.

Harry felt Ron's lips on his, and it just felt wrong. The kiss was brutal, and the hands on his arms
tightened causing him to wince. He tried to push the redhead off him, but Ron was a lot stronger
than him and he didn't have his wand on him. He felt himself being moved backwards, and
suddenly his back came in contact with a wall. He balled up his fists and started beating on the
redhead's chest, but Ron grabbed him by the wrists, and held them together above his head.

"Why do you fight so hard Love?" Ron asked as he pulled back.

"Ron, Please stop this. I don't love you anymore." Harry pleaded hoping Ron would let him go.
He could hear someone pounding on the door while another person yelled unlocking charms,
they were coming for him, and he felt the relief was over him. He then felt the redhead's lips on
his own again, this time with more force, but when Ron tried to gain entrance to his mouth he
held firm and didn't allow the tongue to enter. He gasped in pain when Ron bit his lower lip hard
enough to draw blood, and felt the other's tongue enter his mouth. He felt Ron tugging at his belt
trying to undo it before opening the button to his pants and unzipping them. He felt the redhead's
hand slip into his pants and then close around his cock. Ron gave it a few good tugs, but when he
failed to arouse him he gave up and the hand made its way around to his ass, and he felt Ron
fingering his opening. Instantly he was bucking up against the other man, trying to free his
captured hands, trying to push him off. He would have screamed when the three unlubricated
fingers entered him had the redhead's mouth not been on his.

Then they were gone. His hands were free, and Ron was no longer pushing up against his body,
holding him to the wall. As such he slid down the wall and buried his head in his hands, trying to
catch his breath, and get what almost happened out of his mind.

"Harry?" He heard someone ask, but he couldn’t respond. "Harry?" The voice was more urgent
this time, and he could tell it was Draco. Instantly he threw himself into the blonde's arms and
buried his face in the strong chest. He just sat there and cried while his husband held him,
whispering comforting words to him.

"I want him arrested." Draco said as he looked at Ron who was being held away from them by
James and Neville. "I want him thrown in Azkaban, I want him locked up." He seethed as he
held his sleeping husband close.

"Surely you can't be serious?" Asked an appalled female voice.

"Mrs. Weasley." Draco said turning to look at Hermione. "Perhaps you didn't see it, but that man
almost raped my husband. If his brothers hadn't been able to unlock the doors he would have
taken Harry against his will. And every single one of us would have been able to do nothing but
watch." Draco would have yelled, but he didn't want to wake Harry, but everyone could hear the
anger in his voice, and knew he shouldn’t be messed with right now.

"Oh please, he was enjoying it." Ron sneered at the man holding the person he loved. "He loves
me, and I was just trying to remind him of how much."

Everyone could only watch as Draco walked over to the redhead with Harry in his arms, and
glared at the man, if you could call him that. "If he wanted it so much, why was he crying? Why
did you have to hold his hands above his head? I know for a fact that when he wants it his hands
feel wonderful running over you body." He said looking at the sleeping man in his arms.

"I for one don't want to hear anymore of his excuses. Draco why don't you take Harry home, put
him to bed, and allow him to see his daughter. Let the rest of here take care of that scum." Tom
said as he laid his hand on the blonde's shoulder, ushering him back into the hall. "You go home
and take care of him, Poppy will go with you." The man said as he motioned for his wife to


Draco apparated home with his husband, and gently laid him on the bed in their room. He
watched as Poppy began running scans over his still form, and whispered that he was going to
get his daughter from his parents. He walked quietly to his parent's end of the house, only
stopping to throw things, trying to dispense of his anger, as he didn't want his little girl to see
him like this.

Lucius poked his head out of their room when he heard a crash, and saw his son looking ready to
kill something. Quietly he exited the room, mindful of the sleeping baby. "Alright Draco, what
happened? Where's Harry?"

"He's in our room. It seems Weasley wasn't as over him as I thought, and decided he wanted
nothing more than to have Harry tonight of the balcony of the hall. Whether or not it was what
Harry wanted. We were just lucky we made it through the door before he finished what he
started." Draco said, noticing it helped to talk about it with his father.
"Is Harry ok?" Lucius asked as he led his son back to his room to retrieve the little girl.

"I don't know. He cried himself to sleep before I could ask him anything." Draco said as he went
over to the bassinet that held his little girl. He gently reached in and picked her up before saying
goodnight to his parents and leaving the room.

Poppy told him that Harry's wrists were bruised and his lip was cut, but that other than that he
was fine physically. When she was gone Draco laid their daughter on the center of the bed next
to her mummy, and changed into his pajamas, thankful the Poppy had seen fit to dress Harry in
his, and laid down on the bed, before falling asleep with one arm thrown protectively over his
sleeping family.


Harry woke the next morning, and smiled when he saw the set of green eyes staring at him. He
felt his husband's arm around him, and couldn't hear the blonde's even breathing and knew he
was still asleep. He reached for his daughter, and saw the healing bruises on his wrists, and the
events of the night before came flooding back to him. He remembered how Ron had tried to rape
him. He also remembered how Draco came to his rescue, and felt the love for his husband grow.
He then turned to look at Draco's face, and saw him watching him, and leaned forward and
kissed him like never before.

Draco was surprised with Harry kissed him, but rose to the occasion and poured every emotion
he felt for the other man into the one kiss. He knew they would be ok, Harry would be ok, and
nothing would ever come between them. Harry was HIS.



Draco smiled at his husband from across the yard as he carried another birthday present to the
table they had set up by the house. Harry was talking with Pansy and Neville, while their
husband's watched them like hawks. That could also have been because two of them were
pregnant. They had all been surprised when Neville sprung the news that the person Draco had
set him up with had knocked him up, and that the two were going to get married. Now Neville
and Victor had been married a couple of weeks, and the pregnancy was progressing according to

Pansy had told them six months ago that she was pregnant with a boy, and Blaise hadn't stopped
smiling since. The man was absolutely in love with the bump of his wife's stomach, and was
always seen trying to touch it.

So much had changed since that day all those years ago. Ron Weasley was sentenced to 5 years
in Azkaban for what he had done to Harry. Lily Potter was working as a waitress in the same
restaurant Harry had worked in. Remus and James were married, and Jamie and Rose's real
fathers were found, and they were spending their time getting to know them. They had
apologized to Harry about a year ago, and were working very hard on making everything up to
him, which was a good thing until Harry got upset about something.

Draco still remembered the time a couple of weeks ago when he had said something that set his
husband off, and Harry ran to tell Jeremy about it. Unfortunately for him Rose and Jamie were
visiting their older brother at the time, and all three came looking for him. He still had some of
the bruises to prove it.

"Daddy, can I open presents now?" Three year old Skyler asked.

"You'll have to ask your mummy." He answered and sent her over to Harry.

Harry had allowed the presents to be opened, and everyone watched as the little girl ripped
through her presents, as if she was looking for something. When she was finished everyone
noticed she looked disappointed.

"Skyler baby, what's wrong?" Harry asked sitting down on the bench next to the little girl.

"You said I was getting a baby brother or sister for my birthday too." The little girl pouted, while
everyone else gasped, well everyone except Poppy.

"You will, but you'll have to wait a little while, as they are still inside here growing, so they can
be strong when they come to meet you." Harry said as he smoothed the little girls hair.

"You mean like Aunt Pansy's and Uncle Neville's babies?" Skyler asked.

"Just like that, we have to wait for them to grow more before they can come out and see you, but
they will be here soon." Harry said to the little girl, smiling at his shocked husband.

"How soon?" Skyler asked.

"About another six months, and you will have two new sisters." Harry said before he heard a
series of thumps. He couldn't contain his laughter when his saw his husband, father,
father-in-law, brothers, and godfathers passed out on the ground. "Maybe I should have made
sure everyone was sitting before I made that final comment." Harry chuckled.

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