Native American Tragedy by yurtgc548


									Trail of Tears

  Native American
President Jackson
           Took a firm
           stand on the
          issue of Native
   Native Americans
Since early colonial times, Native
  Americans have been forced off
 their lands by white settlers who
 pushed further west in search of
           available land.
 such as Pontiac
 & Tecumseh
 failed to stop
 the invasions of
 white settlers.
“Live in peace with
  the white man”
Many   tribes, especially the Cherokee,
 adopted American culture such as:
 farming, reading & writing, democratic
Under Jackson’s orders, Congress set
 aside land west of the Mississippi
Indians were forced to move onto
 these reservations.
The Cherokee go to Court
Unwilling to give up, Cherokee people
 sue to remain on their land:
 Worcester v. Georgia
Supreme court rules in their favor!
Chief Justice John Marshall ruled
 that the Cherokee people were
 protected by the US Constitution.
 Jackson  said the State
  of Georgia is allowed
  to move the NA’s
  because the federal
  government can not tell
  a state what to do.
 (Remember the
  Nullification Crisis?)
 Indian Removal Act
  soon follows!
Move West of the
      Indian Removal Act
 Congress   passed this law that made the removal
 Whites thought this region to be a vast desert.
 Over 15,000 Cherokees were forced from their
  homes and had to march hundreds of miles over
  several months.
Trail of Tears: little food or shelter; thousand
  perished ~ about 25% of the Cherokee nation
Indian Removal Act
       Most  Americans did not
        approve of it.
       Congressman Davy
        Crocket destroyed his
        political career by
        supporting the Cherokees
       He moved to the Texas
        territory & shows up in
        history one final time
4,000 Died… Mostly children!
4,000 Died… Mostly children!
        Seminoles Resist
Led by Chief Osceola they fought the
 US Army.
Seminole War lasted from 1835 to
1,500 US soldiers died
Cost over $20 million
Seminoles were finally defeated &
 forced to leave Florida Territory
 After years of
  fighting, Chief
  Osceola wanted
 He agreed to meet
  with a US General to
  discuss terms but was
  captured instead
 Later died in US Fort

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