09-10 Hospitality Management AAS Course Requirements Worksheet by h7j93


									09-10 Hospitality Management AAS Course Requirements Worksheet
Admissions information and Getting Started requirements go to: http://www.chemeketa.edu/started/ New Students may
need to complete pre-requisite courses, including one or more of the following:
             Getting Started Courses                                                                                  Notes:

 CA121A      Keyboarding A (if less than 25 wpm)                   1 credit
 CIS101      Introduction to Microcomputer Applications            3 credits
 MTH060      Introductory Algebra                                  4 credits
 RD115       Academic Thinking and Reading                         3 credits
 SSP112      Effective Learning                                    3 credits
 WR115       Introduction to Composition                           3 credits

                                  Year One                                                                         Year Two
 Comp        Course          Title                                      Credits    Comp        Course      Title                                           Credits
 Term 1 or Fall                                                                    Term 5 or Fall

             HTM100         Intro. to Hospitality Industry                     3               HTM124       Catering and Banquet Operations                    3

             HTM104         Travel & Tourism Industry                          3               HTM132       Menu Planning                                      3

             SOC204         General Sociology- Intro (or higher)               3                            Workplace Presentations W/ PowerPoint (or
                                                                                               CA208        higher)                                            3
                            Intro Internet & World-Wide Web (or
             CIS178I        higher)                                            3               MTH062       Business Apps Using Math (or higher)               4

             WR121          English Composition (or higher)                    3   Term 6 or Winter

 Term 2 or Winter                                                                              HTM126       Meeting & Convention Management                    3

             HTM101         Customer Service Mgmt.                             3               BA211        Financial Accounting 1                             4

             HTM105         Intro. to the Food & Beverage Industry             3               Humanities/Fine Arts Elective                                   3

             HTM123         Global Distribution Systems                        3               Approved HTM Elective                                           3

             PSY104         Psychology in the Workplace OR                         Term 7 or Spring

                    PSY201 (required for LDC transfer) (or higher)             3               HTM102       Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law                  3

             WR227          Technical Writing                                  3               HTM103       Marketing for the Hospitality Industry             3

 Term 3 or Spring                                                                              BA212        Financial Accounting 2                             4

             HTM107         Food Sanitation & Cost Control                     3               Approved HTM Elective                                           3

             HTM109         Front Desk Operations                              3   Term 8 or Summer
                                                                                                            Practicum 2-Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt (9
             HTM130         Beverage Management                                3               HTM145       credits) OR

             NFM215         Nutrition for Food & Culinary Professionals        3                       HTM144 Practicum 1 – Hosp & Tour Mgmt                   4

             SP218          Interpersonal Communication (or higher)            3               HTM290       Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt. Capstone               3

                                                                                                                                           Total credits      91

                           Approved HTM electives:                                                          Approved HTM electives:

           HTM112 Bed and Breakfast Operations                                 3               HTM134 Destination Marketing                                   3

                                                                                               HTM135 Destination Leadership                                  3
           HTM114 Travel Destination Geography I                               3
                                                                                               HTM136 Tour Operations & Marketing                             3
           HTM115 Travel Destination Geography II                              3
                                                                                               HTM137 Tourism Transportation: Cruises-Air-Rail                3
           HTM116 Travel Destination Geography III                             3
                                                                                               HTM155 Spa Safety, Sanitation, & Hygiene                       3
           HTM119 Introduction to Casino Management                            3               HTM156 Spa Services Supervision                                3
           HTM125 Special Event Planning                                       3               HTM157 Spa Management I                                        3

           HTM127 Selling in Hospitality and Tourism                           3               HTM158 Spa Management 2                                        3

           HTM133 Strategic Issues Destination Mgmt.                           3               HTM159 Spa Management 3                                        3

HM AAS Program requirements for 2009-10

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