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									Unit 4 The place of work
4.1 Giving directions (1) Listening Listen to a talk for new employees at Higgins Electronics and complete the company directory with the words in the box. Reception Canteen Sales Accounts Production After-sales Research and Development Dispatch Personnel Managing Director

Fourth floor ______________ Third floor ___________ _________________ Second floor ____________ __________________ First floor ____________ __________________ Ground floor reception _________ ___________

(2) Language in use Complete the following conversations. Conversation 1 A: Excuse me, I’m looking for the photocopier. B: Go up the stairs to the (1) __________ floor. Go straight along the corridor and the photocopying room is the (2) __________ door on the (3) _________. It’s (4) _________ Ann and Bill’s offices. Conversation 2 A: Where’s the fax machine? B: (5) _________ up the stairs to the second (6) _________. At the top of the stairs, (7) ________ left. The office with the fax machine is the (8) ___________ door on the (9) _________. It’s (10) ___________ Susan’s office. (3) Writing Complete these sentences with information about your colleagues or other people you know. __________________ works in Accounts. __________________works in Personnel. __________________works in __________. __________________works in __________.

4.2 Talking about departments (1) Vocabulary Complete these sentences. Then write the missing words in the word grid and find the hidden word. 1 Purchasing buys ______________ for the company.

2 Personnel deals with the company’s ___________. 3 Research and Development ____________ new products. 4 and 5 Marketing ______________ and _______________ the company’s products. 6 Accounts deals with the company’s _________________. 7 Production ____________ the company’s products. 8 Sales _____________the company’s products. 9 Dispatch __________ the company’s products to the customer. 10 After-sales helps _______________ who have problems. ↓Hidden word 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Now complete this question with the hidden word. Which ________________ do you work in? (2) Vocabulary Match the documents in the box to the pictures. catalogue order form price list cheque invoice CV G O O 2 D S

1 ___________________________________

2 _______________________

Name: Address: Tel: Rebecca Curtis 23 London Road, Bristol 0117837369

Date of birth: 5 May 1975 Nationality: British

Education and qualifications
1995 Diploma in Tourism and Travel

3 _______________________

4 ______________________

5 _____________________

6 _____________________ (3) Reading Read this letter. Which three of the documents listed in exercise 2 would you enclose? Fill in the blanks. KIDSWEAR, PO Box 43, Watford WD4 5TX, England Tel 01923 556757 Fax 01923 556758
Mr F Haupt Der Kinder Laden Marktplatz 5 6020 Innsbruck Austria

Dear Mr Haupt Thank you for your enquiry of 23 August about our range of children’s clothing. I enclose some information which I hope you will find of interest. Please contact me if I can be of any further help. Yours sincerely Roberts Sinclair Enclosures: ___________________ ___________________ ___________________

4.3 Taking a message (1) Language in use Read these conversations and complete them with suitable words. Conversation 1 CALLER: This is Juan Barrose. (1) __________ you put me (2) ___________ to Mrs Williams (3) ___________ the Sales department? RECEPTION: I’m afraid she’s (4) ________a meeting. Can I (5) _________ a message? CALLER: Yes, please. Can you ask (6) _________ to call me back? RECEPTION: Of (7) _______. Who’s (8) _________, please? CALLER: Juan Barrose. And my number’s 356 3583. Conversation 2 CALLER: My name’s Maria Paretti. Could I (9) __________ to Jonathan Andrews in Production? RECEPTION: I’m sorry, but he’s (10) _________ a conference today. (11) _________ I take a (12) __________? CALLER: Yes, please. Can you (13) ________ him to call (14) ________ back? RECEPTION: Certainly. (15) ___________ calling, please? CALLER: Maria Paretti. (2) Vocabulary and listening Match the items to the departments that deal with them. 1 customers’ orders a Personnel 2 invoices b After-sales 3 problems with goods c Sales 4 job advertisements d Accounts Now listen to these prompts and ask to be put through to the correct department like this: VOICE 1: You’re calling about an order. (beep) YOU: Could you put me through to the Sales department? VOICE 2: Could you put me through to the Sales department? (repeat) (3) Listening Listen to this phone call and fill in the message pad.

For: _____________________________ From: ____________________________ Company: ____________________________ Phone number: ____________________________ Message: ___________________________________________ __________________________________________

4.1 1 Fourth floor Canteen Third floor Personnel Second floor After-sales First floor Sales Ground floor reception Managing Director Research and Development Accounts Production Dispatch

Good morning, and welcome to Higgins Electronics. I think that we should start with a tour of the company, so if you can find your company directory in your information packs, I’ll lead you through it. Have you all found it? Good. Well, as you know, reception is on the ground floor-it’s the first thing you see as you come into the building. Two very important departments are also located on the ground floor-Production and Dispatch. Moving up to the first floor, this is where you’ll find the Sales and Accounts departments. Now if you look at the second floor, you’ll see that After-sales and Research and Development are located here. Most of you will already have visited the third floor when you had your interviews. The Personnel department is here on the third floor, and you’ll also find the Managing Director here. Finally, on the fourth floor is a very important department- the canteen! It was placed here at the top of the building to give everyone a good view, and we hope that you will enjoy your lunch there today. So if we could… 2 1 second 8 fourth 4.2 ↓Hidden word 1 3 D E V G E 5 6 A C C O O L M U 8 9 10 C S U O 2 O 4 A N 7 S E S D E P A R T M E N T S M S D K S A L D O K L S M E R S 6 catalogue E S S V E E T R S T I S E S P L O Y E E S 2 second 9 left 3 right 10 next to 4 between 5 Go 6 floor 7 turn

Which department do you work in? 2 1 cheque 2 price list 3 CV 3 price list / catalogue / order form 4.3

4 invoice

5 order form


1 Could / Can 2 through 3 in 4 in 5 take 6 her 7 course 8 calling 9 speak 10 at 11 Can / Could 12 message 13 ask 14 me 15 Who’s 2 1c 2d 3b 4a 1 VOICE 1: You’re calling about an order. (beep) (pause) VOICE 2: Could you put me through to the Sales department? (beep) (pause) VOICE 2: Could you put me through to the Sales department? 2 VOICE 1: You’re calling about an invoice you received. VOICE 2: Could you put me through to the Accounts department? VOICE 2: Could you put me through to the Accounts department? 3 VOICE 1: You’re calling about a job you saw advertised. VOICE 2: Could you put me through to the Personnel department? VOICE 2: Could you put me through to the Personnel department? 4 VOICE 1: You’re calling about some goods you received. VOICE 2: Could you put me through to the After-sales department? VOICE 2: Could you put me through to the After-sales department? 3

For: Paul Belling From: Sally Anderson Company: AFL Phone number: 0171 523 1338 Message: Please call her back

COPE: Nick Cope. Good afternoon. ANDERSON: Hello. Is Paul Belling there, please? COPE: Sorry, he’s in a meeting. Can I help you? ANDERSON: Yes. Could you ask him to call me back? COPE: Of course. Who’s calling, please? ANDERSON: Sally Anderson. That’s A-N-D-E-R-S-O-N. I’m from AFL. COPE: Sally Anderson from AFL.OK, has he got your telephone number? ANDERSON: I think so, but I’ll give it to you just in case. It’s 01715231338. COPE: 01715231338. Fine. And you’d like him to call you back. ANDERSON: Yes, please. COPE: OK, I’ll see that he gets the message. ANDERSON: Thank you very much. Goodbye. COPE: Goodbye.

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