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									1. What was the capital of the Confederacy?     13. Why was the Confederate money worthless
                                                    after the war?

2. What was the capital of the Union?
                                                14. Who was the former slave who became an
3. How did the Confederacy use enslaved
   African Americans during the war?
                                                15. Who was the skilled Confederate general
                                                    from Virginia?

4. What side did African Americans fight on
   during the Civil War?                        16. Who urged Southerners to accept defeat?

5. How were African Americans discriminated     17. Who was offered command of the Union
   against during the Civil War?                    forces but chose not to fight against

                                                18. Who was the leader of the Army of
6. Who was the African American Union naval         Northern Virginia?
   captain who became Congressman after the
                                                19. Who was the Union general that defeated
7. How did the war affect family and friends?

                                                20. Who was President of the Confederate
                                                    States of America?
8. What happened to the South (ex. Atlanta
   and Richmond) during the Civil War?
                                                21. What talked about preserving a
                                                    government “of the people, by the people,
                                                    and for the people”?
9. What was the major killer during the Civil
                                                22. Who believed the United States was one
10. Who started the American Red Cross?

                                                23. Who wrote the Emancipation
11. During the war who ran businesses, farms,       Proclamation?
    and plantations?

                                                24. What did the Emancipation Proclamation
12. What happened to the Confederate money          do?
    after the war?
25. Who was the President of the United States     38. What are border states?
    during the Civil War?

                                                   39. What are the 4 border states?
26. What event divided the South?

                                                   40. Which side supported states rights?
27. What was the turning point of the Civil
                                                   41. Which side had manufacturing (industries)?

28. What made freeing the slave the new focus
    of the war?                                    42. Which side believed that states had freely
                                                       created and joined the union and could
                                                       freely leave it?
29. What event gave the North control of the
    Mississippi River?
                                                   43. Which side was urban?

30. What event ended the Civil War?
                                                   44. Which side opposed slavery?

31. What was the first major battle of the Civil
    War?                                           45. Which sided was mostly agricultural?

32. What began the Civil War?                      46. Which side favored tariffs?

33. What event led to the southern states          47. What side supported the idea of states
    seceding from the Union?                           having the power to declare any national
                                                       law illegal?

34. What did the Union do to the southern
    ports?                                         48. What issue increasingly divided the nation
                                                       and led to the Civil War?

35. What law allowed for popular sovereignty
    to decide the issue of slavery?                49. Why did the South not like tariffs?

36. What called for California to be a free
    state?                                         50. What side believed that the nation was a
                                                       union that could not be divided?

37. What law called for Missouri to be a slave
    state and Maine to be a free state?            51. What rights were women denied?
52. Who were the 3 suffragist leaders?              66. What territory did the US divide with Great

53. What was the suffrage movement?                 67. What was the impact of the Louisiana
                                                        Purchase on the US?

54. What was an abolitionist?                       68. How did the US get Florida?

55. Who were the abolitionist leaders?              69. What territory was an independent republic
                                                        before it was added to the US?

56. What was the effect of the steam                70. What was the idea that expansion was for
    locomotive?                                         the good of the country and the right of the

57. Who improved the steamboat?
                                                    71. What are the overland trails used to move
58. What increased farmer productivity?

                                                    72. What are the economic opportunities that
59. What connected farms in the South to                attracted people west?
    factories in the North and territories in the

60. What is an inventor?
                                                    73. Who helped design Washington D.C.?

61. Who invented the reaper?
                                                    74. What are the first 10 amendments called in
                                                        the Constitution?
62. What is an entrepreneur?

                                                    75. What does the Bill of Rights guarantee?
63. What increased the need for more slave
                                                    76. What 2 documents was the Bill of Rights
                                                        based on?
64. Who invented the cotton gin?

65. What did the US get out of the war with         77. What did George Mason write?
78. Who wrote the Virginia Statute of Religious   89. What warned Europe not to interfere in the
    Freedom?                                          Western Hemisphere?

79. What was the purpose of the Constitutional    90. Who doubled the size of the US?

                                                  91. What doubled the size of the US?
80. What issue was debated by delegates at the
    Constitutional Convention?
                                                  92. Who was the President during the War of

81. How was the new national government
    decided to be set up by those at the          93. Who was President when plans were
    Constitutional Convention?                        started for Washington D.C.?

                                                  94. What did the US get out of the War of
82. Who was elected President of the                  1812?

                                                  95. Who was President when the 2 party
83. How many states were needed to ratify the         system emerged?

                                                  96. Who was President when the Federal court
84. What decided how many votes each state            system was established?
    had in the Senate and House of
                                                  97. Who was President when the Bill of Rights
                                                      was added to the Constitution?
85. What replaced the Articles of
                                                  98. Who was the only President that wasn’t
                                                      from Virginia?
86. What did the Constitution establish?

                                                  99. What was the first constitution of the
87. What type of government was created that          United States?
    divided the power between the national
    and state governments?
                                                  100.      What kind of government was
                                                     created under the Articles of
88. Who was the President that warned Europe         Confederation?
    not to interfere in the Western
101.      What branches of government were       114.      What was the reason for the Boston
   not created under the Articles of                Tea Party?

                                                 115.       Who helped the colonist defeat the
102.       What couldn’t Congress do under          British?
   the Articles of Confederation?

                                                 116.       What allowed the colonist to defeat
103.      How many votes did each state get         the British?
   under the Articles of Confederation?

104.     What recognized American
   independence?                                 117.       Who warned the colonists of the
                                                    British arrival?

105.      What ended the Revolutionary war?
                                                 118.     Who helped gain France’s support
                                                    for American independence?
106.     What event was held to promote
   independence from Great Britain?
                                                 119.     Who wrote poems and plays about
                                                    American independence?
107.      What was the turning point of the
   Revolutionary war?
                                                 120.     Who helped write the Declaration of
108.        What event were colonists shot and
   killed for taunting British soldiers?
                                                 121.     Who said “Give me liberty or give
                                                    me death”?
109.      What happened on July 4, 1776?

                                                 122.     Who wrote the Declaration of
110.      What was the first armed conflict of      Independence?
   the Revolutionary war?

                                                 123.      Who was the commander of the
111.     Where did delegates meet to discuss        continental army?
   problems with England?

                                                 124.     Who was known as the Champion of
112.      What colony did not attend the First      Independence?
   Continental Congress?

                                                 125.      Who surrendered at Yorktown?
113.      Who led the Boston Tea Party?
126.      Who was the British king during the    137.        What geographic feature is found in
   Revolutionary war?                               all 3 colonial regions?

127.      What unalienable rights are found in   138.       What colonial region has rocky soil
   the Declaration of Independence?                 and a jagged coastline?

                                                 139.      What colonial region has coastal
128.     According to the Declaration of            lowlands and rich farmlands?
   Independence what is the job of
                                                 140.       What colonial region is located in
                                                    the Atlantic Coastal Plain?

129.      Where does government get it
   power from?                                   141.      What colonial region has cold

130.     What is the right of people to do if
   government does not do its job?               142.      What colonial region has a humid

131.      Whose ideas influenced the             143.       What colonial region specialized in
   Declaration of Independence?                     fishing and shipbuilding?

                                                 144.       What colonial region specialized in
132.       What law prohibited the movement         livestock and grain?
   of settlers west of the Appalachian
                                                 145.      What colonial region specialized in
                                                    cash crops like cotton and tobacco?
133.      Who enforced the laws in the
                                                 146.       Where would find few schools and
134.     Who appointed the colonial
                                                 147.      What colonial region is church the
                                                    center of life?
135.      Why did England tax the colonies?

                                                 148.       What colonial region has diversity?

136.      Why did England maintain strict
   control over colonial trade?                  149.     Where would you find town
150.      Where would you find counties?        162.       What was the first permanent
                                                   English colony?

151.      Where would find slavery and large
   farms?                                       163.       Where did the religious separatist

152.      Where would you find market
   towns?                                       164.       Where did the Puritans settle?

153.      What is specialization?               165.       Where did the Quakers settle?

                                                166.     What colony was settled by debtors
154.       What did the New England colonies       wanting economic freedom?
   specialize in?

                                                167.     Why was Plymouth and
                                                   Massachusetts Bay established?
155.       What did the Mid-Atlantic colonies
   specialize in?
                                                168.     Why did the Quakers come to North

156.       What did the Southern colonies
   specialize in?                               169.       Who established Jamestown?

                                                170.       What colonies were settled for
157.      What is interdependence?                 religious reasons?

158.     What did the Southern colonies         171.     What colonies were settled for
   depend on New England for?                      economic reasons?

159.     What did New England colonies          172.      Who relied on slaves and indentured
   depend on New England for?                      servants in the colonies?

                                                173.       Who were craftsmen that live in
160.      What was the Lost Colony?                small towns and plantations?

161.       What were the reasons Europeans      174.       Who relied on family members for
   established colonies?                           labor in the colonies?
175.     Who were caretakers, house               187.      Who lived in a rainy, mild climate?
   workers, and homemakers?

                                                  188.      What geographic region did the
176.       Who made a contract to work in            Lakota live in?
   return for passage to the colonies?

                                                  189.      How did the Indians meet their basic
177.      Who were allowed to own land and           needs of food, clothing, and shelter?
   have economic freedom but could not

178.      Who was owned as property for life
   with no rights?                                190.      Where were the Indians located
                                                     before the arrival of Europeans?

179.       What is archaeology?
                                                  191.      What are natural resources?

180.       Why is archaeology important?          192.      How did the Indians use natural

181.     Where is one of the oldest               193.      What are human resources?
   archaeological sites in the United States?

182.       Where is Cactus Hill located?          194.      How did the Indians use human

183.       What was found at Cactus Hill?

                                                  195.      What are capital resources?

184.      What Indian group lived in a freezing
   cold environment?
                                                  196.      How did the Indians use capital
185.      What Indian group lived in a desert

                                                  197.     How did the Indians and Europeans
186.      Who lived in a heavily forested            cooperate?
198.      What created conflict between the    211.      What were the problems faced by
   Indians and Europeans?                         explorers?

199.      Who believed that land was to be     212.      What were the accomplishments of
   shared or used but not owned?                  exploration?

200.      Who conquered and enslaved

                                               213.     Why were Ghana, Mali, Songhai
201.      Who established trading posts?          important?

202.      Who learned farming techniques       214.     Where was Ghana, Mali, and
   from the Indians?                              Songhai located?

203.      Who brought diseases to the          215.       What did trading with West Africa
   Indians?                                       do for Europe?

204.      Who claimed the Southwest for
   Spain?                                      216.     What did the Portuguese trade with
                                                  Ghana, Mali, and Songhai?

205.      Who explored eastern Canada?

                                               217.     What geographic region has old
206.      Who are the 2 French explorers?         eroded mountains?

                                               218.      What region has hundreds of lakes
207.       Who claimed the Mississippi River      carved by glaciers?

                                               219.      What region has broad lowlands and
208.      Who explored West Africa?               excellent harbors?

209.      Who settled Quebec?                  220.      What region has fertile valleys?

210.      Why did Europeans explore?           221.      What region stretches from Alaska
                                                  to Mexico?
222.       What region gradually increases in   235.      What provided the French and
   elevation westward?                             Spanish with exploration routes to Mexico?

223.      What region has rugged mountains      236.      What was the gateway to the west?
   along the Pacific Ocean?

                                                237.     What forms the border with
224.     What region has the oldest                Mexico?
   mountain range in North America?

                                                238.      What was explored by the Spanish?
225.      What region has grasslands?

                                                239.      What was explored by Lewis and
226.      What region contains Death Valley?       Clark?

227.     Where is the direction of rivers       240.       What connects the Great Lakes to
   determined?                                     the Atlantic Ocean?

228.      What region has many rivers and       241.      What are the water features that
   grassy hills?                                   can be found on maps, globes, and

229.     What is the lowest point in North

                                                242.      What are geographic features that
230.     What region is wrapped around the         can be found on maps, globes, and
   Hudson Bay in a horseshoe shape?                diagrams?

231.      What body of water was an early
   exploration destination?

                                                243.       What role did geographic features
232.      What body of water were                  play throughout history?
   transportation arteries for farm and
   industrial products?

233.      Where are inland port cities
   located?                                     244.      What ocean surrounds Antarctica?

234.      What was the highway for              245.      What is a continent?

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