NETadmin – now with TR-069-support for management of CPEs

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Linköping, Sweden - October 25, 2010

NETadmin – now with TR-069-support for management of CPEs
Through technology cooperation with Ping Communication, Netadmin Systems get access to the
standard protocol TR-069. This brings NETadmin closer to the end users.

“It becomes more and more interesting to reach end customers' equipment”, says Matthias Trygg, CEO
Netadmin Systems. “By the standard protocol TR-069 we will have better ability to handle the equipment end
users have. This can include the set-up boxes for IPTV, but also of the IP phones on the corporate side. As the
end customers' equipment gets more and more intelligence per se, it is of great importance that NETadmin
also can reach them for configuration. This add-on to the NETadmin system extends our end-to-end

 “Our ACS solution is designed to be high performance for enabling extreme scalability and in order to do
service monitoring in real-time. We bring remote management to a new level with service monitoring, since it
allows for discovering problems quickly, drilling down to the root cause of the problem, and then conduct the
necessary re-configuration, all without end customer interaction” says CEO of Ping Communication, Erik
Syverinsen. “Our biggest deployment to date is managing Telenor DSL broadband routers, Integrated Access
Devices and VoIP Analogue Telephone Adapters at Telenor in Norway”.

For further information, please contact:
Matthias Trygg, CEO, Netadmin Systems, phone +46 768 434325,
Erik Syverinsen, CEO Ping Communication and Owera, phone +47 99331600,

About Netadmin Systems
Netadmin Systems develops and markets NETadmin - a software that automates operational and business processes in open broadband
networks. NETadmin is completely independent of hardware and access technology (FTTH, Ethernet, xDSL, Wimax etc.)

The company has about fifty employees and office located in Linköping, Sweden. Owners include key people in the company as well as
venture fund, Eqvitec Technology Fund III and Industrifonden.

About Ping Communication
Ping Communication develops and markets CPE products such as Integrated Access Devices, Residential Gateways and Analog Telephone
adapters, as well as the xAPS ACS. The core focus of Ping Communication is high end, high quality and high performance CPEs for service
providers, remote configuration and service monitoring using the xAPS ACS. The solutions consist of very fast routers, DPI QoS engines and
firewalls, and fastest port configurations. The Integrated Access device comes in different flavors for DSL, fiber, cable and Ethernet
networks. The xAPS ACS monitors VoIP quality in MOS, either from a system/deployment perspective or from a user perspective, with
historic data or in real-time.
The company has 15 employees, located in Oslo, Norway, and Taipei, Taiwan. The Owners include key people and employees as well as
leading technology investors such as Investinor, Alliance Venture and Tiger Holding.

                                   Netadmin Systems AB, Teknikringen 4, SE-583 30 Linköping, Sweden
                                         Phone +46 13 20 00 00,

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