Louis Armstrong by yurtgc548


									Louis Daniel Armstrong
             Louis Armstrong
1. He was nicknamed Satchmo or Pops.
2. He was born on August 4th 1901 and died on
   July 6th 1971.
3. Louis was a cornet and trumpet player.
4. He also sang with his deep, and distinctive,
   gravelly voice.
5. Armstrong was one of the first African-
   American to cross over.
          New Orleans/Dixieland
1. It is the earliest style
   of jazz.
2. It is also known as Hot
   jazz or Early jazz.
3. The frontline
   instruments are
   trumpet, trombone,
   and clarinet. The
   rhythm section
   includes: guitar, banjo,
   string bass, tuba,
   piano, and drums.
        What a Wonderful World
The song was written by Bob Thiele, and George
David Weiss. It was first recorded by Louis
Armstrong and released as a single in 1968.
The piano, trumpet, singing, drums, trombone,
and the clarinet were the instruments that
played in the song.
I thought this was an amazing song. Artists still
make their own versions of the song. The song
shows what wonderful people and world we
have. This song was also a song played in the
movie Toy Story.
 Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve
The trumpet, trombone, piano, drums and the
The song was written by Louis Armstrong in
This is a great song and shows what people go
through it is based on the things that Louis
Armstrong sees in the world.

       He died on July 6th 1971
I chose this artist because I have heard many great
things about him. He also is a very inspirational artist
with an amazing voice who is also a great trumpet

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