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									 Information Systems and HR
 Information Systems changed the way of working.

 IS reframed the businesses way of operation.

 IS introduced new communication methods.

 Change the culture of organizations.
     Technology Improvement
   Hardware and Software advancement.

   Reliable and fast communication technologies.
    (ATM, Sonet, GB Ethernet, Wi-Fi, VoIP)

   More efficient and faster access to recourses.
         What is different now in the Human
              Resources Department?
                     Human Capital
   People are organization’s most valuable assets

   Their value to the organization can be increased
    through targeted investments.

   Increasing their organizational value increases the
    performance capacity of the organization
         What is different now in the Human
           Resources Department? Cont.
   Merge strategic services and Human Resources
    Setting objectives and targets for individual and

   HR are able to influence key decision makers. Business

   Be the advisor and counselor of the organization
         Responding to the challenges
   Recruiting/Staffing               Performance development and
    Direct hire for critical needs   training
    Categorical rating                 Travel expenses
    Student loan repayments
                                      Work schedule flexible
   Work arrangement & work life
                                      Academic degree programs
    Flexible time/place
    Job sharing
    Child care
    Transportation subsidy
    Business casual dress
   Compensation/Benefits
    Relocation, bonuses
            Threat (Outsourcing)
   Outsourcing of HR functions is increasing
    Use of temporary employees, recruitment and testing

   Strategic and operating reasons to outsource
    Flexibility, time saving, cost reduction, reduction of
    legal liability, service quality

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing HR
   How can we make sure that our organization will be
    successful in their Human Capital strategies?

   What do you believe are the greatest barriers/challenges
    on having organizations succeed on their Human
    Capital initiatives?

   What will make you successful in your current career?

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