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					                       Prevention of and Fight
                         Against Crime 2008

                                       EU Ministerial Conference
        Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
                               The Third EU Anti Trafficking Day
                                           19 – 20 October 2009

                           List of Participants – Ministerial Conference
                                      Brussels, 19-20 October 2009


    Country                         Name                               Position

    Albania                         Lulzim Basha                       Minister of the Interior

                                    Arben Braçe                        Director of foreign judicial relations

                                    Sokol Dedja                        Mission of Albania to the EU

                                                                       SEECI contact point, Ministry of the
                                    Ervin Dervina

                                    Ernial Dobi                        Deputy Minister, Ministry of Justice

                                    Mimoza Halimi                      Ambassador to the EU

                                                                       Minister Plenipotentiary at the Albanian
                                    Sonila Vathi
                                                                       Mission to the EU

    Armenia                         Anahit Abrahamyan                  Protocol, Embassy of Armenia to Belgium

                                    Avet Adonts                        Ambassador, Head of Mission

                                    Anna Aghadjanian                   Deputy Head of Mission

  The list reflects participation as confirmed on October 15, 2009, at 17:00 pm. The final list of participants will be
available after the Conference at the Swedish Presidency of the EU’s website (, and at IOM’s
websites ( /

List of Participants                                      1
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 Armenia                       Suren Amirbekyan                Advisor to the Vice Prime Minister

                                                               Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial
                               Armen Gevorkian

                               Mushegh Mkrtchyan               Second Secretary

                               Gagik Yeganyan                  Head of Migration Agency

                                                               Counsellor/Head of Unit
                                                               Austrian Ministry for European and
 Austria                       Regina Rusz                     International affairs, International
                                                               Cooperation, Crime Prevention Drug
                                                               Affairs and Human Trafficking
                                                               International Advisor, Federal Ministry of
                               Günther Sablattnig
                                                               the Interior
                                                               Coordinator on Combating Human
                                                               Trafficking, Director General, Federal
                               Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger
                                                               Ministry for European and International
                                                               Affairs, Austria
 Belgium                       H.M. Queen Paola                Queen of Belgium
                               John Allaert                    CSD Ghent, Belgian Federal Police
                               Stefan Arts                     Collaborator Interior, Belgian Senate
                                                               Legal Advisor, Federal Public Justice
                               Petra Baeyens
                                                               International Coordination Section
                               Wim Bontinck                    Head of Central Unit THB, Federal Police
                               Wouter Boucique                 Advisor, Foreign Ministry

                               Didier Chipoy                   Counsellor

                               Nathalie Cloosen                Attaché
                                                               Federal Police Belgium, Directorate
                               Peter De Buysscher
                                                               International Police Cooperation
                               Stefaan de Clerck               Minister of Justice

                               Paolo De Francesco              Advisor CDENV

                               Jerome Deroulez                 Counseiller Justice
                                                               Head of EU 2010 Presidency Team,
                               Bart D’Hooge
                                                               Federal Police
                                                               Headquarter of Defence, Belgian Ministry
                               Major Gilles du Bois d’Aische
                                                               of Defence
                               Rolf Falter                     Spokesman, Ministry of the Interior
                                                               Head of the department fight against
                               Frank Felix
                                                               human trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

                               Nele Fraeyman                   Attaché

                                                               Deputy Advisor General for Criminal
                               Freddy Gazan

List of Participants                                2
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 Belgium                       Claude Gillard                 Legal Counsellor, Ministry of Justice

                                                              Assistant to Senator Els Van Hoof
                               Tinneke Huyghe

                               Ziad Khousy
                               Dominique Laurent              International Cell, Ministry of the Interior
                               Christiaan Martens             Police Commissioner, Belgian Police
                               Isabelle Mazzara               Deputy Director, Ministry of the Interior
                               Jean-Francois Minet            Attaché, Service de la politique criminelle
                                                              Counsellor of judicial affairs, Permanent
                               Paul Spaan                     Representation of the Netherlands to the
                               Jérome Toussaint               Attaché

                               Annemie Turtelboom             Minister of the Interior
                                                              Director of the Cabinet of the Minister for
                               Franciskus Baron van Daele
                                                              Foreign Affairs
                               Mathilde van der Stegen de
                                                              Attaché, Service de la politique criminelle
                               Aude van Grootenbruel          Legal Adviser

                               Paul van Thielen               Director General, Federal Judicial Police
                               Barbara Vangierdegom           Attaché, Service de la politique criminelle
                               Gertje Veldhuis                Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                               Tony Verachtert                Federal Judicial Police, Brussels Airport

                               Michael Vlamijnck              Migration Expert
                                                              Secretary of the State, Migration and
                               Melchior Wathelet
                                                              Diplomat, Embassy of Bolivia to Belgium
 Bolivia                       Claudia Liebers                and Mission of Bolivia to the European

 Bosnia and Herzegovina        Samir Rizvo                    Council of Ministers

 Brazil                        Romeu Tuma Junior              National Secretary of Justice
                               Sonja Valle Pio Corrêa         National Secretariat of Justice
                                                              JHA Counsellor, Permanent
 Bulgaria                      Plamen Angelov
                                                              Representative of Bulgaria to the EU
                               Lilia Bliznashka               National Commission for Combating THB
                                                              First secretary, Permanent
                               Lyubomira Dimitrova
                                                              Representation of Bulgaria to the EU
                               Ivanka Hristova                Counsellor for employment & social policy
                                                              JHA Counsellor, Permanent
                               Aneliya Ivancheva
                                                              Representation of Bulgaria to the EU
                                                              Director of International Operational
                               Dimitar Georgiev
                                                              Police Cooperation Directorate
                               Margarita Popova               Minister of Justice

List of Participants                                 3
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
                                                              Counsellor, Permanent Representation of
 Bulgaria                      Petar Rashkov
                                                              Bulgaria to the EU
                                                              First secretary, Permanent
                               Mitka Zaharlieva
                                                              Representation of Bulgaria to the EU
 Cambodia                      Hem Saem                       Ambassador

                               Nong Sakal                     Counsellor

                                                              First Secretary, Mission of Canada to the
 Canada                        Cindy Bouchard
                                                              European Union
                                                              Manager, Migration Integrity Unit,
                               James Redmond
                                                              Canadian Border Service Agency

 Croatia                       Branko Baričević               Ambassador of Croatia to the EC

                                                              Second Secretary, Mission of Croatia to
                               Katarina Ćutuk
                                                              the EC
                                                              First Secretary, Mission of Croatia to the
                               Dario Dudas
                                                              Head of Office, Office for Human Rights in
                               Luka Madjeric
                                                              the Republic of Croatia

                               Ivan Šimonovič                 Minister of Justice

                                                              Head Human Rights Section, Ministry of
                               Branko Sočanac
                                                              Foreign Affairs and European Integration
                                                              Administrative officer A, Ministry of the
 Cyprus                        Natasa Economou
                                                              Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the
                               Lazaros Savvides
                                                              Governmental administrative officer,
 Czech Republic                Robert Buřič
                                                              Ministry of the Interior
                                                              Justice and Home Affairs Counsellor,
                               Denisa Fikarova
                                                              Permanent Mission to the EU
                               Jana Kubáčková                 Interpreter, Ministry of the Interior
                                                              Governmental administrative officer,
                               Lenka Myslíková
                                                              Ministry of the Interior
                               Lenka Ptackova Melicharova     Vice Minister of the Interior
                                                              Governmental administrative officer,
                               Olga Šifferová
                                                              Ministry of the Interior
                               Petr Solsky                    Head of Justice and Home Affairs Unit
                                                              Senior advisor, Department of Gender
 Denmark                       Kira Appel
                               Jessika Heltberg Auken         Legal counsellor

                               Lone Dybkjær                   Member of Parliament
                                                              Deputy Permanent Secretary of the
                               Ole Hasselgaard
                                                              Ministry of Justice
                                                              Head of National Division, Ministry of
                               Carsten Kristian Vollmer
                                                              Council of Ministers of the Dominican
 Dominican Republic            Alfonsina González Nicasio
                                                              Republic in Brussels

List of Participants                               4
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 Dominican Republic            Alejandro González Pons        Ambassador to Belgium
                                                              Asesora del Poder Ejecutivo en Política
                               Irma Nicasio Rodríguez
                                                              de Genero
 Egypt                         Wael Abdel Wahab               Second Secretary

                               Badr Abdelatty                 Deputy Chief of Mission
                               Fatma Elzahraa Ibrahim
                                                              Ambassador, Embassy of Egypt
                               Shahinda Emadeldin Hussein     Third Secretary, Embassy of Egypt

                               Hossam Hussein Ismail          First Secretary
                                                              Counsellor in Charge of Consular Affairs,
 El Salvador                   Carmen Chavez-Fabre
                               Hector Gonzalez                Ambassador, Chief of Mission

                               Mauricio Suarez                Minister Plenipotentiary, Embassy

                                                              Counsellor from Estonian Ministry of
 Estonia                       Anu Leps

 Finland                       Maija Ahokas                   Senior Advisor, Ministry of the Interior
                               Thomas Bergman                 Advisor to Minister Thors

                               Anne Holmlund                  Minister of the Interior

                               Kristiina Kokko                Advisor to Minister Holmlund
                                                              Government counsellor, migration
                               Eero Koskenniemi
                                                              department, Ministry of the Interior
                                                              Senior Officer, Office of the Ombudsman
                               Venla Roth
                                                              for Minorities
                                                              Permanent Representation of Finland to
                               Hannele Taavila
                                                              the European Union
                                                              Minister for Immigration and European
                               Astrid Thors
 Former Yugoslav
                               Gorica Atanasova               Head of Unit, Ministry of Justice
 Republic of Macedonia
                               Viktor Belevski                Security officer, Ministry of the Interior

                               Beti Jaceva                    Counsellor

                               Gordana Jankuloska             Minister of the Interior

                               Mihajlo Manevski               Minister of Justice

                               Blerim Reka                    Ambassador

                               Kiro Todorovski                State Counsellor, Ministry of the Interior

                               Dzenk Sejfula                  Counsellor

List of Participants                                5
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 France                        Jean-Marie Bockel              Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice

                               Christine Bouffiere            Captain of the national gendarmerie

                               Jonathan Cordier               EU Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

                               Laurent Marcadier              Counsellor, Ministry of Justice

                               Grégory Saulmé                 Assistant Stagiare
                                                              Diplomatic Advisor to the Federal Minister
 Germany                       Tobias Bergner
                                                              of the Interior
                               Antje Brehmer                  Policy Advisor

                               Thomas Dittmann                Head of Criminal Law, Ministry of Justice

                               Lutz Diwell                    State Secretary, Ministry of Justice
                                                              Desk Officer, German Permanent
 Germany                       Manfred Hähnel
                               Sigrid Jacoby                  Counsellor, Permanent Representation

                               Dirk Mirow                     Head of Unit, Permanent Representation
                                                              Deputy Director-General Police Affairs,
                               Reinhard Peters
                                                              Federal Ministry of the Interior
                                                              Permanent representation of Germany to
                               Carolin Rama
                                                              the EU, Assistant
                                                              Permanent Representation to the EU,
                               Rudolf Roy
                                                              Superior Counsellor
                               Wolfgang Schäuble              Minister of the Interior

                               Peter Schneiderhan             Deutscher Richterbund
                                                              Chief Criminal Inspector, Permanent
                               Silvia Späth
                                                              Representation to the EU
                               Friederike Vogel               Counsellor

                               Marion Walsmann                Minister of Justice, Thüringen

                               Jürgen Zöllner                 Senator, Professor
                                                              Advisor, Federal Ministry for Family
                               Nicole Zündorf-Hinte           Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and

                                                              Minister of Women’s and Children’s
 Ghana                         Akua Sena Dansua

 Greece                        Antonia Andreakou

                               Efthymios Charlaftis           JHA Counsellor

                               Konstantinos Koutras           JHA Counsellor
                                                              Expert Counsellor, Ministry of Foreign
                               Heracles Moskoff

List of Participants                                  6
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
                                                              Deputy Minister, Ministry of Citizen
                               Spyridon Vougias

 Hungary                       Tibor Draskovics               Minister of Justice and Law Enforcement

                               Mátyás Hegyaljai               First Counsellor

                                                              Counsellor, Ministry of Justice and Law
                               Viktória Végh

 Iceland                       Ragna Arnadottir               Minister of Justice and Human Rights

                                                              Counsellor at the Icelandic Mission to the
                               Eggert Olafsson
                                                              Counsellor for Justice and Home Affairs
                               Dis Sigurgeirsdottir
                                                              at the Icelandic Mission to the EU
                                                              Department of Justice, Equality, and Law
 Ireland                       Michael Quinn
                                                              Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, Immigrant
 Ireland                       Nusha Yonkova
                                                              Council of Ireland

                                                              Acting Director on Human Rights Human
 Israel                        Hila Tene-Gilad                Rights and Liaison with International
                                                              Organizations, Ministry of Justice

 Italy                         Antonella Antonelli            Interpreter, Ministry of the Interior

                                                              JHA Counsellor, Permanent
                               Fabio Cassese
                                                              JHA Counsellor, Permanent
                               Biago Roberto Cimini
                                                              International Affairs Coordination Office
                               Stefano Dambruoso

                               Maddalena de Luca              Deputy Under-Secretary of State

                               Filippo Dispenza               Head of Department

                               Sebastiano Fidotti             Secretary to the Under-Secretary of State

                                                              Deputy Head of Freedom and Immigration
                               Renato Franceschelli
                                                              Director General for Criminal Justice,
                               Luigi Frunzio
                                                              Ministry of Justice
                                                              Lieutenant Colonel of the Italian State
                               Claudio Martini
                                                              Police, Ministry of the Interior

                               Francesco Fabio Marzano        Officer International Relations

                                                              JHA Counsellor, Permanent
                               Olga Mignolo

                               Nitto Francesco Palma          Under-Secretary of State

                                                              Diplomatic Advisor to the Minister of
                               Marco Peronaci
                                                              JHA Counsellor, Permanent
                               Andrea Portuesi
List of Participants                                  7
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 Jordan                        Asal Al-Tal                    Second Secretary

 Kosovo (UNSCR
                               Artan Duraku                   Advisor to the Minister of the Interior

                               Nekibe Kelmendi                Minister of Justice

                               Jeton Kibasi                   Translator for the Minister of Justice

                               Zenun Pajaziti                 Minister of the Interior

                               Fisnik Rexhepi                 Advisor to the Minister of the Interior

                               Lumturije Serhati              Officer, Ministry of Health

 Kosovo                        Besnik Vasolli                 Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs

 Kuwait                        Mobarak Al-Hajri               Third Secretary

                               Nabeela Al-Mulla               Ambassador

 Latvia                        Iveta Muceniece                Counsellor JHA, Ministry of Interior

                               Linda Mūrniece                 Minister of Interior

                               Valdis Voins                   State Police Chief

                                                              JHA Counsellor, Permanent
 Lithuania                     Tomas Zilinskas

 Luxembourg                    Sophie Hoffmann                Legal Expert, Ministry of Justice

 Malta                         Michael Cassar                 Assistant Commissioner, Police Force

 Mexico                        Luis Castro Obregón            Strategic Information attaché

                               Eileen de la Fuente            Intern, Embassy of Mexico in Belgium

                               Alberto Glender                Counsellor
                                                              Legal affairs and human rights, Embassy
                               Alejandro Sousa
                                                              of Mexico in Belgium
                                                              Minister of the Interior and Public
 Montenegro                    Ivan Brajovic
                                                              First counsellor, Mission of Montenegro to
                               Bozidarka Krunic
                                                              the EU
                               Ivan Milic                     Advisor to the Minister of Interior

List of Participants                                 8
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
                                                              Chief of Minister’s Security, Ministry of
 Montenegro                    Radomir Pjescic
                                                              Interior and Public Administration
 Moldova                       Daniela Morari                 Counsellor

                               Sergiu Sainciuc                Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economy

 Netherlands                   Ernst Hirsch Ballin            Minister of Justice

                               Evelien Pennings               Senior policy advisor, Ministry of Justice

                                                              Senior researcher, Bureau of the National
                               Hannes Snijder                 Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human
                                                              Director for European and International
                               Jan Terstegen
                                                              Affairs, Ministry of Justice

                               Sander Van Der Eijk            Press Officer, Ministry of Justice
                               Corinne Dettmeijer-            Dutch Rapporteur on Trafficking in
                               Vermeulen                      Human Beings
                                                              coordinator foreign policy aspects CTHB,
                               Guido Vigeveno
                                                              Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                                              Deputy Director-General for
                               Arie Ÿzerman                   Administration of Justice and Law
 Nigeria                       Ismaila Adeniran Aderonmu      NAPTIP Senior intelligence officer

                                                              Director, Investigation & Monitoring,
                               Muhammad Babandede

 Nigeria                       Siman Chuzi Egede              Executive Secretary, NAPTIP
                                                              Director Counselling & Rehabilitation,
                               Lily Nwakaego Oguejiofor
                                                              State Secretary, Ministry of Justice and
 Norway                        Astri Aas-Hansen
                                                              the Police
                                                              Senior Adviser/Member of the EU group
                               Jan Austad
                                                              of experts on Trafficking in Human Beings
                               Torbjörn Froysenes             Ambassador

                               Eva Hermstad                   Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                                              Counsellor Justice and Home Affairs,
                               Hanne Messel
                                                              Mission of Norway to the EU
                               Knut Storberget                Minister of Justice

 Philippines                   Marichu Mauro                  Minister, Embassy of the Philippines

                               Cristina G. Ortega             Ambassador
                                                              JHA Counsellor, Permanent
 Poland                        Michal Fila
                                                              Representation to the EU
                               Filip Jasinski                 Counsellor
                                                              Deputy Director Migration Policy, Ministry
                               Piotr Mierecki
                                                              of Interior and Administration

List of Participants                                 9
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 Poland                        Piotr Stachańczyk              Under-Secretary of State
                                                              National Rapporteur in Trafficking in
                                                              Human Beings, Coordinator of The
 Portugal                      Manuel Albano
                                                              National Action Plan Against Trafficking in
                                                              Human Beings
                                                              Head of the Department for Criminal
                                                              Investigation, Surveillance and
                               Luisa Maia Gonçalves
                                                              Intelligence-DCIPAI, Borders and
                                                              Immigration Service
                                                              National Director of the Borders and
                               Manuel Jarmela Palos
                                                              Immigration Service
 Romania                       Claudia Big                    Advisor, Department of EU Affairs
                                                              Head of Secretariat of Parliament of
                               Dan Matei
                                                              Romania Committee on European Affairs
                                                              Ambassador, Special Representative for
                               Florin Saghi
                                                              the UN
                                                              Justice and Home Affairs Counsellor,
                               Delia Stanscu
                                                              Permanent Representation to the EU
                                                              Director, Ministry of Justice and Citizens’
                               Sorin Tănase
                                                              Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice and
                               Gabriel Tănăsescu
                                                              Citizens’ Liberties
                                                              Human rights division and Council of
                               Camelia Narcis Tudose
                                                              Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                                              Head of the National Agency against
                               Romulus Nicolae Ungureanu
                                                              Trafficking in Persons
                                                              Member of Parliament of Romania
                                                              Committee on European Affairs,
                               Valeriu Stefan Zgonea
                                                              Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies
                                                              Standing Bureau,
                                                              First Secretary, Permanent
 Russia                        Alexey Budarev
                                                              Representation to the EC of Russia
                                                              Permanent Representative of the Russian
                               Anatoly Didenko                Federation to the European Community,
                                                              Permanent Representative of the Russian
                               Vladimir Chizhov
                                                              Federation to the European Community
                                                              Deputy Director of the Department,
                               Pavel Ivliev
                                                              Ministry of Justice
                                                              Deputy Permanent Representative of the
                               Nikolay Revenko                Russian Federation to the European
                               Sergey Sizov                   Attaché
                                                              Permanent Representative of the Russian
                               Dmitry Vishnyakov              Federation to the European Communitiy,
                                                              Third Secretary
 Serbia                        Nenad Banovic                  Head of Border Police Directorate
                                                              Cabinet to the Minister, Bureau for
                               Simonida Vratonjic
                                                              International Cooperation
 Slovakia                      Vladimír Čečot                 State Secretary
                                                              Counsellor (Counter-terrorism, home
                               Lubomir Hanus
                                                              Director of the Department of
                               Jozef Hlinka                   Parliamentary and Governmental Agenda
                                                              and Consulting

List of Participants                                10
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
                                                              Chief of the Secretariat of the 2. State
 Slovakia                      Silvia Slavčevová
                                                              Secretary General, Republic Consulate of
 Slovenia                      Christophe Bovy
                                                              Slovenia for the Walloon Region
                               Sandi Čurin                    Undersecretary, Ministry of the Interior

                               Andrej Grošelj                 JHA Counsellor
                                                              Secretary, Head of Office, Ministry of the
                               Suzana Ivanović
                               Katarina Kresal                Minister of the Interior

                               Silvo Salčnik                  Security Officer

 Spain                         Carmen Bernad                  Honorary Counsel for Spain in Antwerp

                               Carmen De La Viuda             Deputy Counsellor

                               Valentín Dueñas Jiménez        Counsellor
                                                              Head of the International Coordination
                               Federico Millan Marcalva
                                                              Section, Ministry of the Interior
 Sweden                        H.M. Queen Silvia              Queen of Sweden

                               Beatrice Ask                   Minister of Justice

                               Tobias Billström               Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy

                               Olof Bratthall                 Inspector, Stockholm County Police

                                                              Deputy Director General,
                               Peter Bringle
                                                              Division for Police Issues incl Public
                                                              Desk Officer,
                               Cecilia Cardner                Division for European Union Affairs,
                                                              Ministry of Justice
                               Ewa Carlenfors                 Inspector, Stockholm County Police

                                                              JHA Counsellor, Permanent
 Sweden                        Michael Carlin
                                                              Representation of Sweden to the EU
                                                              Ambassador, Permanent Representative
                               Christian Danielsson
                                                              of Sweden to the EU
                                                              Deputy Chair, Committee on Justice,
                               Inger Davidson
                                                              JHA Counsellor , Permanent
                               Leila El Fahimi
                                                              Representation of Sweden to the EU

                               Jan Evensson                   Superintendent, Stockholm County Police
                                                              Press Secretary,
                               Markus Friberg                 Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy,
                                                              Ministry of Justice
                                                              Desk Officer,
                               Jennie Fazlic Holmström        Division for European Union Affairs,
                                                              Ministry of Justice
                                                              Clerical officer,
                               Andia Ghafouri                 Permanent Representation of Sweden to
                                                              the EU, Brussels
                                                              Chief of Staff,
                               Anders Hall
                                                              Ministry of Justice
List of Participants                               11
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
                                                              Clerical officer,
 Sweden                        Klara Jaeken                   Permanent Representation of Sweden to
                                                              the EU, Brussels
                                                              Desk Officer,
                               Andreas Kvarnängen             Division for Police Issues incl Public
                                                              Order, Ministry of Justice
                                                              Clerical officer,
                               Camilla Larsson                Ministry of Justice, Division for European
                                                              Union Affairs
                               Ulrika Rosvall Levin           Project manager, Swedish Institute

                                                              Head of Information,
                               Thomas Lindblom
                                                              Ministry of Justice
                                                              Clerical officer,
                               Linnéa Lundin                  Permanent Representation of Sweden to
                                                              the EU, Brussels
                                                              Legal Counsellor, Permanent
                               Linalotta Petrelius Ndisi
                                                              Representation to the EU
                                                              Minister, Permanent Representation of
                               Hans G. Nilsson
                                                              Sweden to the EU

                               Anders Oljelund                Ambassador
                                                              Clerical officer,
                               Eva Rod                        Division for Police Issues incl Public
                                                              Order, Ministry of Justice
                               Lotta Rönström                 Clerical Officer

                               Henrik Sjölinder               Deputy Director, Ministrz of Justice

                               Anna-Carin Svensson            Director, Ministry of Justice

                                                              COPSAT coordinator, Stockholm County
                               Sofia Tatsis
                                                              Press Secretary, Minister for Justice,
                               Martin Valfridsson
                                                              Ministry of Justice
                                                              Director General for International Affairs,
                               Lars Werkström
                                                              Ministry of Justice
                                                              Deputy Director, Division for Migration
                               Maria Westman Clément
                                                              and Asylum Policy, Ministry of Justice
                                                              Director, Ministry of Justice, Division for
                               Tora Wigstrand
                                                              European Union Affairs
                                                              Special Ambassador on International
 Switzerland                   Eduard Gnesa
                                                              Head of Swiss Coordination Unit against
                               Boris Mesaric                  the Trafficking of Persons, Federal Office
                                                              of the Police
 Thailand                      Saranpat Anumatrajkij          Director of International Affairs Division

                                                              Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Social
                               Jeradas Arnupavatham
                                                              Development and Human Security

                               Rommanee Kananuruk             Minister Counsellor

                                                              Director of Bureau of Anti-Trafficking in
                               Saowanee Khomepatr
                                                              Women and Children

List of Participants                                  12
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
                                                              Ambassador, Royal Thai Embassy,
 Thailand                      Pisan Manawapat

                               Jameekorn Pinsuk               International Affairs Officer
                                                              Chief of the National Operation Centre on
                               Sunee Srisangatrakullert       Prevention and Suppression of Human
                                                              Deputy Permanent Secretary for Social
                               Kanda Vajrabhaya
                                                              Development and Human Security
                                                              Second Secretary, Royal Thai Embassy,
                               Choltipa Sophia Vinyunavan

 Tunisia                       Slah Salhi                     Counsellor

 Turkey                        Murat Sen                      Legal Adviser

                                                              Head of the Department on fight against
 Ukraine                       Mykhaylo Andrienko
                                                              crimes, related to Human trafficking
                                                              First Secretary of the Mission of Ukraine
                               Volodymyr Rydvan
                                                              to the European Union
                                                              Vice-Minister of the Interior, Chief of the
                               Volodymyr Yevdokymov
                                                              Criminal Police
                                                              Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State
 United Kingdom                Alan Campbell
                                                              responsible for crime reduction
                               Claire Fielder                 Permanent representation to the EU
                                                              Justice and Home Affairs, UK Permanent
                               Grace Knott
                                                              representation to the EU
                                                              Assistant Private Secretary, Ministry of
                               Cyril McCammon
                                                              Home Affairs
                               Catherine McGarvey             Policy Advisor, Ministry of Home Affairs
                                                              United States Department of Homeland
 United States of                                             Security, Immigration and Customs
                               Lydia St. John-Mellado
 America                                                      Enforcement, Supervisory Agent (Unit
                                                              Deputy Director, Office to Monitor and
                               Nan Kennelly
                                                              Combat Trafficking in Persons

                               Barbara Thomas                 Population, Refugee and Migration Officer

 Venezuela                     Rhonal Fonseca                 Third Secretary, Embassy

                               Antonio Garcia                 Ambassador to Belgium, Embassy

                               Elia Hernandez                 Counsellor, Embassy


 Institution                   Name                           Position

 Council of the European
                               Anne Cecilie Adserballe        Administrator
                               Kerrin-Sina Arfsten            Trainee
List of Participants                                 13
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 Council of the European                                      Director-General, General Secretariat of
                               Ivan Bizjak
 Union                                                        the Council of the European Union
                               Paul Hickey                    Director DG H1, Justice and Home Affairs

                               Leonardo Schiavo               Director

                               Irene Simantoni                Principal Administrator

                                                              Principal Administrator – Fight against
European Commission            César Alonso Iriarte
                                                              organized crime
                                                              Expert Group on Trafficking in Human
                               Antonia Balkanska Lavine
                                                              Vice-President of the European
                               Jacques Barrot                 Commission, Responsible for Justice,
                                                              Freedom and Security

                               Alexandre Berlin               Honorary Director

                                                              Head of Unit, DG Justice Freedom and
                               Jakub Boratynski

                               Carlos Cardão                  Policy Officer

                               Marlene Flageollet             International Relations Assistant

                                                              Expert Group on Trafficking in Human
                               Luis Gouveia

                               Tomasz Ostropolski             Policy Officer

                                                              EuropeAid Cooperation Office, Migration
                               Aspasia Papadopoulou
                                                              and Asylum Issues

                               Marie-Anne Paraskevas          Principal Administrator

                                                              Policy Officer, Immigration and Integration
                               Stefania Pasquetti

                               Aleksandar Romanovic           Policy officer - Rights of the Child

                                                              Policy Office – Cooperation with African
                               Agata Sobiech
                                                              countries in the area of migration

                                                              Chairperson, Expert Group on Trafficking
                               Baerbel Uhl
                                                              in Human Beings

                               Chiara Vallini                 Project Manager

                                                              DG RELEX Coordination and Analysis –
                               Ann Vanhout
                                                              JLS matters

                                                              Expert Group on Trafficking in Human
                               Georgina Vaz Cabral

List of Participants                                  14
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
                                                              Head of Sector Migration and Asylum
 European Commission           Marlène Vermorken
                                                              Europe Aid F3
                                                              Deputy Head of Unit
                               Sabine Zwaenepoel              Fight against organised crime – DG JLS

                                                              Head of Unit, Secretariat of the Liberties,
 European Parliament           Emilio De Capitani
                                                              Justice and Home Affairs Committee
                                                              Political Advisor, Cabinet of Chair López
                               Ìñigo Echeverría-Torres
                               Daniel Freund                  Assistant
                                                              Administrator, Secretariat of the Liberties,
                               Claudia Gualtieri
                                                              Justice and Home Affairs Committee

                               Anna Hedh                      Member of Parliament

                                                              Chairman , Committee on Civil Liberties,
                               Juan Fernando López Aguilar
                                                              Justice and Home Affairs

                               Alexandra Schafhauser          Assistant to MEP Anna Hedh

                               Hans van Scharen               Assistant to MEP Bart Staes

                               Krisztina Száraz               Assistant to MEP Edit Bauer

 EU Agency for
                               Anastasia Crickley             Chairperson of the management board
 Fundamental Rights
                                                              Head of Department, Freedoms and
                               Joanna Goodey
                               Morten Kjærum                  Director

                               Massimo Toschi                 Networking and Civil Society Coordinator

 EUROPOL                       Steve Harvey                   Trafficking Human Beings Group Leader

                               Rob Wainwright                 Director

 EUROJUST                      Michèle Coninsx                Vice-President

                               Fátima Martins                 Secretary General

 FRONTEX                       Izabella Cooper                Spokesperson

                               Cristina Jorge                 Liaison Officer

                               Ilkka Laitinen                 Executive Director

                               David Reisenzein               Relex Officer

                               Duco van Heel                  Risk analyst

List of Participants                                15
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
                              INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS

 Institution                   Name                           Position

 Council of the Baltic Sea
 States Task Force
 Against Trafficking in        Anna Ekstedt                   Senior Advisor
 Human Beings

                                                              Senior advisor, Department of Gender
 Council of Europe             Sandra Maria Ardeleanu

                               Bjørn Magnus Berge             Chief of Cabinet

                                                              Deputy Secretary to the Committee on
                                                              Equal Opportunities for Women and Men /
                               Jannick Devaux
                                                              Secretary to the Sub-Committee on
                                                              Trafficking, Parliamentary Assembly
                               Thorbjørn Froynes              Ambassador

                               Thorbjørn Jagland              Secretary General

                                                              Adviser in the Private Office of the
                               Leyla Kayacik
                                                              Secretary General
                                                              Executive Secretary of the Council of
                               Marta Requena                  Europe Convention on Action against
                                                              Trafficking in Human Beings
                                                              Director of External Relations
                               Zoltan Taubner

 ECRE                          Bjarte Vandvik                 Secretary General

International Centre for                                      Director, Capacity Building and
                               Martijn Pluim
Migration Policy                                              Operations
Development - ICMPD
                                                              Programme Manager, Trafficking in
                               Elisa Trossero
                                                              Human Beings

 International Labour          Rudi Delarue                   Director of the ILO Brussels office
 Organization - ILO
                               Audrey Le Guével               Programming officer

                               Henning Bergmann               Project Assistant, IOM Berlin
 Organization for
 Migration - IOM
                                                              AVRR Counsellor for Victims of trafficking
                               Audrey Bety
                                                              and medical cases, IOM Brussels
                               Anja Breitner                  IOM Brussels

List of Participants                               16
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
  Organization for             Marzia Cardinali               LAC Coordinator, IOM Brussels
  Migration - IOM
                                                              Counter-Trafficking Focal Point,
                               Sanja Celebic-Lukovac          Programme Development and Liaison
                                                              Officer, IOM Brussels
                                                              Head, Media and Public Information, IOM
                               Jean-Philippe Chauzy
                               Richard Danziger               Head, Counter-Trafficking, IOM HQ

                               Cédric Dekeyser                Project Assistant, IOM Brussels

                               Rosa Espinel                   IOM Brussels
                                                              Head of Project, Implementation Unit,
                               Giulia Falzoi
                                                              IOM Rome
                               Luisa Feline Freier            Project Assistant, IOM Berlin

                               Andreas Halbach                Chief of Mission, IOM Vienna

                                                              National Program Officer, IOM
                               Zakia Hassan

                               Bernd Hemingway                Chief of Mission, IOM Brussels

                               Olivier Lacassagne             IT Administrator, IOM Brussels
                                                              Junior Research Focal Point, IOM
                               Annika Lenz
                               Erwin Markovic                 Head of Finance, IOM Vienna
                                                              Counter-Trafficking Focal Point, IOM
                               Eurídice Márquez Sánchez
                                                              Senior Programme Specialist, Counter
                               Jonathan Martens
                                                              Trafficking, IOM HQ
                               Hodiwala Naozad                IOM Brussels
                                                              Senior Migration Health Manager, IOM
                               Roumyana Petrova-Benedict
                               Elisabeth Petzl                Researcher, IOM Vienna

                               Pascal Reyntjens               AVR Head of Unit, IOM Brussels

                               Claude Rochon                  IOM Brussels

                               Barbara Salcher                Project Assistant, IOM Vienna

                               William Lacy Swing             Director General
                                                              Prevention & Protection Program
                               Irina Todorova
                                                              Coordinator, IOM Moldova
                               Peter von Bethlenfalvy         Chief of Mission, IOM Berlin

                               Mark Watters                   Assistant, IOM Brussels

List of Participants                                 17
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
                               Martin Wyss                    Chief of Mission, IOM Moldova

                               Monica Zanette                 Project manager, IOM Brussels
                                                              Criminal Intelligence Officer
 INTERPOL                      Knut Brattvik                  Trafficking in Human Beings Sub-
                               Pierre Reuland                 Special Representative to the EU

 Nordic Council of                                            Senior Adviser/Coordinator of anti-
                               Maria-Pia De Palo
 Ministers                                                    trafficking activities

 Organization of
                               Fernando Garcia-Robles         Coordinator, Anti-trafficking in persons
 American States

 Organization for
                                                              Special Representative and Co-ordinator
 Security and Co-
                               Eva Biaudet                    for Combating Trafficking in Human
 operation in Europe                                          Beings
                               Naim Hoxha                     National advisor, organized crime

                               Natalia Ollus                  Executive Officer

                               Ruth Freedom Pojman            Deputy Coordinator

                               Shivaun Scanlan                Senior advisor on anti-trafficking

                                                              Director, Department for Security and
                               Carsten Twelmeier
                                                              Public Safety, Mission to Kosovo

 Office of the High                                           United Nations Special Rapporteur on
 Commissioner for              Joy Ngozi Ezeilo               Trafficking in Persons, especially Women
 Human Rights-OHCHR                                           and Children

 Office of the United
 Nations High                  Judith Kumin                   Director, Bureau for Europe
 Commissioner for
 Refugees - UNHCR
                               Fadela Novak                   Policy Officer, Bureau for Europe

 Office of the United
 Nations High
                               Emilie Wiinblad Mathez         Senior Policy Office, Bureau for Europe
 Commissioner for
 Refugees - UNHCR

 United Nations
                               Philippe Cori                  Director
 Children’s Fund
                               Christina Heilborn             Senior Child Rights Officer

List of Participants                                18
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 United Nations
 Children’s Fund               Margaret Wachenfeld            Senior Policy Advisor

 United Nations Industrial
 Development                   Christophe Yvetot              Representative to the EU
 Organization - UNIDO

 United Nations
                                                              Board member of Swedish national
 Development Fund for          Britt Theorin
 Women - UNIFEM

 United Nations Office on                                     UNODC-EU Liaison Officer,
                               Pierre Bonadeo
 Drugs and Crime                                              Representative ad interim
                               Doris Buddenberg               Senior Manager

                                                              Associate Expert, Anti-Human Trafficking
                               Andrea Koller
                                                              and Migrant Smuggling Unit

                               Fabrizio Sarrica               Research expert

                               CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS

 Institution                   Name                           Position

                                                              Dep./Office of Executive and System
 AMS                           Karin Horvath
                               Klara Skrivankova              Trafficking Program Coordinator
 Asbl Sürya                    Christian Meulders             Director

 Association “Generatie
                               Francisc Csizmarik             PR
                               Mariana Petersel               President

 Associazione on the
                               Marco Bufo                     Director
 Barnabas Trust
                               Ben Adebanjo Awe               Executive Director
                                                              Project Manager for Integration and
 Bertelsmann Stiftung          Christal Morehouse
                               Feroze Khan                    Director

 CARE for Europe               Anca Bulica                    Intern

List of Participants                                19
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 Caritas Europe                Peter Verhaeghe                Migration Officer

 CEFOREC International
                               Raoul Donge                    President
 Centre for Equal
                                                              Deputy Coordinator Department of
 Opportunities and             Koen Dewulf
 Opposition to Racism
                               Stef Janssens                  Analyst Unit Human Trafficking

                               Patricia Le Cocq               Collaborator Unit Human Trafficking

 Child Focus                   Kristine Kloeck                CEO

 Commission for                                               Executive Secretary EU Policies &
                               Torsten Moritz
 Migrants in Europe                                           Projects Churches´

                               Evangelia Tsourdi              Project assistant

 Communauté Culturelle
                               Frédéric Gaza                  Administrator
 Congolaise de Belgique

                               Franck Mulisi                  President

 Center of the City of         Norbert Ceipek                 Director
 ECPAT International           Katlijn Declercq               Focal point on European institutions

                               Theo Noten                     Executive Board Member

 European Evangelical
                               Eleftherios Kaloterakis        Intern

                               Christel Lamere Ngnambi        Brussels manager

 European Policy Centre        Elizabeth Collett              Senior Policy Analyst

                               Sheena McLoughlin              Program Assistant

List of Participants                               20
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 European Women’s
 Lobby – European
                               Colette De Troy                Director
 policy centre on
 violence against women
                               Isobel McKenna                 Intern

                               Pierrette Pape                 Policy Officer

 EXIT/Adesuwainitiatives       Andrea Nyberg

 FACE                          Gabor von Bethlenfalvy         Project Manager

 Fondation Scelles             Jean – Sébastien Mallet        Manager

 For a Happy Childhood
                               Verica Stamenkova Trajkova     President
 Geneva Center for the
 Democratic Control of         Darko Stančić                  Assistant Director, Head of Operations
 Armed Forces
 German Institute for
                               Heike Rabe
 Human Rights

 G.I.T.R.A.D.O.                René de Wilde                  President

 H.C.D.C.P. (Hellenic
                                                              Psychologist, Office for the Study and
 Centre for Diseases           Christos Chrysomallis
                                                              Confrontation of Trafficking
 Control’s Prevention)
                                                              Head of the Office for the Study and
                               Konstantinos Kampourakis
                                                              Confrontation of Trafficking

                               Theodoros Papadimitron         General Director

 Human Rights Without
                               Willy Fautre                   Director
 Frontiers International

                               Mariam Uberi                   Intern

                               Jeremiah Workman               Project Director

 Interaction                   Oxana Alistratova              Director

 International Catholic
 Migration Commission          Petra Hueck                    Program manager
 International Federation
 of Red Cross and Red          Lars Linderholm                Anti-trafficking network facilitator
 Crescent Societies
 King Baudouin
                               Fabrice de Kerchove            Project manager

List of Participants                               21
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 gegen Frauenhandel
                               Naile Tanis                    Director
 und Gewalt an Frauen
 im Migrationsprozess
 La Strada Poland              Stana Buchowska                National Coordinator

 LEFÖ                          Evelyn Probst                  Director

 Medica Zenica                 Sabiha Husic                   Executive Director

                                                              Member of the group Trafficking in
 Médicos del Mundo             Maria del Rio Pereda
                                                              Human Beings

 Migrant Rights Centre
                               Edel McGinley                  Project Leader

 Missing Children Europe       Francis Herbert                Secretary General

                               Delphine Moralis               Deputy Secretary General

 Open Gate                     Marija Todorovska              Program manager

 Pax Christi International     Felix M. Betram                Representative

 Pag-Asa NGO                   Heidi De Pauw                  Director

 Panta Rhei Social
                               Judit Juhász                   Head of research
 Research Group
 Payoke                        Jan Broers                     President

                               Solange Cluydts                Operations Coordinator

                               Mieke Engelen                  Volunteer

                               Andrea Heirman                 Volunteer

                               Stephanie Jordens              Volunteer

                               Gustaaf Mertens                Member, Board of Directors

                               Sebastian Mertens              Volunteer

                               Tammy Schurman                 Educational Assistant

                               Patsy Sörensen                 Director

                               Els van den Dunghen            Volunteer

                               Frieda van den Dunghen         Volunteer

List of Participants                               22
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 Ruhama                        Emily Jamieson                 Trafficking caseworker

 Samilia Foundation            Sophie Jekeler                 Director

 Samilia Foundation            Sabine Missistrano             Board Member

Spanish Network against
                               Belen Walliser Martin          Coordinating committee, focal point
Trafficking in Persons
STOP (Stop Trafficking
                               Elodie Broussard               Chargée de développement
of People)
 Terre des Hommes
 International                 Salvatore Parata               European Officer
                               Raffaele Salinari              President

                               José Luis Segura               Assistant Officer

                                                              Resource person, anti-trafficking,
                               Mirela Shuteriqi
 TUT Human Rights
                               Merle Albrant                  Gender equality legal expert

                               Marianne Meiorg                Director

 Women Trafficking and
 Child Labour
                               Veronica Kehen Umaru           National Coordinator
 Eradication Foundation
 WOTCLEF Nigeria
 World Vision                  Enkeleda Lopari                Advocacy

 YPSA (Young Power in
 Social Action) –              Mohammed Arifur Rahman         Chief Executive


 Institution                   Name                           Position

 Academy of
 Criminalistic and Police      Nenad Radovic                  Assistant professor
 Studies – Serbia

 Comenius University of
                               Dusan Soltes                   Faculty of Management

List of Participants                                23
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 EUCOJUST                      Louis Blondiau                 Director

 Expert                        Marcello D’Amico               Coordinator Strategic Projects

                                                              Former President of the Expert Group on
 Expert                        Marco Gramegna
                                                              Trafficking in Human Beings

 Expert                        Helga Konrad                   International Expert on THB

IFIAS Institute for
International Assistance       Jelena von Helldorff           Vice-President
and Solidarity
Institute for International
Research on Criminal           Neil Paterson                  Researcher
Policy, Gent University
Johns Hopkins
                                                              Research Professor of Law and
University                     Mohamed Y. Mattar
                                                              Executive Director

 Lund University               Christina Wenngren             Student

 Tbilisi State University      Ketevan Khutsishvili           Invited lecturer

University College
Utrecht                        Alexis A. Aronowitz            Assistant Professor

 University of Ghent           Ilse Derlyun                   Post-doctoral researcher

 University of Kent
                               Lara Abdelsamad                MA Student
                               Ana Gabriela Acosta

                               Galina Kulikova                Student

                               Marie Lamy                     Graduate student

                               Natalia Perova                 Intern, student

                               Alexander Tietz                Student

                               Roy Scheibenpflug              Post-graduate student

 University of Vienna          Jürgen Nautz                   Professor

                               Nneka-Lena Onyeji              Student

                               Megi Plaku                     Student

List of Participants                                  24
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings

 Institution                   Name                            Position

 Agence Europe                 Benoit Cusin                    Press

 Associated Press              Virginia Mayo                   Photographer

 ATD Quart Monde
                               Dominique Foubert               Treasurer

                                                               EU Correspondent, REFORMA
 BBC World                     Inder Bugarin

 Camera Man                    Gerald Gjeogjini                Press

 Deutsche Welle                Arne Lichtenberg                Press

 Europolitics                  Nathalie Vandystadt             Member of the press

 Feinkost MEDIA                Hubert Weitzer                  CEO

                               Christoph Lennert               Member of the press

 L’Eco di Bergamo              Mariagrazia Forcella            Member of the press

 Notimex - Mexican
                               Márcia Bizzotto                 Brussels correspondent
 News Agency

 ORF Austrian broadcast
                               Gönna Ketels

 Svenska Filmbolaget           Ian Grant                       News Manager
                               Tobias Larsson                  Video editor

                               Sara Lindqvist                  Production Coordinator

                               Peter Mild                      Camera man

List of Participants                               25
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 Radio Television of           Zija Avdullahi                  Camera man
                               Meta Rozafe                     Journalist

 Reuters                       Yvonne Bell

                               Erika Croonbergs

                               Christian Levaux

                               Sebastien Pirlet                Freelance photographer

                               Herve Verloes

 RFE/RL                        Vitaliy Yeremitsa               Correspondent, Press

 Romanian Public
                               Magdalena Moreh                 Brussels correspondent
 Trouw Newspaper               Leonoor Kuijk                   EU Correspondent

 TV Globo News                 Letícia Fonseca-Sourander

 UNIAN News Agency             Sergiy Voropayev

 WAZ Media Group               Nikolaos Georgakis              Reporter/Trainee

                               Veselin Jelev

                               Katrin Teschner

                                        PRIVATE SECTOR

 Institution                   Name                            Position

                                                               Advisor to the Board & Senior Vice
 Deutsche Telekom AG           Maud Pagel

 Württembergischer             Marion Johannsen                Director

 Tamarind Management           Peter Austin Odhiambo
 Group LTD                     Milanda

List of Participants                                26
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
 Intrasoft SA                  Sofia Ekfeldt Nyman             Editor

                               Carlo Ennio Stasi               Project Manager

 The Body Shop                 Christopher Davis               International Campaigns Director
                               Myriam Galopin                  International Campaigns Manager

List of Participants                               27
EU Ministerial Conference - Towards Global EU Action against Trafficking in Human Beings