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					                                       PBL General Body Meeting Agenda
                                         Wednesday, 09/05 @ 9:15 PM
                                          Sennott Square Room 2200

                                      We are PBL: Pitt’s Business Leaders


*Please note: A LOT OF AWESOME STUFF happened this summer, as far as PBL is concerned. Due to
time restrictions, we’ll only cover the most pressing issues this meeting, but there will be lots more
coming!! No official team meetings this meeting due to time constraints, but please check with the VP
who supports your team to see if they need to meet with you.

    I.     Pledge
               a. I solemnly promise to uphold the aims and responsibilities of Phi Beta Lambda, and as an
                    active member, I shall strive to develop the qualities necessary in becoming a responsible
                    business leader.
    II.    National Conference Results – Carrie Tersigni
               a. Mid June, Chicago
               b. Ryan Varley – 1st place – Sports marketing
               c. Justin Rosenkaimer – 3rd place - Economics
               d. Carrie Tersigni and Katie Conner – 4th place, Business Ethics
    III.   Fundraising – Ryan Varley and Jason Kelly
               a. Ben Roethlisberger Jersey Fundraiser update
               b. Other fundraising news
    IV.    Recruitment – team led by Katie Conner and Katie Kipphorn
               a. Recruitment events are listed at the bottom of this agenda
               b. Please try to attend as many recruitment events as possible so that you can help us
                    recruit some high quality freshmen and sophomores.
               c. We will need people to be at the interviews “secretly” interviewing people while they
                    are all hanging out waiting to be officially interviewed. If you are going to do this, please
                    plan on staying the whole time – your input is REALLY important in the selection process
                    – we want to make sure that candidates have the social skills outside the official
                    interview to be great PBL members, and the only way to know that is through your
    V.     Social – Leah Winkler and Leigh Taylor
               a. Social recruitment events coming up (listed at bottom of this agenda)
               b. Other upcoming social events
    VI.    Attendance Policies – Jamie Gold
               a. All members must meet the following requirements:
                          i. 3 professional development events, 2 of which must be PBL events
                         ii. 2 social events
                        iii. 1 service event
                        iv. Must not miss more than 2 meetings
               b. Members must email Jamie at pittpbl.secretary@gmail.com at least 2 hours before the
                    meeting begins to inform us that you will not be there. You get one warning with this.
               c. This will be strictly enforced this semester – there will be no changes made at the end of
                    the semester because people did not meet the requirements.
          d. If you know that you will not be able to meet the requirements (i.e. you have class on all
             the professional development nights, etc.), you must email Jamie THIS WEEK and let her
             know. This will not be an acceptable excuse at the end of the semester because
             everyone has the calendar now.
          e. Forms are here tonight to be signed by a member of LD if you attend an LD event
             instead of a PBL event.
          g. Other attendance policy information
VII. Treasurer Report – Ryan Neely
          a. Dues will be $35 ($10 of this goes to PAPBL, $14 goes to National PBL).
          b. Dues are due by October 3rd AT THE LATEST. You may hand them in at the retreat on
             9/23 (listed below), at the induction ceremony on 9/26 (listed below), or at the meeting
             on 10/3. If you fail to hand in dues by this date without a valid excuse to Ryan Neely
             BEFORE THE DUE DATE, you will not be a member of the organization this semester.
          c. New policy: If you are purchasing anything for PBL for which you expect to be
             reimbursed, you must contact Ryan Neely in writing via email (NO VERBAL REQUESTS)
             and receive approval from him via email BEFORE you purchase anything. You must
             provide Ryan Neely with the receipt for any approved purchase you do make in order to
             be reimbursed.
VIII. Job Shadowing Day – Wendy Palecek, Justin Rosenkaimer, Kerri Allen and co.
          a. Friday, November 9th, 2007
          b. Freshmen and Sophomore CBA students
          c. Companies participating so far
          d. Marketing plans/strategy
          e. Other Job Shadowing Day information
IX. Mentoring program – Steve Gallatin
          a. Discussion – how to structure and improve mentoring program this semester.
X. State Fall Officer Orientation - Diana
          a. Being held at CBA this year on 10/13
          b. Unfortunately, only the leadership team can attend because otherwise we have to pay
             (if we go over a certain #), but this is really good for PITT PBL.
XI. Announcements
          a. Upcoming Events:
                   i. PBL Pasta Night: Th. 9/13 @ 6:30 PM, Bouquet Gardens Building “G” Room 202
                      (Ryan Varley, Steve Gallatin, and Brendan Connolly’s place). Diana will be
                      making pasta – please bring a bowl and a fork. Call Diana if for some reason you
                      can’t get in (610-468-8627), but the door should be propped open.
                  ii. Recruitment:
                          1. Wolseley Event (counts as a Prof. Dev. Event): 9/12 @ 8:00 PM, WPU
                              527, Business Casual Dress
                          2. Info. Meeting (mandatory for PBL candidates – please try to be there):
                              9/12 @ 9:15 PM, SSQ 2200
                          3. ALDI Event (counts as a Prof. Dev. Event): 9/13 @ 6:00 PM, SSQ 2500
                              (this room may change). Business Casual Dress
                          4. PBL @ Panera (counts as social event): 9/14 @ 5:00 PM, Panera
                           5. Capture the Flag (counts as social event): 9/15 @ 2-4PM, Cathedral
                           6. Interviews: 9/17 - 5-7:30 PM, Team Meeting Room 1;
                                       9/18 – 7-9:30 PM, Team Meeting Room 1;
                                       9/19 – 8-10:30 PM, Team Meeting Room 1
                 iii. CBA LD Alumni Telethon: Th 9/20 from 5:30-9PM, LD >> they have asked us to
                      help out and this is VERY important for CBA – please consider helping out if
                      you’re free. LD does SO much for us and it would be great if we could show our
                      support through this event. Please email LeeAnn Falcon at
                      lfalcon@katz.pitt.edu if you can help out, and let Diana know, too. Diana will
                      treat all who help out to Starbuck’s!!
                 iv. Retreat (mandatory): 09/23 from 4-7PM, room TBA.
                  v. Induction Ceremony (mandatory): 9/26 at 9:00 PM, room TBA.
XII. Please add the following new email addresses to your “safe-senders” lists. We have changed
         from Yahoo! Due to technical problems.
         a. Pittpbl.secretary@gmail.com
         b. Pittpbl.vpfinance@gmail.com
         c. Pittpbl.treasurer@gmail.com
         d. Pittpbl.vpservice@gmail.com
         e. Pittpbl.vpsocial@gmail.com
         f. Pittpbl.vppr@gmail.com
         g. Pittpbl.recruitment@gmail.com
XIII. Rewards and Recognition
         a. Chris Wozniak – speaking to CBA LLC for recruitment
         b. Ryan Varley – organizing Jersey Fundraiser over summer
         c. All who tabled – GOOD JOB getting involved so early in the semester -- It is
             WONDERFUL to see so many different people be so involved ALREADY!!  Keep it up!
                   i. Brendan Connolly, Nick Douty, Carrie Mesing, Katie Kipphorn, Vicky Komen,
                      Murphy Goodman, Carrie Tersigni, Josh Bergman, Larissa Josephson, Cassie
                      Natarian, Kate Conner, Ryan Varley, Diana Trench, Patrick D’Aurora, Ryan Neely,
                      Maria Mastellino, Leah Winkler, Kyle MacFarlane, Jamie Gold, Leigh Taylor,
                      Megan Loughran, Mark Boucher, Kerri Allen, Alecia Lally, Jeff Ries (may be more
                      from this week).
         d. Recruitment team – you’re all doing a wonderful job
         e. All who helped out with recruitment activities, specifically CBA Freshmen Orientation
             and PITT Student Activities Fair
                   i. Katie Kipphorn, Ryan Varley, Jamie Gold, Pat Sweny, Chris Wozniak, Diana
                      Trench, Steve Lerch, Steve Gallatin, Courtney Sakowicz
         f. National Leadership Conference Attendees – you all did an outstanding job representing
             PITT PBL at the NLC! We have heard great reports from many people about your
             professionalism at the NLC.
         g. Larissa Josephson – PBL scrapbook over the summer and photos website
         h. Justin Rosenkaimer – working on a new website
         i. Steve Gallatin – getting together the dodgeball team
         j. Others?
XIV. Any other member announcements??

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