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Centennial Area Education Foundation


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									    Centennial Area
  Education Foundation
Celebrating our 10th Anniversary!
             Thank you!!!!
   Your time and donations make a difference.

 Thank you for sharing your
evening with us tonight at our
   Gala and supporting our
   efforts towards a better
educational experience for our
  children in the Centennial
          Thank you to our
        sponsors for the Gala!
         Joining efforts for a better tomorrow.
               Infinite Campus
                  SaberPack
             Dan & Chris Wendt
 Barbara J. Mahr, CFC, Ameriprise Financial
       Gray Plant Mooty Foundation
           Jeff & Chris O'Donnell
         State Rep Linda Runbeck
         Precision Tune Auto Care
         Thank you to our
        sponors for the Gala
        Joining efforts for a better tomorrow.
         Dwight & Pat Benoy
         Mike & Nancy Gray
        Jan & Linda Kreminski
 McDonald's (VJ'S Food Service, Inc/VMC
       RDM Insurance Agency
         Steve & Barb Regnier
             Steve Shriener
              Thank you to our
             sponors for the Gala
            Joining efforts for a better tomorrow.
           Russel & Phyllis Eklund
              Dave & Kim Kelso
 Lakeview Family Dentistry, Dr. George Lindy
                Karen Lodico
            MN School of Business
            Matt & Jennifer Percy
           Richard & Lynn Rossiter
                Aynur Konar
 CAEF Mission Statement
  Helping our Students Reach for the Stars!

 Supporting Education to
Build a Strong Community
           Who Are We?
     Your Gifts are Key to Our Success

          CAEF, a 501(c)(3)non-profit
            organization comprised
      of volunteers from the community
   dedicated to raising money to enrich the
     students in the Centennial District.

Gifts to CAEF are allocated by way of grants and
      scholarships across diverse programs
 supporting our schools, teachers and students.
            How Your Gifts are Used
          Allocation of Gifts thru 2011 & Projected 2012




$10,000                                                    Scholarships
                                                           Teacher of the Year
                                                           Special Grant
 $6,000                                                    Honorarium



      Community Grants - 2012
             Giving Every Child a Chance
    2012 Grants have just been awarded!!
 Blue Heron Elementary – Before School Reading
  and Math Program

 Centennial Middle School – Rachel’s Challenge-
  empower students with kindness & compassion

 Centennial Elementary Schools – Kindness Retreat
  to teach respect, responsibility and address
  relational aggression issues

 Centennial High School – Peer Leader Initial
  Community Grants - 2012
      Partnering with our Community

 Summer Fun Enrichment Program- Reading

  and Learning throughout the summer

 Chain of Lakes YMCA - Teen Leaders

 Youthway Center - After School Tutoring,
 Homework and Reading

 Every Day Kids After School Program
          2011 Grant Cycle
            Make a Dream Come True

 Centennial District 12 – Kindness Retreat to teach
  respect, responsibility and address relational
  aggression issues
 Blue Heron – Before & After School Reading and
 Golden Lake – Compass Learning Software

 Centennial Middle School – Get it Dunn Reading

 Summer Fun – Reading & Learning throughout
  the summer
        2011 Grant Cycle
              Building our Future

 Chain of Lakes YMCA – Developing Leadership
  Skills with Teens

 Paul Revere Park – After school tutoring

 Train Station – Tutoring for Centennial Lakes Park

 Noah’s Ark Preschool – Bilingual Spanish Preschool
   Relational Aggression
         Continuing our Journey

CAEF continues to make a priority the

 reduction and eventual elimination

  of aggressive behavior (bullying)

     in our district by partnering

 with the Peace Makers Foundation

    and awarding special grants.
       Special Grant 2011
  Teaching our Children Respect and Responsibility
CAEF in partnership with Peace Maker
  Foundation help fund the Kindness
   Retreat which teaches respect and
responsibility and addresses relational
    aggression issues in our schools.
      Special Grant 2010
Helping Schools with Relational Aggression

CAEF partnered with the Peace Maker
 Foundation to make it possible for the
  Centennial district to administer the
     Olweus Bullying Prevention
     Survey in grades 3-12 in 2010.
     Special Grant 2011
       Continual improving technology

CAEF award a second special grant in 2011
 to improve technology available in the
Centennial District in 2012. iPads are being
 distributed to various schools to enhance
         the learning experience.
    Golden Lake Elementary

    Centennial Middle School

    Centennial High School in a cooperative
     joint venture with Infinite Campus
  Student Scholarships
     Helping Make College a Reality

Since 2005 CAEF has awarded
   23 high school students
 scholarships totaling $11,500.
    Teacher of the Year
  Recognizing Our Outstanding Teachers

   CAEF has awarded grant money to
Centennial Teacher of the Year for 6 years.
   CAEF Fundraising
     Need your continued support

 Infinite Campus teamed with CAEF to sponsor a
  “Welcome Back” Wine Tasting Event.
 Chain of Lakes Rotary Organized a 5K “Fun Run”
  raising $2000 for CAEF
 “Reach for the Stars Gala”

 Individual & Corporate Donations
      How Can You Help?
   Working Together We Can Make a Difference

 Make a donation!!!!!!!
 Make a donation to our General Fund
 Make a donation to our Endowment
  Fund or Allocations Fund
 Think about us with a planned gift
 Volunteer!!
 Visit our WEB site, and tell others
  about what we are trying to achieve in
  our Community!!!!
     Thank you again !!!!
       You can make a difference!

 Thank you for making all of
     this possible with your
financial support! We can not
     make a difference in the
   Centennial District and the
  lives of our students without
           your support!

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