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 Newsletter of EAA Chapter 1426                  Vol. 3, No. 2 – February 2009

           NEXT MEETING: February 12 - TCA hangar at 7 PM.

                          MYSTERY COCKPIT

Can you identify this aircraft from its cockpit? Bring your answer to Thursday’s
meeting. If you’re right, $2 will be donated to your favorite charity -- The Emily
Gile Scholarship Fund! See bottom of page 5 for details.

         Many thanks to Scott Thomas for this month’s MYSTERY COCKPIT!

EAA Chapter 1426 Newsletter                            Vol. 3, No. 2 – February 2009
For the Record
Minutes from the Meeting of January 8, 2009
By Mimi Thomas

The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President Bob Steele. In attendance were chapter members
Rick Beasley, Brian Sutphin, Sam Ayers, Nancy Beasley, Bill Bryant and his son Jacob, Scott and Mimi
Thomas, Marcus Ogle, Dennis King, Shirley Steele, Gary Craig, John Reece, Mark Aufrecht, Joanie and
Lewis Walker, Sharyl Walker, Ina and Jake Jacobs, and Donnie Malin. Guests were Toni Hall and Bob
Bradbery (TCA flight students), Tyler Ward (Chapter 1426 aviation scholarship recipient 2008), and
five of Tyler’s family members. Bob Steele thanked Joanie Walker and Nancy Beasley for the
evening’s refreshments, as well as Becky Ward, who brought brownies. He also thanked Sharyl Walker
for publishing an outstanding newsletter last month.

Finance Report:        $379.00 was paid out for EAA membership renewal and insurance
                       $25.00 paid to the State Corporation Commission
There is a balance of $175.03, making obvious the need to raise funds. DUES ARE PAYABLE NOW!

Board meeting results (from 1/3/09) are in the January Newsletter. It was decided that the Board will
meet once per month, and all members are encouraged to attend to discuss chapter activities. Next
Board meeting is at Corney’s, 1/31/09 at 8 a.m.

Program: Tyler Ward attended the Aviation Challenge in Huntsville this past summer. He presented a
talk about his experiences as well as a well-done slide show, complete with music. Tyler thanked
everyone and said it was a terrific experience; he learned teamwork and leadership skills, and enjoyed
the space museum and air show with the Blue Angels.

Other Business:
The Chapter must move out of the soon-to-be-demolished hangar by the end of the month. A t-hangar
may be available. Bob Steele is working on letters to the airport commission re: requesting a t-hangar for
EAA and identifying the need for a future EAA hangar facility. Bob will submit these letters before the
next airport commission meeting on January 22. Members are encouraged to attend.

Work on this year’s scholarship program will begin next week. Dates for Young Eagle rallies must be
determined at the next meeting. Ideas for fund raisers are requested. It was suggested that there be a
small charge for using the Aquajet X at events such as the Safe Halloween event in Galax. After using
the Aquajet in Galax it needs some repair, however. The chapter may entertain the idea of hosting a
breakfast or lunch fly-in once a month. It would also be open to the community and would raise needed

Ina Jacobs is still in charge of signing up refreshment volunteers for the monthly meetings.

Nancy Beasley suggested we create a memorial for Emily Gile and have a formal dedication (plaque,
picture, etc.). Please let Bob Steele know if you have other ideas. The scholarship fund is named in her

The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Mimi Thomas
Recording Secretary, Chapter 1426
EAA Chapter 1426 Newsletter                      p. 2               Vol. 3, No. 2 – February 2009
Minutes from the Board Meeting of January 31, 2009
By Mimi Thomas

The Board met at Corney’s Restaurant at 8 a.m.; meeting began at 8:45 a.m. Present were: Bob Steele, Sharyl
Walker, Sam Ayers, Mimi Thomas, Ina Jacobs, Nancy Beasley, Bill Bryant, and Scott Thomas.

    1.      Young Eagles Rallies
            Tentative dates were set for spring and fall YE rallies: May 9 and September 26, respectively. These
            dates will be proposed to the Chapter members at the monthly meeting. Rain dates for the rallies
            would be the following weekend. Special groups could be accommodated separately, if necessary.
            Bob proposed sometime in June for the Woodlawn Summer Enrichment program students. The Girl
            Scouts expressed interest but have not contacted Bob as yet.

    2.      Monthly Fly-in Lunch
            Monthly fly-ins have been proposed. Flight student/EAA member Toni Hall has a catering business
            and may be able to assist with these events. It is hoped the chapter can coordinate with her schedule.
            Because of her other commitments, fly-ins may occur every other month.
            Questions arose:
                Seating arrangements (Somewhere in the TCA hangar is the only option?)
                How much would Toni charge?
                Would chapter provide food or would Toni provide?
                Health Dept. approval? (One person needs a certificate.)
                Should YE rallies be held at the same time as a fly-in?

    3.      Advertising for both YE and Fly-Ins
            Bob Steele will check EAA website to see if there are email addresses for members, as regular mail is
            too expensive and brings little response. Ina Jacobs volunteered to coordinate distribution of flyers,
            which will require manpower from the members. It was suggested that a survey be conducted to
            determine how people hear about YE and fly-ins, in order to find out what advertising is the most
            effective. One suggestion was to place tear-off tabs at the bottom of flyers for people to bring with
            them to events that would tell us where they saw the notice. We could also ask when people register.
            Bill Bryant will find out the cost of an electronic sign, which could be placed in a prominent location
            prior to events. It could also be leased to other organizations to help recoup costs.

    4.      Fund Raising
            Bob mentioned that Gary Craig suggested a car wash, to be held possibly in May or June. Bill Bryant
            will ask Advance Auto if we can use their location. We would need to find volunteers for the car
            wash. To be discussed at monthly meeting. Bill also said that if the chapter holds a big event (i.e., an
            air show), he would donate to the chapter some of the proceeds from helicopter rides. The possibility
            of an air show was discussed: deterrents include insurance; grants from the state have dried up,
            paying performers, FAA and FSDO coordination, etc. However, EAA can sponsor an “Air Fair” (no
            performers) and give rides, do fly-bys, ride-sharing, static displays of planes and antique cars,
            vendors, etc. A tentative date of October 10 was proposed, and will be discussed at the monthly

The next Board meeting will be held at Corney’s Restaurant, 8:00 a.m., February 28.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Mimi Thomas
Recording Secretary, Chapter 1426

EAA Chapter 1426 Newsletter                          p. 3                  Vol. 3, No. 2 – February 2009

PS from President Bob Steele
I haven’t had a chance to update you on the EAA portion of the most recent Airport Commission Meeting so I
thought the Newsletter might be a good way to do that. At the meeting, I presented the two letters we have been
working on.
The first letter was concerning renting the T-Hangar to replace our workshop in the Maintenance hangar. The
Commission members thought it was a good idea however the request is in limbo until the Airport Commission
lawyer can provide an assessment of our moving into the T-Hangar for the purpose of building an airplane. This
is the first time the Airport Commission would have allowed this activity and they wanted an assessment due to
the precedent that is being set. Also, it appears the Maintenance hangar will not be dismantled for some time due
to all proposals having been rejected.
Regarding the long range planning letter, the Commission was receptive to trying to incorporate our needs into
common facilities as much as possible. We’ll just have to work with the Commission to see how this turns out.
Also, we need to continue to refine our plans and develop something on the order of a business plan.
The Airport Manager tells me the Airport is entering a new phase of construction beginning next year and
continuing for several years. So, now is the time to work with the Airport Management if you have any thoughts
about what needs to be done. I encourage anyone who has ideas or thoughts to bring them before the
Commission. I’ll see you at the Thursday meeting. We may have more exciting news to talk about.

PS to January’s “Sutphin Solos!”
Brian Sutphin successfully passed his check ride on February 6th and is now a Private Pilot! Congratulations to
Brian, as well as to his instructor, Scott Thomas! Brian is Scott’s first student to obtain his license since Scott
started instructing at HLX.

PS to January’s “Garage Story”
Just in case last month’s story by Mimi Thomas
got you wondering what a Volmer Amphibian
(a.k.a. “Buck’s Duck”) looks like, here’s a shot
from the Thomas archives:

                                              EAA CHAPTER 1426
                                 Meetings: 2nd Thursdays at 7 PM at Twin County Airport
                                 (KHLX) located at:
                                            560 Hangar Road, Hillsville, VA 24343
                                 For more information, contact:
                                 Bob Steele, Chapter President –
                                 Newsletter Editor: Sharyl Walker –

EAA Chapter 1426 Newsletter                                p. 4                       Vol. 3, No. 2 – February 2009
                     MYSTERY LOVERS
                           A Book Report By Sharyl Walker

         I wasn’t very successful at arm-twisting bashful writers this past month, so I
thought I’d do a book report. In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, I read an aviation love
story. Just to make this article a little more interesting, see if you can identify the famous
couple described below. Correct answers will be worth another $2 to our favorite charity!

Book Title: Calculated Risk
Author: Jonna Hoppes
Publisher: Santa Monica Press

         Ms. Hoppes dedicates her book to her grandparents. It is their love story: love for each other, love of
flying, and love of this great country.
         They met in high school. He was the class clown, she was the academic. He proposed in the library.
She gave up a free ticket to law school and her parents’ approval to marry this “bad boy.” He said that was the
luckiest thing that ever happened to him.
         He learned to fly in a Curtiss JN-4. He fell in love with flying and wanted to share that joy with her. He
landed in an open field to pick her up. Her skirt was too tight for her to climb aboard, so he ripped the seam for
her. After several rolls and spins, they landed and she threw up. Thoroughly euphoric and completely unaware
that her face was covered with engine oil (except for a mask where the goggles were), she made her own way
back to town as her husband flew off before the “borrowed” military aircraft would be missed. People stared and
smiled at her and she thought they must also be enjoying the glorious day.
        He was the first to fly across the United States in less than 24 hours and the first to perform an outside
loop. He pioneered instrument flight. He earned MS and PhD degrees in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT.
She typed his thesis and dissertation. She opened their home to soldiers and friends and served homemade beer
during Prohibition.
         He fought to improve America’s air power and pushed for production of 100-octane fuel while others
refused to see how ill-prepared the country was for entering WWII. He led an impossible mission into enemy
territory and, in his mind, failed; but in fact, the famous attack turned the tide of the war. He changed the role of
fighter planes to fighting enemy planes rather than escorting bombers. The change in philosophy greatly
increased the success of the Allied air forces. He cared deeply about his men and was greatly respected by all
who served under him. She visited wounded soldiers, sympathized with military wives and mothers, attended war
bond rallies and USO functions, published newspaper columns, had a radio program, and wrote hundreds of
letters per week offering comfort and encouragement. In the words of Mrs. Bob Hope, she was “the national
distributor of patience.”
        Ms. Hoppes tells their story so much better than I can summarize it, so I highly recommend this book for
your reading pleasure and inspiration. Once it finishes going around the family, I’ll put it in the Chapter library.

                                               February’s Aviation Challenge
Send your answers by e-mail to Sharyl Walker ( no later than 5 PM February 12, or deliver in person at
Thursday’s Chapter meeting. Each correct answer is worth a $2 contribution to the Emily Gile Scholarship Fund, or $5 for
two right answers.
      $2    MYSTERY COCKPIT        $2                                              $2     MYSTERY LOVERS       $2
                 Answer:                                                                      Answer:
    ________________________________                                             ________________________________

EAA Chapter 1426 Newsletter                                         p. 5                       Vol. 3, No. 2 – February 2009

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