CAMBERWELL COLLEGE OF ARTS
BA Conservation                          Foundation/Acess or equivalent. Evidence of manual/craft skills
PgDip Conservation                       No experience of conservation necessary but evidence of manual skills needed which
                                         could be a few visual examples of work.
                                         CHELSEA COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN
MA Critical Writing and Curatorial       • First degree in fine art, art, design history, arts management, cultural / media
Practice                                 studies, or related subject.
                                         • Submit a sample of recent writing that locates your research area.
                                         • The sample of writing for MA Critical Writing and Curatorial Practice application is
                                         approx 1000-2000 words.
                                         • Demonstrate evidence of evolving research & it's content at interview.
                                         • Not necessary to have previously curated projects.
                                            LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION
Fashion Portfolio                        IELTS 4.5. Age 17+ 3 GCSE C
Diploma in Image Styling for             4 GCSE (C+) Art & Design
Access to HE diploma                      Maths
(Fashion Business)
Fashion Access:                          Strong statement
Fashion Media&Communication
FdA Fashion Buying & Merchandising       1 A level + 4 GCSE (C+) incl maths & english

FdSc Beauty Therapy & Health Studies     1 A’ Level in a Science subject or 2 A’ Levels in Communication subjects & 4 GCSE
                                         (Grade C+) (Biology, Chemistry & Human Biology)
FdA Fashion Design & Marketing
FdA Fashion Marketing & Promotion        1 A’ Level & 4 GCSE (C+) / Found / Access (Languages, IT, Fashion Studies, Economics,
                                         Media Studies, Business Studies)
BA Fashion Journalism                    2 A levels & 3 GCSE (C+) incl English + Written Assignment
BA Fashion Public Relations              • 2 A Levels & 3 GCSE (C+) / Access (English, Fashion Studies, a Foreign Language,
                                         Media Studies)
                                         • Written assignment
BA Fashion Management                    • A Levels (=240 points) & 3 GCSE (C+)
(Marketing;Retail;Management;            (Business, Economics, Maths, English, IT)
Buying & Merchandising)                  • Applicants w/out evidence of English / Maths req’d to sit nec 30 min test
BSc Cosmetic Science                     • 2/3 A’ Levels (at least one Science subject) (Chemistry / Biology)
                                         • If Society of Cosmetics Diploma held student can go straight to Y2
PG Cert Fashion· Buying &
Merchandising (15 week)
PG Cert Fashion · Fashion & Lifestyle    Submit written or published work, if available.
Journalism (15 weeks)
MA Strategic Fashion Marketing           written assignment
MA History & Culture of Fashion          written assignment
MA Design Management for the             written assignment
Fashion Industries
MA Fashion Entrprenourship               • expected to articulate a contemporary design or business concept .
                                         • may be asked to provide evidence of work to date in the form of written examples
                                         or images.S2V
MA Fashion Journalism                    Written assignment. Submit written or published work, if available.
Graduate Certificate in Fashion          HE level 3. International Co-ordinators can offer overseas. IELTS 6.0
Marketing (15 weeks)
                                  CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN
BA Fashion (History & Theory)            Foundation or equivalent.
                                         No portfolio required but students should have attained three passes at A-level (or the
                                         equivalent), two of which are in essay-based humanities subjects, ideally in subjects
                                         such as History, History of Art, English Literature, Philosophy or a modern European
                                         Examples of writing ability.
BA CCC                                  3 subjects at GCE A-level, 2 of which are in essay-based humanities based subjects
                                        AND 3 other subjects at GCSE Grade C or above or equivalent.
                                        Applicants should submit a recent academic essay or critical review, preferably written
                                        on an art or culture related topic.
                                        This can be a piece that they have already written at School or University.
                                        In addition, the course director would like them to submit a 500-700 word essay on
                                        the following topic:
                                        "It is anticipated that students graduating from BA CCC will become curators,
                                        museum administrators, journalists, critics, researchers for television, organisers of
                                        arts events, academics and teachers - perhaps a combination. Tell us about your
                                        amibitions. Why is this degree course appropriate for you?"
MA Creative Practice for Narrative      • Fees-1st Year £ 8970/ 2nd Year £ 8740
Environments (2 years)                  • Statement explaining what role course would play in personal & professional dev. &
CD: Tricia Austin                       where students aim to locate themselves within the cultural & commercial industries.
CA: Amrita Nag-Chowdhury                • Portfolio advice available on website. Students can come from non-art and design

MA Innovation Management (2 Years)      • Students can apply from non Design backgrounds (Business Studies, management,
CD:Jamie Brassett                       Social/Physical sciences, Marketing). They need to supply a professional CV with
CA: Helen Savage                        project descriptions, PDF formatted to include reports/presentations if possible and
                                        include research projects on CD where appropriate.
                                        • Applicants from a Design area need to submit-20 examples of visual work (PDF in
                                        CDRom), cross platform CDRoms/DVD of moving images (if appropriate), research,
                                        written work.

MA Design Studies                       In 500 words
CD: Geoff Crook                         "Explain how you think creativity can make the world a better place and how the
CA: Amrita Nag-Chowdhury                course will help you achieve this."
                                       LONDON COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION
ABC Dip 3D Modelling and Animation      Graphic Media Software Experience preferred.

ABC Dip Print Production
(Digital Origination)
ABC Dip Print Production
(Print Media)
ABC Dip Display Design (3D Design)      Show evidence of interest in the subject. Vocational course
ABC Dip Interior Design (3D Design)     Show evidence of interest in the subject. Vocational course
ABC Dip Flower Design (3D Design)       Show evidence of interest in the subject. Vocational course
Access Interior Design                  Leads to HE.Beginners course
Access Fashion Marketing                Leads to HE.Beginners course
FdA Journalism                          Written work required
BA Journalism                           Written work required.
BA Media and Cultural Studies           Theory course
BA M & A with Events Management         Combined honours Theory course
FdA Printing & Publishing Production

FdA Surface Design
FdA Interactive Games Design            Desktop publishing / multimedia Software experience expected
Fda Print Media Management
BA Magazine Publishing                  Examples of published work, if any
BA Print Media Management               Top up year for Fda grads only. Must be same/similar subject.
BA Retail Management                    Theory course
BA Public Relations with Events         Theory course
FdA Flower Design and Events
BA Marketing & Advertising              Theory course
BA International Travel & Tourism       Theory course
BA Creative Advertising Strategy        Theory course
BA Public Relations                     Theory course
MA Marketing & Communications        First degree in Marketing Communications or a Relevant degree . Residential course
                                     fee. May move to Oct start.
MA Enterprise & Management for the   Relevant degree incl arts, business, marketing and law, or experience in industry.
Creative Arts                        Residential course fee.
MA Public Relations                  Relevant degree incl arts, business, marketing and law, or experience in
                                     industry.Residential course fee.
MA Design Management
MA Journalism -TV / Print pathways   300 word critique of journalistic coverage of a recent news story and examples of
                                     Degree or work experience that demonstrates commitment to Journalism.
MA Print Media Management            £1700 for Heidelberg study
MSc Digital Colour Imaging           A portfolio is not required, but if there is a question about student's ability
                                     to benefit from the course, students may be asked to complete a sample project.
MA / PgDip Publishing                 £900 MATERIALS FEE for MA .
                                     Examples of published work, if available.
MA Media,                            Knowledge of international media and cultural practice required.
Communication & Cultural Practice
MA Doc Research for Film and TV
PgDip Broadcast Journalism            £650 MATERIALS FEES. Voice tape on CD – no mini tapes. Test on current affairs if
                                     interviewed at LCC. Maximum two minutes on CD ONLY – the candidate should read
                                     out their supporting statement from the application form.

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