List of MICCE 2010 Abstracts by h7j93


									                         List of MICCE’s Abstracts
No   Paper                   Title                                Author            Country
1    CM 10   Identification of Challenges in Public    1. Susy F. Rostiyanti        Indonesia
             Private Partnership Implementation for    2. Rizal Z. Tamin            Indonesia
             Indonesian Toll Road
2    CM 11   Applying Agent for Automatic               Chun-Ling Ho                 Taiwan
             Negotiation of Procurement
3    CM 12   The Use of Pre-Engineered Building        1. Ir. Habibie Razak, IP     Indonesia
             System at Fire Station and Emergency      2. Ir. Rinaldi A. Lolo       Indonesia
             Clinic Project; the Implementation of
             Value Engineering Concept in
             Optimizing Project Cost
4    CM 13   Private Participation In The Provision    1. Usman Isah Jibrin         England
             Of Infrastructure Project In Developing   2. Dr Richard Kirkham        England
             Countries (Nigeria)
5    CM 14   The Challenges Of Human Resource           Anton Soekiman              Indonesia
             Management In Indonesian
             Construction Industry
6    CM 15   Performance Analysis Of Prefab Simple      Wahyu Wuryanti              Indonesia
             House To Achieve Sustainable
7    CM 16   Model Sistem Pengendalian                  Ir. Budi Susetyo, MT        Indonesia
             Produktivitas Pekerjaan Konstruksi
             Dengan Pendekatan Fuzzy-Expert
8    CM 17   Delay In Internationally Funded            1.   Peter F Kaming         Indonesia
             Construction Projects                      2.   Erik Adianto           Indonesia
9    CM 18   Perceptions Of Indonesian Contractors      1.   Peter F Kaming         Indonesia
             On Lean Construction                       2.   Dini Widyastuty        Indonesia
10   CM 19   The Significant Of Public Asset            1.   Muhammad Hasbi Hanis   Australia
             Management Framework Application           2.   Bambang Trigursyah     Australia
             For Local Government In Indonesia          3.   Connie Susilawati      Australia
11   CM 20   HRM in Construction firms: An              1.   Dr. Hiyam al-Kilidar   Australia
             Empirical Study from Australia and         2.   Renard Siew            Australia
12   CM 21   Remedial Measures for The Cost            1. Dr. Zubair Ahmed          Pakistan
             Overrun Factors (A Case Study of             Memon
             Construction Industry of Pakistan)
13   CM 22   Applying Game Theory to Cost Benefit      1. Farida Murti              Indonesia
             Analysis on Project Evaluation            2. Christiono Utomo          Indonesia
14   CM 23   A Concept Towards Negotiation             Christiono Utomo             Indonesia
             Support in Building Systems Selection
15   GGE 01   Numerical Analysis Of Geogrid            1. Arun Prasad               Malaysia
              Encased Stone Columns                    2. Bujang B. K. Huat         Malaysia
16   GGE 02   Mixer Of Rice Husk Ash (Rha) And         1. Faisal Estu Yulianto      Indonesia
              Lime For Peat Soil Stabilization         2. Noor Endah Mochtar        Indonesia
17   GGE 03   Leachate Induced Deterioration Of        1. Noor Endah Mochtar        Indonesia
               Clay Liner In Domestic Waste            2. Tri Sulistyowati          Indonesia
               Disposal Area
18   GGE 04   Mixer Of Coal Ash And Lime Which         1. Fuad Harwadi              Indonesia
              Environmentally Friendly For Peat Soil   2. Noor Endah Mochtar        Indonesia
19   GGE 05   Applying Probability Landslide-          1.   Muhammad Mukhlisin      Malaysia
              Triggering Rainfall Thresholds: Case     2.   Ilyias Idris            Malaysia
              Study Of Slope Failure On Mountain       3.   Ariffudin Abd Hamid     Malaysia
              Ranges Of Ulu Klang, Malaysia            4.   Mohd Raihan Taha        Malaysia
20   GGE 06   Low Cost Mapping for Inaccessible,       1.   Agung Setianto          Indonesia
              Steep Slope and Unstable Area, A Case    2.   Soeta’at                Indonesia
              Study at Mt. Bawakaraeng Caldera,
              South Sulawesi, Indonesia
21   GGE 07   Detecting ground elevation               1.   Agung Setianto           Japan
              change due to mining using               2.   Ibrahim Djamaluddin      Japan
              Remote Sensing and GIS for               3.   Tetsuro Esaki            Japan
              environmental hazard assessment          4.   Yasuhiro Mitani          Japan
22   GGE 08   Application of MSDAS-GIS to predict      1.   Ibrahim Djamaluddin      Japan
              three-dimensional (3D) ground            2.   Agung Setianto           Japan
              movements due to complex                 3.   Tetsuro Esaki            Japan
              underground mining in Papua,             4.   Yasuhiro Mitani          Japan
23   GGE 09   Design method for flexible earth         1.   Dr.Khosro Bargi           Iran
              retaining structures                     2.   Hesam Sharifian Jaze      Iran
                                                       3.   Mohammad Ahangar          Iran
24   GGE 10   Dynamic design of the foundation of      1.   Dr.Khosro Bargi           Iran
              reciprocating machines for offshore in   2.   Hesam Sharifian Jaze      Iran
              Persian Golf                             3.   Mohammad Ahangar          Iran
25   GGE 11   Evaluation Of Seismic Displacements      1.   Mohammad Ahangar          Iran
              Of Quay Walls                            2.    Hesam Sharifian Jaze     Iran
26   GGE 12   Seismic Behaviour Of Gravity Quay        1.   Dr.Khosro Bargi           Iran
              Wall                                     2.   Mohammad Ahangar          Iran
                                                       3.   Hesam Sharifian Jaze      Iran
27   GGE 13   Effects Of Crumb Rubber Tyre In          1.   Jodin Makinda           Malaysia
              Geotechnical Properties Of Clayey And    2.   Asmawan Sarman          Malaysia
              Sandy Road Subgrade                      3.   Janice Lyn Ayog         Malaysia
                                                       4.   Lillian Gungat          Malaysia
                                                       5.   Kam Wai Lip             Malaysia
28   GGE 14   Evaluation And Determination Of          1.   Behrouz Gatmiria          Iran
              Vulnerability Of Dams Under Aging        2.   Ameneh Balouchi          France
29   GGE 15   Utilization Of Multimode Love Wave       1. La Hamimu                Malaysia
              Dispersion Curves Inversion For          2. Mohd Nawawi Mohd         Malaysia
              Geotechnical Site Investigations            Nordin                   Indonesia
                                                       3. Jamhir Safani
30   GGE 16   Solid Waste Landfill At Tidal Region     Hartati                     Indonesia
31   GGE 17   Physico-Hydro-Mechanical Properties      1. Yulian Firmana Arifin    Indonesia
              Of Polymer-Enhanced Bentonite-Sand       2. Agus Setianto Samingan   Singapore
              Mixtures                                 3. Tom Schanz               Germany
32   GGE 18   The Effect of Swelling Clays on          1. Mehdi Khoshkhoo             Iran
              Internal Erosion of Embankment dams      2. Mehdi Mokhbri               Iran
              Core                                     3. Mohamad Ali                 Iran
33   GGE 19   The Effect of Moisture Contents to the   1. D. Djarwadi              Indonesia
              Hydraulic Fracturing Pressure and        2. K.B. Suryolelono         Indonesia
              Tensile Stress at Failure of Clay Core   3. B. Suhendro              Indonesia
              Containing Halloysite Mineral            4. H.C. Hardiyatmo          Indonesia
34   GGE 20   Geotechnical and Geochemical Aspects     1. Candra Nugraha             Japan
              in Construction of Waste Rock            2. Agus Harir Rachman       Indonesia
              Dumping Area
35   GGE 21   Water Affinity of Surfactant Modified    1. Seracettin Arasan         Turkey
              Clay                                     2. Suat Akbulut              Turkey
                                                       3. Metin Acikyildiz          Turkey
36   GGE 22   Mapping Bawakaraeng Landslides           Ilham A.                    Indonesia
              Using Remote Sensing Images
37   GGE 23   Investigation on the Effects of       Mohammad Dizadeh                  Iran
              Liquifaction Phenomenon on Building   Mohsen
38   GGE 24   Additional Anchor Influence on        1. Ali Derakhshani               India
              Dynamic Behavior of Anchored          2. Mohammad Sajjad               India
              Retaining                                Fayyazi
                                                    3. Khosrow Bargi                 India
39   SCE 01   Behavior Of Columns Of RC Framed      4. Sharany Haque
              Buildings With Soft Ground Floor      5. Dr. Khan Mahmud             Bangladesh
              Subjected To Earthquake Load             Amanat
40   SCE 02   Experimental Studies On High-Strength 1. Tavio                       Indonesia
              Concrete Columns Confined By          2. P. Suprobo                  Indonesia
              Welded Wire Mesh                      3. B. Kusuma                   Indonesia
41   SCE 03   Study Of The Implementation Of Tuned 1. B. Kusuma                    Indonesia
              Mass Damper Of Irregular Building     2. Tavio                       Indonesia
              Structures To Reduce The Dynamic
              Response Of Earthquake Loading
42   SCE 04   High Performance Of Fibrous Beams In P.J.Sasturkar                     India
              Seismic Zone
43   SCE 05   Mechanical Properties And Durability      1. Syed Mohammed              India
              Characteristics Of High Strength Fly         Samien
              Ash Based Geo Polymer Concrete            2. Mourougane                 India
                                                        3. Puttappa. C. G. Muthu.     India
44   SCE 06   Experiments On Stress Strain Relation     1. Harianto Hardjasaputra   Indonesia
              Of Concrete Cylinder Confined With        2. Joey Tirtawijaya         Indonesia
              External Lateral Pre-Stressing            3. Selvira Ayuningtias      Indonesia
45   SCE 07   Accuracy Of Modelling Of Long Span        Endah Wahyuni               Indonesia
              Concrete Flat Slab Floor Againts
              Natural Frequency Measurements
46   SCE 08   Longitudinal Expansion Percentage In      Salar Salkhordeh              Iran
              Self Compacting Concrete And
              Conventional Concrete In Different
47   SCE 09   Fresh-Stated Performances Of Industrial   1. Sholihin As’ad           Indonesia
              Waste Fibre Reinforced Self               2. Purnawan Gunawan         Indonesia
              Compacting Concrete                       3. Muhammad Syarif          Indonesia
48   SCE 10   Performance Of Corrosion Inhibiting       1. Song, Ha-Won               South
              Admixtures For OPC, PPC And PSC           2. L.Balamurugan              Korea
              Concretes Under Macro Cell Corrosion                                    South
              Conditions                                                              Korea
49   SCE 11   Dimensional Compatibility Of Patch        Sa Kristiawan               Indonesia
              Repair Materials Under Compressive
50   SCE 12   Floating Houses Preliminary Research      Astuti                      Indonesia
              Of Environment And Waterfront
              Residential Design
51   SCE 13   Seismic Response Evaluation Of            1.   Dr.Khosro Bargi           Iran
              Moment Resistant Frame With Built-Up      2.   Hesam Sharifian Jaze      Iran
              Column Section                            3.   Mohammad Ahangar          Iran
52   SCE 14   Artificial Coral Reef Stability With      1.   Resmi Bestari Muin     Indonesia
              Shear Deformation And Inertia Rotary      2.   Amrinsyah Nasution     Indonesia
53   SCE 15   Dynamic In-Plane Racking Tests Of         Dr.Waiel Mowrtage            Turkey
              Glass Cladding System Elements
54   SCE 16   The Effects Of Aggregate Properties On    1. Fahrizal Zulkarnain      Malaysia
              Lightweight Aggregate Concrete For        2. Mahyuddin Ramli          Malaysia
              Building Construction
55   SCE 17   X-Fem Analysis Of Debonding               1. S. Esna Ashari             Iran
              Between Frp Laminates And Concrete        2. S. Mohammadi               Iran
              By New Orthotropic Enrichment
56   SCE 18   Comparative Study On The Seismic       1.   Davoud Vafaei            Iran
              Retrofit Of Steel Moment Resisting     2.   Majid Sadegh Azar        Iran
              Frame: SMA Dampers Vs. BR Braces       3.   Reza Attar Nejad         Iran
57   SCE 19   Behavior Of Brbfs Under Near Fault     1.   Davoud Vafaei            Iran
              Excitations                            2.   Seyed Mehdi Zahrai       Iran
                                                     3.   Mohammad Ebrahim         Iran
58   SCE 20   Utilization Of High-Calcium Fly Ash     1. Sotya Astutiningsih     Indonesia
              For Alkali-Activated-“Green” Cement     2. Dian Adisty             Indonesia
                                                      3. Donanta Dhaneswara      Indonesia
59   SCE 21   Ultra Strengthening Of Wooden Girders Ala’a M. Darwish                Iraq
60   SCE 22   Lateral Load Patterns For The           1. M.Shafiei Kafrani          Iran
              Conceptual Seismic Design Of            2. A.Hoseini                  Iran
              Moment-Resisting Frame Structures
61   SCE 23   Static Analysis of A Functionally       1. M.R. Amoozgar             Iran
              Graded Beam Under A Uniformly           2. S. Mozaffari              Iran
              Distributed Load Using Forth Order
              Shear Deformation Theory
62   SCE 24   Use of Lightweight 3D Wire Panels to    Dr. Waiel Mowrtage          Turkey
              Construct Low Rise Structures in
              Seismic Areas: Some Applications and
              Design Rules
63   SCE 25   Seismic Evaluation of Cold-Formed       1. Karthikeyan G.            India
              Steel Pallet Racks                      2. Dr. S. Biswas             India
                                                      3. Dr. N. Pandian            India
64   SCE 26   Comporative Performance of Elevated     Shri. Pravin B. Waghmare
              Isolated Liquid Water Tanks
65   SCE 27   The Application of Natural Fibers in    1. Prof. Harianto          Indonesia
              Concrete Mixing (NFC) to Increase the      Hardjasaputra
              Shear Strength and Performance of       2. Joey Tirtawijaya        Indonesia
              Concrete Beam                           3. Antonny Fernandez       Indonesia
66   SCE 28   Studying Application of Base Isolation 1. Hamidreza Khososi
              in Reduction of Earthquake Force of     2. Hamed Hemati
              High Rise Buildings                     3. Alimohamad Mirgozar
67   SCE 29   Evaluation of Seismic Vulnerability and Akbar Jamshidi               Iran
              Development of Vulnerability Curves
              used in Masonry Buildings via Standard
              Code 2800 and RISK-UE/WPO4/LM1
              Method-Application to Hamedan City
68   SCE 30   Experimental Study of Adobe Walls In- Fazel Tootoonchy               Iran
              plane Behavior and Increasing Their     Hamedani
              Ductility With the Help of Poly-
              propylene Laces and Silk Strops
69   SCE 31   Stress-Strain Model for Shape-Modified    1. H. Bassam Tabar              Iran
              Rectangular RC Columns Confined           2. A. Hosseini                  Iran
              with FRP Jackets                          3. M.S. Marefat                 Iran
70   SCE 32   Experimental Evaluation of the            Moftah Almadini                Serbia
              Contribution of Concrete to the Plastic
              Load for Compression Filled Composite
              Circular Section
71   SCE 33   Numerical Approaches on Elastic           1. M.R. Hassan Karampour      Malaysia
              Lateral Torsional Buckling of Beams       2. Prof. N. E. Shanmugam      Malaysia
              Containing Web Openings
72   SCE 34   Fresh and Hardened Properties of Self-    Dr. Amr A. F. Shaheen          Eqypt
              Compacting Concrete Containing
              Different Mineral Additives
73   SCE 35   Realistic Pushover Analysis of            1. Data Iranata               Indonesia
              Reinforced Concrete Low-Rise              2. Budi Suswanto              Indonesia
74   SCE 36   Represent of Mathematic Model for         Mohammad Dizadeh                Iran
              Forming of Optimizing the Concrete        Mohsen
75   SE 01    A Collaboration Study of Water and        3. Jonathan E. Koehuan        Indonesia
              Sanitation Development in NTT             4. Melchias J. Likilikwatil   Indonesia
76   SE 02    Towards Participatory Irrigation System   Jonathan E. Koehuan           Indonesia
              Management In the East Nusa Tenggara
77   SE 03    Biological Treatment of Textile           Roya Sharifi                    Iran
              wastewater by a moving Bed Bio –
              Reactor (MBBR)
78   SE 04    Infrastructures Sanitation Systems in     Ir. Ida Yudiarti, MSi         Indonesia
              Emergency Disaster Area

79   SE 05    Improvement of Water and Wastewater       1. Elis Hastuti, ST, MSc      Indonesia
              Systems in Transmigration Area            2. Hartati, ST                Indonesia
              Case study : Dadahup and Lamunti
              Villages, Central Kalimantan
80   SE 06    Current Scenario of E-Waste               S. Vidya Deenathayalan          India
              Management in Chennai
81   SE 07    Solidification/ Stabilization of Waste    1. Irwan T.                   Indonesia
              Water Sludge From Automobile              2. Agamuthu P.                Malaysia
              Industry                                  3. Ibrahim S.                 Malaysia
82   SE 08    Constructed Wetland System for            Harsgad Vijay Kulkarni          USA
              Wastewater Treatment
83   SE 08    Biodegradability of Aqueous Phase         1.   Alireza Nazari Alavi       Iran
              Effluents of Cutting Oil in UASB          2.   Seyed Ali Akbar Sajadi     Iran
              Reactor                                   3.   Mohammad Mirzaei           Iran
                                                        4.   Khoshrooz Kazemi           Iran
84   TE 10   Choice Of A Suitable ‘Statistical        Dr. K. S. Weerasekera      Sri Lanka
             Model’ For A Random Traffic Flow
85   TE 11   Experimental Introduction Of A Transit   Dr. K. S. Weerasekera      Sri Lanka
             Lane To A City Road, Its Success &
             Failure: Sri Lankan Experience
86   TE 12   Backcalculation Analysis On Falling      1. Ario Muhammad           Indonesia
             Weight Deflection Data For Elastic       2. Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi   Indonesia
             Modulus Measurement On Pavement          3. Siegfried               Indonesia
     TE 13   Characteritics Of Hot Mix Asphalt With   1. Madi Hermadi            Malaysia
87           Oily-Sludge-Modified Buton Rock          2. Kemas Ahmad Zamhari     Malaysia
88   TE 14   The Pattern And Characteristic Of        Alizar                     Indonesia
             Motorcycle Trip In Dki Jakarta
89   TE 15   Title – Multilevel Vehicle Parking       Mr. J. Samuel Simron         India
             Facility At T’nagar, Chennai             Rajkumar
90   TE 16   Increasing The Effectiveness Of          1. Ismail Bin Yusof        Malaysia
             Emulsion Mixture For Patching On         2. Madi Hermadi            Malaysia
91   TE 17   Studi Pengembangan Jaringan Jalan di     1. Nur Ali                 Indonesia
             Sulawesi Selatan                         2. Sumarni Hamid Aly       Indonesia
92   TE 18   Kemampuan dan Kesediaan Membayar         1. Ir. Hj. Sumarni Hamid   Indonesia
             Pengguna Angkutan Kota Jenis                Aly, MT
             Mikrolet di Kota Makassar                2. Muralia Hustim, ST      Indonesia
93   TE 19   Influence of Road Marking on the         Imran Hafeez                Pakistan
             Accident Ratio in Urban and Rural
94   TE 20   Studying the Causes and Affecting        Hossein Amini                Iran
             Factors of Motorcycle Accident A case
             Study on the Road Accidents in Zanjan
95   WE 10   Classification Of Fluvial Stations For   Mohammad-Hossein Noori       Iran
             Regional Flood Estimation Using          Gheydari
             Principal Component Analysis
96   WE 11   Revitalisasi Pelabuhan Makassar dan      Ir. Ben Usagani            Indonesia
             Pengambangan Pulau Gusung Sebagai
             Hunian Pinggir Pantai
97   WE 12   Optimum Pier Shape to Mitigate           G. A. P. Gampathi            PNG
             Souring Around Bridge Pier
98   WE 13   The Joint Probability Occurrence of      1. Ahmad Rajabi              Iran
             Waves and Water Level in Gulf of         2. Bagher Zahabiyoun         Iran
             Oman Using Desk Study Approach

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