Government Undergraduate Newsletter
October 12, 2009 – October 26, 2009
The following information is for informational purposes only and does not express the opinions of the
Department of Government or the Government Undergraduate Advising Office. Please do not respond to
this email.

Important Dates & Deadlines:                         Oct. 16: SUCCESS Agreement Deadline
(for students on probation) Oct. 21 - DEADLINE DAY: Last day to Q-drop, withdraw, change
to pass/fail, and apply to graduate for Dec. 2009 Oct. 26 - Nov. 4: Registration for Spring
2010 Oct. 28: Spring 2010 GOV Internship Application Deadline Dec. 4: Last class day for Fall
2009 Dec. 5: Liberal Arts Graduation Ceremony (6:00PM @ Frank Erwin Center) Dec. 9-15:
Fall 2009 Final Exams

Deadline Day on Wednesday, October 21st:
The last day to 1.) apply to graduate for Fall 2009, 2.) Q-drop a course (with professor’s consent),
3.) withdraw from a course, or 4.) change a course to pass/fail is Wednesday, October 21st. All
changes to a student’s Fall 2009 schedule (adding, dropping, changing course to pass/fail) must
be initiated in the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office in GEB 2.306.

Pi Sigma Alpha Induction Dinner on Tuesday, October 13th:
A New Member Induction Dinner will be held on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13th at 6:00pm in BAT
5.108 (5th Floor) and all new members are invited and STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to attend!!!
Current members of Pi Sigma Alpha are also invited.

The keynote speaker for the induction dinner will be Dr. James Henson, associate director of
Liberal Arts information Technology Services (LAITS) as well as internship coordinator and
lecturer for the Department of Government. Dr. Henson's current interests include the political
impact of the Internet and politics in Texas and the U.S. Dr. Henson received a Ph.D. from The
University of Texas at Austin, was an assistant professor at the University of Louisiana -Monroe,
and collaborated on public interest Internet projects with The Benton Foundation in Washington,
D.C. before returning to UT in 2000. He also directs the Texas Politics project.

Questions can be directed to Jeffrey Marsh at: or Garrick Smith at:

Apply for GOV 374 – Political Internship (Spring 2010):

Undergraduates are invited to apply for GOV 374N, the Government Department Internship
program, for the Spring 2010 semester. Interns are expected to work at least 9 hours a week in
an approved internship related directly to politics or government.

The minimum requirements for admission to the program are:
-- Upper-division standing (60 completed hours at the beginning of the Spring semester)
-- 12 semester hours of government completed, including GOV 310L and GOV 312L
   (or GOV 3TX & GOV 3US)
-- Cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher AND Government GPA of 3.00 or higher
-- Consent of the internship coordinator (Dr. Henson)

The DEADLINE for application to the program is WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28th. Applications
can be downloaded at:
pdf and should be submitted to the Government Undergraduate Advising Office (BAT 2.130).
 Please contact Dr. Henson or the Government Undergraduate Advising Office with any

Professor Henry Dietz Seeks Research Apprentice:
Prof. Henry Dietz is looking for someone with an interest in Latin American politics to act as an
apprentice with him for Spring semester 2010. He is working on a comparative study of the roots
of populism in Latin America’s large cities, specifically Caracas and Lima, for Presidents Chavez
and Fujimori. This is a joint project; he is concentrating on Lima, while a colleague at Penn State
looks at Caracas. The student who is selected will work with him on gathering materials that deal
with populism and its electoral roots in general, with Fujimori’s time in office (1990-2000) in
particular, and with how various social classes and groups in Lima voted for him and what the
nature of opinion surveys about him were.

There are a couple of requirements. First, the student needs to be able to read Spanish-
language sources very well, since much of the material is available only in Spanish. Secondly, the
student cannot have had over 60 hours of credit at the beginning of the Fall 2009 semester. This
latter requirement is inflexible. The student selected will receive 3 hours of credit from the
College of Liberal Arts. If you might be interested, please contact Prof. Dietz at: You are urged to supply the name of a UT instructor you have had
who can serve as a reference, and to describe your competence in Spanish.

2009 Liberal Arts CAREER EXPO on Wednesday, October











UT Law Fair on Monday, October 26th:
Law Fair is an annual event that brings representatives from 100+ law schools to campus to
recruit UT students. It will be held on Monday, October 26th from 11:00am to 3:00pm in the
Texas Union Ballroom. UT Law Fair is one of the largest school-sponsored law fairs in the
nation! This is a unique opportunity to learn a great deal about many different law schools all in
one day. Oftentimes the person at the booth is the same person who will be reading your
application down the road! Law Fair is free and open to the public. Business casual dress is

Maymester Program in Beijing, China (GOV 360N – US -
China Relations):

Few countries will figure more prominently in America's future than China. Already an economic
powerhouse, China is rapidly emerging as a great power and a potential geopolitical rival to the
United States. What is the nature of the Sino-American relationship? What are the main sources
of tension and competition? How do the Chinese view US ambitions in Asia? What steps might
be taken now to foster greater understanding and cooperation in the future?

This course will take up these important questions about the character and direction of US-China
relations. Students will learn how the relationship has evolved over the past half-century, starting
with the 1949 Chinese revolution through efforts by Mao and Nixon and their successors to
normalize relations in the 1970s, and conclude by considering how globalization, September
11th, and the “war on terrorism” have affected the relationship. The course will help students gain
a greater appreciation of how Washington and Beijing make foreign policy and more generally,
how great powers define their interests in world politics. The course will be taught by UT
Government Professor Peter Trubowitz.

The application deadline is November 1, 2009. For more information, please visit:

Apply for First-Year Interest Group (FIG) Mentorship:
The FIG mentor application for Fall 2010 is now available. Students who are interested in
this leadership opportunity are encouraged to apply! The application can be found at:
and is due to by Monday, November 9, 2009.

UT in D.C./Archer Program Fall Information Sessions:

If you would you like to spend a fall or spring semester in Washington, D.C. involved in an
internship and taking in-residence UT Austin classes, please see and then come to one of the information sessions to find out
more. The UT Austin campus coordinator and former Archer Fellows will give an overview of the
program and provide you with tips on submitting a competitive application.

Fall 2009 Info Sessions

October 26, 2009 (Monday) at 3:00 p.m. in FAC 4
November 16, 2009 (Monday) at 12:00 p.m. in FAC 4
November 17, 2009 (Tuesday) at 12:30 p.m. in FAC 4

The application deadline for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 will be in February 2010. Please feel free
to make an appointment with Katrina Kosted at: if you would like to
discuss your interest in the program, or if you are unable to attend an info session.

Undergraduate Research Information Sessions:
Students who are interested in doing research at the undergraduate level are encouraged to sign
up to attend an undergraduate research information session. Topics that will be discussed
include: the necessary steps to get involved in research at UT, how to contact faculty, the
qualities and skills faculty are looking for in undergraduate researchers and course credit for
undergraduate research.
The information sessions recur weekly on Tuesdays through Dec. 15th, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
in FAC, Room 22. For more information, please visit:

Fall 2009 Registration Policies & Deadlines:
All changes to a student’s Fall 2009 schedule (adding, dropping, changing course to pass/fail)
must be initiated in the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office in GEB 2.306.

The absolute last day to Q-Drop a course for the Fall 2009 semester i.e. DEADLINE DAY, is Oct.
21st at 5:00PM in the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office in GEB 2.306.

New Plus/Minus Grading System:

For more information on the new plus/minus grading system that goes into effect for Fall 2009,
please visit: or check with your advisor.

Please keep in mind that the new grading system will apply ONLY to grades for Fall 2009 and

Petitioning Online for Credit By Examination:
No credit by examination will appear on your official transcript until you instruct DIIA-Student
Testing Services to report it to the Registrar. To have credit reported, you must petition
online at: ( using your UT EID.

Students are advised to meet with an advisor before claiming credit. Credit by examination
accepted as credit only will not affect your cumulative grade point average. You will be assessed
a fee of $4 per credit hour (effective June 1, 2009 the petitioning fee will change to $6 per credit
hour) for the credit by examination you request to be reported to the Office of the Registrar. You
have several options for paying this fee. After credit has been reported to the Registrar, it cannot
be changed.

Declaring a Major & Minor in the College of Liberal Arts:
Declaring a major at the University of Texas at Austin is a two-step process. The first step
involves listing your preferred major(s) on your admissions application when you enter UT. The
second step of the process involves OFFICIALLY declaring your major ONLINE through the
College of Liberal Arts website. (This is also where you declare your minor.) This step is
extremely important in setting up an official degree profile that allows UT advisors and
administrators to evaluate your work properly.

If you have not already officially declared your major online, you need to do so AS SOON
AS POSSIBLE through the following link:

Final Degree Checks for Seniors:
Seniors who plan to graduate in Spring 2010 should schedule a FINAL DEGREE CHECK with a
Student Division advisor this semester (Fall 2009). Degree checks are intended to complement,
rather than replace, regular semester-by-semester meetings with your departmental academic
advisor(s); we expect you to do both. Degree checks serve as an opportunity to discuss
graduation matters as well as to confirm any remaining requirements. Student Division advisors
meet with students in GEB 2.306.
To schedule a final degree check appointment with the College of Liberal Arts, please call
(512) 471-4271, or visit the front desk in GEB 2.200.

Applying to Graduate for Fall 2009:
Seniors who plan to graduate in December should visit
affairs/Academic-Planning/Graduation/About.php to ensure they have completed all steps in the
graduation process. The deadline to apply to graduate for December 2009 is Oct. 21st, 2009.

In most cases, students may apply to graduate ONLINE at:

Numerous scholarships and fellowships are available to Government and Liberal Arts
majors at The University of Texas at Austin. For information on scholarships offered
through the Department of Government, visit:
  For information on scholarships offered through the College of Liberal Arts, visit: Questions
regarding the specifics of each scholarship should be directed to the contact person

Liberal Arts Competitive Scholarships:
For students in the College of Liberal Arts with a UT Austin GPA between 3.25 and 3.69 and 30
hours in residence at UT at time of application. Award amounts vary from $1,000 - $2,000. To
apply ONLINE, please visit:
affairs/Programs/Scholarships.php. For more information regarding Liberal Arts scholarships or
the online application process, please contact Priscilla Ebert at 512-475-7586 or


Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards:
The purpose of the awards are to support undergraduate student research and/or to enable
students to attend conferences pertaining to their field of study. Student must have declared a
Liberal Arts major GPA of at least 3.2 at time of application

Award amounts: up to $1,000.00 will be awarded for fall 2009 or spring, 2010.

To apply ONLINE, please visit:
affairs/Programs/Scholarships.php. For more information regarding Liberal Arts scholarships or
the online application process, please contact Priscilla Ebert at 512-475-7586 or

Liberal Arts Study Abroad Scholarships for Exchange
For students in the College of Liberal Arts planning on going on an Exchange Study Abroad
Program. The number of awards vary in each semester.

To be eligible, student must :

--Be currently enrolled in Liberal Arts with at least one semester completed in the College.
--Completed of a minimum of 15 hours of coursework in residence, through the Summer 2009
semester (at time of application).
--Have UT-Austin GPA of at least 3.0.
--Have One letter of recommendation from a UT faculty member.

Award amounts: $1,000 - $2,000

To apply, go to:


If you have questions about internship credit through the UT Department of Government,
please contact our Internship Coordinator, Dr. James Henson @ or visit: Questions
regarding the specifics of each internship should be directed to the contact person listed.

Progressive Campaign Job Opportunities at Grassroots
Grassroots Campaigns is coming to UT Austin to interview top student leaders to join our teams
as Assistant Canvass Directors! There is no better time or place to get involved and help to
shape the new generation that will take this country in a more progressive direction. Grassroots
Campaigns, inc. has joined forces with the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International,
Equality California, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the Sierra Club, Save the Children, and
other progressive and humanitarian organizations to drive forward a progressive agenda and get
ready for the 2010 midterm elections.

Students who are interested should apply directly to:

Michael Moeder

Michael and local Campaign Directors will be holding interviews following the Career Expo, being
held by the UT Austin College of Liberal Arts Career on October 21st in the Career Center.
Michael Moeder encourages all to attend, and bring a friend!

Please visit: for more information about current and past
IE Pre-Graduate School Internship:
The Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) "Pre-Graduate School Internship” is open to students in all
UT colleges/schools and departments. Students may earn one, two or three hours of academic
credit (CMS 164M/264M/364M) by participating in the internship.

Interested students can read more about this program (including FAQ's, examples of internship
activities and an easy to complete internship contract) on the web:

John Sharp for U.S. Senate Campaign:
The John Sharp for U.S. Senate Campaign is currently seeking Interns, as well as a small
number of Fellows to help work on the statewide campaign.

Fellows will be paid each month, however, they are expected to work 25+ hours each week.
 Interns are non-paid; however, they are only expected to work roughly 15 hours each week.
 Both our Fellows and Interns will be expected to do a variety of different things on the campaign,
which will ultimately help provide them with ample hands on campaign experience and

Anyone interested in applying for an Internship or Fellowship should forward their resume to:

Legislative Internship Opportunity:
Duties include, but aren't limited to, general office administration such as: processing mail,
overseeing incoming phone calls, filing, constituent case work, and supporting office staff.

Candidates must be flexible and able to work with others and individually as duties will vary daily.
 Must have excellent communication skills, in both verbal and written forms; as well as,
experience with basic computer programs. Additionally, have a positive attitude and maintain a
standard of professionalism.

Interested students should submit cover letter and resume by email or physical mail at: Texas
State Capitol, P.O. Box 2910, Austin, TX 78768. For more information, contact: Michael Pacheco
at 512-463-0566 or:

Campaign Office seeks Interns:
Get your feet wet on a local city judicial campaign! With the Cliff Brown Campaign’s experienced
and exciting staff, you’ll learn the ins and outs of running local campaign while gaining invaluable
and exciting experience. The political skills you’ll learn will easily apply to a variety of
applications, including the 2010 Mid-Term Elections. Get your experience now!

We are currently seeking four highly motivated interns in the areas of: Website Design, Field
Operations, Volunteer Coordination, and Database Management. We will gladly provide the
appropriate class credit and/or community service hours.

For more information, check out Interested persons can direct
emails to: .

Office of Congressman Lloyd Doggett Seeks District Interns:
All interns function as assistants to Congressman Doggett and the District Office staff and are an
integral part of the public service provided by our office (constituent services and community
outreach; limited legislative work). Good communication, writing, and computer skills are
essential to success. Interns in the District Office will be responsible for responding to constituent
requests; recording of constituent opinions on legislative issues; assisting with constituent
casework; filing; clipping newspapers; answering incoming telephone calls; and handling special
projects as needed. They will also accompany the Congressman and/or staff to events
throughout the district. The atmosphere of a congressional office can be very quick-paced and
highly demanding and a professional, courteous manner is expected at all times. The positions
are unpaid but are available for class credit.

Application: Students interested in an internship should be prepared to submit a resume, cover
letter and a list of references via facsimile transmission to 512-916-5108 (Attn: Amanda Lopez) or
email to No phone calls, please.

The Texas Democratic Party Seeks Interns for Fall 2009:
The Texas Democratic Party is looking for qualified interns to assist our headquarters staff. While
these positions are unpaid, internships are an outstanding way to learn about Democratic politics
and gain work experience in an office setting. If your educational institution allows it, the Party
will gladly work with your institution to help you get academic credit. Interns will be based at our
Austin headquarters and must be able to provide their own transportation. For more information
or to apply for an internship, please contact Mark Corcoran at (512) 478-9800 or e-mail your
resume to:

Austin Mayor’s Office Internship:
The office of Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell is seeking interns for the summer and fall. Serve your
city and learn how municipal government works from the inside. Students will have the
opportunity to work on a wide range of issues including:
     • Transportation
     • Public Safety
     • Environmental Protection
     • Energy Policy
     • Economic Development
     • Health & Human Services
     • Affordable Housing
     • Parks & Libraries
     • Land Use, Neighborhoods & Planning
     • Music, Film & the Arts
     • Community Outreach

This is an unpaid internship. Hours are flexible, but we ask for a minimum commitment of 8 hours
per week. Internship will include some administrative responsibilities. Please send your resume
and cover letter to Amy Everhart at:

The Sierra Club Seeks Interns:
The Sierra Club is seeking interns to work at its office at 12th?& San Antonio to work on
preventing Texas’ unprecedented number of proposed coal plants. Texas unfortunately holds the
record for the highest number of proposed coal plants at this time. The Sierra Club is working
stop the dirty coal plants from being built and damaging our air and land. All the while we'll be
creating thousands of new, green jobs and stimulating the economy by transitioning our country
to clean, renewable energy! ??

Interns will work closely with local and national Sierra Club leaders. Interns will be expected to
work a flexible 10-15 hour week, with the potential for financial incentives in the future.
If interested, candidates should send their resume to Sierra Club student outreach director
Brittany Dawn McAllister at:? .

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas (NPCT) Public Relations
NARAL Pro-Choice Texas seeks individuals with a strong commitment to reproductive rights who
enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. Intern must be detail-oriented self-starter with the
ability to work on several tasks concurrently. Ideal candidates should possess strong
communication skills, a sense of humor, and the ability to work in a team environment.
 Internships and fellowships are offered year-round and range between 10-40 hours per week.

The mission of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas (NPCT) is to recruit, develop and sustain a
constituency that uses the political process to promote public health policies that guarantee every
woman access to the full range of reproductive healthcare. This includes responsible sexuality
education, short- and long-term contraceptive methods, adequate pre- and post-natal care, and
legal abortion. The NPCT internship and fellowship programs are designed to be a hands-on,
“real-world” experience for students and recent graduates to gain experience and contribute to
the mission of our organization. Many former interns and fellows have gone on to gain
professional employment in varied areas of public interest and have noted the experience they
gained at NPCT as helping to prepare them.

Interested applicants should email a cover letter, a resume and references to Katie Mahoney,
Director of Outreach & Administration at: For more information, visit:

Criminal Justice Legislative Oversight Committee (CJLOC)
The Criminal Justice Legislative Oversight Committee (CJLOC) is seeking unpaid interns. Hours
are flexible. The following is a brief description of the Committees purpose:

PURPOSE: To provide objective research, analysis and recommendations to help guide state
criminal justice policies. The analyses includes (1) an assessment of cost effectiveness of the use
of state and local funds in the criminal justice system; (2) an identification of critical problems in
the criminal justice system; (3) a determination of the long-range needs of the criminal justice

In addition the CJLOC is responsible; (1) to recommend strategies to solve the problems
identified; (2) to recommend policy priorities to address the long-range needs and; (3) advise and
assist the legislature in developing plans, programs and proposed legislation to improve the
effectiveness of the criminal justice system.

The committee analyzes data on an on-going basis to identify trends that affect policy direction as
well as provide ad hoc reports on relevant criminal justice issues. The committee membership
consist of three senators and three representatives.

If interested, please contact: Marsha Mclane @ 512 463 1703 or

Perry Campaign Seeks Interns for Fall 2009:
Texans for Rick Perry 2010 – Central Texas is now seeking paid and unpaid interns for the Fall
Semester!! All Majors and Backgrounds Welcome! Interest in Governor Perry and GOP Political
Campaigns a must!
We are looking for qualified candidates in good academic standing in Central Texas. TRP 2010
is seeking a commitment of around 10-20 hours a week, but most can be done around any class

For more information please contact: Jonathon McClellan @ 512-478-3276 or

Texans for Kay Bailey Hutchison Political Internships:
Job Location: Austin, Texas, United States Salary: Unpaid Job Description: Great opportunity
to immerse yourself in political media and become more abreast on major issues through
research. We are looking for bright, motivated and responsible students who are interested in
gaining research experience. Job Requirements: We are seeking current undergraduate
students pursuing all courses of study for the fall semester. Savvy internet skills, attention to
detail, and academic excellence will reflect favorably on the candidate.

Please contact Caroline Nixon at with your resume. We look forward
to hearing from you soon!

Legislative Internship - Office of State Senator Jane Nelson:
State Senator Jane Nelson has opportunities for unpaid internships in her Capitol office, open
from 8:30 to 5:30, Monday through Friday. Internship hours are flexible based on student class
schedules and related needs. Senator Nelson is a Republican representing Senate District 12,
which includes parts of Denton and Tarrant Counties. Additional information about her may be
obtained via the Texas Senate's website:

Primary Duties of Interns are to assist Senator and office staff with:
-Constituent casework
-Preparation and distribution of press releases, articles, speeches, newsletters, etc.
-Background research for legislation, press releases, articles, speeches, newsletters, etc.
-Maintenance of office files, database, media lists, reference shelves, etc.
-Monitoring district press
-General administrative tasks

Qualifications include: Pleasant, professional manner on the telephone and in person; strong
written and oral communication skills; attention to detail; experience with computers.

For more information, please call Addie Smith @ (512) 463-0112 or e-mail

Sharp Campaign Academy Seeking Interns:
The Sharp Campaign Academy is seeking Interns and a number of Fellows to work for the John
Sharp Campaign. The Sharp Campaign Academy's Mission is to discover, train, and develop
the next generation of young leaders in Texas by giving them an opportunity to work on a
statewide campaign.

    •   Prospective Interns will develop a wide range of campaign skills by working with the
        Academy Manager and the Sharp Senate Campaign on a variety of campaign skills
        including voter outreach (phonebanking, canvassing, event promotion), political
        organizing (voter registration, education, and mobilization), and GOTV.?

    •   Prospective Fellows will also have the opportunity to receive hands on training from a
        number of experienced campaign professionals, and will be allowed to train and work in
        five particular areas of political organizing: Community Outreach, Online Organizing,
        Community Service Organizing, Field Organizing, and Grassroots Fundraising
        Organizing. Fellows will have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience as they will
        ultimately help oversee the political organizing aspect of the John Sharp Campaign.

Students interested in serving as an Intern or potential Fellow should send their resumes to

Campus Coordinators Needed for John Sharp for U.S. Senate
The Sharp Campaign Academy is seeking Campus Coordinators statewide to work for the John
Sharp Campaign. The Sharp Campaign Academy's Mission is to discover, train, and develop
the next generation of young leaders in Texas by giving them an opportunity to work on a
statewide campaign. Prospective Campus Coordinators will be lead organizers for the John
Sharp for U.S. Senate campaign at their University and in the surrounding community as well.
Their duty is to coordinate efforts amongst campaign headquarters and their respective student

Primary Responsibilities:

    •   Host events on campus to help educate students about the election and to help mobilize
        voter support.
    •   Advise Campaign headquarters about local issues
    •   Recruit Volunteers on campus to help work on the campaign.
    •   Host a number of voter registration drives.
    •   Distribute campaign paraphernalia (shirts, buttons, bumper stickers)
    •   Set fundraising efforts on campus to help contribute to the campaign
    •   Create a John Sharp for U.S. Senate group on campus to help promote John and to gain
        awareness about the campaign.

Campus Coordinators will have the opportunity to attain invaluable experience in campaigning
and grassroots organizing, as well as being the primary voice representing John Sharp at their
respective University.

Students interested in serving as the potential Campus Coordinator should send their resumes to

Office of State Representative Diana Maldonado Seeks
Legislative Intern:
State Representative Diana Maldonado is seeking applicants interested in participating in a
legislative internship. This is an excellent opportunity for students interested in gaining
substantive policy experience and learning more about the legislative process.

There are two locations available for these positions. One is located in downtown Austin at the
state capitol and the other is located at the district office in Round Rock. Please specify which
office you are interested in. The positions are unpaid. Interns should have relatively flexible
• Monitor legislation and provide analysis to Rep. Maldonado and staff.
• Represent the office in meetings with stakeholders and constituents.
• Conduct policy analysis.
• Assist in team's effort to maintain constituent services database.
• Assist in researching and responding to correspondence.
• Regularly seek out public policy innovations.
• Assist in administrative duties.

• Strong research and policy analysis skills.
• Proven ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
• Ability to work in a team structure and manage competing priorities.
• Demonstrated commitment to the values and policy priorities of the legislative team.

Application Process:
Please submit a resume and references to Legislative Director, Amy Bruno: For questions, please call (512) 463-0670.

Campus Campaign Managers Needed for Bill White for US
Campus Campaign Managers (CCM) are the lead organizers for the Bill White for Texas
campaign on their campus and in the surrounding community. They will be the liaison between
the campaign headquarters and their student body and will work with other CCMs across Texas.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Host on-campus events to educate students and the surrounding community about the election
• Organize a Bill White for Texas Chapter on campus, to include students and community
• Employ social media (including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr) to spread the word
about Bill’s campaign
• Advise the campaign about local issues
• Mobilize voter support, and register interested individuals at
• Mobilize volunteers for get out the vote (GOTV) efforts in the weeks before the election

Additional Responsibilities:
• Establish a presence at fall Club Fair or Volunteer Fair on campus
• Have a monthly informational table in an area of high-traffic on campus to register supporters,
distribute campaign paraphernalia and collect donations
• Hold at least two voter registration drives
• Participate in monthly conference calls with other CCMs and BWFT campaign contacts
• Set fundraising goals to contribute toward campaign efforts

Students interested in serving as the Campus Campaign Manager should send their resumes to More information can be found at

Democratic Campaign Staff Needed for Tom Schieffer for
Texas Governor:
Texas Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Schieffer is hiring Campaign Finance Staff in
Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston.
Tom Schieffer is a Former Democratic State Representative, Former President of the Texas
Rangers baseball team, and former u.s. Ambassador to Japan and Australia. He has announced
his candidacy for Governor of Texas, and is now hiring finance staff for his campaign.

Responsibilities include: Traveling and working directly with the Candidate, organizing and
coordinating events, organizing and working directly with donors, compiling and analyzing data,
and developing and implementing strategic finance plans. Applicants must have a strong desire
to work in the intense environment of a political campaign.

 Applicants for this position:
·   must have excellent communication skills; · must be able to write clearly and concisely; ·
  must be able to balance and prioritize multiple projects; · should have proven organizational
skills; · should be personable and enjoy working with others; · should be comfortable
communicating on the telephone; · must know Microsoft Word and be able to perform mail
merges; database experience is highly desirable.

To apply, e-mail resume and three references to:

Progressive Capitol
Progressive Capitol is a small Democratic and nonprofit fundraising firm looking for interns. Our
clients are a mix of incumbents, candidates, and organizations: we work with U.S. Senators and
Congressmen, Texas legislators, and issue-based nonprofits. This is a great way for an
underclassman to be introduced to the world of politics. We will work with you so you can earn
class credit. Your duties will include, but are not limited to, donor research and outreach, data
entry, event planning, call time preparation, and general client office administration. If you want
to learn more about politics and nonprofits this is a great internship for you! We are looking for
both full and part time interns and all majors will be considered for positions.

To Apply: Please send your resume via email to:, if you have
any questions email or call 512-465-2162.

For More Information: Visit our website:

Compiled by Jeffrey Marsh, Academic Advisor, Department of Government

TO SUBMIT a news or event item to the Government Newsletter, send request to: at least a week in advance. The Department of Government
reserves the right to decide which items will be included in the newsletter.

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