Calpont InfiniDB Speeds Web Analytics Performance For Cognitive by hcj


									                        Group 8
    Niveditha Baskar – 4221457
Sowmya Kota Ramesh – 4317234
   Cognitive Match : a global leader in hosted on-site
    predictive targeting and dynamic ad retargeting
   Upgrades to Calpont’s InfiniDB from MySQL
   What is InfiniDB?
    Column-oriented RDBMS which supports
     Data warehouses, data marts, and other business intelligence (BI)
      / analytic databases
     General purpose reporting databases
     Read-intensive segments of an overall application where
      read/search/lookup portions of the application are served by an
      analytic/query database and the transactional segments (e.g.
      order entry, etc.) are managed by a traditional relational database
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   Column-oriented architecture
   Multi-threaded design.
   Automatic vertical and horizontal partitioning
   High concurrency
   High-speed data loader
   DML support
   Transactional support: ACID-compliant transactional support
    is provided along with deadlock detection
   Crash recovery: InfiniDB provides full crash recovery
   MVCC design
   No need for indexing
   Low Maintenance
   ALTER TABLE is supported (add, drop)
   Platform Portability
   Logical Data compression
   InfiniDB uses both horizontal and vertical partitioning
   No special storage needs for horizontal partitioning
   Use of both partitioning reduces IO cost in both directions
   No user intervention
   Automatic partition drop
   Multi Version Concurrency Control
   Concurrency control method commonly used by database
    management systems to provide concurrent access to the
   Multiple versions stored, but only one is the latest
   Query operations are never blocked on a table
   Query will always see the data as it existed at the time the
    query was issued.


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