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									Christmas is a happy time when we celebrate the day that Jesus Christ
was born. We give presents to each other and try to enjoy the day as
much as we can. And even some of the people who don’t believe in Jesus
still get to enjoy the day. In some places it snows in Christmas time and in
others it can be a very hot day. On Christmas for all people the presents
aren't the best thing. Sometimes just spending the day with there parents
or guardians is the best thing of all. There are also lots of good foods to
eat like pudding trifle cake and lots more.
Easter is the day that Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified. We give
each other chocolate eggs because eggs can give life. And Jesus came back
alive so that is why we use chocolate eggs. The eggs get hidden around the
house for us to find. When we find them we peel the foil off and eat the chocolate
inside. Sometimes there's heaps and other times if your unlucky you wont get
any. So when its Easter go ahead and try to enjoy yourself and just around doing

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