GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH INDIRA KRANTHI PATHAM Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty by h7j93


									                           GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH
                               INDIRA KRANTHI PATHAM
                       Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty
                                              (Regd. No. 1311 of 2000)
     5-10-192, 4 Floor, Hermitage Office Complex, HUDA Building, Hill Fort Road, Hyderabad – 500 004.

                    Proceeding of Regional Project Director (Insurance)
                               Present: P. Chinna Thataiah

No. 282/ Insurance/OGI (Personal Accidental Policy) Claims /2009.                  Dated. 21.05.2009.

       Sub: - SERP –implementation of OGI (Personal Accidental Policy) –Settlement of
              Claims by United India Insurance Company Limited transfer of Funds to
              concerned Zilla Samakhya - Regarding.
       Ref: - 1. Lr.No. 050200 Misc. CL.2009 - 10, dated: 19.05.2009 of Divisional
                Manager, UIIC, Divisional Office, Malakpet, Hyderabad.
              2. Note approval of the CEO, SERP vide no.177/Insurance/OGI (Personal
                Accidental Policy) claims/2009 dt. .05.09 of


        The Divisional Manager, Divisional Office, XI P & GS unit, United India Insurance
Company Limited Hyderabad has settled the claims under OGI (Personal Accidental Policy)
amounting to Rs.4.50 lakhs released to CEO SERP. Vide cheque bearing no: 516982, dt:
19.05.2009. The detail of the claims settled by United India Insurance Company is as

                                        List of claims sanctioned by United India Insurance
                                       Company Ltd under OGI - Personal Accidental Policy

                                        Chittoor District Wise List of Claims
                      S                       MemberID             Name of the          Claim amount
                     No     District                               Policy Holder            (In Rs)

                      1    Chittor        210261090091101 Sarojamma                           50000

                      2    Chittor        210281190340701 P Lakshmamma                        50000

                      3    Chittor        210281100240701 B Mutyalamma                        50000

                      4    Chittor        210501320070301 P Parvathi                          50000

                      5    Chittor        210811040080601 R Sumitra                           50000

                      6    Chittor        210361010230801 A chandramma                        50000

                      7    Chittor        210471230030301 Anuradha                            50000

                      8    Chittor        210241090060901 M Jyothi                            50000

                      9      Chittor      210341050201101 V Neelavathi                  50000
                             Total                                                      450000
                             Total                                                      450000

        Under the powers delegated with Regional Project Director (Insurance), by Chief
Executive Officer vide reference 2nd cited, sanction is here by accorded for Rs.450000/-
(Rupees Four lakh and fifty thousand only)          to the above mentioned Zilla Samakhyas for
final payment to the concerned nominees through A/c payee DD / Cheque.

        DDO, SERP is requested to transfer of funds to the concerned Zilla Samakhya SB
A/cs. Details of the Zilla Samakhya SB A/c are as follows.

                          Zilla Samakhya's Insurance sub committee SB Account Details

         Zilla Samikhya
                                       Account     Name of                                       Amount
SL.NO    Insurance                                             Bank Branch         IFS Code
                                       number      the Bank                                      (in Rs)
          bank Account Name

         chittoor District                                    Greems pet,                        450000
         mahila federation         30360245391    SBI         chittoor          SBIN0007083
   1     chittoor

         Grand Total

                                                                            Regional Project Director

Copy submitted to CEO for kind information.
Copy to DDO & SPM (Finance), SERP for necessary action. And requested to issue separate cheque to
each Zilla Samakhya to enable for updation of payment particulars to web portal.
Copy to concerned Zilla Samakhyas with a direction to pay the claim settled amount to concerned
nominees through A/c payee DD / Cheque


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