Sport And Commercialism by lizzy2008


									    Sport and Commercialism, and Sport and politics
May also be referred to as ADVANCED Cultures- those with economic
and technological superiority.
We need to understand that a nation’s politics affect its approach to
sport, so we are going to look at the sociological view of both Western
democracies (which reflect capitalist economies) and eastern democracies
(which reflect socialist economies).

Sport and Commercialism The American dream
In the USA sport means big business, it is driven by commercialism.
Businesses use sport to promote their products. Even USA school sport
has a very high profile and attracts big sponsorship.

Positive outcomes of commercialism
    Funding gives athletes a better chance of success
    Commercial sponsorship leads to events which otherwise might not
    It matches the win ethic of USA culture.

Negative outcomes of commercialism
    Performers become mobile adverts
    Money determines the location, timing and nature of events
    Sporting values can be lost
    Only high profit sports and the most successful performers
Sport and Politics – the ‘Shop Window’
Here we are concerned with authoritarian one part state such as China.

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