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The overall aim of the PE and Sport Strategy is to enhance the take up of sporting
opportunities by 5 – 19 year olds. This strategy has 10 key strands, each designed to
maximize opportunities for young people to access High Quality PE and School Sport.

The YST work in partnership with the DCFS (Department of Children & Family
Services) and DCMS (Department of Culture, Media & Sport) to support the
development of SSP’s (School Sport Partnerships)

The national aspiration was for 85% of young people to have access to 2 hours high
quality PE and school sport per week by 2008. The Castle Point and Rochford SSP infact
achieved results of 96%

The new ambition is for each child to have access to 5 hours PE and school sport per
week by 2012, made up of 2 hours of Physical Education on the curriculum and 3 hours
offered on school sites or in the community out of school hours (OSHL).

The 10 Strands

The aim of the School Sport Coaching Programme is to professionalise the recruitment,
training and deployment of Sport Coaches working in schools. It also aims to increase
the number of coaching hours delivered through school sport by 1500 hours per year per

Target Audience
‘Sporty’ children who currently participate in 3 or 4 hours of PE and school sport who
want to participate in 5 hours.

All School Sport Partnerships receive an annual grant of £21,500 to employ a team of
coaches to offer an additional 1500 hours of high quality school sport coaching.

Gifted & Talented
This programme supports schools in identifying and supporting pupils in PE and sport to
help them to realise their full potential, both in sport and education, through a co-
ordinated support programme. The Gifted & Talented programme focuses not only on
high achievers but also on those who show sporting potential.

Castle Point & Rochford SSP offers the following support programmes;

      Primary Multi Skill Academy
      Elite Athlete Education Workshops
      Essex University Sport Science Profiling
      JAE – Junior Athlete Education Programme

The PE and School Sport Professional Development Programme strives to improve the
quality of teaching, coaching and learning.

The overall objectives include;

      To raise the quality of teaching and learning in PE and school sport
      To improve the understanding of how high quality PE and school sport can be
       used to support healthy lifestyles and physical activity

The Castle Point SSP offers the following CPD programme specific to local needs and
the area;

      PLT
      ASL’s
      Coaches education
      Secondary CPD
      SSCO training
      Primary (SSP training programme)

Sport Unlimited

Sport Unlimited targets 5 – 19 year olds from the semi-sporty population segment. It
aims for identified students to access an additional 2 hours of term time activity, in order
to meet the 5 hour target. These activities can be organised and delivered by a wide
range of community parties, including schools, sports clubs, Local Authority, youth
organisations and voluntary groups. To receive funding projects must meet the
following criteria;

      Take place out of school hours
      Be for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours per week
      Run for minimum of 8 weeks, maximum of 10 weeks
      Be affordable, accessible and innovative
      Be high quality and a positive experience
      Meet minimum safe guarding standards
      Should demonstrate exit routes for participants

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