January Newsletter-English - Oakland Unified School District by tangshuming


									               Lincoln School News
             January Issue                                                     May 18, 2013
Dear Parents/Guardians, Staff, and Students,                      Upcoming Events!!
Happy New Year to you all.
I hope you all had a nice winter break. I was lucky
to travel to Argentina for the break as I visited my
old friend and his wife who is from Argentina. We
spent Christmas in the capital, Buenos Aires and
then traveled to the “End of the World” to the
beautiful city of Ushuaia. It was nice to experience
summertime there and also to see the sun set at
11:00 at night. One of the big highlights was the
food there- I think they have the best pizza and ice-   January 17 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
cream in the world.                                     No School
We started our 2011 year in an exciting way as the      January 18-20th Lincoln Oratorical Festival
new Oakland Mayor Jean Quan visited Lincoln on          Grades K-1- Jan 19th, Grades 2-3- Jan 20th ,
her inauguration day on January 3rd. Our school         Grades 4-5- Jan 21st (all beginning @ 8:45am)
choir “the Lincoln Music Stars” performed for her
                                                        January 21st – OASES Showcase
and our students wished her good luck in her job as     5-7:30pm in Multipurpose Room
Mayor. We have high hopes Mayor Quan will
bring positive changes to Oakland. Our school           January 25th – Parent Club
orchestra, the Purple Bamboo Orchestra, also            Celebration of Lunar New Year @ 6:30pm
helped welcome Mayor Quan into office as they           January 24-27 – Mid-Year English
performed at two inauguration events, one at            Language Arts Assessment- Grades 2-5
Chabot Observatory and one at City Hall. Our
young musicians wowed the crowds with their             January 26-28 – 4th Grade Camping Trip-
skill and talents.                                      Camp Arroyo

Looking forward to 2011, I am optimistic that we        January 28th – Teacher Planning Day
                                                        No School!!
will have a great end to this school year and that
we will continue to be strong in the future. In the     *January 31st – Teacher Planning Day
face of expected budget cuts, we will have to work      No School!!
hard to overcome many challenges. Having                (*note: January 31st is an extra Lincoln
received the Blue Ribbon Award this year and            planning day not listed on the school district
being considered a model school, we also have           calendar)
pressure to continue our success, but I know that       February 7-11 – Lincoln Book Fair
together we can do it!
                                                        February 21 – President’s Day
Sincerely,                                              No School
John Melvin, Principal
     Oratorical Festival at Lincoln
            January 18 - 20                         Student Cellphones
On January 18-20, Lincoln will be           Some parents have given their
holding the Martin Luther King, Jr.         children cellphones in order to better
Oratorical Festival at our school.          communicate with them. If your child
Students from all classes and grade         is bringing a cellphone to school,
levels will be performing poetry, famous    please inform them that the phone
speeches and other writings as part of      must be turned off and kept in their
the festival. The schedule is as follows:   backpack during school hours.
Kindergarten & 1st Grade- Jan. 18th         Students may turn their cellphone on
Second and Third Grade – Jan. 19th          before school and after school only.
Fourth and Fifth Grade- Jan. 20th           Students may also use the school
                                            phone to talk to parents at any time.
All performances will begin @ 8:45am in     There have been incidents of
the multipurpose room. Please come out      students taking out their cellphones
and support our students!                   during school hours at recess.

 Parent Club- Jan. 25- Celebration of                 School Uniforms
           Lunar New Year                   Reminder, as I mentioned in last
Come out for our January Parent Club        month’s newsletter, we love our blue
for a celebration of Lunar New Year!!       “Blue Ribbon” t-shirts, but we ask
Many Asian countries and cultures           that all of our students wear our red
celebrate Lunar New Year and this           Lincoln t-shirt or any other red shirt.
celebration will honor this holiday. You    This dress code ensures the safety
will enjoy some delicious food and          of our students. Also, parents, stay
exciting student performances. Tickets      tuned for information on how to
are available in the Parent Center or       purchase a Lincoln Blue Ribbon Shirt
Lincoln Office.                             or Jacket.
             School Website
As I have mentioned, we have switched
our website. Our new website can be
accessed by both:
www.LincolnDragons.org                (or)
Please check the website regularly for
information related to school events.

    Internet Safety- Students using
Reminder, parents, please be aware
that some of our older students have
spoken about using the website,
“Facebook”. It is prohibited for children
under the age of 13 to have accounts on
“Facebook” and other social networking
websites. Please monitor your child’s
use of the Internet and make sure they
are not using prohibited websites.
You can learn more about Internet
safety for children at:

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