JOB DESCRIPTION

    POSITION: Payroll Officer      BSBFLM406B:        NAME:
    Implement Workplace Information Systems

    DEPARTMENT: Corporate Business                    REPORTS TO: Coordinator Payroll and
                                                      Superannuation Services

    BRANCH:          HR & Organisational              AWARD CLASSIFICATION:


•     To maintain and process Council’s payroll in an effective and efficient manner each week and
      ensuring that monthly accounts relating to deductions are paid within required limits.

•     Demonstrate a commitment to Councils core values and promote the image of Council as an
      efficient organisation.


1.        Payroll preparation that incorporates:

          ●      Checking of timesheets and attendance sheets, ensuring claims of overtime and
                 allowances are correct.
          ●      Checking of Sick, Annual, Accrued, Long Service and other leave and determination
                 of such leave.
          ●      Inputting of timesheets, including plant, and leave requirements.
          ●      Processing and input of maintenance amendments, eg, deductions, allowances, tax
          ●      Ensure leave applications are received together with the necessary authorisations.
          ●      Balancing of data input to daily / weekly audits.
          ●      Calculation of termination pays.
          ●      Preparation of back pay entitlements.
          ●      Preparation of public holiday allocations.

2.        Pay run processing which includes:

          ●      Final checking of all period transactions.
          •      Printing of all final weekly reports.
          ●      Printing and preparation of pay slips.
          ●      Input to creditors system.
          ●      Processing of cheques/EFT.
          ●      Distribution to banks, building societies, health funds etc.

3.        Finalisation of weekly pay activities including:

          •      Distribution of pay slips.
          •      Filing of timesheets.
          •      Filing of pay run reports.
          •      Answering telephone and counter queries.

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4.       Weekly activities including:

         ●      Checking attendance records.
         ●      Maintaining leave registers.

5.       Monthly functions:

         ●      Preparation/reconciliation of superannuation files and account.
         ●      Reconciliation and payment of monthly accounts eg, tax instalments, payroll tax,
                insurances, Child Support Scheme etc.

6.       Ongoing activities including:

         ●      Maintenance of staff master file, including data input and checking.
         ●      Completion of leave forms with entitlements for staff on application.
         ●      Completion of Centrelink forms.
         ●      Update payroll to general ledger.
         ●      Assist Managers with budgeting and regrading queries.
         ●      Assist all levels of staff with any queries they may have.
         ●      Verification of employment to financial institutions.

7.       Team responsibility includes:

         ●      Ensuring pay staff work as a team, and are adaptive, efficient and productive.
         ●      Safety ie, ensuring you observe the Occupational Health and Safety Act provisions
                and Council’s Safety Code.

8.       Customer and Staff Services which includes:

         ●      Ensure you adopt and practice an effective, co-operative and consultative
                communication ethic with all staff and external enquirers.

9.       Professional development

         •      Participate in professional development activities eg courses, seminars to maintain
                and continuously improve knowledge required to competently fulfil the requirements
                of the position.

10.       Organisational requirement:

         •      You may be required to relocate to any department, branch or section within the
                organisation at the direction of the General Manager.


      1. Certificate 111 in Financial Services, Business Administration or equivalent.
      2. Minimum three (3) years experience in a clerical administrative environment including one
         (1) year experience in payroll.
      3. Demonstrated keyboard skills, experience with MS Office and with payroll applications.
      4. Demonstrated experience in a local government environment.
      5. Demonstrated high-level verbal and written communication skills.
      6. Demonstrated high level interpersonal skills.
      7. Class C drivers licence.

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