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									                                        Job Description
                                       Account Executive

An Account Executive’s primary responsibilities are to implement client initiatives while gaining
increased knowledge of and exposure to the planning and client-management side of the
business. This involves drafting high-quality client materials and presentations, assisting with
trainings, conducting a variety of media relations activities, and performing other outreach
activities as described in the client’s communications plan or scope of work. An Account
Executive is also expected to provide strategic advice and other coaching to clients, mentor
junior staff, and create and monitor project work plans. As an Account Executive progresses,
he/she may be asked to take the lead on a small project with oversight by the team lead or
another senior person on the team.

The Account Executive reports directly to his/her team lead but may also be assigned tasks by
other members of the team or by Spitfire’s president or managing director. Pending judgment
and direction of the team lead, an Account Executive may also oversee junior staff and outside
consultants on projects.

As with all members of the Spitfire team, Account Executives are expected to follow the policies
described in the Spitfire handbook, attend all internal meetings, and conduct themselves in a
professional manner at all times while working to instill a positive work environment at the firm.

A successful Account Executive demonstrates proficiency in completing the following activities.

Internal Relationships
    • Proactively contribute ideas to projects
    • Regularly make recommendations to project lead on how to improve a project
    • Work with project/team lead to effectively complete scope of work so that it is top quality
       but also within the terms of the contract
    • Seek help from project manager or team lead if overall workload exceeds regular work
       week and work with team to determine solution
    • Attend classes or trainings and present summary to staff
    • Consistently demonstrate ability to successfully move into problem-solving mode
       whenever challenges or concerns arise
    • Work well with and demonstrate respect for colleagues at all levels and consistently
       contribute to a positive work environment.
    • Seek opportunities from team lead or mentor to increase skills or learn new aspects of
       the business
    • Contribute to Spitfire intellectual property pieces (i.e., Activation Point, Smart Chart)
    • Mentor junior staff
    • Demonstrate ability to work with team lead to prioritize workload
    • Understand scope of work of the projects working on well enough to answer questions
       about the project posed by firm management or other colleagues

External Relationships
   • Be able to tag-team with a senior staff person on a Smart Chart or messaging training
   • Sit in on new business meetings with senior staff and follow up with an internal memo of
      ideas that can be incorporated into the proposal
   • Participate in planning meetings with clients and contribute ideas to the overall strategy
      and ultimate client delivery
   •   Demonstrate master pitching skills as well as ability to understand what type of media
       client needs and ability to secure those outlets
   •   Continue to hone client management and communications strategy skills by leading a
       pro bono project or other small account
   •   Demonstrate increased skills in client service arena by acting as a secondary client
       contact for large accounts and receiving positive feedback from client
   •   Provide coaching/sound strategic advice to training participants that results in these
       clients meeting their goals and advancing their issues
   •   Represent Spitfire and industry or potential new business functions and begin cultivating
       contacts for Spitfire
   •   Continue to increase knowledge and skills in a specific area of expertise

Communication and Process
  • Demonstrate command of the Smart Chart as evidenced by ability to contribute ideas to
    client communications plans
  • Write error-free memos and other deliverables that can go to client with minimal revision
  • Screen and interview employee candidates
  • Draft major components of strategic communications plans that can be incorporated into
    client deliverable with minimal changes
  • Demonstrate outstanding copy editing and writing skills
  • Demonstrate outstanding judgment and flexibility and superior client service skills as
    demonstrated by frequent, unsolicited, positive feedback from client
  • Train staff in area of expertise (i.e. blogging, online chat, PowerPoint)
  • Create and manage workplans that meet terms of contract
  • Consistently meet project deadlines as set by team lead
  • Other duties as assigned

Financial and Administrative
   • Submit expense reimbursement forms as appropriate
   • Submit vacation/personal leave requests as appropriate

Must have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of four years relevant experience. Must
demonstrate outstanding writing and editing skills. Demonstrated public speaking skills are
preferred. Candidate is a highly motivated self-starter who takes direction well but also can also
work independently, thrives on variety and can shift directions seamlessly.

Although promotions are based on a variety of factors, in general, an individual will
successfully serve as an account executive for a minimum of three years before being
considered for promotion.

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