JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE: Examinations Officer
           Responsible to Mrs Deborah Whitmore
           (Director of Finance & Human Resources)

SECTION:       Support Staff/Administration



The Examinations Officer is supporting the work of the appointed Assistant
Headteacher for the administration, conduct and efficient running of all the public
examinations within the centre. They will be part of a wider team, but will be
responsible for the performance management of other team members and invigilators.


      Liaising with subject leaders and/or any other member of staff and students to
       ensure that the correct examination entries are made to the awarding bodies
      Checking examination entries are correct and agreed by both staff and
       students.       Gathering and uploading these examination entries to the
       appropriate boards by EDI (WebXchange)
      Drawing up and distribution of examination timetables as soon as is
       practicable including general rules of conduct (ICE documents) and rooming
       lists to all students, staff and invigilators
      Overseeing the organisation of invigilators and their working practices and
      Booking, preparation, organisation and supervision of all examination venues
       in accordance with the Examination Board regulations. This includes
       practicals, furniture and notices in examination rooms and all exam
      Receiving, safe storing, administering and delivering of all necessary
       stationary and materials related to the smooth running of the examination
       system. This involves being responsible for the examination stationery.
      Ensuring that appropriate measures are in place for the safe and secure storage
       of papers, both before and after examinations, and ensure the prompt
       parcelling and despatch of completed examination scripts to the relevant
       examination boards/markers
      Dealing with Special Considerations and Arrangements in accordance with
       Examination Board guidance and policy. This will involve liaising with the
       Special Needs Department in accumulating the required supporting
       documentation and evidence for students
      Ensuring all necessary certification, cashing-in and declining of grades is
       carried out within the timescales set by the Examination Boards and
       implemented by the centre
      Preparing for and attending GCSE and AS/A/GNVQ/VCE result days,
       distributing documentation to staff and dealing with queries, where
       appropriate from staff, students and parents
      Checking statistical data related to all the entries and the analysis of results
       and ensuring that this data is readily available for the Headteacher, Senior
       Leadership Team, Governors and other interest groups
      Assisting the Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for the Post-Results
       Service including the appeals process
      Checking, filing and organising the distribution of certificates to students in
       events such as Certificate Evening
      Ensuring that all staff are kept fully updated on all dates, changes in
       examination procedures, entries and results
      Keeping up-to-date with examination requirements, including the development
       of appropriate ICT packages, EDI links and website navigation that meets the
       needs of the public examination system
      Checking examination fees from the examination boards and ensuring that
       students/departments are billed for any necessary costs and these finances are
       itemised and recorded for payment into the Finance Office in accordance with
       the school financial protocols
      Attending meetings for Examinations Officers when appropriate
      Providing other administrative support as required by the Director of Financial
       and Human Resources

The list of duties in the job description should not be regarded as exclusive or
exhaustive. There will be other duties and requirements associated with your job and,
in addition, as a term of your employment, you may be required to undertake various
other duties as may reasonably be required.

Your duties will be as set out in the above job description but please note that the
school reserves the right to update your job description, from time to time, to reflect
changes in, or to, your job.

You will be consulted about any proposed changes.


     Excellent ICT skills, especially in Microsoft Office Packages (including Word
      and Excel) and management of database, EDI and Internet sites
     Aptitude for accuracy and attention to detail
     Ability to work under pressure, assimilate complex information and make
      appropriate decisions rapidly and accurately
     Excellent written, oral communication and numerical skills
     Excellent and proven organisational talents
     Ability to work to and meet deadlines and prioritise workload and delegate
     Highly developed interpersonal skills and ability to work as part of a team
     Ability to deal confidentially with information and documentation
     A confident and calm approach to the role would be an advantage
     Willingness to be flexible with regard to hours of work at certain times of the
     Ability to work with young people and colleagues at all levels
     Support the ethos of the school


     Experience of working in an educational environment
     Experience of working with (especially Examinations Organiser)
     Knowledge of examination systems

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