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					      Room Hire Charges                                           Why Choose the Garrison Hotel?

                                                       Work on the Hillsborough Barracks was completed in
             Holds 120 seated                 £325*
                                                       1854 having begun in 1848. It was the largest war depot
             Max capacity 200
                                                       in the country. Built mainly of solid stone blocks, with
Garrison Suite & Roof Terrace:
                                                       walls reaching four feet thick in places, it was essentially
             Holds 60 seated                 £225*
                                                       a fortified town.
             Maximum capacity 80
                                                       In the early 1990’s, the site, having remained largely

Hotel Disco:                                 £190*     unused and abandoned for some years, was redevel-
                                                       oped to what you see today. However, many of the
  Room Hire price includes License Extension until
                     Midnight                          buildings remain visually unchanged from the outside
                                                       and you can still envision troops parading where the car
     We accept any decoration styles you may like to   park now stands.
        bring for your occasion, our staff will set
        these up for you. (Table decor, balloons,
                                                       This brings us to the Garrison Hotel, built in 2001, in
        confetti, cakes etc).
                                                       what used to be the Jailhouse, possibly housing soldiers
     Our resident Hotel DJ will play whatever you      awaiting court martial. If you look closely, you can still          Brochure
         like on demand, just hand in your playlist
         before your event.                            see the old Jailhouse cells in the Jailhouse Bar down-
     *Discount room rate available throughout the
         year, please contact sarah to find out more
                                                       stairs and upstairs in the Garrison Suite                                  2013
                                                       At the Garrison Hotel, we pride ourselves on making
   Private Dinner and Disco’s available                your function a day to remember.
   from £21* per person, including 3
   course meal and resident DJ, minimum
   numbers apply

                                                                                                                             Tel: 0114 2499555
0114 2499555                            Hillsborough Barracks
                                                                             Pennistone Road                          Email:
Why not ask about hosting your childrens birthday                                 S6 2GB
party here at The Garrison Hotel
Buffet Menu’s                                                                        Create your own buffet menu and we will provide a price

  Hot Finger Buffet Option 1 £10.95          Hot Fork Buffet Option 3 £12.95                          Hot Fork Buffet Option 5 £7.50
 White, Brown & Granary Rolls with
    Sausage & with Garlic & Rosemary
Roast Potatoes Vegetarian Pastries                 Mexican Pasta Salad                                  Hot Roast Pork Sandwiches
Quiche Lorraine ,Vegetarian, Cheese &     Coated Chicken Kebabs in Cajun Spices                            Stuffing and Crackling
           Onion Quiche
Cold Cuts of Meat in a Chefs Selection              Seafood Rice Paella                                         Roast Potatoes
              of Breads
                                           Lamb Samosas with Mint & Yoghurt Pot                        (Vegetarian Option Available)
   Including a choice of Vegetarian
               Fillings                    Quiche Lorraine, Vegetarian, Cheese &
                                                      Onion Quiche                                    Hot Fork Buffet Option 6 £10.25
    Lightly Spiced Potato Wedges
   Toasted Garlic & Parsley Sliced        Pitta Breads filled with the Chef’s Home                                 Pie & Peas
             Baguette                             Roasted Meat Selection,
                                                                                                           Choose 2 of the following:
Mild Curried Vegetable Samosas with          Cheddar Cheese Savoury and Egg
         Mint & Yogurt Pot                            Mayonnaise                                                 Meat & Potato
     Roasted Chicken Drumsticks             Mixed Garrison Salad with a bowl of                               Chicken & Vegetable
  Tomato & Mozzarella Stone Baked                 Homemade Coleslaw
              Pizza                                                                                          Minced Beef & Onion
                                                    Pork Pie & Pickles
                                                                                                                  Vegetable Pie
    Finger Buffet Option 2 £10.95            Hot Fork Buffet Option 4 £13.50
                                                                                                                    All served

 Brown & Granary Rolls with Prawn        Chicken Tikka Massala and Basmati Rice                              Afternoon Tea £6.95
Marie Rose, Honey Roasted Ham, Beef
  & Horseradish and Farmhouse               Mixed Vegetable Chilli Con Carne
                                                                                                       Sandwiches with Varies Fillings
  Cheddar Cheese with Red Onion          Sliced Garlic Bread Toasted with Parsley/
   Mushroom and Leek Cous- Cous                Mini Individual Naan Breads                                       Sausage Rolls
Nicoise Salad with Tuna, Feta & Black       Spicy Onion Bhajis, with a Mint &                                        Quiche
               Olives                                 Yoghurt Pot
                                          Mild Curried Vegetable Samosas with                                         Cake
   Homemade Coleslaw with Pickle
           Selection                               Mint & Yogurt Pot
                                                                                                           Scones with Cream & Jam
     Sliced Pitta with Hummus &                        Popperdoms
            Guacamole Dip                                                                                         Tea & Coffee
                                                        Pickle Tray
Roast Potatoes with Garlic & Rosemary                      Chips                                          Add Chips for £0.55 Per Person

                                              *Ask about variations of this menu                 Large Party Menu Available From £12.95

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