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					              The Podrace that Sabllba almost won
       Jake as you can see is getting ready to be in a new star wars movie. “Ah poo

doky”, he said. Jake is playing as Bullseye Navior (a pod racer).The person next to Jake

is Elliot he will be playing Saballba (a pod racer). this race takes place on a very

dangerous track in the outer rim of the outer rim. “Chuba”!!!! Suballba SCREEMED AT

THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS!!!! This race is on planet Acba (a 4 part plaint at the edge of

the galaxy). This planet has winter, spring, summer, and fall parts where they meet is

could a core the spring and winter core is the swamp lands, the summer and spring is the

ocean lands, the fall and winter is frozen lands, the summer and fall is the frozen lakes

lands, and the summer and winter is the pits land. No 1 goes near the pits do to reality

cold winds (you can freeze to death, latterly) and boiling hot lava!!!!! Same as spring and

fall. “He might go all the way, Bullseye won unbelievable I ‘ill be here all week,”

saballba crashed rounding the corner “Chuba chuba chuba, chuba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He

said very rapidly and angry, as he was flying through the air watching # 11 (-12) passed

him. The concession guy hollered as he left. “Don’t forget to watch the podrace next

week in the pits lands (the most dangerous part of the planet).”

                                               By Jake

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