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4th-Quarter-News-Letter1 by pengxuebo


									                                                            4th Quarter 2012

      Impacting Cuyahoga County
                Love INC in Action

                          In This Issue:
                      God's Perfect Timing
                  Clothing Ministry Expansion
                           Love Note
                          Coat Drive
                      Goods and Services
                       GET INVOLVED:
             * Our Annual Breakfast Meeting will be
                             April 18th
* Our Annual Fundraiser is October 5th at Church on the Rise
 * Watch in upcoming newsletters for our Golf-Outing Details
                            * Donations:
      We need bins, bins & more bins for our clothing ministry.
 If any of you would like to donate a bin or two, please let us know.
       We will be more than happy to come and pick them up.
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                         Independence, OH
                              God's Perfect Timing
                                by Janice Cepulo, Director

                        You just never know what a day will bring.

I was sitting at my desk when I received a phone call from Conte's Pasta in New Jersey.
They had sent the wrong shipment to their local Cleveland affiliate. There were 30 boxes
of Gluten Free Stuffed Shells sitting at Midland Foods in Cleveland, which they were
generously offering to us. To this day, I'm still not sure how they knew to call us (God),
but they did.

We have learned over the years to never say "no". You just never know what door the
Lord is opening up. We started calling our partner churches that have food pantries. They
could not use it; their freezers were filled (which was, of course, a blessing), due to the
many donations which they had received at Christmastime. I called the City Mission and
their freezers were also filled.

As we all know, God has perfect timing. Just the previous week, I had met a woman named
Denise who had started a ministry called Restored Paths. She began her ministry by feeding
the homeless once a week from the back of her car. The Lord had provided a building for
her and her husband to purchase, to expand their ministry. They had just finished the kitchen
and were working on being able to provide housing for their clients.Restored Paths was
planning a large community meal a few days from my call. The timing was perfect. They
were able to use a portion of the food to minister that weekend.

Just after hanging up with her, I received a call from another Denise. She is also associated
with a ministry of hope called Outside the Walls. They work with homeless and destitute
(mostly woman) in the community. Once again God's timing is perfect. They were also
planning a meal for later that week.

We all met at Midland Foods... my friend Denise and my other friend Denise...the boxes
made their way to those who needed it most. Many were ministered to with stuffed
shells and the Love of Christ on a cold Saturday in December!
                           Clothing Ministry Expansion
                                 by Janice Cepulo, Director

                 Lord, please give me patience and I want it now!!!!!!

     This statement has been a little bit of a standing joke, especially for me, as
     we await the completion of our Love, INC clothing room. As you can see
     from our pictures we have come a long way... we are almost there...but not quite. We
     will keep you posted.

     In the meantime, we would like to thank so many who have helped bring us to the point
     we are at today:

     We are so very grateful to Hawkins Sales for their financial support and warehouse
      space. They are such a blessing to this ministry and our community.
     The process started with our architect, Tim Hunsicker who graciously volunteered
      his time to help us with the original plans for the City Inspector to approve.
     Another hat off to Pastor Hestel Stout, our contractor. He is the associate pastor at
      West 58th Street Church of God. Pastor Pratt, his Senior Pastor, graciously gave him
      some time-off at full pay to help us out. Pastor Pratt was so anxious to get his
      associate back full-time, that he also pitched in.
     They were joined by our electrician Dick Artman, our heating and cooling
      man, Pastor Paul Grodel, our carpet provider and installer, Dick Pimpo, and Paul
      from Affordable Warehouse, who is donating the racks which will be delivered after
      the final inspection.
     These men have been a tremendous blessing, in addition toall of the volunteers who
      have pitched in to make this all possible.

The board, staff and Love INC are so grateful to each and everyone one of you.
                              THANK YOU.
We know how blessed we are to have these men share their talents
      with us as we construct our new Clothing Room!
              The total for our coat drive is in!
Through our churches and local businesses, we collected more coats this
year than ever before!

The coats were distributed to The City Mission, Laura's Home, and St
Herman's. In addition, seven ministries representing our partner churches
were blessed to receive coats for their needs as they embody Jesus,
His hope and love throughout Cuyahoga County.

We'd like to thank State Auto (Dorothy Schreck and Sandy Kovach), and
Eaton Corp (Shari Moran) for their support of this project. We'd also like to
thank the following Dry Cleaners: CRDN, DKS, The Farrow Group and
Williamsburg Dry Cleaners. We have received many comments telling us
that the recipients of the coats felt respected and cared for when they were
given clean coats or brand new coats and not items which appeared worn.

Our prayer is that each and every coat will remind each person how
                            special they
                 are and how much they are loved.

                       Thank you for helping us extend
                         Love In the Name of Christ!
                              Love Note

I am a single mom who is not receiving child support. Although I am
working, my daughter and I had some health issues which left us with
some large medical bills which I was having difficulty paying. Thank you
for the referral you gave me for my City Hall. They were able to help me
with one month of scheduled payments, gift cards, and some food. I was
referred to another church that was able to pay-off one medical bill and
also gave us food.

                   Thank you, thank you, thank you!

              You helped to make a difference in our lives.
                  4th Quarter
      Total of Goods and Services: $94,498

Individuals Served (including Coat Drive): 1,499

                Phone Calls: 821

               Needs Met: 1,499

  Many Thanks to Calvary Lutheran Church!
They blessed 49 children of our partner churches
           with gifts for Christmas!

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