2009 X-MEN SOCCER SCHEDULE by uie761km


DATE                             VISITOR                                        HOME                                        TIME
Sat, Sept 5                      StFX X-Men                                     U. New Brunswick                            4:00 pm
Sun, Sept 6                      StFX X-Men                                     U. de Moncton                               4:00 pm
Tue, Sept 8                      U. Prince Edward Island                        StFX X-Men (@ Stellarton)                   4:00 pm
Fri, Sept 11                     Acadia                                         StFX X-Men                                  5:15 pm
Sat, Sept 19                     StFX X-Men                                     U. Prince Edward Island                     3:15 pm
Sun, Sept 20                     StFX X-Men                                     Mount Allison                               3:15 pm
Sat, Sept 26                     U. de Moncton                                  StFX X-Men                                  4:15 pm
Sun, Sept 27                     U. New Brunswick                               StFX X-Men                                  4:15 pm
Fri, Oct 2                       StFX X-Men                                     Cape Breton                                 3:15 pm
Sun, Oct 4                       StFX X-Men                                     Dalhousie                                   3:15 pm
Fri, Oct 16                      Cape Breton                                    StFX X-Men                                  7:15 pm
Sun, Oct 18                      StFX X-Men                                     Saint Mary’s                                3:15 pm
Sat, Oct 24                      Dalhousie                                      StFX X-Men                                  3:15 pm
Sun, Oct 25                      Saint Mary’s                                   StFX X-Men                                  3:15 pm
Sat, Oct 31                      StFX X-Men                                     Memorial                                    3:15 pm
Sun, Nov 1                       StFX X-Men                                     Memorial                                    1:15 pm
Nov 6-8                          AUS Championship @ Dalhousie
Nov 12-15                        CIS Championship @ Trinity Western

HEAD COACH GRAHAM KENNEDY takes over the X-Men soccer program for the 2009 season after veteran head coach Lou Bilek
reitred after 39 years at the helm. Graham is an X-Men soccer alumnus (‘85-’89). He went on to play senior soccer in Nova Scotia, British
Columbia and Alberta throughout the 1990s and earned a Master of Education degree in Coaching from University of Victoria in 1996.
For 7 of the past 9 years, Graham was the Technical Director of the Calgary Foothills Soccer club, one of Canada’s top youth clubs.
During a two-year hiatus, he was the Director of Soccer at the Edge School for Athletes, pioneering a successful junior and senior high
soccer program. During this period Graham also was the head coach for national silver medalist Calgary Foothills B18, North American
Super-Y finalists, FC Calgary, and Calgary Villains Elite of the Alberta Major League. In 2009, Kennedy coached the Calgary Foothills G18
to a national championship. In 2005, Kennedy received his Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) B coaching license while
working in association with the youth academy at Birmingham City Football Club.

        St. Francis Xavier University Department of Athletics & Recreation 1140 Martha Drive, Oland Centre, Antigonish NS, Canada B2G 2W5
                      Tel (902)867-2152 Fax (902)867-2455 Box Office (902)867-3304 Toll-Free 1-866-259-8169 info@GoXGo.ca
  # PLAYER                               POS’N              HT ELIG PROG YR                  HOMETOWN                 PREV TEAM
  1      Andrew MacDonald                Goalkeeper         6’2”    1   BBA 1                Antigonish NS            Team Nova Scotia
  2      Merle Keefe                     Defender           5’11”   2   Eng 3                Antigonish NS            Halifax County
  3      Josh MacIntyre                  Defender            6’0”   1   BA 2                 Halifax NS               Halifax City
  4      Josh Weinberger                 Midfielder          6’2”   2   BA 3                 Calgary AB               Calgary Darts
  5      Phil Casey                      Defender            5’9”   1   BSc HK 1             New Glasgow NS           Team Nova Scotia
  6      Miroslav Novak                  Defender            6’7”   3   BSc HK 3             Prague CZ                SK Aritma              Thomas                  Jessie                 Phil                 Ryan               Marshall           Connor
  7      Thomas Bradley                  Forward            5’10”   3   BBA 3                Calgary AB               Calgary Darts          BRADLEY                 BURGINS                CASEY                CASEY              DAWSON             DEERING
  8      Jamie Tibbo                     Defender            6’0”   1   BA HK 1              Halifax NS               Team Nova Scotia
  9      Joseph Phillips                 Forward            5’10”   3   B Sc 4               Sussex NB                Dartmouth United
  10     Michael Marousek                Forward             6’3”   3   BA HK 3              Prague CZ                FC Vysocina Jihlava
  11     Jamar Dixon                     Midfielder         5’11”   2   BA HK 2              Ottawa ON                Victoria Highlanders
  12     Paul Oppenheim                  Forward             5’9”   1   BA 3                 Calgary AB               Calgary Darts
  13     Dylan MacKenzie                 Midfielder         5’10”   2   Dip Eng 2            Souris PE                Avondale Islanders
  14     Kareem Henry                    Midfielder         5’10”   1   BSc HK 1             Trinidad TBG             Brampton Bandits
  15     Connor Deering                  Forward             6’0”   3   BSc 3                Antigonish NS            Calgary Darts
  16     Kieran Gilfoy                   Midfielder         5’10”   4   BA 4                 Antigonish NS            Calgary Darts
  17     Ryan Casey                      Defender            6’0”   2   BBA 2                Charlottetown PE         Avondale Islanders
  18     Max Maund                       Defender            6’2”   1   BSc HK 2             Courtenay BC             Victoria Highlanders
                                                                                                                                             Jamar                   Kieran                 Kieran               William            Kareem             Merle
  19     Luke Sturmy                     Midfielder          6’0”   3   BSc HK 3             Antigonish NS            Dartmouth United       DIXON                   GILFOY                 GOODWIN              GREGG              HENRY              KEEFE
  21     Kieran Goodwin                  Goalkeeper          6’2”   2   BBA 3                Charlottetown PE         Halifax County
  22     Jessie Burgins                  Forward             5’9”   2   BA HK 2              Ottawa ON                Capital United
  23     William Gregg                   Midfielder         5’11”   3   BA 3                 Hamilton ON              Hamilton Sporta
  24     Marshall Dawson                 Goalkeeper          6’1”   2   BBA 2                Cape Traverse PE         Fortius

Head Coach Graham Kennedy (1st year)                                    Athletic Therapists Tara Sutherland, Katrina Lambert
Assistant Coaches Rob Canning, Justin MacKenzie                         Student Therapist Kathryn Olsheski
Graduate Assistant Brandon Dort                                         Academic Advisor Lou Bilek
Goaltender Coach Lachlin Gillis                                         Peer Counsellor Patrick Keating
Team Manager Andrew Lichtenfels                                         Sports Information Krista McKenna

                                                                                                                                             Andrew                  Josh                   Dylan                Michael            Max                Miroslav
                                                                                                                                             MACDONALD               MACINTYRE              MACKENZIE            MAROUSEK           MAUND              NOVAK

Graham                 Rob                       Justin                 Brandon                    Lachlan                 Andrew
KENNEDY                CANNING                   MACKENZIE              DORT                       GILLIS                  LICHTENFELS
                                                                                                                                                         Paul                    Joseph                 Luke                Jamie              Josh
                                                                                                                                                         OPPENHEIM               PHILLIPS               STURMY              TIBBO              WEINBERGER

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