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									Fundamentals for Faculty

           Andrea Deaton, CRA
            Executive Director
       Office of Research Services

    An Overview
Research Policies and Procedures

   Animal Use & Care         Intellectual Property
   Conflict of Interest      Patent
   Consortia                 PI Eligibility
   Cost Sharing              Radioisotopes
   Ethics in Research
                              rDNA and Biohazard Safety
   Export Controls
                              Routing Externally funded
   F&A Costs
   Human Subjects
                              SRI/Double SRI
   Institutes and Centers
                              Tuition Remission
Ethics in Research
 Scholarly Misconduct
     Falsification
    Plagiarism
    Improper use of information
    Manipulation of results
    Material failure to comply with rules and regulations
    Inappropriate behavior as it relates to misconduct, i.e.
 Process for inquiry, investigation and resolution are outlined in
  the Faculty Handbook
Conflict of Interest
 Requires annual disclosure to the Provost of outside
   Requires routing specific to a particular proposal
   Management plan is used to assess and manage
    potential or perceived conflicts
   Institutional conflicts
   Use of human subjects

    An Overview
Office of Compliance
 Debra Chionopoulos, Director
 OUHSC Phone: (405) 271-2511
 debra-chionopoulos@ouhsc.edu
 http://www.ouhsc.edu/compliance/
 Standards of Conduct:
 Hotline: 271-2223 or 866/836-3150
Compliance Oversight
Use of Biohazards/rDNA
 Biohazards Committee
 Dr. Bruce Roe, Chair
 broe@ou.edu
 Phone: 325-4912
 Must be approved prior
  to proposal submission
 http://research.ou.edu/p
Compliance Oversight
Environmental Safety and
Use of Radioactive Isotopes
   Radiation Safety Office
   Trent Brown, Env. Health and Safety Officer
   tbrown@ou.edu
   Phone: 325-5147
   FAX: 325-7238
   Prior to Submission of Proposal
   Labs must be Approved to Use Radioisotopes
 http://research.ou.edu/about/radioisotopes_policy.ht
Compliance Oversight
Use of Animals in Research
 Institutional Animal Use &
    Care Committee
   Dr. Bill Shelton, Chair
   wshelton@ou.edu
   Phone: 325-1058
   http://research.ou.edu/about/
   Must be approved prior to
    account establishment
Compliance Oversight
Conflict of Interest
                 Conflict of Interest as it
                  relates to research
                  projects is handled
                  through the Office of
                  Research Services
Office of Technology Development
 Reviews all InfoSheet submissions
 May require review of the proposal prior to
   Protects University and PI rights to intellectual
   Regina McNabb, Technology Transfer Administrator,
   http://www.otd.ou.edu/
   325-3800
Export Controls
 Export Administration Regulations (EAR) – U.S.
    Dept. of Commerce
   International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) –
    U.S. State Department
   Office of Foreign Assets Controls (OFAC) – U.S.
    Treasury Department
   If applicable, licenses are required
   Gretta Rowold, Export Control Officer
   325-5052
   growold@ou.edu
Categories for EAR
 Nuclear Materials       Telecommunications
 Chemicals & Toxins      Information Security
 Materials Processing    Sensors & Lasers
 Electronics Design,     Navigation & Avionics
  Development &
  Production              Marine
 Computers               Propulsion Systems,
 Encrypted Software       Space Vehicles, etc.
Fundamental Research
Exemption under EAR
 Basic and applied research in science and
  engineering, the results of which ordinarily are
  published and shared broadly within the scientific
 Distinguished from research which results in
  information which is restricted for proprietary reasons
  or pursuant to specific access and dissemination
Classified Research
 OU is not a cleared facility
 OU does have security clearance and can
  host individual security clearances
 Contact: Gretta Rowold
  Phone: 325-5052
Compliance Oversight
Use of Human Subjects
 Institutional Review Board (IRB)
 Dr. Laurette Taylor, Chair
 Administrative Office-Office of Human
  Research Participants Protection
 irb@ou.edu
 Phone: 325-8110
Use of Human Subjects
 Two IRBS on Norman Campus
 IRBs meet the 1st Thursday and 3rd Tuesday of each
  month (Deadline for Full Board Review 10 days in
 Reciprocal Agreement with OUHSC
 Requires Annual Renewal
 Requires Resubmission after Three Years
Who must Apply?
   Any research involving human subjects or use of
  data on human subjects including survey research
     that will be conducted on this campus and/or
    conducted by OU staff, students or faculty and
        might be published must be reviewed.
Federal Excess Property Program
 Manager: Joe Grego
 Phone: 5-4244
 Building 111 SC
 grego@ou.edu

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