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									Health Care Hiring Rises on
Health care employment continued to be a strong area of job growth, based on the latest
Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers. As provisions of Obamacare come into effect, employers
are actively hiring to handle the rise in patients, reflected in jobs data on
Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) May 16, 2013 -- Health sector employment made up a sizeable portion of U.S. job
growth in April, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The health industry added 19,000 jobs last month,
as employers prepared to meet the anticipated growth in patients and demand for services as a result of
Obamacare. This employment growth has been reflected in hiring data on

Health care employment made up a sizeable portion of U.S. employment in April, according to the latest
Bureau of Labor Statistics job report. The sector added 19,000 jobs last month, marking a monthly average of
24,000 jobs per month over the past year. Demand continued to trend upward for ambulatory and emergency
services, which added another 14,000 jobs in April.

One area within the sector that is seeing traction is employment related to social assistance, which added 7,000
new jobs, according to the employment report. Much of the rise in demand comes with the passage of the
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which includes a Medicaid provision that expands eligibility for
low income Americans. While key provisions related to Medicaid are not set to go into effect until January
2014, many hospitals and clinics that have social welfare programs are currently adding staff in preparation of
the expected increase in patients. The increased need for health care workers also comes at a time when a
sizeable portion of the U.S. population is aging, entering retirement, and becoming more dependent on medical

The BLS jobs report overwhelmingly corresponded with employment trends on, a leading job
search website. Employers listed over 521,000 health care jobs on the site at the time of this release, a
resounding affirmation of the national trends in the jobs report. Nearly 5,300 jobs were listed in emergency
services this month, and hiring has been strongest in Texas, particularly in the cities of Dallas, San Antonio,
Austin, Houston, and Arlington. With over half a million jobs currently being advertised on the site, health care
employment remains a reliable area of growth in an otherwise unpredictable market.

Granted CEO, Harrison Barnes predicted that health care employment would continue to be in demand for the
foreseeable future, regardless of economic factors. “Many people talk about the unpredictability of the economy
and its impact on the job market. No matter what happens, it’s not going to change the fact that demand for
health care employees will continue to trend upwards. You can’t escape the fact that there are seismic
demographic shifts at work. Simply put, the baby boomer population is getting old, getting sick, and needing
health care, and this is translating into more jobs.”

About Granted is a job search site based in Pasadena, CA. It is a part of the Employment Research Institute and
owned by A. Harrison Barnes.

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