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									Law Offices Of O. Miller White In Houston Provides Experienced Bankruptcy Service To Locals

Houston TX, 18-MAY-2013 - The Law Offices of O. Miller White and The Houston Bankruptcy
Attorney, O. Miller White, is pleased to announce that the firm offers experienced bankruptcy service
to all locals. They provide a number of benefits to debtors beyond the opportunity to wipe the slate
clean and make a fresh start. A no-obligation consultation with the well-respected legal firm will help
to direct clients in the most sensible approach to overwhelming debt.

Debts are a source of emotional stress as well as financial ruin. People who are in a financial morass
are affected emotionally and physically. By consulting an attorney who is knowledgeable and
experienced in this area of law, debtors are taking control of the situation and seeking a solution to the
problem through legal debt elimination.

According to O. Miller White, The Houston Bankruptcy Attorney, "U. S. Bankruptcy laws are
notorious for being complex, confusing, and difficult to fully understand. I can assess your financial
situation and explain to you how to file bankruptcy in a way that is clear and easy for you to make a
decision to proceed. I will help ensure that you meet all necessary requirements before filing your
bankruptcy case."

He continues, "While working on your behalf, I will address and resolve any issues, obstacles, or
problems that may arise during the bankruptcy process that threaten the success of your case. In
addition, I will also protect you from creditors or collection agencies who try to contact you after our
law firm has filed for your bankruptcy protection."

Learn more about the reasons for and benefits of filing for bankruptcy by clicking on the links found at today. Members of the press and others who
have further questions about the content of this press release are encouraged to contact O. Miller White,
Houston bankruptcy attorney, at the location found below.

Contact Person Name: O. Miller White
Company Name: The Law Offices of O. Miller White
Address: 4606 FM 1960 W, Suite 400, Houston, TX 77069
Contact Phone Number: (281) 315-8810

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