EZ StretchNFlex In Atwood KS, Provides Fast Back Pain Relief Naturally

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					EZ StretchNFlex In Atwood KS, Provides Fast Back Pain Relief Naturally

Atwood KS, 18-MAY-2013 - The distributor for EZ StretchNFlex Back Stretcher is pleased to
announce a reliable tool to relieve back pain easily and naturally. The device is simple and unique in
that it stretches the muscles along the spine without straining the spine itself. Gentle traction has been
utilized in many devices over hundreds of years in order to relieve pressure on spinal discs so that they
can expand and rehydrate naturally. The Atwood KS back stretcher applies this type of traction in an
easy-to-use device that can be used in the home.

According to a company spokesperson, "There are many causes of back pain, but one of the most
common is when gravity slowly compresses the discs in a spine, which may lead them to dry out and
get smaller and more brittle. This can cause your spine to start to lock up, and possibly pinch nerves,
with painful results. The only time gravity is not compressing your disks is when you sleep, and that is
when your body tries to rehydrate and replenish the disks. The EZ StretchNFlex back stretcher is a
simple lever-based machine that answers the question of how to stretch your lower back gently and
carefully to alleviate back pains."

The Atwood KS back stretcher is easy to use. It is light weight and can be quickly assembled. Users
just recline on a firm surface, place the ankles in the holder and the arms in the crutch on the upper
portion. Then the handles are gently pulled to provide relief as the upper, middle and lower back is

Users do not have to hang upside down or spend large amounts of capital to obtain relief. The
therapeutic effects will be felt almost immediately and can be maintained in only a few minutes daily.
No pharmaceuticals are needed to obtain relief. The holistic approach is gentle and much less costly
than medical or chiropractic techniques.

Learn more about how the Atwood KS back stretcher can be utilized to provide holistic therapy for
back pain by checking the web pages at today. Members of the press
and others who have questions about the device or how it works can contact the company at the
location described below.

Company Name: EZ StretchNFlex Back Stretcher
Address: 204 South 2nd Street, Atwood, KS 67730
Contact Phone Numvber: (785) 626-9445
Email :

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Description: EZ StretchNFlex Back Stretcher offers an effective and easy-to-use device for the relief of back pain. No medication or surgery is necessary when the tool is used.