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  Gabriel Byrd
  Weiwei Miao
 History of previous court cases
 Arguments in Brown v. Board of Education
 Impacts of the court’s decision
       History of relevant court
 Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)
  • Homer Plessy refused to give up his seat on a train
     because of his race

  • Established “doctrine of separate but equal”

  • 8-1 decision, upholding laws which segregate on the
     basis of race
    Subsequent cases dealing with
       educational integration
 Murray v. Maryland
   • Donald Murray, a black lawyer, prevented from
    attending University of Maryland School of Law
   • Case argued by Thurgood Marshall
   • Lower court ruled that Murray be admitted
   • Precedent: If a separate, equivalent school is not
    provided, existing schools must integrate
    Subsequent cases dealing with
       educational integration
 Missouri ex rel Gaines v. Canada (1938)
  • Lloyd Gaines, a black law student given the choice (by
    the state) of either:
     Attend a new black-only law school to be created in
     Receive state funding to attend a school out of state
  • Court ruled that these options violated Gaine’s equal
    protection under the 14th amendment
  • Precedent: state must provide separate and equal
    education with their own borders.
    Subsequent cases dealing with
       educational integration
 Sweat v. Painter (1950)
  • Heman Sweat was barred from attending the white-
    only University of Texas law school
  • University of Texas had created a separate law school
    for black students
  • Court ruled that the black law school was separate but
    not equal to its counterpart which was restricted to
  • Precedent: school’s must be equal in facilities
    Subsequent cases dealing with
       educational integration
 McLaurin v. Oklahoma board of Regents of Higher
  Education (1950)
  • George McLaurin was admitted into the University of
    Oklahoma’s doctorate program
  • McLaurin was forced to sit separately and eat
    separately from white students
  • Supreme Court finds that this segregation negatively
    impacts McLaurin’s ability to learn, orders it to cease.
  • Precedent: Separation inherently causes an inequality
            Thurgood Marshall
 Thurgood Marshall was the leader of the NAACP who
  worked toward ended segregated America

 He provided backing in a number of cases in the form of
  legal support and funding, and helped to win several
  major victories, one of which was Brown v. The Board of
  Education of Topeka
      Arguments for and against
 For: The board of education attempted to argue that the system
   of segregation was fully functional, and that the system had no
   adverse affects on the students

 Against: The arguments against the system of segregation
   pretty much pointed out the physical conditions of the schools,
   the lack of recognition and prestige in a lot of those schools, and
   that the separation of the schools created feelings of inferiority
    The physical condition of the
 The schools lacked most basic supplies

 Quality of buildings were lacking

 Difficult for teachers
 The Schools of Higher Education lacked
    the prestige of the white schools
 The Africa American colleges lacked prestige

 African American professionals had a hard time being
  taken seriously
  The segregation of the schools created
     inherent feelings of inferiority
 The psychological effects on the children

 The Clark Doll tests of 1939
  Impact of Brown v. Board decision
 Overturned the separated but equal doctrine
   • Reverse Plessy v. Ferguson
   • Declared segregation in public school is
      Violate the “equal protection clause” of 14th Amendment
 It strengthened the democratic principal of equality
   • Helped to convince American society to end racial
   • Provided a strong law for “the protection of equality
     of human rights”
Impact of Brown v. Board decision
                           The end of
                            segregation by
                            law in
                             •   Allow other
                                 racial people
                                 to attend
                                 white schools
                           Supreme
                            court’s decision
                            had almost no
 Timeline of events leading to Brown v. Board
 Supreme Court Cases leading to Brown v. Board
 Summary of Brown v. Board Decision
 Educational materials for Brown v. Board
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