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					What will the effect of vibration have on earthworm behavior?
What is the effect of different genres of music on the rate at which a
hermit crab moves?

What is the effect of pH on yeast fermentation?

What is the effect of chlorine on yeast fermentation?

How does ethyl Alcohol inhibit the rate of catalyst enzyme activity?

What is the effect of electricity on beet cell membranes?

Extracting DNA out of a Strawberry, How can you extract DNA out of
a strawberry?
How do different salts affect electrical currents when using
a student-instructed battery with copper electros?

Does temperature effect the brightness of the Chemical

What is the effect of riprap modification on erosion caused
by water?

Efficient propeller design, Does the pitch of a propeller
affect the amount of voltage is outputs?
What Effect Do Different Amounts of Rocks Have on the
Strength of Levees?

Which type of blade shape would produce the greatest
amount of energy for a wind turbine?

How to recycle Styrofoam in an eco-friendly way? Using
Limonene to Recycle Styrofoam

Water Filtration, How will different materials affect the
filtering of water?

Will nitrates, calcium, and potassium improve health of
plants grown in soil contaminated with copper sulfate?
The electrolyte challenge: Orange Juice vs. Sports Drinks -
Which one has more electrolytes?

Does running barefoot affect the speed of your run?
How Much Energy is there in Food?

How does heat effect the quality of water?

Is your cell phone making you sick?
How will the effect of different types of hand soap have on

Will Different Types of Antibacterial Soap Affect Bacteria
How different types of music affect the amount of sound
that passes through an object?

Getting the Most Out of Your Swing,
Water Displacement, Refraction and Sound mobility,

Will Magnesium Effect Plant Production of Chlorophyll?

What is the effect of salt on plants?

What Effect Does Water Have On Seeds Sprouting?
What is the effect of temperature on dissolved

What is the effect of decomposing plant material on
dissolved oxygen?

What is the effect of common household chemicals
on dissolved oxygen?

Will acidity effect dissolved oxygen of tap water?
The Effects of Angle Incidence on the Accuracy of Made Shots in a
Basketball Goal.

Potential and Kinetic Energy of a Roller Coaster.

Concrete Reinforcement--Which Type of Rebar Will it Be: Fiberglass,
Metal, Plastic or no reinforcement?

The Effects of Household Plant Extracts on Microbial Growth

Pharmaceutically Active Compounds (Naproxen, Ibuprofen,
Acetaminophen) effect concentration of microscopic life in pond water

The Effect of Colored Light on Plant Growth

The effect of various soil pH levels on trap life and trap closing and
opening speed of Dionaea Muscipula

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