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									Alpha Security Concepts In Shreveport LA Offers Home Security Systems For Locals

Shreveport, LA, 18-MAY-2013 - Alpha Security Concepts, Shreveport home wireless security
monitoring service, is pleased to announce that local home owners are able to obtain high quality
services to protect homes and businesses in the area. Shreveport and the surrounding communities
within seventy miles of the city can be protected against a menu of problems and dangerous issues
related to security.

A company spokesperson explained the purpose for the home security monitoring services, "We help to
ensure that families and businesses can protect their valuable assets from a variety of problems, Home
owners are assured of rapid response, thus will have peace of mind."

"We can help you to ensure your valuables and family members are protected at home" he continues.
"When the people and valuables are secure and safe with our Shreveport home wireless security
monitoring service, you won't be at risk of financial ruin or physical damage. We are very proud of
providing top-quality customer services as is reflected in our stellar customer satisfaction reviews."

The type of security system which is installed is matched to the precise level of protection needed by
the customer. There are many types of risks, and providing monitoring is a strong foundation for the
services provided. Some of the equipment includes mobile tools, remote devices, security cameras.
Closed circuit television is another way to provide eyes on the valuables.

In addition to monitoring services, fire protection is another type of coverage that can be added by
clients. Protection against unauthorized entry or unwanted intruders is a feature often utilized by
clients. When an event happens, such as a breech, the client wants a satisfactory result without the risk
of life or property.

Learn more about security monitoring systems that can be utilized in protecting assets such as
residences and their contents by visiting the web pages found at
today. Members of the press and others who want additional details regarding the products and the
content of this press release should contact the firm at the location described below.

Company Name: Alpha Security Concepts
Address: 7820 Millicent Way, Suite 407, Shreveport, LA 71105
Contact Telephone Number: (318) 798-9952

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