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									                    Gather, Donate & Give a Second Chance
     Call 972-233-0866 to donate your slightly used items and join us 10-30-2010
              at Munger Place Church for the Greatest GARAGE SALE.
    CONTACT is the empowering link for Greater Dallas residents who want help to resolve a problem or crisis and move
    from breaking point to turning point. Funds raised at the Second Chance Garage SALE will help fund CONTACT’s
    24/7 free, confidential help lines, immediate emergency support and its unique crisis prevention outreach programs.

THINGS WE ACCEPT:                                                    THINGS WE CANNOT ACCEPT:
 •	 Artwork                                                            •	 Automobile	tires,	rims,	car	radio	and	
 •	 Baby	items		                                                          speakers
 •	 Books                                                              •	 Baby	items:	no	car	seats		
 •	 China                                                              •	 Box	springs	and	mattresses
 •	 Gently-used;	nothing	older	than	3	years	
                                                                       •	 Built-in-cabinets;	furniture	made	of	particle	
 •	 Clothing:	shoes	&	clothing	accessories
 •	 Electrical	items:	clean	electrical	items	in	                          board	or	Formica
    working	condition.	                                                •	 	Computers,	monitors,		laptopS,	dot	matrix	
       •	 vacuum	cleaners                                                 printers,	large	and	heavy	printers
       •	 small	appliances                                             •	 Electrical	items:	
       •	 small	microwaves                                                •	 air	conditioners;	air	purifiers
 •	 Furniture:	no	upholstery	furniture                                    •	 attic	ceiling	fans,	commercial	equipment	
       •	 furniture	in	good	to	excellent	condition
                                                                          •	 built-in	microwaves
 •	 Holiday	items
 •	 Home	Decor                                                            •	 black	&	white	TVs
 •	 Household/	Kitchen:	clean,	sellable	items	                            •	 items	with	no	power	packs
    in	good	to	excellent	condition.                                    •	 Framed	pictures	with	broken	glass,	
    •	 containers,	(cookie	jar,	canister)                                 unframed	mirrors,	loose	glass
    •	 pans,	pots                                                      •	 Fireplace	doors
 •	 Instruments                                                        •	 No	upholstery	furniture
 •	 Jewelry
                                                                       •	 Halogen	lamps	without	safety	guards
 •	 Music
 •	 Pet	items	                                                         •	 HAZARDOUS	WASTE:	defined	by	the	
 •	 Tools:	garden	and	power	tools	in	good	                                Environmental	Protection	Agency
    and	working	condition.                                             •	 Large	Appliances
 •	 Toys                                                               •	 Large	office	desks/furniture
    •	 	we	accept	all	games,	clean	stuffed	                            •	 Loose	hardware
       animals,	dolls,	toys	and	puzzles                                •	 Tools:	no	garden	hoses	(unless	brand	new)
                          All donated items are tax deductible

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