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					Rosemary Kopittke
   All colonies published regular gazettes
   Trend towards online editions
     British Government gazettes – London, Edinburgh and
      Belfast Gazettes at
     University of Michigan worldwide lists – mostly recent
   Digital copies of historic editions make them more
    accessible – some indexes available
     Victoria Government Gazette
     Archive Digital Books Australasia
     Queensland FHS indexes to the Queensland gazettes
Government Gazettes Online
Archive Digital Books Australasia
   Appointments – Civil and Public Service
   Brands
   Education
   Insolvency
   Intestacies and Wills / Transmission of real estate
   Land records
   Licences
   Local government
   Professionals … and much more
   Early records appeared in the Government
   Closed to the public for a period after
    creation – ranges from 30 years in Victoria to
    100 years in New Zealand
   Rarer than other gazettes
   Digitised by Archive Digital Books Australia
   Some comprehensive indexes available
One of main purposes was to report on crime
 What
 Where
 Details of the victim and the crime
 Details of the suspect
 Often refer to ordinary citizens
   Warrants issued
   Arrests
   People discharged from prison

These lists often include
 Details of the crime
 Name of the criminal
 Aliases, sex, race, location, sentence and
  terms of release
   Missing person’s description
   Nature of disappearance
   Time of disappearance
   Supposed destination
   Details of last known whereabouts
   Personnel changes
   Promotions, dismissals, resignations and
   Licences of various types
   Often repeats of what is
    found in the Government
   Deserters
   Escapees (not criminals)
   Horse and cattle theft
Cover a range of topics of interest
 Teachers – admissions, transfers,
  resignations, promotions, courses
 Students – Junior , Senior and university
  examination results
 Scholarships / bursaries
 War information – Roll of Honour
 Tenderers
Digitised by Archive Digital Books Australasia
   We shouldn’t dismiss the gazettes as being
   They cover the whole population – not just
    government employees, criminals, teachers
   In fact, they are bound to include someone in
    your family!

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