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Sheet1 - CART Liberia



No.                      Name          Degree and school
      1 Kou M. G. Johnson       Bachelors of Arts(BA)
                                Demography, University of
                                Liberia; Associate of Science
                                (Asc.) degree, Nursing, Mother
                                Patern Collge of Health
                                Sciences, Stella Maris

      2 Joseph N. Karmara       Bachelors of Science(Bsc.)
                                degree, Wood Science,
                                University of Liberia, 2003
                                Candidate- MA, Conflict
                                Transformation, Koffi Annan
                                Institute for Peace and Conflict
                                Transformation, University of

      3 Frank K. Garpu          BA, Demography, University
                                of Liberia, 2011

      4 Jefferson K. Dolo       BA, Demography, University
                                of Liberia, 2011

      5 Finah Bottomley         Bachelors of Science, Public
                         Administration with emphasis
                         in Economics, Cuttington

 6 Isaac C. Wessh        Canididate; Physician Assistant,
                         Tubman National Institute of
                         Medical Arts

 7 Elizabeth S. Geddeh   Bachelor of Arts, Demography
                         with emphasis in Sociology,
                         University of Liberia
                         Associate of Science (Asc.) in
                         Nursing, Mother Patern College
                         of Health Sciences, 2000-2003

 8 Ballah M. Sando       Bachelor of Arts, Political
                         Science, University of Liberia

 9 Joetta w. Gbeisay     Junior Student
                         Sociology, University of Liberia

10 Prince S. Tumbey      senior student
                         Demography with emphasis in
                         Sociology, University of Liberia
11 Samuel K. Nelson       Senior student
                          Demographywith emphasis in
                          economics, University of

12 Washington T. george   Senior student
                          Demography with emphasis in
                          Sociology, University of
                          ; AA Degree in Bible studies,
                          Liberia bible college

13 Johnny D. Hopkins      B.Sc. Economics
                          University of Liberia

14 Alieu O. Thomas        BA. Degree, demography
                          Sociology-minor, University
                          of Liberia

15 Ballah Yengbeh         Senior student
                          Demography, University of

16 Geoderick V. Weah      Senior student, Demography
                          with emphasis in Economics
                          University of Liberia

17 Florence F. gbondo     Senior student, Demography
                          with emphasis in Sociology,
                          University of Liberia

18 Dyrexze B. Juwillie    BA. Degree,Sociology
                          with minor in Public adm.

19 Samuel A. B. Barry     BA. Degree, Sociology
                          with emphasis in Demography
                          University of Liberia, 2011

20 Terwah T. Towah        Senior Student, Demography
                          University of Liberia
21 Ophelia Neufville   Junior student, Sociology
                       with emphasis in Demography,
                       University of Liberia

22 Rose S. Barnes      High School Graduate

23 George S. Thomas    Senior student, Demography
                       with emphasis in Sociology,
                       University of Liberia

24 Wonleh S. Slehkie   Senior student, Demography
                       University of Liberia

25 Marco M. seth       Student
                       Sociology, AME Zion University

26 James Vululleh      BA, Demography
                       University of Liberia, 2011

27 Neor Bellie Gizea   BA, Demography
                       University of Liberia, 2011
28 Winifred Diajue Chea    BA, Sociology
                           African Methodist Episcopal
                           University, Camp Johnson
                           Road, Monrovia, 2006

29 Cliff B. Wanpue         BBA, Accounting
                           University of Liberia, 2011

30 Lawrance M. Tokpah      Senoir Student, Studying
                           Business Administration,
                           A.M.E.Z University

31 Nora Q. Keah            BSN, Nursing
                           United Methodist University
                           College of Health Sciences,

32 Marie S. Brown          Associate degree, Nursing
                           Winifred A. Harley School
                           of Health Sciences, 2006
33 Aaron S. Kenneh         BSC, Agriculture
                           University of Liberia, 2010

34 Lannah Lemue McCay      B.SW, Social Works,
                           United Methodist University

35 James Matiah Barclay    Bsc. Candidate, Biology
                           University of Liberia

36 Tougbay, Joseph Noahn   Sophomore, Studying
                           Demography, University of
37 K. Cyrus Ricardo Dwanyen   BA, Sociology
                              AMEZ University, 2012

38 McArthur John Vobah        Senior Student, studying
                              Sociology- Major and
                              Demography- Minor, University
                              of Liberia, 2009-2012
                                 Profile of Center for Apllied Research and Training (CART) membe

           Certificate/Diploma                           Project name and year
Certificates of participation,Emory         Emory Global Health Study, May- June 2012
University Globa Health Study,              New York University, Political Science
New York University Political               study-June-August 2012; National
science study; Certificate, Capacity        Barometer Survey March-April 2012
Building for Nurses, Cairo, Egypt           Barometer Survey March-April 2012
Certificate, Pschiatric Nursing,            Based-line survey on unskilled and
Certificate, HIV/AIDS Counseling            dropped out youth, PPCU, TB Care program
and Testing, Certificate of honor           survey, September 2012
Dyn-Corp International,SSR

Certificates of Participation Reduce        Research:
Impact Logging, FAO/FDA;                    Liberia Telecommunication Authority(LTA)
Peace, Human Rights and Citizenship         Market Survey, Professional Services INC, 2011;
Education, ministry of Education;           Assessment of Forestry Sector Multi-Stake-
Research Methodology, Kofi Annan            holder Capacity Building Needs, Forest
Institute for Conflict Transformation,      Resource and Environmental Management
University of Liberia                       Consultants of Liberia FREMCOL), 2011;
                                            Analysis of Ongoing Natural Resource and
                                            Clmate Change Based Consultion Processes
                                            in Liberia, Conservation Partners for Appropri
                                            ate Rural Technology, 2011; The Informal
                                            Realities of Peacebuilding: How Mid-Level
                                            Commanders and Former Combatants are
                                            Able to Uphold Their Old Military Network
                                            After Demobilizing, University of nliberia, 2012
                                            Pilot Project: Measuring Authority, Yale
                                            University in collaboration with UL, 2012

Certificate of Participation: Leader-       Field Enumrator, Wageningen/Chicago
ship Training, Action for Guinuin           Universities and University of Liberia
Democratic Alternatives and                 collaborative Research, 2012; Research
Advocacy Training; Computer                 Officer, Liberia Children Advocacy
soft ware Application                       Program, 2010-2012

Certificates of participation:              Supervisor, Development Economics
Emory University Global Health                Group study, Wageningen University 2011
Study, New York University                    Monitor, Development Economics Group
Political Science Study;                      study, Wageningen University, 2012
Certificate , Peace Building                  Enumerator: Emory Global Health Study
Cuttington University                         2012, NYU Political Science study 2012

Certificate:                                  National Account Survey, LISGIS, 2010;
Computer soft Ware Application,               Emory University Global Health Research,2012;
Cheale Vacational Training Institute,         Columbia University Peace and Democracy
2007; Advance Professional Teacher            research, 2011; A.G Charity Human
Training Program, Haywood, Old Road,          Trafficking Survey; Children Assistant Research,
                                         2009 Liberia Assembly of God Relief and
                                              Development Survey, 2009; Liberia Demo-
                                              graphy Health, 2007

Certificate, Development Education            Data Collection Analysis - Concern Worldwide
Leadership Teams in Action, 2009              2008; Planning of Assesment Data Collection
Certificate, Primary Health Care, 1998        and Analysis - CHF Int'l. 2010 -Present
MPCHS, Certificate, in Environmental
Health, TNIMA - 1987
Baseline Survey, OXFAM - GB
Certificate, Community Motivation

Certificates: Berkeley                        Field Enumerator, LISGIS, 2008
Research Training, University                 Innovations for Poverty Action Liberia
of California; Research Training,             IPAL in Partnership with Yale University
Columbia University; Research                 2009-2010, Subah Belleh Associates. in
Training, LISGIS; Research                    Partnership with Columbia University
Training, Yale Univeristy in                  2010, Bong Youth Association in
partnership with IPAL; New York               partnership with California University
Political Science Study                       2010; New York University, Political
                                              Science Study 2012

Certificates: Liberia Demography and          Enumerator, Post Enumeration Survey, 2010
Health Survey (LDHS)/LISGIS, 1999, 2000       National Population and Housing Census, 2008
                                              LDHS Survey, 2007;

Diploma                                       Enumerator
Computer studies, information manag-          National Census, LISGIS
ement system,International institute
for computer studies
Certificate-basic computer program
Stella Maris Polytechnic

Certificate- basic computer skills,
YES computer inc.

Certificate-computer software
Ms-word, excel, access, power point,
print artist-CHEALE Vocational Institute

Computer softword, Data Technology
Solution Computer INC; Certificate of
application, LISGIS

Certificate:                                   Research assistant:
Research Methods, Liberia Faculty              Baseline Survey on Poverty Reduction and
Enrichment Programme, Ministry of              Schooling for Wageningen University of the
Education; School Administration;              Netherlands in collaboration with the
Basic computer skills                          University of Liberia, 2012

Certificate in basic computer skills,
Center for Women and Children
empowerment -2009

                                               Development Economic Group, Wageningen

Basic Non-Violence Communication;
Educative Symposium, Public
Procurement, University of Liberia,

Basic computer training, Stella Maris
Certificate:                           Field Supervisor:
Housing and Population Census, 2008    Human Resource Health Census, Ministry of
Demography and Health Survey, 2007;    Education, 2009; Post Enumeration Survey,
ECBI Lateral Election Programme in     LISGIS, 2008; National Housing and Population
Liberia, 20005; software, 2000         Census, LISGIS,2008. Data Collector:
                                       Liberia Malaria Indicator Survey, Ministry of
                                       Health, 2008; Liberia Demography and Health
                                       Survey, LISGIS, 2007

Certificate of Particicipation         Enumerator:
in the New York University studies     Core Welfare Indicators Questionaire,2007;
                                       AdolescentReproductive Health Survey,
                                       Columbia University in New York, 2010

cComputer software                     Enumerator:
                                       National Population and Housing Census,
                                       LISGIS, 2008

                                       National Population and Housing Census
                                       LISGIS, 2008

Diploma:                               District Supervisor/Enumerator:
Ms-word, Excel, Access, St. Benedict   Post enumeration, LISGIS, 2008; National
Technical Institute                    Housing and Population census, LISGIS, 2008;
                                       Pilot Census, LISGIS, 2007; Columbia University,
                                       New York, in collaboration with LISGIS, 2009;
                                       Columbia University in collaboration with
                                       Zubah-Belleh Associates, 2011; New York
                                       University, Department of Political Science2012
Certificates:                          Field Supervisor-Wageninen University(WUR)
Data Technology Solution, Inc          Society for the Conservation of Nature of
CHAL/UNICEF student Palava             Liberia Research Project,2012
Management Program                     Research Assistant, County initiative for the
                                       Elimination of SGBV and conflict Resolution
                                       Kofi Annan Institute of comflict Transformation
                                       MOGD, 2012
                                       Research Assistant, Based-line survey on SGBV
                                       Medical Mondiale and KAICT, 2011
                                       Research Assistant, Care Liberia/WHO Food
                                       Security project, 2011
                                       Field Enumerator, National Institute of Health
                                       of Italy, AM Doglioti medicine Project, 2010
Certificates:                          Enumerator:
Certificate of participation, Peer     Sustainable Land Management Environmental
Mediation Training by CHAL, 2007           Protecton Agency, 2010
Certificates:                              Deputy Team Leader-Emergency Response
Post Graduate Certificate, Peace Studies   Team, CARE International,2011
and Conflict tranformation, Kofi Annan     Assistant Project Manager, Medica Mondiale
School for Conflict Transformation         SGBV Protection Project, 2010
Psychosocial Training(Gender/SGBV),        Coordinator, (HIV/AIDS)-SHIFSD/TDCL/ZOA,2010
Medica Mondiale                            Psychosocial Counselor/Trainer, Ministry of
                                           Health and Social welfare Peace Building
                                           Project, 2009
Certificate:                               Supervisor, Barometer Survey, National
Computer Software Application,             Integrity Forum, Governance Commission, 2012
YMCA-Liberia, 2012
                                           Communty Based TB DOTS Survey by SEND

Certificates:                              Training Facilitator-HIV/AIDS Education for
County Health Team Training of             SEND Foundation's Project Officers and
Trainers on Lassa Fever, WHO/MOH$SW        bebeficiaries
April 16-18 2006, Managing Labor, MSF/     Clinical Supervisor and Instructor/UMU
SWISS, Saclepea, 2006                      Supervision, evaluation, and teaching of
Diabetes Nurse Specialist Training, 2010   student nurses at clinical sites.

                                           Facilitator- Community Development,
                                           African 2000Network-Liberia,2010-present

Social Worker, Gerlib Community
Center, Zubah Town, 20009-2010
Voter identification officer- National
Election Commission, 2005
Certificate/Diploma:                       Instructor, School of Enviromental Health,
Certificate in Public Health Sciences      TNIMA, 1989-2012,
Federal Training Center of Health          Enumerator, Community-Based TB DOTS
Sciences, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria       Survey, SEND Liberia, 2012
Diploma in Environmental Health
Sciences, T.N.I.M.A,JFK Medical Center
Certificates:                              Enumerator:
CEST(Certificate in Statistics) Program    Samaritan's Purse Liberia Impact Assessment
for Institute for Population Studies,      Survey, 2010
University of Liberia, 2005                LIAP Quantitative Endline Survey, CRS/LIAP
"B" Certificate- Mathematics/General                                                     2010
Science, Kakata Teacher Training           Field Mapping Assistant, LISGIS, 2007-2008
Institute, 1985                            UNICEF/MOE Rapid Assessmentof learning
Certificate - Geographic Plannin         Spaces
(Mapping) Worshop, LISGIS, 2007
Certificate- family Planning/HIV/AIDS/
STIs Awareness and Counselling-
Certificate;                             Research Assistant, Rescue Liberia Inc,
Project Proposal Writing, Liberia        2008-2011
Institute of Research, project Writing
and Statistics, Dixville, 2011

Certificate:                             Scholarship Committee Chairman- saclepea
Trinity Computer Solution                District University Students Association,
                                         Secretary General- Demography Student
                                         Association, Election Commission, 2010/2011
                                         Stock Keeper, Data Maintenance Africare
                                         Liberia supplimentary Feeding Program,2005
nd Training (CART) members

                 Types of Survey                Skills         Cell#
        IPOD, GPS, Paper           Data entry, Survey          231886401625
                                   management and
                                   Coordination, Focus group

        Paper                      Data entry, Focus group     231886528781
                                   and transcription

        Paper                      Focus group discussion,     231886944466
                                   Compilation of research

        IPOD, GPS, Paper           Data entry                  231886400499
IPOD               Data Entry                231886932627
GPS                Driving

Paper              Data entry and analysis   231886547130

IPOD, GPS, Paper   Data entry                231886684588

Paper                                        231886549560
Paper                           231886775115

        Data entry   231880666011/231776453054

Paper   Data entry   0777156184/231880797689


Paper                           231886598319

Paper   Data entry


paper                0886837536/0886470216

paper                 2.31887E+11

Paper   Computer Software
        Application, Driving

Paper   Computer Software

Paper   GPS

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