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Networking to Get the Job You Want


The truth of the matter is it's who you know not necessarily how much you know when looking for a job. That's why networking is key to your success.

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									Networking to Get the Job You Want
It’s not about what you can do in business; it’s about who you know. Some of the most qualified people
are overlooked when the boss knows another candidate.

Is it fair? Not always.

Is there anything you can do about it? Yes, but maybe not in the way you would think.

Get to Know the Employer through Networking
With few exceptions for discriminatory issues, businesses are allowed to pick and choose who works for
them. Throwing a fit or looking for legislation to help you get that job isn’t going to do much.

It’s the employer’s right to pick and choose whom they will. The system wouldn’t work any other way.

So what you can do instead is try to get to know potential employers as people. If it’s truly about who
you know, get to know the people that matter.

                                         You do this through networking. That word alone strikes fear
                                         into the hearts of many who don’t think they’re special enough
                                         for the right people to pay them any attention.

                                         Too often, candidates fear getting to know a high level
                                         employer because of that insecurity. Networking doesn’t have
                                         to be as hard as it seems though.

The key is to realize that you are worth just as much as every other candidate. Even though there are a
hundred other, better qualified people out there that could make a better impression, that doesn’t
mean that you can’t be the one to make an impression.

Maybe you can’t keep up with his or her vocabulary or experience, but you can talk to him or her about
the industry. If you know even a small bit about what he or she does, use that knowledge to start asking
questions about the business.

Ask Questions
The point is to get to know the contact and his or her business a little bit more, not show off. Ask
questions you really want to know the answers to and then engage in a conversation.

Employers with class will take the opportunity to answer your questions. If they have time, they’ll take a
moment to get to know you as well.

It will then be up to you to make that impression. He or she will want to know why you’re so interested
in their field.
Handle these questions like you would with a friend. Talk to him or her about what excites you about
that field.

Tell about work you’ve done in the past. Talk as you would to an equal, only
with respect.

He or she is human just like you. Your networking will take its best effect
when you treat your new friend as such.

If you were in his or her shoes, how much more would you like someone that
was confident enough to address you as an equal instead of as your servant?
An equal is someone trustworthy, even if they aren’t as skilled as you, and
that person is worth hiring.

Half the battle of networking isn’t showing off, it’s being yourself. Instead of showing off, ask questions.

Instead of respecting them for their title, respect them for their person. Make a friend and you’ll make a
connection that could get you that job ahead of someone more qualified than you.

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