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									8. MHO Equality & Diversity Action Plan

The MHO diversity plan is in addition to the MHP Equality and Diversity policy and
statement, developed to comply with UK and EU legal frameworks, to ensure that we
celebrate diversity, value people’s differences and to ensure that our business decisions are
fair, transparent and accountable, developing equality of opportunity and service regardless
of race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief or age.

This action plan is set out to complement the MHP diversity policy, our legislative and
regulatory contexts and the policy vision:

MHP’s equality and diversity plan is intended to combat poverty, social injustice and
inequality, through the provision of good quality affordable homes, community
investment and housing services.

Context & Scope
In London, we operate in the most diverse city on earth, with over 100 census (2001)
recognised ethnicities and a complex demographic composed of numerous religions,
genders, sexualities, age groupings, family compositions and cultures which are in constant
flux moving in and out of the areas in which we operate. To further our aim of meeting the
individual needs of our customers and their communities through the provision of
intermediate housing products and services, we produce equality and diversity performance
reports every 6 months, which, in conjunction with publicly available research from the UK
Statistics Authority and other sources collated by the Housing Intelligence System, can
better help us understand how we perform for all our customers to improve our service and
effectively address the market place – and then share our best practice. This helps to meet
MHP strategic objectives:

•   MHP will ensure that it is in a position to pro-actively respond to changes both nationally
    and locally to ensure that its services meet the diverse needs of its service users and the
    neighbourhoods where they live

At MHO, we want our equality and diversity plan to:

    •   Offer all sections of the community equal opportunity of access to our
        services, the homes we build and to us as an employer.

    •   Make sure all our potential and existing customers have equal access to our
        products and services

    •   Ensure the diversity of staff, talent and experience we have is used by us make
        us a better business and one that is appealing and relevant to the diverse
        customers we work with.

    •   Ensure all potential employees and current employees have equal opportunity
        for career development.

At a time when economic and social polarisation are seen as component elements in the
fallout from recession, our sustained commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our
customers and staff could not be more important. As well as making good business sense,
helping to achieve growth because of excellent customer service, our ongoing success and
strong demand for our products and services helps underline the importance of intermediate
housing both to the community and the economy.

Diversity is integral to the MHO business plan objectives of attracting and retaining essential
workers and economically active people in the areas where work – this, in turn, helps sustain
a varied demographic and income range in our local communities.

2009 Action plan update

Business Area      Activity/ Target/ Rationale      Lead Officer and
                                                    Time Scale
reporting and
Sales Reporting    Application through to           Sales Co-ordinator
                   completion monitored 6
                   monthly by MHP recognised
                   diversity types.

                   CORE reporting done case by
                   case using CORE digital.

                   Variations of >5% against
                   census to require action plan.

                   To monitor and act to deliver
                   a fair and proportional new
                   homes sales service. To
                   ensure we address all
                   corners of our potential
MHO Race and       To be disseminated through       JM 6 monthly
Diversity          BMT, QUIT and Metrolite back
Initiatives,       to MHO teams
reporting and      To keep management team
feedback loop.     and staff briefed on how we
                   deliver to the communities
                   we serve.
MHP action plan    Mark Harrison to present         MH annually
progress           annually to all staff.
                   To update diversity network on   JM quarterly
                   business progress against

                   Equalities Impact Assessment     BMT by April 2010

                   To ensure the business and
                   staff are aware of current
                   delivery issues, targets and
Customer survey    Review MHO customer survey       JM/ QUIT team
review             results measuring satisfaction   Annually – Jan
                   by diversity strands and         2010
                   implement recommendations
                   through QUIT/ Customer

                   feedback co-ordinator.

                   So that our service
                   improvement is clear,
                   accountable and customer

Staffing           Employee satisfaction survey      HR – tbc
                   Employee BAME satisfaction
                   comparison report
                                                     BMT/ MASS/
                   Offer job-specific diversity      MASS2 managers
                   training where appropriate –      through 121s
                   reports through line              needs
                   management.                       identification.

                   HOLD training                     GE - October
                   To ensure staff have both
                   equality of opportunity and
                   diversity related technical
                   training to improve team
                   working and customer

Benchmarking       Compare BAME sales                Information Officer
                   conversion rates in LHOG          January 2009

                   To ascertain where
                   examples of good practice
                   exist and to share them.
HBA Reporting      Report on BAME statistics in      JM/ Data Services
                   management reports to cover       6 monthly through
                   staffing and Housing Options      year
                   in addition to sales reporting.

                   Variations of >5% against
                   census to require action plan.

                   To ensure a fair and
                   proportional delivery of our
                   HomeBuy Agency service.
Public relations   Generate 1 BAME case study        JM/ PR Agency/
                   per quarter through new build     Sales/ MCHB

                   Have two articles in BAME         6 monthly
                   press about MHO, Housing
                   Options and LCHO products

                  and services

                  Have two articles in BAME           Annually
                  stakeholder press about MHO,
                  Housing Options and LCHO
                  products and services

                  Advertise in BAME, LGBT and         Annually
                  other diversity group titles/
                  directories to address
                  performance areas as

                  Support BAME and other              Ongoing
                  diversity group types Housing
                  events with materials/

                  To ensure we reach our
                  potential market, to offer role
                  models for those aspiring to
                  own, to offer clear routes to
                  intermediate products to all
Standard Copy/    To conduct 6 monthly reviews        Marketing Officer
Translation       to measure the volume and           Dec 2009/ June
Review            type of requests for adapted or     2010.
                  translated material and ensure
                  continued accessibility to our
                  products and services and
                  develop improvements from
                  customer feedback.
                  To ensure we meet all our
                  customer needs through our
                  information offer.
Market Research   Demography reported in              Research,
And Planning      market research for new             Information and
                  developments as standard.           PR Officer
                  To make sure campaign               Ongoing
                  development on product
                  promotion is tailored to meet
                  the needs of the target
Web               Accessibility ratings for all new   JM/ JN
development       homes on MHO and partner
                  websites.                           To update on a
                                                      development by
                  To offer accessible versions of     development and
                  new sites.                          site by site basis.
                  So that our online offer is
                  widely accessible and

Communications     Review online and in print       Marketing Team
Review             media to update a list of key
                   community channels for           January 2010.

                   Run regular focus groups to   Quarterly.
                   gather marketing feedback and JM/ GE/ JL
                   develop bespoke approaches.

                   To include bespoke LGB           January 2010.

                   To ensure our delivery of
                   communications is customer
                   focused and audience
Staff Events       Diversity event to celebrate LM – September
                   MHO’s multi-cultural         2009.

                   To improve mutual respect,
                   team working and staff
                   morale overall through
                   celebrating different
                   backgrounds and cultures of
                   MHO staff.
Partner projects   To support BAME and other        Ongoing.
                   community groups defined by
                   key strands through marketing
                   support to encourage
                   aspirational behaviour.

                   To support our commitment
                   to working with residents for
                   better homes and stronger
Awards             To enter and win the Diversity   JM/ RRH
                   award at the AHO Awards          June 2009
                   2009 and 2010.                   June 2010

                   To demonstrate to
                   customers, staff and to
                   stakeholders our
                   determination to be sector
                   leaders in fairness and


Sharia Compliant   2-3 cases to complete in         GM/JM/SS
OMHB product       2009/2010 with 3 already
review             completed.

                   Programme has achieved 12
                   completions to date.

                   Product review at year end.

                   To demonstrate demand for
                   and deliverability of LCHO
                   products to previously
                   excluded communities.
HOLD               Development of a NBHB            JR/ GE
                   model available through          March 2010

                   To ensure the intermediate
                   housing product offer is
                   accessible to the long-term
Facilities         To be reviewed 6 monthly         QUIT/ CM
                   against best practice in terms
                   of accessibility.

                   To meet legislative
                   requirement and to ensure
                   all customers can easily
                   access our premises and
                   communicate with us whilst
                   on them.


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