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									                              MONTPELIER SENIOR ACTIVITY CENTER

                                    ADVISORY BOARD MEETING

                                            January 23, 2013
                                                  2:00 p.m.
                            At Senior Center, in Art Area in Community Room
                                          (not upstairs as usual)

1. Call to order

2. Secretary’s report: Minutes of November meeting

3. Director’s Report

   a) Winter programming blitz update:
          a. registrations are high and membership continues to grow
          b. Spring programming preview/priorities: more yoga and Living Strong, return of some previous
             classes that were popular, some new activities… (this is your chance to weigh in!)
   b) FY2014 Town funding and budget update
   c) New Rental rates and status of rental revenue
   d) MySeniorCenter.com status of new software decision and purchase plan
   e) Personnel
   f) Americorps update
   g) Art shows scheduled (all MSAC-based):
   h) Van trips and Italy trip in Fall 2013

4. Old business
          a. Strategic planning overview / notes and next steps
          b. Kitchen update and other facility needs / request for help w/ furniture
          c. Donor recognition update and collection of outstanding Capital Campaign pledges
          d. Meals program development and next steps

5. New Board Business
        a. Frostival volunteers sought for weekend of Feb.1-3:
                i. Friday night 4-8
               ii. Saturday 10-4
              iii. Sunday 11-3
        b. Rummage Sale. Date set: weekend of May 18-19
        c. Annual Appeal. Date set: Monday, April 22nd
        d. Draft list of suggested committees for MSAC: see attachment from Janna on next page
        e. June elections for new Advisory Board members: recruitment?
        f. Policy input request from Director:
                i. Policy re: spouses under age 50…
               ii. Policy re: behavior code and course of action when broken…
              iii. Policy re: art shows / commission

6. Additional?
7. Adjourn

Next Meeting:
March 20th

Future meetings-
No meeting in February
Wednesday- March 20th
Wednesday- April 17th
Wednesday- May 22nd
Wednesday- June19th
Annual meeting June 25th

                                Draft list of Potential Committees for MSAC
                                            Prepared by Janna for
                                      1-23-12 Advisory Board Meeting
 Committees should all incorporate members-at-large as well as Advisory board members whenever possible
 Committees should develop regular meeting schedules (which will vary in frequency) and goals
 Committees should set clear work plan in conjunction with Director so that committee work ultimately
  assists staff rather than creating additional work for staff
 Committees should each have clearly identified main contact person / leader

Advisory Board Based Committees: Ongoing / Major

    1.   Membership Development & Outreach
    2.   Fundraising
    3.   Facility
    4.   Policy & Strategic Planning

Additional Committees:
  1. Trips *
  2. Rummage Sale
  3. Holiday Bazaar
  4. Meals program *
  5. Gardens / Green efforts *
  6. Facility angels: Docents, hospitality, audio-visual, bulletin boarders *

* = exists to some extent already

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