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					                                                                                                            Issue 14/52              07 April

The Phoenix                                                                                                    IN THIS ISSUE
                                                                                                               The Phoenix
                                                                         ESCWA draws its determina-
                                                                         tion to pursue its efforts from       Technology for
                                                                         the spirit of resolve its part-
                                                                         ners and the peoples of the re-       Development
                                                                         gion have. He asserted devel-
                                                                         opment should be a pillar for         The Committee
                                                                         community stability and cohe-
                                                                         sion, especially that improving       Correction
                                                                         economic and social conditions
                                                                         and raising living standards in
                                                                         countries of the region helps to
                                                                         alleviate prejudice and consoli-
                                                                         date peace and stability.
                                                                            UN-ESCWA and its part-
                                                                                                              for Develop-
    UN-ESCWA launched the          Lebanon, during a press con-
                                                                         ners had launched the first E-
                                                                         Caravan in January 2006. the         ment
new Phoenix, a confirmation        ference under the auspices of         Caravan had begun operation              UN-ESCWA Executive Sec-
of its will to build hope in a     Lebanese Minister of Culture,         in Naqoura before reaching           retary, Bader Omar AlDafa said
better tomorrow for Lebanon        Tarek Mitri, represented by the       Ayta Al Shaab, where it was de-      that technology, and namely In-
and the region.This bird is the    Ministry’s Director General,          stroyed during the July 2006         formation and Communication
second mobile E-Caravan,           Omar Halablab on Wednesday            war while it was parked in the       Technology (ICT), is among one
which bore “The Phoenix” for a     9 April 2008 in the Grand             Ayta Al Shaab Public School.         of the five main priorities of UN-
name, after its predecessor was    Serail. The project is imple-         The second E-Caravan                 ESCWA work, given its growing
dealt a lethal blow in the July    mented by “Fondation Saradar”         will head to its first               impact on the development
2006 war. Executive Secretary,     in partnership with the Italian                                            process and its direct role in in-
Bader Omar AlDafa, stressed        Cooperation for Development,                                               creasing growth rates. He added
the commitment of UN-              Ross Program - Embassy of               The E-Caravan is a fully           that economic and social devel-
ESCWA to pursue with its de-       Italy, the UN-ESCWA, and the           equipped mobile                     opment in developing countries
velopmental projects in Lebanon,   Canada Fund for local initia-          computer school that                will not be achieved within com-
despite the hardship the region    tives- Embassy of Canada.              travels to clusters of              ing decades without technology
is going through, asserting that                                          villages to introduce the           transfer and implementation.
the determination of our peo-      Development as a Path                  world of Information
ples remains the driving force     to Peace                               Technology (IT) to the                  AlDafa was speaking at the
behind the effective contribu-                                            communities of South                opening of the fourth UN-
tion to development efforts            AlDafa considered the              Lebanon. It targets local           ESCWA Consultative Commit-
                                                                          communities faced with              tee on Scientific and Technologi-
and the hope to build a better     “Phoenix” project as the ex-
                                                                          great challenges and                cal Development and Technolog-
and stable future, and saying      pression of the will to pursue                                             ical Innovation (ESTIC), held in
                                                                          obstacles, which hinder
that the link between develop-     support for development ac-            their development. It               cooperation with the Bahraini
ment and peace is one of the       tivities amidst the difficult          aims at creating new                Foreign Ministry on 1-2 April
most important concepts that       times and challenges that both         opportunities through               2008 in Crowne Plaza Hotel,
form the basis of UN activities,   Lebanon and the whole region           ICT, with a view to im-             Manama.
and one of the mains goals the     are facing. He added that it was       prove the economic and
organization seeks to achieve.     the destiny of Lebanon and its         social status of these                 Highlights of the meeting dis-
                                   life-loving people to overcome         communities by creating             cussions included developing the
   AlDafa was speaking at the      crisis and strive for a future full    new job opportunities               information society in Western
launch of the new E-Caravan-       of peace, development and sta-         and establishing income-            Asia, establishing the UN-
Phonix project for South           bility. He also said that UN-          generating projects.                ESCWA Technology Center. Par-
Technology for Development (Cont.)                                                                                The Phoenix
                                                                            less than the bottom half of glob-    (Cont.)
                                                                            al average. These countries also
                                                                            need to develop the information       stop in Deir Qanoun Al Nahr
                                                                            society and bridge the digital gap,   village, to begin operation on
                                                                            both locally and regionally.          12 April 2008. Two additional
                                                                                                                  E-Caravans are expected to be
                                                                            The Committee                         launched later, to cover the
                                                                                                                  North and the Bekaa, especial-
                                                                                The Consultative Committee        ly remote villages.
                                                                            on Scientific and Technological
                                                                            Development and Technological
                                                                            Innovation (ESTIC) is formed of
ticipants also discussed the out-     edge, and technology transfer         distinguished experts in science,
come of the World Summit on           have become an integral part of       technology and innovation from
the Information Society (WSIS)        the concept of globalization, one     UN-ESCWA member countries.
in Western Asia, Science and          that works on building productiv-     The Committee was established in
Technology for Development,           ity, driving competitive capacities   2001, pursuant to Resolution 225
the achievements of the UN-           forth and encouraging export.         that UN-ESCWA adopted during
ESCWA Information and Com-                                                                                        Informatics for All
                                                                            its 21st ministerial session (May
munication Technology Division            AlDafa said that the work of      2001). The Committee meets at
(ICTD) in 2006-2007, the work         the ESTIC has resulted in valu-       least once every two years since
                                                                                                                     The meeting was also at-
programme for 2008-2009, and          able directives, which led to de-     2002. Its main duties are the fol-    tended by the President and
the strategic framework for           signing and implementing a pro-       lowing: advising on member            the Director General “Fonda-
2010-2011.                            gram concerning the use of tech-      country endeavors to acquire          tion Saradar” Mrs. Marie-
                                      nology to combat poverty and          modern technology including the       Claude Saradar and Ms. Tania
The Road to Development               unemployment. Major activities        need for support, with particular     Helou, the First Secretary of
                                      in this context include the Smart     reference to information and          the Italian Embassy in Lebanon,
    AlDafa considered that mod-       Community Projects, imple-            communications         technology     Daniela Tonon, representing
ern technologies offer unprece-       mented in Iraq, Syria and Yemen,      (ICT), biotechnology and new          Ambassador Gabriele Checcia,
dented solutions to economic and      and consisting of a Multi-purpose     materials technology; proposing       the Canadian Ambassador to
social development by way of          Technology Community Centre,          ways to promote regional cooper-      Lebanon Mr. Louis de Lorimi-
building the information and          and an Agro food Unit that assist     ation for the transfer, adaptation    er, and the Governor of South
knowledge society, inducing radi-     local communities in creating         and mastery of technology; advis-     Lebanon Mr. Malek Abdel
cal changes in methods and            employment opportunities, and a       ing on priorities related to UN-      Khaleq. A quorum of diplo-
mechanisms of work in many            source of income to the society.      ESCWA work programmes in the          matic and media figures and a
fields such as trade, industry,       He added that the work of ESTIC       fields of developing scientific and   number of representatives of
agriculture, education and health,    is especially important in the        technological capabilities and        UN agencies in Lebanon are
and increasing job opportunities.     UN-ESCWA region, whose                technological innovation; and fol-    also invited to attend the
He saw that if the common con-        economies are in need to head to-     lowing-up on international and re-    event, in addition to figures
cept for globalization is the flow    wards a knowledge-based econo-        gional resolutions relating to sci-   from the private and public
of goods, services and capital ac-    my now more than ever before.         ence, technology and innovation
cording to liberalized policies,      Current indicators of knowledge-                                            sectors and regional and inter-
                                                                            and their implementation in           national organizations.
then the flow of ideas and knowl-     based economies in this area are      member countries.
                                                                                                                     Participants recalled in their
                                                                                                                  speeches the legend of the
 CORRECTION                                                                                                       Phoenix, the bird that dies only
 The previous Weekly News issue (dated 31 March-6                                                                 to revive from its ashes, espe-
 April) highlighted the workshop UN-ESCWA held on                                                                 cially that it is especially sym-
 the Design of National Strategies for the Development                                                            bolic in the history of
 of Statistics: Mainstreaming Gender in Sectoral Statis-                                                          Lebanon, which has long suf-
 tics in Istanbul from 24 to 26 March 2008.The exact title                                                        fered from wars and is cur-
 is: National Strategies for the Development of Statistics.                                                       rently in the grips of turmoil.
 The corresponding picture of the meeting is illustrated                                                          They also said that launching
 herewith.                                                                                                        the mobile E-Caravan comes as
                                                                                                                  part of a mission to introduce
                                                                                                                  informatics to all, and open the
                                                                                                                  doors of the future to every-
                                                  Address                                                         one. Such knowledge takes on
                                                                                                                  a special importance, a fact
        P.O. Box 11-8575, Riad El-Solh, Beirut-Lebanon   e-mail:
                Tel.: 961-1-981301; Fax: 961-1-981510    website:
                                                                                                                  that is underlined by the num-
                                                                                                                  ber of people who desire to
                                                                                                                  learn these new techniques.

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