Colonial Artifact Project by yurtgc548


									Colonial Artifact Project

    By Michelle Zhu and
         Jiny Park
              Ice Tongs
• In Colonial days, ice tongs were used to
  carry big ice cubes, or carry heavy
• It used by adult men
• it’s made of iron metal
            Today’s Ice Tongs
• Today, we’re still using ice tongs, too! But they
  don’t use them like they did in Colonial days. Now
  they can be made out of iron metal, plastic, and
• We use them for cooking and salads and small ice
  cubes. We don’t use them to carry big ice cubes, or
  carrying heavy things because we don’t need the
  big pieces of ice to keep our food cold like they
  used to do, now we use refrigerators.
    Spinning Disc Toy
• In Colonial days, there were toys called
  Spinning disc toys.
• Colonial children used it.
• It’s made of string, and woods. They’re
  used for playing.
  Today’s Spinning Disc Toy
• Now Spinning disc toys are still used ,
  but it’s very different than before. We
  have electricity, so it’s a lot different.
• Now it’s made of plastic, string and
  wood sometimes. It’s still used by
  children, and it’s used for playing, too!

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