The Mail Boxer by iasiatube


									February 2001                                                         Volume 2001, #2

                The Mail Boxer
BMW MOA #7                                                                   BMW RA #5

 No matter what/where/how often/far/fast you ride, we welcome you to join us in motorcycling fellowship.

                                                                              Hey, my attitude is starting to
                                                                              improve already. Maybe, just
      Madison BMW Club
                                                By Steve Huber                maybe, I can get through this
        P.O. Box 7511
                                                                              month with dreams of future
     Madison, WI 53707
                                       Yeah, I know the days are              roads and the shot that the              allegedly getting longer, but I        annual cycle show provides.
                                       don't believe it. Gray snow, gray
                                       sky, and black attitudes seem to       On the club items front there’s
President:  Steve Huber                                                       another entry in the Steve’s Pet
                                       rule the day. The one ray of
(608) 242-1873
                                       hope is the maps that cover the        Projects      List:    a      club
                                       dining room table. Therein lies        informational pamphlet that we
Rally Chair: Bert Hefty                my salvation; planning for next        can leave at area shops or hand
(608) 862-3671                         year's trip(s).                        out (or mail) to interested folks.
                                                                              This essentially is an updated
VP: Tom Van Horn                       I like maps, even though many          version of the old club info
(608) 238-5181                                                                letter.   If a club member is
                                       folks I've ridden with claim I
                                       never appear to use them for           interested in volunteering to
Secretary:  JT Wagner
(608) 222-3758                         navigating, or pay attention to        work on this please let me know
                                       the maps even if I have one with       at the February meeting (or fire
Treasurer:  John Ong                   me.     There's just something         off an e-mail).
(608) 222-6489                         about those squiggles going
                                       from here to there that piques         Planning continues for the GR3.
Activities: Todd Herbst and                                                   Rally Czar Bert is looking for
                                       my interest. The squiggly roads
Betty Bruun
                                       that have a dotted line indicating     volunteers    to    help   with
(608) 222-8177
                                       a "scenic byway" are even more         registration and dinner duties,
Editors: Mary & Roger Klopp            interesting.                           so keep the rally weekend in
(608) 877-0209                                                                mind. It’s a great chance to sit
2036 Barber Dr.                        Those roads lead to places such        around a campfire and BS will
Stoughton WI 53589                                                            fellow club members.
                                       as Kemmerer WY (birthplace of
Send email to
                                       J.C. Penny Co.), Wisdom ID (I
                                       didn’t find any there), Arco ID        As long as I mentioned planning
 Meetings (usually) on first Sundays
                                       (first town electrified by nuclear     future rides, if you have a ride in
       of the month at 9AM
                                       power, and no, it wasn’t via a         mind for a morning, day, or
        Next meeting:                  reactor explosion), Dinosaur CO        longer, let our (relatively) new
   9 AM February 4 at the              (wonder if any are still around),      Activities Directors know.
    Maple Tree Restaurant,             and the towns (?) of Brothers
       McFarland,  WI                  OR and Sisters OR (wonder if           Since the R11RT is out of the
                                       they’re related). There are all        garage for a 12K servicing,
                                       sorts of places out there to visit!    looks like I’ll have to head back

Prez Sez continued:                 year, especially with the balmy   Rally Meister Bert reports that
                                    weather. Let's make it a grand    registration forms and posters
                                    time this year, weather or not!   have been printed. The rally
to the maps for my virtual riding   Rob can provide some bikes - if   pins have been ordered.
experience.    See y’all at the     you have some foodable thing to
February b’fast!                    pass around, that would be        Changes       to      the      club
                                    welcome.                          constitution were also discussed
                                                                      and voted upon.
                                    Also, welcome to new member       • Under Article III -section 1-
                                    Stuart Klopp (editor Rog's           Active members. It is no
                                    brother).     As he lives in         longer required that club
                                    Colorado, I guess we won't lean      members ride their BMW
        VP’s Report                 on him to be at every meeting.       motorcycle on or to club
                                    But it occurred to me that he        rides or events.
       By Tom Van Horn              and member Olivia McDonald        • Section 5 - Termination of
                                    (Meredith’s sister, also in CO)      membership.           The line
Well, I'd say that the Quote of     could maybe have chapter             “Membership         may        be
the Day from the January 7th        meetings.                            terminated after failure to
b'fast was,       "Pain is not a                                         attend club functions for
flavor".      Roger K. brought      See yawl February 4th! NOTE: IF      three months, except for
several bottles of hot sauce,       YOU HAVEN'T RENEWED BY               any unusual circumstances
that some of us tried on our        NOW, YOU LIKELY WON'T BE IN          and except for any lay-off
repasts.       One was called       THE 2001 MEMBER DIRECTORY -          during winter months” has
'Insanity Sauce', which was         DO IT TODAY!!                        been deleted.
definitely truth in labeling.                                         • Section 6 - Resignation of
                                                                         members.        This line has
Special Guests at the b'fast were                                        been shortened to read
Russ    and   Nancy     Atkinson,      Secretary’s Report                “Any member may resign by
founding     and     looong-time                                         giving verbal or written
contributing members of the                 By J.T. Wagner               notice to any member of the
club.                                                                    board of directors.        Such
                                    We had 40 people attending.          membership surrenders any
Kudos to Todd and Betty and         Guests included, Steve Prouty,       and all rights to the club and
Roger, who rode - also of note is   and Russ and Nancy Atkinson.         its property”.
that Todd is a pending Oilhead      The 50/50 drawing went to         • Section       7    -     Affiliate
'RS owner.                          Dixie Johnson, and the next          Membership          is      now
                                    breakfast was won by Tom Van         Associate Membership.
As you read this, the club winter   Horn. Nancy Atkinson and Todd     • Under Article IV, Section 1 -
campout is recent history - I       Herbst won the tickets to the        Officers. The Secretary and
hope there's a report in here       cycle show in Chicago.               Treasurer are now two
sometime. Also, as you read                                              separate positions.
this, the Chicago Cycle Show is     Three people rode to the          • Article V, Section 1 -
nigh - Feb 10 & 11. Bert may        breakfast. Todd Herbst, Betty        Elections. Date of the
have some extra space in his van    Bruun and Roger Klopp. Todd          elections.     This has been
going down there; we always get     Herbst is also the new owner of      changed to read “The
a club group attending - we'll      a new-used R1100RS. Sue Rihn-        officers of the club shall be
talk about it at the Feb 4th        Manke thanked the club for the       elected annually at the
b'fast.                             donation to the March of Dimes.      regular business meeting
                                    The charter renewals to MOA          held in the 4 th quarter of the
After that is Rob and Arlene’s      and RA have been sent.               calendar year”.
second Slip-Slide ride on the                                         • Article VI, Section 2 –
24th. It was a grand time last                                           Meetings - Annual Meeting.

Secretary’s Report continued:        people can go back to riding
•   It reads “An annual meeting
    shall be held during the 4th     I also read where the U.S. is
    quarter of the calendar year.    going to spend several million
    At this meeting officers shall   dollars to furnish helmets to
    be    elected/installed   and    motorbike drivers in Vietnam.
    dues shall be paid.       New
    members will be nominated        As of 01/08/01, we have
    as necessary”.                   $4345.70 in the bank and $25
• Article VII - Duties of the        in petty cash. We also have 66
    officers. The duties of the      total members, counting life and
    secretary and treasurer are      associates. This is about 2/3 of
    now separate as well as their    what we ended up with at the
    offices.                         end of last year (2000).
• Section 6 - Membership
    Director. There is no longer
    a Membership Director.
• Section 8 - Nominating
    Director. There is no longer
    a Nominating Director.
• Article X, Section 2 - Dues
    Fees     and   Club     Funds.
    Visitors on Club Runs. This
    now reads “Owners and
    riders of motorcycles who
    are not members of the club
    may attend one run of the
    club without charge”.
For a full copy of the club
constitution, check the website
or check with Steve Huber at the
next breakfast on February 4.

    Treasurer’s Comments

          By John Ong
                                      The New 2002 1150cc
I read where China has the most                                         The fluid basic design of the
                                          BMW R1150RT                   R1100RT has been retained
motorcycles in the world and
also manufactures the most                                              nicely in the R1150 RT. The
                                              By Jeff Dean              1150cc        engine       brings
motorcycles in the world. But
the government is going to ban                                          horsepower up from 90 to 95,
                                     News bulletin: On January 12,      and it is coupled to a six-speed
all motorcycles within a few
                                     2001,     official BMW     AG      transmission, as is found on the
years. Each month several cities
                                     photographs of the much-           R1150GS.     Five-spoke wheels
will be added to the list to ban
                                     anticipated new BMW R1150RT        replace the original three-spoke
motorcycles.        When     the
                                     became available on a French       cast wheels. The switches are
motorcycles are      gone, the
                                     web site. Some of these photos     as those used on the R1150GS.
                                     are reproduced above.              The clutch is hydraulic. The

New RT continued:                    the offenders annual income -       From the 250cc OHV R39 of
                                     with no upper limit to the fine.    1925 through the R27 of 1967,
headlight design is new for BMW.                                         BMW       made      shaft-driven
                                     His offense - The equivalent of     thumpers ranging from 200cc
Check out the following websites     doing 40 in a 25 zone.              (1931 R2) to 400cc (1932 R4)
for more views of the new RT:                                            in almost as many permutations          His fine - converted to U.S.        as its more famous opposed
ouvelle_R1150RT.htm          and     dollars - $71,400. Yes, seventy     "boxer" twins.     Most of the      one thousand, four hundred.         models, however, had bores and
150.htm.                                                                 strokes    both    of    68mm,
                                     ...AND I WONDER WHAT THE            producing 247cc. Frame and
                                     POINTS ASSESSED WERE?               suspension changes paralleled
                                                                         those of the twins
  AIM/NCOM Motorcycle
                                                                         What was the last single-
  E-News Service: The
                                        BMW R27 Frequently               cylinder    shaft-drive   BMW
      Gunny's Sack                                                       motorcycle model made?
                                          Asked Questions
                                                                         It was the relatively powerful
  Submitted by Tom Van Horn                                              and elegant R27, a 250cc OHV
                                               By Jeff Dean
                                                                         vertical single with the only
PATIENT        MISSING      FROM       Owner of a 1964 BMW R27           rubber-mounted thumper engine
HOSPITAL FOUND AT PUB: A                                                 BMW ever produced.         The
British      motorcyclist     who    BMW Used to Manufacture             engine    pumped      out   18
disappeared from the hospital        Shaft-Drive Thumpers!               horsepower, the highest ever
where he was being treated for a     So you think that Bayerische        for a shaft-drive BMW single.
broken spine, pelvis, arm and        Motoren Werke (BMW) only            BMW     manufactured    15,364
nose sparked a major alert until     makes shaft-drive twins, triples,   R27s over the production years
nurses     discovered    he   was    and fours, and more recently an     of 1960 through 1966 (some
enjoying a pint at his favorite      internationally produced chain-     of the 1966 R27s were sold as
pub.      His supposed friends       drive F650 single? If you do,       1967 models).
wheeled Malcolm Storey out of        you are wrong, combustion
Southampton General Hospital         breath!
on his sick bed, put him in the
back of a van and drove him to
his favorite pub over the holiday.

Police were alerted when nurses
realized    their   patient   was
missing but the search was
called off when Mr. Storey's
friends called the hospital to say
they would bring him back. Now
that's dedication to your daily
pint. I guess broken bones have
nothing to do with enjoying yer

And from AUTOWEEK:

Cyber-millionaire Jaako Rystola
of Helsinki discovered that
Finnish traffic fines are based on

                                     Thereafter, from 1950 to 1956,      •Engine oil type: SAE 40 (86),
BMW R27continued:                    came bikes with rear plungers       SAE 30 (32), SAE 10W30
                                     and front telescopics, all having   (below 32)
Compared          to        other    exposed shaft drives and "bell-     •Transmission oil capacity: 1.3
manufacturers'         thumpers,     bottom" front fender skirts.        US pints (650cc)
what     were    some     of its     These were the R25 (engine          •Rear drive unit oil capacity:
unusual features?                    numbers 220 001 - 243 400),         125cc
BMW never did run with the           the R25/2 (engine numbers 245       •Transmission and rear-drive oil
crowd and always struck out on       001 - 283 650), and the R25/3       type: SAE 90 gear oil or SAE 40
its own path. This is evident in     (engine numbers 284 001 - 331       engine oil (depending on the
its R27. Its enclosed shaft final    705).                               year of manufacture)
drive is extremely rare for a                                            •Wheelbase: 54.3 inches
thumper, of course. But it also      In 1956 BMW introduced a            •Maximum brake horsepower:
had a triangulated Earles (named     completely revamped thumper,        18 HP at 7,400 RPM
after English designer Ernest        the R26 (engine numbers 340         •Bore and stroke: 68mm x
Earles) front fork; so the           001     -   370    236),    with    68mm
motorcycle had a front swingarm      improvements paralleling those      •Cylinder capacity: 247cc (15
as well as a rear swingarm.          introduced at the same time in      cubic inches)
When you squeezed the front          the boxer twins. The R26 came       •Intake valve clearance, cold
brake lever hard not only did the    with an enclosed drive shaft,       engine: .006 inches (0.15mm)
front end not dive, it actually      rear swingarm, and front Earles     •Exhaust valve clearance, cold
rose slightly. Thus, braking was     forks. A new headlight nacelle      engine: .008 inches (0.20mm)
a very steady activity, though       came with a sliding black plastic   •Compression ratio: 8.2:1
the brakes were weak by today's      over the ignition key, and the      •Predicted mileage: 60 miles
standards.                           "bell-bottom" front fender was      per US gallon (DIN 70030)
                                     dropped     along    with    the    •Battery: 6 volts, 9 Ah
The R27 engine's crankshaft was      mechanics' hand shifter.     The    •Headlamp: 6 volts, 35/35
laid out fore-to-aft, not side-to-   engine of the R26 was bolted        watts
side; also a rare feature. This      directly to the frame, and the
way, the crank and the final         engine wailed away with 15
shaft were in line, and drive        horsepower.                         What is my R27 worth?
forces did not have to be run                                            Without doubt, this is the most
through a set of 90-degree           Based largely on the R26, the       common question I receive from
gears.    Also, the kick starter     R27 added rubber mounts for         R27 owners. The marketplace
swung out sideways instead of        the engine, which markedly          for vintage and collectible BMW
parallel to the frame, so kick       reduced the R26's vigorous rider    motorcycles always is in flux.
starting an R27 is a rather easy     massages,      and      boosted     Moreover, the value of a
and danger-free affair.              horsepower by three to 18.          particular old BMW cannot
                                                                         possibly be estimated without
What     other    BMW     singles    What are the specifications         examining it in person. Even
were     manufactured       after    of the R27?                         then, there is no certainty as to
World War II?                        Here are the main ones:             what it might bring if it was put
In all, BMW produced six shaft-      •BMW R27 model engine serial-       up for sale.
drive thumpers after the war, all    number range: 372 001 - 387
with similar 250cc OHV engines.      566                                 The Antique, Classic, & Special
The first, in 1948, was a copy of    •Curb weight with fuel, oils,       Interest Motorcycle Price Guide
the pre-war R23 and was              tools: 356 pounds (162 kg.)         (1997 edition) lists R27s,
designated the R24 (engine           •GVWR: 716 pounds (325 kg.)         regardless of year, as being
numbers 200 009 - 212 007).          •Fuel tank capacity: 4.0 US         worth from $2,000 to $5,300,
It was unique in that it had no      gallons (15 liters)                 depending entirely on condition.
rear    suspension,   the    only    •Engine oil capacity: 2.6 US        That latter is for an excellent
postwar BMW so unequipped.           pints (1.25 liters)                 R27 "close to a perfect original

BMW R27continued:                     magazine of the BMW Riders
                                      Association, On the Level, or the            FEBRUARY EVENTS:
or    a   very     well    restored   newsletter of Vintage BMW
motorcycle."         The     former   Motorcycle Owners,         Vintage      February    4  Sun:      Club
(lower) value is for an R27 that,     BMW Bulletin.       The addresses       Breakfast at the Maple Tree
"starts, runs, and rides OK but       for all these organizations may         Restaurant,   McFarland,    @
needs some work. ... This is a        be found through the Internet           9:00am.
complete motorcycle with most         BMW       Riders       web      site
                                                                              February 9-11 Fri - Sun:
sheet metal and body parts           The
                                                                              International Cycle Show @
being correct, [emphasis mine]        IBMWR site also has a classified
                                                                              Donald E. Stephens Convention
but only in fair condition."          advertisements        page     that     Center Exhibit Hall A. 5555
                                      includes a listing of vintage BMW       North River Road Rosemont IL
In my experience, the most            motorcycles for sale, which             60018.       Admission fee of
valuable       vintage        BMW     often         include        R27s,      $9.00. For more information or
motorcycles, including R27s, are           directions call 800-331-5706
those that have all original parts,   nolan/market/browse.shtml.              or visit website:
are in excellent condition, but                                     
                                                                              Open Friday 2/10 4-10pm
have not been "restored." No          Here    is   Allan  Atherton's
                                                                              Saturday 2/11 10am -9pm
matter how pretty, a restored         heroic saga of restoring a
                                                                              Sunday 2/12 10am-5pm
R27 is not worth as much as an        BMW R27.
excellent unrestored R27 and          •An incredible R27 Restoration
this is true of any vintage           Story!                                  February 24 Sat:        Slip ‘n
motorcycle, in my opinion. So-           Slide   Ride    @ noon, Rob
called "restorations" vary widely     rton/index.html.                        Himmelmann’s estate, W7304
in their quality and accuracy.        •And here is an R26 story by            Freedom Rd, Oxford WI. Come
Although I have seen a few, it is     David                    Braun          on up for a day of dirt-biking,
                                                                              and stay overnite inside or out.
uncommon to see a "restored"
                                                                              Rob has bikes to loan, for those
BMW motorcycle that cannot            h/thumper.html.
                                                                              of us who don’t have a GS or
readily be identified as not being                                            other dual-sport/off road bike.
original.                             Where can I find parts and              Please    bring   snacks     and
                                      information       for    restoring      beverages. Dogs and overnight
I have also learned from              an R27?                                 guests are welcome.
experience    that  the   least       Here are five internet web sites
expensive way to acquire an           of places that offers parts and         Directions to Rob’s:
excellent R27 or other vintage        restoration services for vintage        I-39 North to the CTH D exit
BMW is to spend enough money          BMW motorcycles, plus other
                                                                              Left on CTH D about 1 mile, go
to buy the very best specimen         links for more information:
                                                                              just past the RR tracks.
you can in the first place.           •            Left on Freedom Rd, just after
Bringing back a beater or a           bin/navi.cgi?=eng Mark Hugget           crossing the RR tracks.
basket case is the most               BMW, Switzerland.                       About 1 mile on Freedom Rd, on
expensive way to go because of        •            the right is Rob’s place.
the enormous cost of original         m/ Blue Moon Cycle, Georgia.
parts and labor.                      •
                                      ex.htm Bob's BMW, Maryland.            BMW Motorcycle Owners. Lots
If I want to buy an R27,              •           of great links!
how might I locate one?               BMW/index.html        Bench Mark       •
R27s are rarely found through         Works, a.k.a. Craig Vechorik,          /vintagebmw/bmwhist.htm
newspaper       advertisements.       Mississippi.                           BMW motorcycle production
Your best sources are local BMW       •            including the R27.
club membership, the magazine         / BMW Motorrad, Missouri.              •
of BMW Motorcycles Owners of          •           um/bmw/bmw_1965_r27.html
America, BMW Owners News, the         /vintagebmw/links.htm Vintage          Motorcycle Museum Online.

BMW R27 continued:

/bulletin.html   John's Beemer
Garage Vintage BMW service
bulletins. Here is another neat
R27 web page with lots on the

Who should I contact for
further   information     about
the R27?
Send email to:

         Snow Daze

         By Roger Klopp

When the record breaking snow
began in early December, riding
was out of the question for all      my own driveway, on downtown        handful as it plowed and
but    type     T   personalities.   shaded streets, and in the          wandered down the road. An
Drinking from my Triumph             parking lot of the Whitehouse.      attempted turnaround resulted
motorcycle      “Winter   Sucks”                                         in getting stuck with the rear
coffee mug, hanging around           The following Sunday road           tire spinning. Fortunately some
Madison      Motorsports,     and    conditions were again safe for      careful rocking got us loose and
watching      cycle   races    on    riding to the club breakfast        out of trouble.
Speedvision     provided    some     meeting. A windy overcast day
consolation.    Fantasies of the     in the high 20s, this seemed        After    parking     along    the
special edition R1100 G/S snow       almost like springtime. After the   causeway (illegally, as it turned
plow     model      (Feb.     ’99    meeting, Mary and I headed over     out), I followed a slushy
newsletter) were creeping into       to Madison Motorsports. Judy        footpath to the figure 8
my snowbound winter blues.           Parker    was     working   alone   racetrack plowed out of the
                                     because her husband Steve went      snow-covered ice. The air was
Then, just in time for the New       to the first motorcycle ice races   fragrant with the smell of exotic
Year’s Day Ride, the snow            of the season at Lake Wisconsin.    two-cycle racing oils. A colorful
stopped and the roads cleared        This sounded like fun, so I rode    crowd milled around clad in a
up. Despite the near zero early      up there to check it out.           variety of warm snowmobile,
morning temperature, a cabin                                             deer hunting, and motorcycling
feverish few from our club joined    When I arrived around noon, the     clothing and boots. There was
the 30-some other riders on a        place was packed and parking        no seating, so you could stand
jaunt to the Whitehouse Bar and      was a problem.     I mistakenly     as close to the action as you
Grill. Dave Maly, Todd Herbst,       headed into the resort parking      dared.
Betty Bruun, Bob Rodgers and I       area, a snow-filled road lined
represented the BMW faction. It      with trucks and trailers. Being     Adults and children, males and
felt great to ride again. The        the only motorcycle without         females, and two- and four-
roads were mostly dry, so the        studded knobby tires, my 500-       wheeled vehicles participated in
greatest slipping hazards were in    something pound RT was a            the races. Four wheel ATVs

Snow Daze continued:                 bike on the best tires under ideal   food     and   beverages  are
                                     conditions.                          available while warming up in
racing on studded tires were                                              the lodge.
about as much fun to watch as        After several such events, it
beltline traffic. However, the       appeared that the two-stroke         For more info, check out the
unstudded ATVs were much             singles usually won.        They     Southern Wisconsin Ice Racing
more entertaining as they slid       accelerated so quickly on such a     Association           website:
out on the corners with wild         short track that the four-stroke
body English and cross-lock          thumpers just couldn’t keep up.
corrections to bring it back         The shortness of the track also
around. Occasionally one would       limited top speeds. This factor
leap the edge, imbedding itself      probably makes ice racing      a       Motorcycle Consumer
in the snowbank.    Jolly good       fairly safe sport, unless maybe
                                                                             News BMW Oilhead
show!                                somebody gets run over by
                                     sharply studded tires. Ouch!             Owners’ Survey
Suddenly Art Mischler announced
himself by a tap on my shoulder.     Some time after a most               To commemorate the eighth
He was there with two of his         entertaining            children’s   anniversary of the BMW Type
sons who planned to race later.      motorcycle race, the Mischler        259     air  and    oil  cooled
And whad’ya know, they were          brothers’ event came up. There       horizontally    opposed     twin
riding Japanese bikes not sold in    were 4 or 5 riders competing         cylinder engine, the January
their dad’s shop. I decided to       against them. In the interest of     issue of MCN contained a two
hang around long enough to see       maintaining good relations at my     page questionnaire. The editors
them race.                           BMW dealership, I won’t disclose     want to know what problems
                                     the outcome publicly. The good       oilhead owners have been
While the next motorcycle event      news is that it looks like short     experiencing with this series of
was getting ready, I noticed the     track racing continues as a          motorcycles. Overall customer
variety of machinery.       There    family tradition.                    satisfaction with the machines,
were many Kawasakis, some                                                 their dealers, and service are
Hondas and Suzukis, and a few        Every Sunday until March 4, ice      also targeted.
Husqvarna and Rotax machines.        conditions    permitting,    the
They      had      a    purposeful   Southern Wisconsin Ice Racing        MCN focused on specific areas
Rollerball/dirt bike predator look   Association conducts motorcycle      such as engine surging based on
about them, usually single           and ATV races all day. They are      input from editors and tech
cylinder machines rolling on tires   held at the Bay View Lodge on        writers   for    BMWMOA     and
bristling with studs.        Both    the south side of the Wisconsin      BMWRA. This survey will give
fenders extended downward as         River on Cty Hwys CS & V about       BMW riders an opportunity to
protection from any spikes flung     5 miles west of Interstate           voice their complaints, if any,
from the tires.                      90/94. Races start by 10 AM          about their oilhead motorcycles.
                                     and may continue until dark.         It is hoped that the responses
As I observed my first ever                                               will reveal problem areas and
motorcycle ice race, I couldn’t      If you decide to go, pay             whether they were corrected
believe my eyes. Who would           attention to ‘No Parking’ signs. I   over time.
have thought it was possible to      was told that county officers
wheelie on ice? As they tore         came later and ticketed vehicles     Mail completed forms to arrive
around the track through a white     parked along the roadway. Bring      by 2/15/01 to:
haze of ice chips, I was further     something to sit on if you plan      MCN Boxer Survey
amazed at the extreme lean           to spend the whole day and           PO Box 6050
angles maintained through the        dress appropriately for the          Mission Viejo, CA 92691
turns. These bikes clearly get       weather.    Sunglasses will help     FAX 949-855-0654
traction as good as any road         deal with the glare of sunlight
                                     reflecting off the snow.      Hot


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