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Lansing community college
 Problem Space
 A Solution?
 College Services Tracker (CST) Overview
 Demo of CST
 Questions
 What service challenges (applications, processes, or
  modifications) is your institution facing today?
 Are you considering rolling out any new services
  within the next 2 years?
 What service expertise do you have at your institutions
  that you could share with other institutions?
Repetitious questions sent to listservs …

       The blind call for help
            hoping someone, anyone
                will respond with
                   a helpful answer!!

                      Note: The following examples are all from EDUCAUSE listservs
9/14/10: John McGuthry from Armstrong Atlantic State Univ.
Our Student Affairs office is interested in housing software.
They seem to be particularly fond of StarRez.
Is anyone out there using StarRez and if so are you satisfied
with it?
Are there any other products that compare nicely to StarRez?
We are a Banner Campus.
9/14/10: Charlie Prothero from Keystone College

One of the offices here at Keystone College is considering
Eventbrite to handle registration and payment for small-
volume events.

I would very much like to hear any feedback on the service or
alternatives that you might have used successfully.
9/15/10: Gary Olson from Eastern Iowa Community College

We are getting numerous requests from our faculty and staff
to use Skype for conference calls …

We are looking into a variety of solutions such as segmenting
Skype traffic or limiting its bandwidth usage but were
wondering what others are doing with Skype.

Do you have particular policies or practices in place for
Skype’s use?
9/16/10: Richard Kubb from Maryville University

We have a 20 year old Nortel PBX with around 1,000 lines
hanging from it that is very near end of useful life and need to
replace with VOIP. …

Has anyone deployed an Asterisk open source VOIP solution
on their campuses as a means of saving $$$$$?
9/16/10: Frank Moore from Longwood University

We have just implemented Ironport for filtering spam and
quarantining outgoing e-mails with credit card numbers and
social security numbers and find the device does a great job.

However, several of our offices use a bulk e-mail company
[Constant Contact] to send out large numbers of e-mails.

Are any of you using both Ironport and Constant Contact?
… Any e-mail from Constant Contact goes into the Ironport
filter as spam and I would like to see if there is some global
fix for this.
9/17/10: Dr. Jeannie Winston from University of Arkansas at
Little Rock

UALR is considering moving from campus-hosted
Blackboard to an outsourcing agreement with Blackboard.
I would appreciate any information regarding experiences
with Blackboard as an outsourced vendor.
9/29/10: Ken Schindler from Saginaw Valley State University

Just wondering if anyone is using Kaltura on their campus
and would be willing to share their experience?

If so, are you using it for lecture capture?
9/30/10: Larry Creel from University of Central Missouri

Is anyone using the TeamDynamix Ticketing module as
their Help Desk ticketing/work order solution?
                   OK, Your Turn!!
What problems are you facing right now that you would like
input from other institutions?

What services (app, process, mod) are you considering
implementing in the next 24 months?

Ever consider teaming up with other institutions?
 Many common challenges across Higher Ed!
   Install / Maintain ERP/COTS Solutions
   Create / Maintain
      Applications
      Processes
      Customizations
 Institutions are tackling many of the same challenges!
 Which institutions are working on which challenges?
 Will an institution even address a challenge?
   If so, then when?
 Has a challenge already been successfully tackled?
   If so, can others learn from this?
              How about…

A Free Higher Education Collaboration Tool?
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   One location to track all your institution’s “services”
         Applications
         Processes
         Customizations
   Your institution's service status / timeline
         Implemented
         Future (within 2 yrs)
         Won’t implement

*Considering possibility of Vendors having limited access – no contact info, just service info for institution
 Your Institution owns
   Who from your institution has access to application
   Status / Timeline of your services
   Version for each service (when appropriate)
   What contact info is provided for each service
   What comments / notes are provided for each service
 Your Institution can see … By Service
   All institution’s statuses / timelines
   All institution’s contacts, comments, and notes
   All institution’s service’s version (when available)
Demo (First GA release - v1.2)
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Randy Jobski
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