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					Let ’s Go!
 A TrAnsporTATion Guide for
older AdulTs And CAreGivers
      in Boulder CounTy
Let’s Go! is a guide of current transportation services
available to older adults, adults with disabilities and
         their caregivers in Boulder County.

      Boulder County Aging Services, a Division of
                Community Services
                    PO Box 471
                 Boulder, CO 80306
       303-441-3570 .
Let ’s Go!

             TABle of ConTenTs

AuTomoBile/vAn AdApTATions         4

disABiliTy pArkinG permiTs         7

disABiliTy relATed & senior ride
TrAnsporTATion                     9

loCAl Bus serviCes                 20

mATure driver TrAininG             23

mediCAl TrAnsporTATion             31

Let ’s Go!

        AuTomoBile/vAn AdApTATions
Resources that offer automobiles or vans which have seats
or steering, signaling, gear shift and braking controls that
have been modified for use by people who have disabilities;
or which help disabled individuals to obtain this type
of modification for their own vehicles. Also included
are organizations that offer car door openers, car door
reachers, gas cap openers, seating restraints, especially
designed rear view mirrors and other accessories which can
be installed in or used with automobiles or vans.

Let ’s Go!

Adaptive AutoMobility
fax: 303-288-0366

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
Saturday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

333 East 76th Avenue
Denver, CO 80229

Adaptive AutoMobility offers a wide selection on new and
pre-owned Wheelchair Accessible Vans and Minivans.
Trained specialists also install and service mobility equip-
ment in vans, minivans, cars and pickup trucks as well
as help identify appropriate products to meet individual
mobility requirements.


Let ’s Go!

Wheelchair Getaways of Colorado
303-948-2298 24-hour voicemail

PO Box 621429
Littleton, CO 80162

Wheelchair Getaways of Colorado provides accessible van
rentals throughout Colorado and lower Wyoming. Person-
alized delivery service is available to all local airports, in-
cluding but not limited to Denver International, Colorado
Springs, Vail, Aspen, Grand Junction, and Durango.


Let ’s Go!

             disABiliTy pArkinG permiTs
Resources that issue a disability parking permit, also
known as a handicap permit, placard or plate that is
displayed upon parking a vehicle carrying a person whose
mobility is impaired due to age, illness, disability, or

Let ’s Go!

Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s Office -
Handicapped Placards and Plates

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

1750 33rd Street
Boulder, CO 80301

Handicapped Placards or Plates are issued in any of the
three offices of the Boulder County Clerk & Recorder. A
licensed medical physician must complete a form authoriz-
ing the use of placard or plate. Regular licensing fees apply.
There are no additional fees for the placard or plate. Cash
or check is the accepted payment.


Let ’s Go!

             disABiliTy relATed &
         senior ride TrAnsporTATion
Resources that provide door-to-door (or curb-to-curb)
transportation for purposes of shopping, banking, social
events, medical appointments and similar activities for
people with disabilities who need special accommodations
and are unable to utilize other available means of

Let ’s Go!

Admired Transportation

Scheduling: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
Van service available 24/7. Must call 24 hours ahead to

Admired Transportation is a door to door transportation
service for riders with limited mobility using wheelchair
accessible mini-vans. Rider can travel to any destination
within service area for a variety of needs. Call for fees.
Cash, credit card, Medicaid accepted.


                            - 10 -
Let ’s Go!

Boulder SuperShuttle

Call for hours.
Shuttles run according to scheduled flight times.

2750 Industrial Lane
Broomfield, CO 80020

Boulder SuperShuttle Residential Service provides door-
to-door transportation to Denver International Airport.
Boulder SuperShuttle is ADA Compliant and drivers have
been certified by the Community Transportation Associa-
tion of America (CTAA) in safety and sensitivity instruc-
tion. Ask about companion fares if accompanying someone
to the airport. Cash or credit card accepted.


                           - 11 -
Let ’s Go!

Faith in Action - Transportation Program

Office Hours: Monday - Friday. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

4895 Riverbend Road, Suite A
Boulder, CO 80301

Faith in Action provides volunteer transportation to
community events and appointments with doctors and
hospitals in private automobiles that are not wheelchair
equipped. Services are free but drivers may or may not
accept money for gas. If leaving a message provide name
address, phone, and date, time, and destination of appoint-
ment. Call ahead as much as possible.


                           - 12 -
Let ’s Go!

RTD Access-a-Ride

Call for bus schedule.

1600 Blake St
Denver, CO 80202

Access-A-Ride provides transportation to passengers
with disabilities who are unable to use RTD’s regular
lift-equipped fixed route bus services and who qualify for
certification under the eligibility guidelines established by
the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. The
qualification process requires a functional evaluation and a
physician’s statement for verification. There is no certifica-
tion fee. If you qualify you will receive a photo ID card
which must be shown to the driver each time you board.
Call for scheduling information.

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Let ’s Go!

RTD Call-n-Ride
louisville: 303-434-8960
superior: 303-994-3550
longmont West: 303-994-5551
longmont east: 303-994-3552

1600 Blake St
Denver, CO 80202

RTD Call-N-Ride is a curb-to-curb transportation service,
taking riders to and from destinations within a designated
geographic service area. Riders can travel from home to
work, to shopping, to doctor’s appointments and return
home from any other destination within the geographic
boundaries of each Call-N-Ride area. Call-N-Ride vehicles
are compact vans or small buses and are wheelchair acces-
sible. The service is also designed to connect with many
RTD Park-N-Rides and other RTD bys routes and light
rail for travel throughout the metro area. Regular fare
$1.75. Ask for $.85 student, senior, disability, or Medicare
discount. Prices subject to change.


                           - 14 -
Let ’s Go!

RTD SeniorRide

Office: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

1600 Blake St
Denver, CO 80202

SeniorRide transports seniors to a variety of cultural,
educational and entertainment events. SeniorRide serves
groups of ten or more people. Transportation in only to
events listed on the RTD calendar. Minimum number of
total occupants is 10. Fees of $1.75 within Denver Metro
area and $4.00 ourside of Denver Metro area (subject to


                          - 15 -
Let ’s Go!

Special Transit Friends and Family Program

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

4880 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80301

Special Transit’s Family and Friends Mileage Reimburse-
ment program provides mileage reimbursement to a friend
of family member who provides a trip for the rider when
Special Transit has been unable to meet the service needs.
Trips must be approved by the Scheduling Department
and mileage is reimbursed at $.42/mile (subject to change)
or a flat rate for longer distances.


                           - 16 -
Let ’s Go!

Special Transit Paratransit

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

4880 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80301

Special Transit’s Paratransit program provides low-cost,
wheelchair-accessible, demand responsive transportation
in small buses for people who have limited mobility. Older
adults, people with disabilities (temporary or permanent)
of all ages, and very low-income individuals may use this
program. Travel to any destination within the service area
includes but is not limited to employment, education or
volunteer sites, medical and therapy appointments, group
meal sites, grocery and department stores, senior center
programs and more. $2.00 one-way in town/$4.00 region-
al (subject to change). Cash, check, Special Transit Pass


                           - 17 -
Let ’s Go!

Special Transit The Easy Rider Program
303-447-2848 ext 105

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

4880 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80301

The Easy Rider program is a comprehensive one-on-one
travel training program designed to teach older adults and
people with disabilities how to safely and confidently use
public transportation to expand independent travel op-
tions. Training techniques are adapted based on an individ-
ual’s abilities or disabilities. The Easy Rider program also
offers the popular Seniors On the Move program which
conducts travel training in a group setting. There is a $25
registration fee.


                           - 18 -
Let ’s Go!

Yellow Cab of Boulder Mobility Plus

24 hours a day / 7 days a week

2750 Industrial Lane
Broomfield, CO 80020

Yellow Cab of Boulder’s Mobility Plus service includes a
taxi-van with ramp to accommodate all types of wheel-
chairs, power chairs, and scooters. Service available 7 days
per week, 24 hours per day. Mobility Plus is ADA Compli-
ant and all drivers have been certified by the Community
Transportation Association of America (CTAA) in safety
and sensitivity instruction. Fees are same as regular taxi
rates. Cash, credit card, and Medicaid vouchers accepted.


                           - 19 -
Let ’s Go!

                loCAl Bus serviCes
Resources that utilize buses to transport people to a specific
destination (e.g., an airport or senior center) or to other
locations within the community (e.g., a shopping mall
or downtown) following standard and regular routes and
fixed time schedules.

                            - 20 -
Let ’s Go!

RTD - Night Stop Bus Service
Boulder: 303-299-6000
longmont: 303-776-4142

7:00 pm - 5:00 am

1600 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80202

RTD’s Night Stop bus service provides added safety for bus
passengers traveling at night between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m.
Night stop allows passengers to get off the bus at any safe
location along a regular route, even if it is not a designated
RTD bus stop. When boarding, tell the driver you want to
use the Night Stop service. Cash or bus pass only. Call for
pass information.


                            - 21 -
Let ’s Go!

Berthoud Area Transportation Service (BATS)
Appointment: 970-532-3049
message: 970-532-2730

Call or see website for bus schedule

248 Welch Avenue
Berthoud, CO 80513

Berthoud Area Transportation Service (BATS) is a de-
mand/response service open to the public. For residents of
Boulder County, BATS only takes passengers from Long-
mont to Berthoud and vice versa. Call 24 hours prior to
travel date to make appointment. Cash or bus pass only.
Call for bus pass information.


                           - 22 -
Let ’s Go!

             mATure driver TrAininG
Resources that offer courses for individuals age 55 and
older which focus on safe driving practices for older adults.
People who successfully complete the course may receive
certificates that make them eligible for reduced motor
vehicle liability insurance.

                            - 23 -
Let ’s Go!

AAA Colorado - Mature Driver Safety
303-753-8800 ext 8105

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm

1933 28th Street, Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80301

AAA Colorado has a variety of Mature Driver Safety infor-
mation on their website. Information includes the Smart
Features for Mature Drivers report, Become a Safe Driver
online course, Mature Driver Checklist, and helpful web-
sites and resources.


                          - 24 -
Let ’s Go!

AAA Colorado RoadWise Review
To order call: 1-866-625-3601 ext 8105

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm

1933 28th Street, Unit 200
Boulder, CO 80301

AAA Roadwise Review: A Tool to Help Seniors Drive
Safely Longer is a scientifically validated screening tool
developed by AAA and transportation safety researchers
available on CD-Rom. The tool allows older adults to
measure the eight functional abilities shown to be the
strongest predictors of crash risk among older drivers. See
website for detailed information and computer compat-
ibility. Member price $9.50 plus tax (shipping included).
Non-Member price $15.00 plus tax (shipping included).
Prices subject to change.


                             - 25 -
Let ’s Go!

AARP Driver’s Safety Program
Access phone and other information through website.
Access website for class schedule.

AARP Driver’s Safety Program is an eight-hour driver im-
provement course designed for motorists age 50 and older,
taught in 2 four-hour sessions. Both sessions must be at-
tended to receive a certificate of completion. The certificate
may entitle some participants to receive a discount from
their car insurance companies. Pre-registration is required.


                            - 26 -
Let ’s Go!

Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado

PO Box 18387
Boulder, CO 80308

The Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado can
assist in finding an Occupational Therapist in your area for
driver rehabilitation services.


                            - 27 -
Let ’s Go!

Colorado Driving Institute - Driving Lessons &

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

2850 Iris Avenue, Suite I3
Boulder, CO 80301

The Colorado Driving Institute offers a 2-hour, individu-
alized “brush up” class that includes a driver evaluation.
Class includes basic, city, and highway skills. Registration
fee $175 (subject to change). Call for any additional fees.


                             - 28 -
Let ’s Go!

Center for Neurorehabilitation - Adaptive
Driving Program

Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

1045 Robertson Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524

The Center for Neurorehabilitation’s Adaptive Driving Pro-
gram offers driver evaluation and training for persons with
special needs by a registered occupational therapist who is
a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS). Ex-
amples of special needs might include brain injury, stroke,
cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, multiple sclerosis,
or epilepsy. Call or access website for evaluation criteria
and program details. Eligibility requirements include a
physician’s referral, valid driver’s license, and possibly auto


                             - 29 -
Let ’s Go!

Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles -
Driver’s License Re-examination

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Driver Services
1881 Pierce Street, Room 164
Lakewood, CO 80214

A request to have a driver be reexamined for safety is based
on either the number/type of accidents, an incident report
from a law enforcement agency, a medical report from a
doctor, or a written request from a family member. After
taking the examination, the driver may have the license re-
turned, may be issued a license or permit with restrictions,
or driving privileges can be canceled or denied depending
on the results of the examination. Call for detailed infor-
mation about making a written request.

                            - 30 -
Let ’s Go!

             mediCAl TrAnsporTATion

 Resources that provide non-emergency transportation for
individuals who require routine medical services and who,
 because of financial problems or their physical condition,
Notes: to use other available means of transportation.
 are unable

                           - 31 -
Let ’s Go!


Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

LogistiCare coordinates transportation for Medicaid non-
emergency medical transportation. Eligible recipients call
one local phone number to schedule local transportation
providers. Callers will be screened for eligibility and type
of transportation needed. Callers must supply name and
address of medical service providers as well as Medicaid
ID number. Service not available for routine eye or dental
exams. Not all mountain communities may receive service
- call for details. HIPAA compliant. Reservations must be
made 72 hours prior to the medical appointment.


                            - 32 -
Let ’s Go!

RSVP Medical Mobility Transportation and
Escort to Medical Appointments
303-443-1933 ext 407

Office: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
Some weekend service hours.

951 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite 10
Boulder, CO 80302

RSVP Medical Mobility is a volunteer transportation
program for ambulatory older adults and people with
disabilities. Volunteers use their personal cars to pick up
the rider at their home. The volunteer remains with the
rider during the appointment and then drives them home.
Rides are not guaranteed, as service depends on availability.
Call to schedule a ride at least two days prior to the medi-
cal appointment. Minimal fare ranges from 1.25 to $4.00
each way depending on area of service (subject to change).


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Let ’s Go!


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